BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2080


Chapter 2080 – Stacked Array Reveals Its Might

Feng Xue and Lin Yang were rising talents of the True Spirit Realm. However, the two of them working together couldn’t do anything to Young Master Soulhook. This showed the strength of the genius ghost cultivator.

Li Fei continued, “But according to the records, Feng Xue and Lin Yang killed Soulhook. How could he appear again?”

Naturally, Soulhook heard Li Fei’s words. He coldly snorted and said, “You think the two of them can kill me? Stupid. You’ve been deceived. They said they killed me, but has anyone in the True Spirit Realm seen my body? Hmph. If they believed they really killed me, then the True Spirit Realm has indeed fallen.”

Hearing Soulhook, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he smiled and said, “I don’t care if you’re the real Soulhook or not. Perhaps you weren’t really killed by Feng Xue and Lin Yang, but I’m certain that you’ve suffered heavy wounds. Moreover, you still haven’t recovered. Hahaha. With your talent, how could you still be in the Earth Monarch Stage? In your current state, do you really think you can deal with me? How naive.”

“Hmph!” A cold snort was the only reply. This was followed by another ring which stimulated the ghost soldiers. Their eyes turned blood red as they waved the weapon in their hands. 

Zhao Hai’s face showed a serious expression. He beat the drum in his hand harder, causing the other disciples to be uplifted. They were no longer afraid of the bell.

Li Fei and the others pulled their blades out and defended Zhao Hai. But soon enough, they discovered that the ghost soldiers were being held back by Zhao Hai’s drum. The ghost soldiers simply couldn’t approach. This caused them to relax.

At this moment, a sudden wailing was heard. Li Fei and the others turned their heads and found a rotating disk coming straight at them. Holes were specially bored onto the discs so that they would make a wailing noise when thrown.

Just as they were about to block the disk, it was bounced back by a sound wave. The disk was an artifact, so after it was thrown back, it immediately returned with strength a bit greater than before.

Zhao Hai said, “This disk shouldn’t be hard to deal with. I will hold back on the drums. Pay attention to the direction of the disks. Whether it attacks from above or from below, use your blades to knock it down.” Li Fei and the others complied and observed the disk.

The beat of Zhao Hai’s drum slowed down. As soon as the beat weakened, the disks immediately flew over. Their speed seems to have slowed down. Li Fei and the others could clearly see the path of the disks.

Wen, wen, wen, wen. The sound of metals clashing with each other was heard as Li Fei and the others blocked several disks. This time, the disks didn’t return but instead traveled straight up. Since the disks attacked from below, it was better for its momentum to travel up instead of going back the way it came.

The ghost soldiers used this opportunity to continue their attack. However, once Li Fei and the others managed to block the disks, the drum beat increased once more. But this time, the ghost soldiers didn’t retreat. Their eyes were red as they attacked with their weapons.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. Then with a thought, a clone appeared on his side. The clone took out its own drum and began beating it. Zhao Hai received the drum that he used.

After receiving the drum, Zhao Hai looked at the ghost cultivators and coldly snorted, “Using ghosts against me, do you think I’ll be afraid?” After saying that, Zhao Hai took out a magic staff. Li Fei and the others couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. They discovered that small luminous orbs appeared in front of Zhao Hai. They looked like the stars on the night sky,

But it didn’t take long before they discovered that these weren’t stars. These luminous spots were formations. Each one of them was condensed by spiritual qi. The might of these stacked formations was shocking.

Li Fei and the others couldn’t count how many formations were in front of Zhao Hai. They couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai could support so many formations.

What they didn’t know was that the formations that Zhao Hai released were quite few. In the past, back in the Great World of Cultivation, Zhao Hai could condense as many formations as the stars in the sky. Right now, Zhao Hai only condensed 10 thousand formations, which was enough for his spiritual qi to support.

After 10 thousand formations were condensed, Zhao Hai felt a strain on his soul. He immediately released the formation, “Descent of the Holy Light. Purify the World!” With his command, the light dispersed from the formation and shot towards the ghost soldiers.

The moment they met the white light, the ghost soldiers became akin to extinguished lamps. They immediately vanished. They didn’t even have the time to yell.

The white lights disappeared along with the ghost soldiers. Li Fei and the others couldn’t help but stare at the vanishing lights. It took quite some time before they recovered.

“You actually destroyed my ghost soldiers. Zhao Hai, you’re dead! I’ll turn you into my ghost soldier!”

Soulhook’s voice was heard from all directions. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai showed a tired smile on his face. Soulhook used his spiritual force to project his voice, making it difficult for Zhao Hai to trace his location. But now, his anger caused him to slip up. His location was immediately traced by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai immediately commanded his bugs to charge towards Soulhook. At the same time, he controlled his breathing to recover his spiritual qi. Even with his fast recovery speed, he would still need time to get back to full. 

But at this moment, the wailing of ghosts was heard. Then skulls began to appear from the forest around the camp. These skulls were from real skeletons. The entire skull was surrounded by a layer of blue flame. The skulls were opening their mouths to release a gritting wail. They all floated in the air as they charged towards Zhao Hai’s group.

Zhao Hai has yet to restore his spiritual qi. Now that the skulls were attacking, he couldn’t deal with them. So, he asked the others for help, “Brothers, block them for me. I need some time.”

Li Fei and the others have already recovered and quickly noticed Zhao Hai’s state. Without hesitation, they stepped forward, encircling Zhao Hai. They used their blades to block the incoming skulls. This time, Zhao Hai’s clone wasn’t beating the drum. This was because sound attacks weren’t effective against the skulls. Most importantly, Soulhook was no longer using his Bewitching Bell. 

Zhao Hai’s clone appeared beside Zhao Hai and used his blade to defend alongside Li Fei and the others.

At this moment, a scream was suddenly heard. Li Fei and the others were stunned. This was because their defense was very solid. None of them had been injured by the skulls. So where did the scream come from?

While Li Fei and the others were surprised, Soulhook’s voice was heard once more, “Despicable! I never expected the Tyrant Blade Sect to use such a despicable method. You used poisonous bugs!”

Zhao Hai didn’t reply. His spiritual qi has yet to recover, so he didn’t have time to waste on Soulhook’s shout. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that the skulls had slowed down. But he also felt that the bugs that he sent were quickly disappearing. There wasn’t much left.

When Zhao Hai sensed that all his bugs were gone, his spiritual force was finally restored. He pulled his blade out and then attacked the skulls along with his clone.

Then Soulhook’s voice was heard, “Kid, I’ll let you live temporarily.” After saying that, there was no more sound, and the skulls disappeared.

Li Fei and the others didn’t know why Soulhook left. But Zhao Hai was aware. Soulhook must have left to save the other ghost cultivators.

Zhao Hai believed that Soulhook wasn’t acting on his own. He certainly has followers with him. Although the bugs might not be a threat to Soulhook, they were to the other ghost cultivators. The poison from the Space wasn’t easy to deal with. Although ghost cultivators were well versed in terms of poisons, it’s impossible for them to get rid of Zhao Hai’s poison in a short amount of time. Therefore, seeing that his companions weren’t doing well, Soulhook decided to leave.

Zhao Hai didn’t lower his guard. Upon confirming that Soulhook’s group has indeed left, he immediately said, “Let’s go. The sound of our battle will surely bring the Divine Armament Sect to us. Those guys haven’t given up on tracking us down. If they find us, we won’t have a good time.”

The others nodded and immediately destroyed the camp. Although the formation that Zhao Hai set up was a bit useful, it was no longer needed. Everyone soon left the area.

Zhao Hai can’t be careless this time. Because they were on a mountain, they were in the presence of beasts. If they faced powerful beasts, then they would be delayed even more. So, Zhao Hai released a few flying bugs to scout ahead. Then he led Li Fei and the others to cautiously go forward.


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