BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2087


Chapter 2087 – Zhao Hai Goes On Stage

Five rounds passed without any disciples from the Tyrant Blade Sect participating. Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He led Li Fei and the others to the other stages to look at the disciples of the other Great Sects.

The disparity between Great Sects and smaller sects could be recognized. And it wasn’t a tiny degree. Great Sects held strong advantages in terms of techniques, environment, and other aspects. As long as a disciple of a Great Sect goes on stage, there is almost no chance for them to lose.

When the next round was announced, Zhao Hai and the others became excited. Someone from the Tyrant Blade Sect was finally called. This time, the disciple who would fight was called Zhou Hong. His opponent was a disciple of a smaller sect. Naturally, Zhao Hai and the others would support Zhou Hong. They quickly went to the eighth stage to watch the fight.

Upon arriving at stage number 8, Zhou Hong jumped on the arena and gave a salute to the elder official. His opponent has yet to arrive.

Zhou Hong didn’t need to wait for a long time, not long after he arrived, another person jumped on the stage. This person was wearing black clothing and had an average stature. He had short hair and a calm face. What’s special about him was his weapon, which was a dual tonfa.

Dual tonfas were quite unpopular weapons. The offensive strength of the weapon wasn’t very strong, but its defense made up for the deficiency. Most importantly, one could use fist techniques with it.

Zhou Hong’s opponent was from a sect called the God Arm Sect. It was a sect known for its fist techniques. They don’t have a signature weapon because of their specialty. Because of this, their disciples were free to choose their weapons. There were disciples who used tonfas, hammers, and even gloves.

When the God Arm Sect disciple entered the stage, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. The person had a very calm temperament. And when his foot stepped on the ground, one could see that his movement technique was very good. This person wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything to Zhou Hong. He wanted to see how Zhou Hong would deal with his opponent. After both sides exchanged their greetings, Zhou Hong pulled his goose plume blade out while his opponent raised his fists. 

Zhao Hai had some understanding regarding Zhou Hong’s skills. Zhou Hong specializes in water-attribute blade techniques. His blade was light and flowing. It can be said that his blade style held some fame in the Outer Sect.

Both sides looked at the other for several minutes and found that the other party was patient and didn’t show any flaws. Then as if in agreement, the two attacked at roughly the same time. The goose plume blade in Zhou Hong’s hand was like a goose flying over the sky without a trace. His whole body seemed to flow like water as he sent repeated attacks towards his enemy.

Zhou Hong’s enemy was also quite good. He was able to use his tonfas to their full potential by blocking all attacks. One by one, Zhou Hong’s attacks were stopped. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that Zhou Hong’s opponent wasn’t moving at their full strength. They looked very relaxed.

Naturally, Zhou Hong wasn’t fighting at his full strength either. Both sides were merely probing the other party. Zhao Hai could see that Zhou Hong was putting at most 60% of his strength on his attacks. The same amount was used by the enemy.

Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. Seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Li Fei asked, “Team Leader, what happened. Zhou Hong is doing very well. Did you see something?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I didn’t see anything. The movements of Zhou Hong’s opponent are very hard to deal with. It seems like God Arm Sect’s cultivation methods are very unique. If Zhou Hong wants to win, then he would need to show his real skills. Otherwise, he would suffer.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei stared, then he frowned. After thinking for a moment, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Team Leader is correct. Zhou Hong’s opponent is a genius from the God Arm Sect. The sect is known for their fist techniques. However, the people in their sect don’t only use their fists. They also use weapon techniques, among them are their Tonfa Techniques and Hammer Techniques. This made the sect hard to face. Now that Zhou Hong is facing them, he is bound to suffer.”

Zhao Hai nodded and no longer said anything. To be honest, he heard of the God Arm Sect before. But he has no real understanding of the sect. This explains why he was surprised by their capability.

While the two were speaking, the contestants on the stage had already exchanged a few more rounds of moves. By this point, they were no longer using probing attacks, but were already fighting with their true strength. Blue light appeared one time and then a shadow fluttered in another, the fight was very lively.

Zhao Hai calmly observed the battle on the stage. The forms of combat exhibited by the combatants showed two extremes. Zhou Hong’s technique was swift, continuous, and violent. It embodied the flow and rage of the rivers and streams.

On the other hand, the tonfa of Zhou Hong’s opponent exhibited the rigidity of his technique. He was able to keep off Zhou Hong’s attacks while maintaining his stability.

Li Fei couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect Zhou Hong’s opponent to be difficult to deal with. The two had now exchanged more than a hundred moves. Although Zhou Hong held the upper hand, this doesn’t fully describe the state of the battle. The other party had a stable defense. It would take Zhou Hong a bit of effort to break through.

Li Fei turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Team Leader, will Zhou Hong be fine? His opponent’s defense is very good. Zhou Hong might fail to get through them.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s too early to say. Zhou Hong and his opponent are still not giving it their all. The other party can’t find any openings in Zhou Hong’s attacks while Zhou Hong can’t find any openings in his opponent’s defense. The two can only drag this on for a while. They might have to exchange more moves before one of them shows any flaws. At this point in time, it’s impossible to decide who’s going to win.”

Li Fei nodded, but he continued to look at the stage with worry. The battle continued on. Before long, 200 moves were exchanged, then it became 300. The two combatants looked tired. The attacking side was beginning to slow down. However, the defending party didn’t take the opportunity to attack, this was because he was also tired from holding his defense. He has no spare energy to attack.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Then he said, “Zhou Hong won. His opponent can’t attack. In about 50 moves, the battle will end.”

Sure enough, just like Zhao Hai said, the two exchanged 55 more moves before Zhou Hong finally broke through the defense of his opponent. It didn’t take long after that before the victor was announced.

Zhou Hong was sweating when he walked down the stage. Zhao Hai and the others welcomed him with applause. Zhou Hong’s win wasn’t easy, but this doesn’t mean that he was weak. In fact, Zhou Hong was already good for a Clone Stage cultivator. His opponent was just strong and was a counter to Zhou Hong’s style. It can be said that the battle highlighted the best of the two combatants.

Zhao Hai handed Zhou Hong a jade bottle as he smiled and said, “Drink this and return to rest. I’m afraid the battles tomorrow won’t be easier.” Zhou Hong didn’t say anything and just nodded. He received the jade bottle and drank its contents before heading back to rest.

In the next rounds, two more people from the Tyrant Blade Sect participated. One had a good opponent, a cultivator from the medium-grade sect. The other faced a disciple of a Great Sect. The battle was a struggle but in the end the two managed to win.

It wasn’t until the 11th draw that Li Fei finally got up on the stage. Coincidentally, his opponent turns out to be from the Butterfly Sect. As soon as he heard that his opponent is from the Butterfly Sect, Li Fei became excited. Hu Jilong annoyed them several times. Now that he was faced with a disciple of the Butterfly Sect, Li Fei was prepared to teach them a lesson.

Looking at Li Fei’s appearance, Zhao Hai held him back. Li Fei couldn’t help but be confused. Zhao Hai looked at Li Fei and said, “Li Fei, remember, you can win this battle, but you absolutely cannot kill them. You also shouldn’t insult them too much. Even if our two sects have a deep entity, it’s not to the point where we can slap each other in public. If we treat the Butterfly Sect too badly, it wouldn’t do good for the Tyrant Blade Sect. There are always enemies around us, it’s definitely not good if we get into more trouble. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing Zhao hai, Li Fei couldn’t help but stare. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Team Leader, should we just let them off?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Let them off? They’re dreaming. But we can’t make the Butterfly Sect vigilant right now. Let’s maintain a certain limit, make them think that we don’t want conflict with them. If we let them hold a grudge against us, then it would be more difficult to deal with them in the future. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei’s eyes shone, then he smiled and said, “Team Leader, you’re really cruel. But I like that. Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Zhao Hai patted his shoulder and pushed him towards the stage.

The Butterfly Sect disciple has already stepped foot on the stage. He saw Zhao Hai stopping Li Fei and saying something while pointing at the stage from time to time. The Butterfly Sect disciple couldn’t help but raise his brows. He was aware of the conflict between Hu Jilong and Zhao Hai. He thought that Zhao Hai was telling Li Fei to clean him up.

Li Fei was also famous in the Tyrant Blade Sect. His blade skills were good among Clone Stage cultivators. If Zhao Hai wasn’t included, he was one of the contestants that one needed to be on guard against.

In the arena, Li Fei cupped his fist towards the Butterfly Sect disciple. Then he smiled faintly and said, “We’ve finally met. I can’t wait.”

The Butterfly Sect disciple coldly snorted and said, “I can’t wait either.” After he said that, he took his butterfly knife out and played with it. At the same time, Li Fei retrieved his own blade and settled his eyes onto his enemy.

The disciple of the Butterfly Sect looked at Li Fei, but his hand didn’t stop playing with his butterfly knife. Both sides seem to be waiting for something. Then after some time, Li Fei suddenly shouted, “Kill!” After he said that, he waved his blade and swung it over.

Although the Butterfly Sect disciple has all of his attention on Li Fei’s body, he didn’t expect Li Fei to suddenly attack without even probing. He was unprepared. He quickly retreated while launching his butterfly knife to protect himself.

However, Li Fei’s attack wasn’t slow. His blade was very tight, as though he wasn’t facing an opponent on the stage but instead his father’s killer. Not to mention the Butterfly Blade Sect disciple, Li Fei’s attack caused the onlookers to be alert. They wondered if this would be the competition’s first death.

The Butterfly Sect disciple was frightened by Li Fei’s domineering attack. His defense became chaotic and full of holes. Li Fei’s blade used this vulnerability to strike. Seeing his situation, the Butterfly Sect disciple knew that he couldn’t block. He couldn’t help but think, “I’m finished!” Then he closed his eyes preparing to die.

But after some time, there was no pain. Instead, he heard the referee announce, “Tyrant Blade Sect’s Li Fei wins.” The Butterfly Sect disciple opened his eyes and saw that Li Fei has withdrawn his blade. He was smiling as he cupped his fist towards him.

The Butterfly Sect disciple couldn’t help but relax. Then he cupped his fist and said, “Thank you for showing mercy.”

Li Fei smiled faintly, “You’re too polite. Our Sects don’t share any enmity. If I really continued, then wouldn’t that be unreasonable? Junior Brother, thanks for letting me win.”

The Butterfly Sect disciple smiled and said, “Senior Brother is just too strong. This Junior Brother admits defeat.” After he said that, he jumped down the stage and left.

Li Fei also jumped down from the stage and arrived by Zhao Hai before saying, “Team Leader, did I do great?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good. Very good. Hahaha. Now I’m wondering if I would meet someone from the Butterfly Sect.”

Li Fei smiled and said, “Rest assured, you’ll meet them sooner or later.” At this moment, the next draw was announced. This time, Zhao Hai was drawn along with an old enemy, a disciple from the Sword Hegemon Sect.

Hearing the announcement, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then his expression lit up as he said, “Sword Hegemon Sect, it’s actually the Sword Hegemon Sect. Good, let’s face them.” After saying that, Zhao Hai moved and jumped into the stage.

The moment people heard the announcement, they immediately encircled the stage Zhao Hai was on. Three years ago, Zhao Hai gained fame from his battle against Lu Sheng. Although Lu Shen had just entered the Teleportation Stage, he was still a Teleportation Stage Expert. Moreover, the matter of Zhao Hai eradicating the Osmanthus Crystal Realm made him very famous as someone who wouldn’t hesitate to kill. Hearing that Zhao Hai was going to fight, a large crowd was immediately formed. They wanted to see the outcome of the fight.


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