BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2088


Chapter 2088 – One Move To Defeat The Enemy

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and looked at the people below. There was no expression on his face. He just wanted to know what kind of person his opponent would be.

Just as Zhao Hai thought about this, a loud bang was heard as a person’s figure leapt on the stage. The entire stage shook by his arrival.

Zhao Hai fixed his vision and immediately found that it was his opponent who shook the stage. This person’s body was also valiant.

The person opposite Zhao Hai was a giant. There’s no mistake, this person was no longer a big man, he was a giant man. His body was three meters tall, which was rare for a Human.

The giant man was wearing black clothing, and had a similarly giant sword. Zhao Hai measured the sword to be over two meters. Moreover, the sword was half a meter wide. The sword truly conformed to the Sword Hegemon Sect’s name.

The giant was also sizing Zhao Hai up. Naturally, it saw nothing special about Zhao Hai. What he saw was an ordinary person with no special properties to him.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly at the giant, then he cupped his fist and said, “Please advise me.”

The giant didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so polite, he couldn’t help but stare. He also cupped his fist and said, “You’re too polite.” After that, he no longer spoke. He took his huge sword and held it with both hands. Then he pointed his weapon towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also pulled his own blade out and held it in one hand while pointing it towards his opponent. The giant man saw that Zhao Hai had no intentions of attacking first, he coldly snorted and began to step forward. With each step he made, the stones under him cracked. 

Zhao Hai also coldly snorted as he stepped forward and charged towards his enemy. The giant person saw this but continued. He had seen this situation plenty of times. He waved his sword with the intention of cutting Zhao Hai from the waist.

The giant man’s reach was long, and with his already long blade, his slashes could cleave through a thousand soldiers. Moreover, he even utilized his sword qi. His attack carried an extremely heavy sword aura.

However, Zhao Hai was far from being the giant man’s average opponent. Zhao Hai didn’t care about the heavy aura as he continued to easily move forward like a swallow returning to its nest. When his figure reappeared behind his opponent, he stepped down and put his blade away.

The cultivators surrounding the stage were silent. They didn’t know what just happened. The giant man also had a vacant look on his face. Just as he was about to turn around and deal with Zhao Hai, the referee announced, “Tyrant Blade Sect’s Zhao Hai wins!”

The referee’s announcement stunned everyone, including the giant man. He turned to the referee and said, “He won? How did he win?”

The referee looked at the giant man as though he was an idiot, but he still replied, “Of course he won. Couldn’t you feel it? When he passed by you, he wiped his blade across your neck. If he just moved a bit more, your head would have already been on the floor.”

Hearing the referee, the giant man couldn’t help but stare. Then he noticed a cool metallic feeling across his neck. This discovery caused the hairs on the giant’s body to turn upright. He naturally understood what happened. The skin of his neck was cool because it had come in contact with Zhao Hai’s blade. If Zhao Hai had any intentions of killing him, then he would have been dead.

The giant lowered his weapon, but his gaze was complicated. His body was already facing Zhao Hai who was smiling. Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Thanks for letting me win.”

The giant also cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai before jumping down the stage. He couldn’t stay on the stage for any longer. Not only was he defeated, he also lost face.

Zhao Hai also jumped down from the stage. Then he was surrounded by Li Fei and the others who were congratulating him. Zhao Hai’s expression was light, he didn’t show too much happiness.

Zhao Hai knew clearly that the only reason he was able to win easily was because his opponent had a huge body which focused on strength. With their body type, it was impossible for them to be fast. Zhao Hai’s movement techniques were hard to catch and predict. Zhao Hai’s sudden change in speed caused his opponent to lose track of him, allowing Zhao Hai to maneuver his way through their body. Due to his disorientation from Zhao Hai’s speed, the giant man wasn’t even able to feel the cold metal on his neck.

Although there were multiple moves involved, the battle on the stage was finished in a flash. Victory and defeat was cleanly decided.

There were a few experts among the audience who knew that Zhao Hai’s attack was far from simple. Zhao Hai’s observation of his opponent, his judgment of his opponent’s attack, his sudden acceleration, his control with the blade, were all perfectly executed. This was what made Zhao Hai terrifying.

Zhao Hai’s battle was the competition’s fastest battle yet. But it was also the most memorable battle for the audience. The other cultivators were able to see how Zhao Hai fought. When they thought about Zhao Hai’s battle, they found out that Zhao Hai’s strength didn’t lie on his strength, but on his battlefield analysis. It seemed like Zhao Hai had everything under control.

The day’s battles quickly ended. A total of ten people from the Tyrant Blade Sect participated. Of the ten, the Tyrant Blade Sect won 9 and only lost one. This was already a good result.

In the evening, Zhao Hai sat in his residence to recall his battle. Although he only fought one battle, he had gained a lot of experience. His experience didn’t only involve his battle, but all of the battles. Silver dust has been spread throughout Topfire Mountain, allowing Zhao Hai to record everything that happened on the various stages. All scenes have been sent to the Space to be analyzed.

One shouldn’t underestimate the Space’s analysis. It must be known that the competition involved the top Clone Stage disciples of various sects. After collecting their battle records, the Space could compile data according to each sect’s strengths and weaknesses. Only Zhao Hai could do this.

After digesting his gains for the entire evening, Zhao Hai led the others back to the competition venue the next day. They observed the battles of the other sects for the entire day. Surprisingly, the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t battle anyone on this day.

On the third day, five disciples from the Tyrant Blade Sect participated. Of the five, two won their battles while three lost. The reason for this was because the sect encountered difficult opponents. All of their opponents were from Great Sects. It was already a miracle for them to win two battles.

After four days, the first round of the competition practically ended. The second round would happen on the next day. The second round was more difficult than the first round. The time it took to finish was also shorter. It only took two days for all battles to end. The Tyrant Blade Sect only had eight disciples left who could enter the third round. After the third round, only four people were left. Casualties also began to appear in the third round.

When the fourth round started, disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect began getting eliminated one after another. Only Zhao Hai and Li Fei were left. The fourth round only took a day to finish. 

Due to injuries they gained in the third round, there were plenty of lose-lose battles in the fourth round. In this case, neither of the two combatants were able to participate in the fifth round.

There were less than 100 participants left by the fifth round. Zhao Hai was in the fourth group to fight. This time, his opponent was more interesting. It was a disciple from the Imperial Beast Sect, another of Zhao Hai’s enemies.

The Imperial Beast Sect became Zhao Hai’s enemy quite early. In the Soaring Dragon Realm, both of them clashed. Unlike the Sword Hegemon Sect who was the Tyrant Blade Sect’s enemy, the Imperial Beast Sect was Zhao Hai’s personal foe.

As he stood on the stage, Zhao Hai was faced with a woman wearing beast skin. The woman wore a beast skin vest and a short beast skin skirt. Her arm and feet were fully exposed. She also wore a beast skin cloak.

The woman held two short swords in her hands. The swords were only half the length of ordinary swords. Along with her were three beasts. These beasts were snakes from different species.

The snake on the right side was more than ten meters long. It was from the python-species. Its body was very thick at a meter in diameter. It was a huge snake.

On the left was a fiery red snake. The snake was two meters long. On the head of the snake was a bump in the shape of a crown. It carried itself as though it was a ruler of snakes.

On the woman’s head was a small snake around 30 centimeters long. It was green all throughout and was coiled like a head ornament. However, Zhao Hai knew that the snake was alive.


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