BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2093


Chapter 2093 – Revealing Skill

Zhao Hai didn’t use much of his strength this time. He just slapped his opponent off the stage. Zhao Hai’s opponent turned over and stood up, looking at Zhao Hai with a fiery gaze. If gazes could kill, Zhao Hai would have died 100 thousand times.

Zhao Hai looked at his opponent and said, “Thanks for letting me win.” The enemy coldly snorted as he turned around and left. But his voice was still heard, “Zhao Hai remember this, my name is Chang Le. You’ll be seeing me sooner or later.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll be waiting.” Then he turned his head towards the other arena. He saw a cultivator who had his sword raised towards the throat of the Hundred Beast Sect Cultivator. It seems like the winner has been decided as well.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the other cultivator along with a smile on his face. On the other hand, the other victor looked at the glaive in Zhao Hai’s hand, his eyes had a pondering look.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind and received his glaive, but he didn’t leave the stage. He waited for the next round to start. In his next battle, Zhao Hai would be fighting against the Sword Faith Sect disciple to compete for the first position.

By this point, there was no need for an announcement. Everyone knows that Zhao Hai would fight the disciple of the Sword Faith Sect. At this time, the referee said, “The last battle for the Clone Stage, Zhao Hai of the Tyrant Blade Sect will fight Pang Feihu of the Sword Faith Sect!” The venue for the final battle was arena eight. Zhao Hai and Pang Feihu were stunned. This was because one of them was on arena ten while the other was on arena six. Neither of them was in arena eight.

However, the two didn’t care. They immediately jumped to arena 8. The referee was already waiting for them. Seeing the two arrive, the referee nodded.

 The two combatants cupped their fists towards the referee. Then Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Pang Feihu and said, “Zhao Hai of the Tyrant Blade Sect greets Senior Brother Pang.”

Pang Feihu also cupped his fist, “Pang Feihu has seen Junior Brother Zhao. I have seen your battles, you’re very strong.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I have also seen Senior Brother Pang’s fights, you are also very strong. Senior Brother Pang, please.” Then Zhao Hai pulled his blade out.

Pang Feihu also took his own sword out. His sword was quite special. It was completely blue and beautiful. When the sword was raised its body seemed to tremble. When he saw this, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but sink. He found that Pang Feihu was using a soft sword. If this was the case, then Zhao Hai would need to show some skill or else he would suffer.

The two looked at each other. And almost at the same time, they roared, “Kill!” Zhao Hai wielded his blade and rushed over, Pang Feihu did the same with his sword.

Zhao Hai’s blade technique unfolded, fully countering Pang Feihu’s attack. He found that Pang Feihu’s sword skills were formidable, higher than any swordsman he met before.

Zhao Hai estimated that Pang Feihu has reached at least the major perfection stage in his sword technique. He would be a difficult opponent to deal with.

However, because of his own attainments, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid. Zhao Hai used the Eight Gate Goldenlock Technique first. As he launched his blade technique, eight huge golden gates slowly appeared. Although the eight golden gates looked illusory, they contributed a lot to Zhao Hai’s defense.

The audience below the stage were stunned when they saw the eight gates. They knew that this situation would only appear once a sword technique has reached the rebirth stage. In other words, Zhao Hai’s sword technique has reached the rebirth stage. Although the eight gates looked illusory and has yet to solidify, it was still a sight that was entering the realm of rebirth, which was a very high realm.

The Eight Gates Goldenlock Technique wasn’t a profound technique. In the realm, it could only be categorized as a low to mid-grade technique. But if Zhao Hai managed to cultivate it to the rebirth stage, then this meant that Zhao Hai’s blade talent wasn’t low.

It wasn’t only the audience who were startled by Zhao Hai’s display. Pang Feihu was also startled. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be skilled enough to practice his blade to this degree. Zhao Hai has properly hidden his strength!

In the beginning, people thought that Zhao Hai was lucky or took certain opportunities to advance in the competition. In a situation where both sides had the same strength, their techniques would make the difference. Zhao Hai showed that he was at the peak of the Clone Stage, and he also displayed his formidable strength. Most importantly, he was an expert in hidden weapons as well as a body cultivator. It would be strange if he didn’t reach the finals.

After Zhao Hai revealed his Eight Gates Goldenlock Technique, Pang Feihu slowed his attacks. He finally stopped after exchanging 50 moves. He smiled bitterly before jumping out of the stage. He cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “I’ll admit my defeat. Junior Brother Zhao Hai’s skills are formidable. You’re a true genius.”

Zhao Hai received his blade and then cupped his fist towards Pang Feihu. He smiled and said, “Senior Brother Pang allowed me to win. I was merely able to advance a bit. If there’s a chance in the future, I will ask Senior Brother Pang for advice.”

Pang Feihu smiled and said, “I’m not as skilful as you, so I won’t dare. But if we have an opportunity later on, then I’d want to compare notes with Junior Brother.” After saying that, he turned and left.

 Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head towards the referee. The referee seemed to be surprised by Zhao Hai’s victory. But after some time, he announced, “Clone Stage Competition, the first place goes to Tyrant Blade Sect’s Zhao Hai!” When the people from the Tyrant Blade Sect heard this, they immediately cheered. Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the audience before jumping down and returning to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s residence.

Although there were rewards to the competition, they would only be given once all three competitions were finished. Zhao Hai and the others don’t have to do anything right now. They could only wait for the Soul Fusion Stage competition tomorrow.

Just as Zhao Hai returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect residence, a Soul Fusion Stage disciple walked over to him and said, “Junior Brother, come with me. Elder Yue wants to see you.” Zhao Hai nodded. After saying goodbye to the others, he followed the disciple to Elder Yue Feng’s residence.

The two quickly arrived at Yue Feng’s residence. Elder Yue Feng was waiting for Zhao Hai outside. Seeing Zhao Hai, Yue Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “Zhao Hai, well done. You brought prestige to the Tyrant Blade Sect. Good job.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Elder Yue is too polite. Before the competition, Masters told me that the problem is in reaching the venue, not winning the competition. My Masters already expected me to win.”

Elder Yue smiled faintly. After leading Zhao Hai inside the residence, he said, “We aren’t aware of your true strength, but the Yin Yang Elders might. This explains their confidence in you. However, although you’ve brought prestige to the sect, this also means that other sects now have their eyes on you. You might be in danger in the future if you act alone.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder can rest assured. I was originally planning to go out after I reached the Soul Fusion Stage. If it weren’t for the competition, I would still be practicing in the sect right now.”

Elder Yue laughed, “I was worried for nothing. With the Yin Yang Elders looking after you, everything will be fine. But I also heard that you’re a rich man in the Tyrant Blade Sect. You won’t lack resources when cultivating. But remember that cultivation is mainly based on experience. You might not need to do tasks to gain resources, there are still missions that need to be done. This will increase your experience as well as your combat strength.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Elder Yue added, “Go see Li Fei. He’s already awake. The sect will give your reward later.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, then he stood up and cupped his fist towards Elder Yue. After leaving Elder Yue’s residence, Zhao Hai immediately went to Li Fei’s place. There were two people taking care of Li Fei. Zhao Hai entered the room and saw Li Fei. Although he was awake, he had a look of defeat on his face. He looked like a rooster whose feathers had been plucked.

As he looked at Li Fei’s appearance, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother Li Fei, what happened to you? You look like a defeathered rooster. What, you were hit by a poisoned throwing knife and now you admit defeat?”

Li Fei looked at Zhao Hai, then he sighed, “Team Leader, you’re here. Originally, I wanted to vent anger on your behalf. But I didn’t expect to fall into that bastard’s plot. I lost a lot of face. I couldn’t swallow this defeat.”

Zhao Hai patted his shoulder and said, “You’re fine. Cultivators shouldn’t be afraid of defeat. What they need to be afraid of is not being able to recover from loss. You aren’t the only one that was plotted against. That kid Hu Jilong is also fooled. But that kid is stupid, he doesn’t know that he was being plotted against. He’s too prideful. There’s no point competing with such an idiot. You should remove him from your mind. If there’s a chance in the future, you can kill him if he keeps becoming our enemy. Our opponents should be people like Pang Feihu and Chen Rufeng. Someone as little as Hu Jilong isn’t worth our time.”

Li Fei couldn’t help but stare. Then after some time, he laughed and said, “Good! How could Hu Jilong be our opponent? He’s not our match.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Correct. He isn’t our match. He’s only a fool used by others. He can’t tell the difference between light and dark. Once that kid goes back, his sect wouldn’t let him off. He’s finished. Even if he’s a genius, he won’t reach far. Hmph. The Butterfly Sect caused a lot of trouble for our Tyrant Blade Sect. When the time comes, I’ll make sure to destroy them.”

As soon as Li Fei and the others heard this, their expressions shook. They knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t someone who made careless remarks. And with the knowledge that Zhao Hai eradicated the Osmanthus Crystal Realm, they knew that Zhao Hai’s killing intent was strong. Now that he said such a thing, it might be true.

Zhao Hai was already at the Clone Stage. Additionally, he has two strong Masters behind him as well as an endless supply of resources. His future was limitless. In other words, Zhao Hai was on track to become a powerhouse of the Tyrant Blade Sect. He’s bound to reach the same status as the Yin Yang Elders. Zhao Hai might not have the capital to enforce his words right now, but he might do so in the future. Therefore, his current words were extraordinary.

Li Fei looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Team Leader, you need to think twice about these matters. Dealing with the Butterfly Sect is a major decision. Although the Butterfly Sect is weaker than us, dealing with them will cause a chain reaction. If the matter isn’t managed well, it might plunge the True Spirit Realm into chaos.”

Hearing Li Fei, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Brother Li can rest assured. I’m not unreasonable. These kinds of things are something I say once in a while. You don’t have to worry.”

In truth, Zhao Hai is truly thinking about destroying the Butterfly Sect. However, he knows that he doesn’t have the strength and power to do it. Therefore, he won’t act unreasonably. But he believed that he would have the opportunity in the future.

Although he hadn’t been in the True Spirit Realm for many years, he was paying attention to any news about Ghost Cultivators. He discovered that the activities of the Ghost Cultivators have increased in recent years. But at the same time, they became more secretive. Their activities were done in an orderly manner. And their range of activities seem to be not far from the main territory of the major sects.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know if the sects have discovered this situation. The Ghost Cultivators were clearly spying on the major sects. Zhao Hai thought that it wouldn’t be long before a major event happened. At that time, the world would be in chaos. If the major sects were focused on dealing with Ghost Cultivators, they wouldn’t have any energy left to manage other matters. This would be the opportunity for Zhao Hai to move.

Naturally, Zhao Hai would express these thoughts. Even if he did, nobody would listen. After all, he was a relative nobody while this matter involves the entire True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai continued to chat with Li Fei and the others. When Li Fei was becoming tired, everyone returned to their own residences. They were preparing to watch tomorrow’s battles.

Zhao Hai’s harvests during today’s fight were quite big, ignoring his battle with Hu Jilong. His action of going from fast to slow during his battle with Chen Rufeng, his attacks against a body cultivator like Liu Zong, and his fight with Pang Feihu, brought Zhao Hai a lot of inspiration. It would definitely help his cultivation.

However, Zhao Hai was more excited about tomorrow’s battle. Cultivators in the Soul Fusion Stage weren’t only stronger than Clone Stage Cultivators. Sects have rules stating that stronger techniques couldn’t be taught to weaker disciples. Because of this, Soul Fusion Cultivators learned more advanced techniques compared to Clone Stage Cultivators. Zhao Hai wanted to see the advanced techniques of the various sects.


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