BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2086


Chapter 2086 – Competition Starts

Hu Jilong was an emerging talent of the Butterfly Sect. Although he’s only at the Clone Stage, the time he took to get there was very short. Moreover, he possessed heavenly spiritual roots. His body was compatible with seven attributes, which are metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder.

Compatibility with seven spiritual roots was very beneficial to cultivation. Naturally, the cultivator still needs to select a primary attribute. If they plan to cultivate all attributes, then they were bound to be stuck. They would be wasting their time.

Liu Wenzheng was confident in Zhao Hai because he was there during the battle between Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng. He was one of those watching below, one of the common cultivators on the ground.

This event made him remember Zhao Hai. Looking at the exchange between Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng, Lu Wenzheng knew that Zhao Hai’s strength was already beyond the Clone Stage. Hu Jilong might be a talented Clone Stage cultivator, but compared to Zhao Hai, he was nothing.

Cultivators of the Butterfly Sect weren’t as united as the Tyrant Blade Sect. Plotting against each other was fairly common in the sect. Therefore, Liu Wenzheng felt no guilt in trapping Hu Jilong.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that the people of the Butterfly Sect were scheming against each other. But even if he knew, he wouldn’t care. In any case, he was already planning on dealing with Hu Jilong, that guy was just too arrogant.

Li Fei and the others had ugly expressions as they followed behind Zhao Hai. Li Fei clenched his teeth as he said, “That guy should pray that we don’t meet. Otherwise, I will make him pay.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If you run into him, be sure to be careful. Although he’s annoying and arrogant, I can see that he’s quite strong. He’s only a step away from the Soul Fusion Stage. His spiritual roots also look special. If you really want to deal with him, pay attention to his attacks. He may even possess mutated spiritual roots.”

Zhao Hai said this because he noticed that Hu Jilong’s butterfly blade was different from the others. The standard butterfly blade was characteristically thin. This was because butterfly blades were made to fold. If the blade was too thick, then they wouldn’t be as agile. 

Hu Jilong’s butterfly blade was narrower than the others. In other words, his blade was lighter, which made its attack faster. If he doesn’t have a special spiritual root, he might have practiced a special cultivation method. Zhao Hai felt the aura of thunder and lightning from Hu Jilong’s body, perhaps this was the cultivation method that he used. The only reason Zhao Hai was able to notice it was because Hu Jilong’s mastery over thunder and lightning wasn’t too strong.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei and the others couldn’t help but stare. Then their hearts immediately turned cold. They knew what mutated spiritual roots meant. No matter what kind of mutation he had, this meant that Hu Jilong wouldn’t be easy to deal with. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then they would need to be careful.

After returning to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s residence, Zhao Hai invited everyone over for a meal. Although the residence has a specified space for eating, Zhao Hai liked to eat casually in his own space.

In the following days, even if Zhao Hai and the others went out occasionally, they spent most of their time inside their rooms cultivating. They were preparing for the competition.

Surprisingly, the competition wouldn’t begin until half a month after Zhao Hai and the others arrived. After asking around, Zhao Hai found out this was done for the sects that arrived later. After all there have been sects who just arrived a few days ago.

The competition adopted a single-elimination system. There were no limits to the methods used, but to minimize casualties, referees were set for every stage. If one side admits defeat, then the other side should no longer attack. Opponents would be decided by lottery. Those who weren’t drawn yet would wait by the sidelines and watch.

The sects in participation were too many, so the competition would last for a whole month. The Clone Stage disciples would fight first, followed by the Soul Fusion disciples, and then finally the Earth Monarch disciples. This meant that Zhao Hai’s group would fight first.

On the day of the competition, Elder Yue Feng brought all disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect to the venue. The Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t bring a lot of people for the competition. There were around 100 participants and then another 100 guards and other staff.

Fortunately, Topfire Mountain was very big. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to fit everyone. Even so, not everyone could stay at the peak of the mountain. They could only stay halfway and wait for the results.

There was no leader’s speech or the like. Because the mountain was close to the Riverfront School, it made the sect the host of the competition. So the sect had several people talk to everyone before announcing the start of the competition.

Zhao Hai preferred this way. He didn’t like someone talking about useless topics for half of the day. These kinds of people treated themselves as protagonists while everyone else were treated as side characters.

Actually, there was no need for Zhao Hai to worry. People of the True Spirit Realm were pragmatic. They didn’t like wasting time on useless things.

It didn’t take long before the first 20 groups were drawn to fight. This round, nobody from the Tyrant Blade Sect was selected. However, there were people from the Butterfly Sect. Naturally, Zhao Hai inquired about Hu Jilong upon hearing his name. He also researched the other participants from the Butterfly Sect. He doesn’t know much about the Butterfly Sect’s grudge against them. He was afraid that the other participants shared Hu Jilong’s sentiment in dealing with the Tyrant Blade Sect. It was necessary for Zhao Hai to learn everything about them.

The first round quickly began. Zhao Hai and the others stood under the arena of the Butterfly Sect’s disciple. On one side was the Butterfly Sect’s disciple while the other side was a disciple of the Black Dragon Sect. This sect was quite interesting. Their main weapon was quite special. It was a nine-segment whip.

After both sides entered the stage, neither said anything. They just cupped their fists towards each other and then pulled out their weapons. The Black Dragon Sect’s disciple had a nine-segment whip in his hand. The whip looked like a dragon as it moved in its user’s hand. The whip was pitch black. On one end of the whip was the head of the dragon while on the other end was the dragon’s tail. The whip gently swayed, seemingly prepared to take a bite out of the enemy.

The Butterfly Sect disciple was no worse than his enemy. In his hand was his butterfly blade. It looked like a butterfly flapping its wings.

The two inspected each other for a few minutes before sending exploratory attacks against each other. Zhao Hai paid special attention to the performance of the butterfly blade. It must be said, the butterfly blade can do a lot of things when in proper hands. It was flexible enough to be used in various angles. Zhao Hai saw many moves that he hadn’t seen used with a blade before.

The participant with the nine-segment whip was a bit worse. Although the nine-segment whip was also a special weapon, Zhao Hai was no stranger to it. He studied weapons and techniques from earth. Nine-segment whips used by monks can only be regarded as decent. They weren’t anything special.

After spectating for some time, Zhao Hai knew that the cultivator with the nine-segment whip would lose. Firstly, he wasn’t as strong as the Butterfly Sect disciple. Secondly, his style wasn’t as exquisite as the other party. And thirdly, it was clear that he hasn’t met a butterfly blade user before. The butterfly blade allowed strange angles of attack. When facing these types of weapons, people would become timid due to the inability to adapt. In this case, it would be strange if the nine-segment whip user would win.

The competition disallowed the use of clones and even beasts. For sects like the Imperial Beast Sect, they can only use at most three beasts. As for Formation and Artifact Cultivators, they cannot use more than 5 artifacts or formation disks. This allowed Zhao Hai to quickly extrapolate the results of the battle. And as he expected, the Butterfly Sect disciple won their battle.

Through this battle, Zhao Hai obtained a general understanding of the butterfly blade. If used well, the butterfly blade could deal huge damage to its enemy. It seems like a weapon that couldn’t be underestimated once it was practiced to its peak.