BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2079


Chapter 2079 – Young Master Soulhook

Ghost Cultivators! It was the Ghost Cultivators! Thinking of this, Zhao Hai’s face couldn’t help but show his surprise. He didn’t expect that he would be meeting ghost cultivators at this time. This made things more troublesome.

Zhao Hai knew that the path to Topfire Mountain was a trial. Each sect would send people to attack the other sects. However, the strength of the attackers wouldn’t be too far from each other. This can be seen on the 100-man ambush that was orchestrated by the Divine Armament Sect.

And during this trial, all the sects were afraid of ghost cultivators. Ghost cultivators and the others share a deep enmity. Ghost cultivators don’t respect the rules of the trial. They were there to kill people, so they naturally wouldn’t send their weak experts. In other words, with the presence of ghost cultivators, Zhao Hai and the others were no longer undergoing a trial.

But Zhao Hai was certain that the Ghost Cultivators wouldn’t send their top-level experts to hunt them down. Otherwise, the great sects would take notice. Ghost cultivators won’t risk their powerful experts just to hunt down juniors of the great sects. It’s possible that they would send strong experts, but not outrageously strong.

Zhao Hai sat in the camp and made calculations. Then he pressed his hand on the ground. A ripple appeared on the ground that Zhao Hai sat on before it disappeared.

What Zhao Hai did was send a few bugs into the ground. These bugs were small at the size of one’s palm. They also weren’t very strong. However, these bugs had one special attribute, and that was their poison.

This bug has a poisonous needle on their back end. This needle can send venom that had been enhanced by the Space multiple times. Even Earth Monarchs would lose their strength when subjected to the poison.

The bugs that Zhao Hai released could also hide from spiritual force detection. Even Teleportation Stage cultivators wouldn’t be able to detect them. Although the bugs would emit rustling sounds while digging the earth, these sounds would be drowned out if there was a battle going on. It can be said that these bugs were the best underground assassins.
Zhao Hai released the bugs not only to assist him during the fight, the bugs would also help him arrange a formation underground.

At this time, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples who were sleeping suddenly heard a voice in their ears, “Brothers, wake up.”

Hearing this, everyone quickly opened their eyes. However, they didn’t make a move. This was because they heard the voice say, “Brothers, don’t move. Pretend that you’re still asleep. There are people moving towards us.”

Everyone couldn’t help but stare when they heard this. At this time, Zhao Hai added, “Brothers, listen carefully. The ones attacking us this time are Ghost Cultivators. I already arranged a formation around the camp. We still don’t know how strong they are, so I can’t say how long the formation will last. Therefore, you need to be ready. Once the Ghost Cultivators attack, immediately go to my side.”

The group listened to Zhao Hai without moving. They also didn’t respond. But Zhao Hai knew that everyone was already awake and had understood his instructions.

Zhao Hai added, “Remember, our enemy this time isn’t simple. Ghost Cultivators don’t follow the rules that are set by the three factions. They might be much stronger than us. If we can’t beat the other party, I’ll lure them away while you all run. Go to River City and wait for me there. If I don’t return in three days, leave using the river. The river heads straight to Topfire Mountain. Don’t reveal your status. Don’t group up but you need to coordinate. Pretend to be rogue cultivators.”

Nobody replied, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything either. He continued sitting in the group as though nothing happened. Before long, the sense of crisis he felt became even stronger. Zhao Hai was certain that the other party was in range. They just haven’t decided to attack.
Zhao Hai patiently waited. He doesn’t know what method the other party would use. Although he had been in contact with Ghost Cultivators in the past, those people were weak. Because of this, Zhao Hai has yet to experience a true attack by the Ghost Cultivators. He also wants to see what kinds of methods they have at hand.

Before long, Zhao Hai got his answer. He quickly jumped up. He thought about the ways the Ghost Cultivators might deal with them. But he didn’t expect that they would use this method.
A bunch of ghost soldiers appeared around Zhao Hai’s camp. The lower bodies of the ghost soldiers were smoke with no feet in sight. But their upper bodies were all soldiers wearing armor. The armors and weapons of the soldiers varied. All of them were charging towards Zhao Hai’s camp.

The ghost soldiers looked good. Not only were they hideous and terrifying, the most important thing was that their armors were striking. One could see that they were far from the lowest-level ghost soldiers. Those ghost soldiers don’t have armor and only hold knives.
Seeing the ghost soldiers, Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t think that the ghost cultivators would use this method to attack them.

Although the ghost soldiers looked good, when Zhao Hai looked closely at them, he felt that they weren’t true soldiers. Instead, they felt more like a group of bandits composed of defeated soldiers. And they just touched upon the classification. Routed soldiers could at least cooperate with each other. Meanwhile, the ghost soldiers just rushed over like a swarm.

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled. The same time he discovered the ghost soldiers, he also shouted, “Enemy attack!” Just as he said that everyone jumped up with their blades in hand. Everyone quickly formed a circle.

At this moment, the ghost soldiers arrived at the camp. But as soon as they entered, it seemed like they had lost their target. They kept running around the camp. And after going in circles a couple of times, they attacked the other ghost soldiers. It seemed like there was infighting among them.

While the ghost soldiers were attacking each other, a cold snort was heard, “Formation? You’re careful. But it’s useless. Soulhook bell, ten thousand ghosts. Break!” Along with this voice, a ring was heard. But this ring carried an aura of death. It made those who heard it terrified.
Hearing this sound, Zhao Hai’s complexion changed, “Sound attack! Everyone, be careful. Guard your minds!” As he said that, Zhao Hai turned his hand and took out a big drum. He placed the drum on the ground and slammed his palm on it. A low and deep beat sounded out.

It held the same tone as battle drums used in battlefields. Its sound could shake one’s soul.
The voice from before was heard once more. This time, it carried a tone of surprise, “Oh? I didn’t expect the Tyrant Blade Sect to also have such artifacts. Interesting, let this Young Master Soulhook teach you how to properly use sound artifacts.”

Hearing this, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples couldn’t help but shake, one of them said, “It’s the Bewitcher, Young Master Soulhook!”

Zhao Hai turned his head to the cultivator and asked, “Li Fei, who is this Young Master Soulhook?”

Li Fei, the one who spoke, looked like a 30-year-old man. He wasn’t tall, but his body looked sturdy.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Fei couldn’t help but force a smile as he replied, “Team Leader, I heard of the Bewitcher in the past. In fact, 30 years ago, in the True Spirit Realm, his name was very famous.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Continue.”

Li Fei added, “Young Master Soulhook is a rare talent of the Ghost Cultivators. Thirty years ago, he reached the Earth Monarch stage. At that time, for some reason, he went out of the shadows and began slaughtering cultivators in all directions. It doesn’t matter if they were the Righteous Faction, Evil Faction, or Demon Faction, he killed them all. He specially targeted young geniuses from the Great Sects. This included a Senior Brother of the Tyrant Blade Sect. That Senior Brother has Heaven-grade Spirit Roots. He’s the most famous genius of the sect at that time.”

Speaking of this, a hint of fear appeared on Li Fei’s eyes as he continued, “His most famous battle was when he single-handedly fought against two top geniuses of the Demon Faction and the Righteous Faction, the Matchless Swordsman Feng Xue and the Reckless Blade Lin Yang.”
Hearing these two names, Zhao Hai’s mind was also shaken. This was because he recognized the name of the two geniuses. Feng Xue was a favored genius of the Righteous Faction. He was known to be the top genius of the younger generation. He was born in the Venerated Sword Sect and reached the Teleportation Stage 25 years ago. He hasn’t made a move for 20 years. By this point, nobody knows how strong he is.

As for Reckless Blade Lin Yang, he’s also a top expert of the Demon Faction’s younger generation. He reached the Teleportation Stage 20 years ago. Just before that, he challenged a Teleportation Stage Senior while in the Earth Monarch Stage. He managed to injure that expert. The battle was judged as a tie. Also, that Teleportation Stage Senior wasn’t a nameless expert like Lu Sheng that Zhao Hai fought against. This person was a famous Teleportation Stage expert. His strength was formidable.


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