BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2081


Chapter 2081 – Hundred-Mile River

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t suffer any losses during the fight, but their mood was very heavy. The name of the person who attacked them constantly loomed over their minds. The Bewitcher Soulhook was a threatening figure.

Even if they haven’t seen Soulhook, they were certain that the Soulhook they faced was real. Ghost cultivators have their own pride. They won’t pretend to be anyone else. Moreover, Soulhook’s combat methods were quite famous. The most important thing was the presence of the Bewitching Bell, Soulhook’s personal artifact. 

Soulhook’s fame was greater than theirs. He has been famous for a long time. Although he disappeared and was proclaimed dead, it seems like he was alive and well. His strength might not be high, but it still placed a lot of pressure on Zhao Hai’s group.

However, most of this pressure was on Li Fei and the others. They knew better than Zhao Hai how cruel Soulhook could be. They also knew how worse they were compared to Zhao Hai. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was confident in himself. As long as Soulhook didn’t enter the Teleportation Stage, Zhao Hai was fine.

The group carefully moved forward. With the bugs scouting ahead, Zhao Hai and the others were able to bypass the territories of several demon beasts. 

After walking for about two hours, Zhao Hai looked at the weather as well as Li Fei and the others. The group were currently low on energy, they looked very tired.

Looking at the surroundings, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, let’s rest for a while. If we continue walking, we won’t have the energy to face our enemies.”’

Li Fei and the others naturally agreed. Zhao Hai found a good place and the group proceeded to sit down. After half an hour, Li Fei opened his mouth and said, “Team Leader, should we inform the sect about what happened? The one who attacked us is Bewitcher Soulhook. That fellow is bad news.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We should tell the sect. Soulhook is very strong. If they weren’t caught off guard by our bug attack, I’m afraid we would still be fighting against them right now.”

After saying that, Zhao Hai took out his communication token. But looking at the token, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. Communication tokens convenient items. The communication token in his hand right now could display a three-dimensional projection. However, communication tokens were very sensitive to fluctuations in energy. It wouldn’t function if the surrounding spiritual qi was chaotic.

The spiritual qi in Arrow Tree Mountain was very chaotic. In other words, Zhao Hai couldn’t use the communication token while they were in the forest. Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but criticize its reliability. Communication tokens were the same as cell phones back on earth, which wouldn’t function on mountains due to weak signals.

With no other choice, Zhao Hai took out a small transmission formation. He recorded the events that happened on a jade slip and then sent it through the transmission formation. The jade slip would be sent directly to the sect.

After sending the message, Zhao Hai began to relax. The small transmission formation was for Li Fei and the others to see. Laura and the others should already be aware of what happened. They can explain to the sect in his stead.

Li Fei and the others breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing Zhao Hai send the jade slip through the transmission formation. Seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai was somewhat disappointed. Li Fei and the others experienced too few events. Being anxious just because of this kind of threat wasn’t good.

However, Zhao Hai was also aware that it was impossible for Li Fei and the others to change in such a short period of time. Therefore, he could only wait.

Although Zhao Hai was sitting in place, he was actually paying attention to their surroundings. Knowing that there were no imminent threat, Zhao Hai and the others felt at ease.

After resting for two hours, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. He stood up and then said, “Everyone, there’s people coming towards us.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei and the others immediately became anxious. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai’s numerous methods, they would have already fallen under Soulhook’s hands. Therefore, they believed Zhao Hai’s caution.

Everyone quickly became vigilant as they pulled their lades out. Then they hid in the shadows of the forest and became quiet. They made sure that they wouldn’t be discovered.

Although this method wasn’t very useful, it would still have an effect on unsuspecting people. 

After some time, the sound of wings flapping could be heard. Zhao Hai looked up and saw flying beasts in the air. On the back of the beasts were people. Each one of them had crossbows on their backs.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai understood that these people were from the Divine Armament Sect. The fight alarmed the Divine Armament Sect, so they sent people over to examine. After seeing the scene of the battle, they began to scan the surroundings. Zhao Hai has long known that they were coming because of the Space. Because of this, he was able to make everyone prepare in advance. On the other hand, there were no powerful experts among the group from the Divine Armament Sect. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s group wasn’t discovered.

Once the people of the Divine Armament Sect left, Li Fei and the others let out a long breath. Their view of Zhao Hai was elevated once more. They were certain that the flying beasts above them were domesticated. After all, the types of beasts varied. Wild beasts of different species wouldn’t group up.

Also, ghost cultivators wouldn’t dare use flying beasts on Arrow Tree Mountain. Only the Divine Armament Sect had the courage to fly over the mountain.

Nevertheless, this was not good news for the group. The Divine Armament Sect was circling above them. If they were discovered, then they would be in trouble.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Let’s leave immediately. Once morning comes, I’m certain that the Divine Armament Sect would send more people to look for us. It’s better to be careful.”

Everyone nodded. They knew that their battle against Soulhook has alarmed the Divine Armament Sect. And the sect would certainly think that one of the parties fighting was the group from the Tyrant Blade Sect. With this in mind, they wouldn’t hesitate sending more people to look for them. Arrow Tree Mountain was inside the Divine Armament Sect’s territory. If Zhao Hai and the others weren’t careful, they might be caged in by the Divine Armament Sect.

Most importantly, the Divine Armament Sect has a reason to encircle Arrow Tree Mountain. And that reason was searching for ghost cultivators. A lot of traces were left in the scene of the battle. The Divine Armament Sect could easily judge that ghost cultivators were involved. 

Zhao Hai urged everyone forward. At the same time, he was thinking of methods to deal with their situation. The Divine Armament Sect was blatantly caging them in while the ghost cultivators were using all their methods to kill them. Both sides were a headache to deal with.

Arrow Tree Mountain was no longer safe. Before, although the Divine Armament Sect has enmity with the Tyrant Blade Sect, they couldn’t blatantly attack Zhao Hai’s group. But now things were different. Ghost cultivators have entered the equation. The Divine Armament Sect can use the ghost cultivators as an excuse to seal Arrow Tree Mountain. As time passes, it would be more difficult to escape from the mountain.

They had to leave Arrow Tree Mountain! After analyzing their situation, Zhao Hai quickly made a decision. Once they left the mountain, the Divine Armament Sect would still chase them down. But at the same time, the ghost cultivators can make a move on the Divine Armament Sect. The two sides would entangle each other.

Moreover, the Divine Armament Sect wouldn’t dare tear the face of the Tyrant Blade Sect. They might still send people, but they wouldn’t send powerful experts. Zhao Hai can deal with the people they would send.

And once they left Arrow Tree Mountain, Zhao Hai and the others could use their demon horses. The demon horses were fast and their momentum was strong. As long as the horses were used well, Zhao Hai and the others would be able to leave the Divine Armament Sect’s territory. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai turned his head to the others and said, “Everyone, prepare yourselves. We’ll leave Arrow Tree Mountain as soon as possible. With traces of ghost cultivators present, the Divine Armament Sect would send a large number of people to search the entire mountain. If we’re found, we will be in trouble. The best thing for us is to leave immediately. We can’t allow them to encircle us.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei and the others nodded. Li Fei said, “Team Leader, we’ll follow your instructions.” The others also nodded to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone’s eyes, then he nodded, “Alright. But first I want to thank you all for your trust. We’re leaving now. But we have to work a bit harder. I believe that the way out of Arrow Tree Mountain will be blocked by the Divine Armament Sect. The roads will be blockaded, so we can’t head there. We can only go to the other side.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei couldn’t help but knit his brows, “Team Leader, Hundred-Mile River is on the other side of Arrow Tree Mountain. It’s famous in the Divine Armament Sect. Not only is the water flowing rapidly, it has unforgivable undercurrents. Also, we don’t have a boat. If we walk along the river, we’ll be discovered by the people of the Divine Armament Sect. Then we won’t have the chance to run.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You don’t need to worry about our ship. I can take care of that. However, we can only pretend to be ordinary people. Especially our clothing. We can’t use our current clothes, and we can’t show our weapons. Try to hide the fact that we’re cultivators. Understood?”

Although they didn’t fully understand Zhao Hai’s words, everyone nodded. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly as he said, “Alright, let’s go.” After he said that, he led everyone towards the Hundred-Mile River. 

The Hundred-Mile River was a river 100 miles wide. Its waters were turbulent and it was covered by dense rock formations. Actually, the river can be managed well. As long as a cultivator makes a move, then can clean up the rock formations, the river can become a golden waterway. Not only was the river wide, it was also deep. It can accommodate large ships.

Unfortunately, nobody was willing to do this. Cultivators would rather sit down and cultivate. They had nothing to do with what mortals needed. Because of this, Hundred-Mile River became another undeveloped gold mine. Although merchants continued to use the river for transport, they wouldn’t dare transport too much. Moreover, due to the dense rock formations, only small boats and rafts could traverse the river.

Once Zhao Hai and the others crossed Arrow Tree Mountain, they quickly saw the Hundred-mile River. The river was a giant jade belt flowing on the waist of Arrow Tree Mountain. It was extraordinarily beautiful.

Fortunately for Zhao Hai and the others, Arrow Tree Mountain wasn’t big. As cultivators, Zhao Hai and the others were able to quickly get through it. On the night of the second day, they finally arrived at the riverbank. They would have arrived earlier if it wasn’t for the Divine Armament Sect’s disciples passing through the air.

Looking at the Hundred-Mile River, Li Fei looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Team Leader, what do we do now? Cut down trees to make a ship?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Cut trees down? If we cut trees, we’ll be discovered by the Divine Armament Sect. Don’t worry, I have a solution.” After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and pulled out a pile of beast skin.

The pile was made out of sheepskin. Besides the neck and the four limbs, the skin remained intact. It was also covered by a thin layer of oil.

Li Fei and the others couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then tied a rope on the open sections of the sheepskin before using a wind spell to fill it with air. Before long, a sheepskin balloon was made.

After making the balloon, Zhao Hai looked at Li Fei and the others and said, “Did you see? Follow what I did and fill the sheepskin with air. Make sure that no air escapes. While you’re doing that, I’ll prepare something else.”

Although Li Fei and the others were confused, they followed Zhao Hai’s instructions and filled the sheepskin with air. For cultivators like them, this was an easy task. They were also curious about what Zhao Hai wanted to do.

At this time, Zhao Hai was strolling around the forest looking for thick branches. He plans to create a small raft using wood and inflated sheep skin.



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