BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2091


Chapter 2091 – Conquering the Enemy with Throwing Knives

Hu Jilong hasn’t seen Zhao Hai with a throwing knife before. He hasn’t even heard of Zhao Hai using throwing knives. Moreover, people using throwing knives wouldn’t have so many throwing knives like Zhao Hai. One should know that using throwing knives is a technical skill. It needed wrist strength, arm strength, and eye coordination. It was a high-level skill. Most importantly, throwing knives were hidden weapons. They could only be used during opportune times.

Hidden weapons were different from ordinary weapons. Hidden weapons were used for sneak attacks. They weren’t used to attack regularly. It would be exceedingly difficult to hit an enemy with a throwing knife out in the open. Therefore, it was more suited to be used as a hidden weapon. It was better for the target to be unaware of the throwing knife’s presence.

Although a cultivator’s body was powerful compared to mortals, this doesn’t mean that they can take out so many throwing knives all out at once. Even if the cultivator’s body were capable, utilizing throwing knives in this way could only lead to two outcomes; either they kill the enemy, or they would be killed. There was no other possibility.

But now, Zhao Hai took out so many throwing knives at one time. In Hu Jilong’s eyes, this was Zhao Hai showing contempt towards him. How could he just endure it?

Thinking of this, Hu Jilong looked at Zhao Hai with resentment. Then he took out his butterfly knife and began to attack Zhao Hai.

Seeing Hu Jilong’s actions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s see how you cope with my throwing knives. Come.” As he said that, eight throwing knives fanned out of his hand.

Hu Jilong stared at Zhao Hai and then his complexion changed. Although he was very arrogant, he wasn’t stupid. He has enough vision to see people, especially those who specialize in hidden weapons. So, he knew that Zhao Hai’s action of fanning his knives was a show of ability. This meant that Zhao Hai was definitely a master of using throwing knives.

Being someone who used hidden weapons, Hu Jilong could see a person’s hidden weapon mastery just by sight alone. And from what he could see, Zhao Hai’s method of holding his hidden weapon was an indication of his deep skill.

Hu Jilong removed his disdain towards Zhao Hai. Then he started to collect himself. Zhao Hai looked at Hu Jilong’s appearance and said, “I’m making my move.”

Hu Jilong coldly snorted. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Zhao Hai raise both of his hands, then eight throwing knives shot towards him. At this time, Hu Jilong was already holding his butterfly blade. Just as Zhao Hai imagined, Hu Jilong’s butterfly blade was more slender compared to other people’s butterfly blades.

Hu Jilong quickly waved his butterfly blade in front of him, quickly knocking all of Zhao Hai’s throwing knives away. But this wasn’t the end. Just as Hu Jilong defended against Zhao Hai’s eight throwing knives, he found more throwing knives flying towards him.

The audience below the stage were shocked. They discovered that they could no longer see Zhao Hai’s arms. Throwing knife after throwing knife were disappearing in front of their eyes. On the other side of the stage, Hu Jilong was surrounded by a layer of throwing knives.

It was at this time that Zhao Hai’s throwing knives changed. The audience stared at the throwing knives. They weren’t sure if they saw a couple of throwing knives turning in the air.

Hu Jilong didn’t have time to think too much. He only knew that he needed to wave his butterfly blade. He knew that the moment he stops, he would be hit by Zhao Hai’s throwing knives.

While he was defending, Hu Jilong suddenly felt a cold light on his left and right side. Then two throwing knives shot towards him from the sides. Hu Jilong was startled. It was clear that Zhao Hai was in front of him. He believed that as long as he was in front, he would be safe. He wasn’t prepared to deal with throwing knives coming from his sides.

This wasn’t an easy matter. Hu Jilong could block the throwing knives on his left and right. But this would leave his front open.

All of a sudden, Hu Jilong felt a pain on his left shoulder. And he felt his neck turn cold. Hu Jilong was shocked. But at the same time, he found that all of the throwing knives were gone and there were no more throwing knives shooting towards him. Hu Jilong couldn’t help but sigh with relief. But before he had time to check his injuries, he heard the referee’s voice, “Tyrant Blade Sect’s Zhao Hai wins!”

Hearing this, Hu Jilong was stunned. Then he looked at his shoulder and saw that there were two throwing knives sticking out. The two throwing knives were almost stuck to each other. And the location they stabbed at was exactly where Li Fei was hit. At the same time, he felt a little pain in his neck. He reached out and there was a trace of blood.

Hu Jilong knew that Zhao Hai showed mercy. But this didn’t make him grateful. On the contrary, he thought that he had been humiliated. He looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted, “Don’t be proud. I’ll remember this.”

Zhao Hai looked at Hu Jilong and shook his head. He didn’t say anything and waved his hand. All throwing knives on the stage were received. Then he jumped down without even sparing Hu Jilong a look.

The people below the stage looked at Hu Jilong with even more disdain. Part of the reason was because he poisoned Li Fei, another part was because of his present performance.

Everyone in the audience understood that Zhao Hai had shown mercy, but Hu Jilong doesn’t know how to be grateful. Instead, he spoke ill of Zhao Hai. In the eyes of everyone, Hu Jilong’s attitude was foul.

Cultivators often look at strength and rarely consider morals. If you had good moral character but you were weak, then you would be looked down on. But one must still know how to be grateful. Hu Jilong attacked a Tyrant Blade Sect disciple using a poisoned throwing knife. Although Zhao Hai managed to hit Hu Jilong with twice as much throwing knives, he didn’t use poison. Moreover, he even spared Hu Jilong’s life. Despite this, Hu Jilong wasn’t grateful. There was no need to form a huge enmity with Zhao Hai. This performance was indeed disappointing.

People understood why Zhao Hai left the stage without doing anything. Zhao Hai disdained speaking to Hu Jilong. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, Hu Jilong wasn’t worth interacting with.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s attitude towards Hu Jilong and contrasting it with how he interacted with Chen Rufeng, everyone understood what happened. Although Hu Jilong was quite strong, which was proven by the fact that he reached the seventh round, he was still far behind Zhao Hai in terms of temperament.

Those who came to watch the competition weren’t novices. They knew that temperament was also important for a cultivator’s path. If a cultivator doesn’t have a good attitude, then they would become impatient if they were to meet a wall. They might even develop a heart’s demon and turn crazy. It was clear that Hu Jilong was this kind of person.

The people under the stage quickly dispersed. They were waiting for the upcoming round. Before long, the eighth round began. This time, Zhao Hai’s opponent was from the Divine Fist Sect. The Divine Fist Sect was special since it was a sect purely for Body Cultivation. The strength of its disciples was very high, which gained it the number one body cultivator sect in the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai’s opponent was different from ordinary body cultivators. Most body cultivators would have majestic, sculpted bodies, giving people the feeling of a towering mountain. But the person in front of Zhao Hai wasn’t tall. His height was at most 1.8 meters. His figure was also a little thin. His skin was dark, and his eyes didn’t have any sparkle in it.

Despite this, Zhao Hai could sense the danger coming out of this person. Although he didn’t exhibit any aura as he stood in place, he gave out a dangerous feeling, like a sword inside a sheath. He might not show a murderous aura, but he gave people the impression that he could kill.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards his opponent and said, “Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai.”

The other person also cupped his fist and said, “Divine Fist Sect, Liu Zong.” After he said that, he moved his fists up and gestured towards Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai also pulled his blade out and observed his opponent. He saw Liu Zong’s previous battles. It was because of this that Zhao Hai was careful in dealing with him. The strength that Liu Zong showed was terrifying. Liu Zong’s previous opponents didn’t last more than fifty moves. In other words, Liu Zong defeated his opponents in less than 50 moves.

Fifty moves might sound a lot, but to cultivator battles, it wasn’t much. Fifty moves would be exchanged in merely a blink of an eye. At most, fifty moves wouldn’t last 10 minutes. Moreover, Liu Zong was also one of the ranked competitors in the competition, he was ranked even higher than Chen Rufeng.

The strong battles the strong. By this point, the competitors that would battle were the top geniuses of their generation. Since Zhao Hai was part of this group, how could he be a simple character? In addition to his battle against Chen Rufeng, Zhao Hai didn’t let his battles go beyond 15 minutes. Now that the two met, it was a huge battle. It was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

As Zhao Hai held his blade towards Liu Zong, the other party also looked at him. The two people didn’t relax. In a battle of this caliber, a single moment of carelessness could spell doom.

The two looked at each other for five minutes. Although they haven’t begun fighting, the people under the stage already felt a suffocating feeling. This was because the aura of the two combatants kept increasing. There might not be moves being exchanged, but their auras alone weren’t any less impactful than an actual battle.

At this time, someone heard a loud sound. The people below the stage knew that it was time to decide who wins the battle. Zhao Hai and Liu Zong seemed to become bears who suddenly awakened from hibernation. They both roared and rushed towards each other. The blade in Zhao Hai’s hand flashed as a bunch of blade light flew towards Liu Zong. Meanwhile, Liu Zong’s fist danced with fist light that shot towards Zhao Hai.


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