BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2092


Chapter 2092 – Knocked Off the Stage


With a loud bang, Zhao Hai and Liu Zong retreated to their original positions. But this time, Zhao Hai had a fist mark on his shoulder while Liu Zong’s clothes had a cut of a blade.

The two didn’t pay attention to the wound on their bodies. They roared once more as they charged towards one another. Blade light and fist light clashed once more, but with more intensity. The stage began to shake.

In their previous battles, Zhao Hai and Chen Rufeng were fighting with speed. There were no heavy blows exchanged. But this time it was different. Zhao Hai’s opponent was a body cultivator. The power behind their blows were large, so the effect was also resounding.

In the beginning, Liu Zong didn’t really take Zhao Hai’s attack seriously. He was a body cultivator with amazing defense. He hit Zhao Hai with his punch while allowing Zhao Hai to hit him. He thought that Zhao Hai’s attack wouldn’t have as much force behind it. He believed that his injury wouldn’t be as heavy as Zhao Hai’s injury.

But reality soon proved him wrong. Zhao Hai’s defense wasn’t any weaker than him. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s attack wasn’t worse than him. Zhao Hai’s attack might even be stronger.

As soon as he realized this, Liu Zong couldn’t help but curse secretly. He understood that Zhao Hai was also a body cultivator. If you’re a body cultivator, then why practice the blade? What a waste. But in the end, Liu Zong can’t do anything other than hold on.

The two battled for more than 20 minutes. Zhao Hai was hit with ten of Liu Zong’s fists while Liu Zong was hit by Zhao Hai’s blade 12 times. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t use 100% of his blade skills.

After fighting for 20 minutes, the two separated. Liu Zong looked at Zhao Hai and bitterly smiled. Then he put his fists down. Zhao Hai also put his blade away. Liu Zong cupped his fist and said, “Mister Zhao Hai has superior skills. This Liu Zong is inadequate. I lost.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You let me win. I also have the weapon advantage. If you had a weapon, this match might have lasted longer.”

Liu Zong replied, “It seems like I must study weapons as well.” Then he cupped his fist once more before jumping down the arena and leaving.

Zhao Hai also smiled and jumped down. By this time, the audience was in an uproar. The fist marks on Zhao Hai’s body were still there, as well as the blade marks on Liu Zong’s clothes. People could see that they were evenly matched, it can even be said that Liu Zong had the upper hand. A punch gave more contact damage than a slash. Moreover, a body cultivator was stronger than ordinary cultivators. In the eyes of the audience, the one who should have won was Liu Zong. So why did he admit defeat?

While everyone was confused, the referee said, “Settle down. This battle belongs to Zhao Hai.

Everyone looked at the referee, wanting to hear an explanation. The referee looked at everyone and then smiled bitterly as he said, “Zhao Hai should also be a body cultivator. His attacks aren’t weaker than Li Zong’s. With Zhao Hai hitting more attacks than Liu Zong, he wins the battle.”

As soon as they heard this, the audience was shocked. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be a body cultivator as well. Body cultivators could practice the blade to such a degree? This is astonishing.

This information was immediately sent to the various sects. At the same time, the ninth round of the competition began. This time, there were fewer people participating. Including Zhao Hai, there were only four people left. There was one body cultivator, two sword cultivators, and Zhao Hai.

The body cultivator came from the Hundred Beast Sect. The Hundred Beast Sect wasn’t the same as the Imperial Sect. The sect imitates the lifestyles of multiple beasts. This sect was filled with madmen. To cultivate, they practiced in places infested with beasts. Some of them were even accepted by the beasts and treated as their own kind. 

Due to their nature, nobody in the True Spirit Realm dared to mess with disciples of the Hundred Beasts Sect. Living with beasts for many years, they had developed a trace of bestial nature. If they were messed with, they would be like startled beasts. They would fight with their lives on the line. And this doesn’t include the fact that their aura carried a heavy nature. Some people simply can’t endure being in their presence.

The two sword cultivators were also amazing. One of them was from the Matchless Sword School. The other was from an even better sect. It was a cultivator from the Sword Faith Sect, the peak sword sect of the True Spirit Realm.

Although Zhao Hai had some conflict with the Matchless Sword School, he has to admit that it had a great sword heritage. As for the Sword Faith Sect, it claimed to be the peak sword sect in the True Spirit Realm. This title wasn’t made from nothing, they really did have the capital to claim this title. They’re a Great Sect on the same level as the Top Purity Sect.

To be honest, although there were 81 Great Sects in the True Spirit Realm, there was a disparity between each sect. If they were ranked, the Sword Faith Sect and the Top Purity Sect would rank among the top five. Meanwhile, the Tyrant Blade Sect would only be ranked among the top sixty. This showed the gap between each sect.

It can be said that Zhao Hai’s progress in the competition was a huge surprise. He was a dark horse.

But when people thought about Zhao Hai’s trajectory, they knew that the opponents that he went up against weren’t weak. All of them weren’t easy to deal with. There was Liu Zong and Chen Rufeng, neither of them couldn’t be ignored.

After the draw, Zhao Hai’s opponent was interesting. It was a grudge match against a disciple of the Matchless Sword School. Zhao Hai smiled. He didn’t know what to say. He fought three of his enemies on the stage. He didn’t know if it was arranged by someone or just a coincidence.

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and looked at the cultivator opposite him. The cultivator wore sky blue warrior clothing. A sword was on his back. Compared to normal swords, this sword was a foot longer. As soon as he saw this sword, Zhao Hai knew that his opponent’s sword technique must be special. Otherwise, his sword wouldn’t be like this.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the cultivator, then he smiled faintly and said, “Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai.”

The other person didn’t return the courtesy. Instead, he glared at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I know you. You took advantage when Senior Brother Lu Sheng just broke through, and his realm is still unstable. You’re the clown who escaped with his life. I didn’t expect such a clown to become famous because of this matter. Meeting me today is your bad luck. I will make everyone aware that a clown is still a clown in the end.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t angered by what this cultivator said. Instead, he gave a faint smile and said, “I gave you my name, but you didn’t tell me yours. If you weren’t looking down on me, then that means you are being impolite. The matter between Lu Sheng and me isn’t your business. We’re competing right now. If you want to embarrass me, then make sure that you can be me. Otherwise, you’re just talking trash!”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the expression on the Matchless Sword School’s disciple changed. He coldly snorted and said, “You’re good with words. Just because you have a grudge with Senior Brother Lu Sheng, you’re not worth learning my name. Now die!”

After he said that, the disciple of the Matchless Sword School swiped his blade. Because his sword was too long, he couldn’t directly pull it out from its scabbard. Therefore, his scabbard was designed specially so that it could open from the side.

Zhao Hai chuckled and then waved his hand. Instead of a normal blade, what Zhao Hai took out was his large glaive.

Seeing the glaive in Zhao Hai’s hand, the Matchless Sword School disciple stared. Then his complexion changed. Zhao Hai had been using a blade before, so this was where the research was focused. The countermeasures made against Zhao Hai were also done with his blade in mind. Now that Zhao Hai changed his weapon, all these plans became useless. 

Zhao Hai sneered at his opponent. Then he waved his glaive and said, “Kill!” A long blade light began flying towards the other person.

The Matchless Sword School disciple hastily raised his sword. He wanted to use his sword to restrain Zhao Hai’s blade. But since Zhao Hai changed to a glaive, the sword could no longer deal with it as easily. In the end, he could only lift his sword to block the blade.

But it didn’t take long before he discovered his mistake. Zhao Hai’s glaive had thunder-like power. Immense strength was delivered with every blow of Zhao Hai’s glaive. The Matchless Sword School disciple couldn’t help but take several steps back.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai laughed. He began sending attack after attack, suppressing the Matchless Sword School’s disciple. He didn’t even have an opportunity to strike back.

A person who had exquisite sword skills was actually suppressed by Zhao Hai’s barbaric attacks. He couldn’t even use his techniques properly. Nobody from the audience expected this to happen.

The two fought for more than fifty moves. Every slash of Zhao Hai’s glaive caused his opponent to take several steps back. Before long, Zhao Hai’s opponent discovered that he had reached the edge of the stage. One step back and he would be thrown out. After another attack from Zhao Hai, his opponent stepped into the air and fell back. However, he was still able to react quickly, stabbing his sword into the stage. He knew very well that as soon as he fell off, he would lose the fight.

But just as the Matchless Sword School’s disciple inserted his sword into the stage, Zhao Hai’s glaive attack arrived. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t attack his opponent. Instead, he slashed at the stage, carving out a huge chunk including the part where the sword was inserted. Because of the huge force it took to slash the stage, Zhao Hai’s body was also met with an equally strong force.

This was where Zhao Hai’s strength played a role. Although there was a huge force coming towards him, Zhao Hai’s feet remained firmly on the ground. It was as if he had taken root on the stage.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and slapped his opponent’s body, directly kicking them out of the arena.


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