BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2076


Chapter 2076 – Ghost Cultivators Appear

The sound of wind rustling was heard, then several black-robed men appeared in the place where Zhao Hai battled against the disciples of the Divine Armament Sect. Looking at the battle site, one of the black-robed men sneered, “Those fools from the Divine Armament Sect. Forty people can’t deal with twenty. They even used crossbows. How incompetent.”

Another cultivator coldly snorted, “This Zhao Hai is really hard to deal with. He runs away after battle, and his vigilance is very high. No wonder our previous plans have been destroyed by him. But this time, we’ll make sure to take his life.”

A nearby cultivator replied, “But we also need to be more careful. Although the True Spirit Realm has been calm, don’t forget that those Great Sects are still tracking our presence. We might have given up on the surface, but once we show an opening, those bastards will swoop in immediately.”

The others nodded. They knew their current state. Although the Great Sects seems to have given up on tracing them, they were in fact not. The Great Sects were looking for them secretly. And as long as they show an opening, they would immediately use the opportunity to capture them.

One of the black-robed men coldly snorted, “No matter what, Zhao Hai must die. This fellow destroyed several of our plans. If we don’t kill him, my heart won’t be settled.”

The others agreed. Then they disappeared in a flash. Zhao Hai and the others were now very far away from the location of the battle. They didn’t stop for a moment and continued on their way.

Although Zhao Hai has eliminated everyone from the Divine Armament Sect, he still felt unsafe. This feeling caused him to urge the group to continue traveling.

Zhao Hai was completely unaware that Ghost Cultivators were at his tail. But he knew that the farther they were from the battle location, the safer he would feel.

The words he spoke to everyone before weren’t false. He has the thinking that if a cultivator lost their courage, then that would be equal to giving up. And they would slowly wither.

The Clone Stage disciples followed behind Zhao Hai on their demon horses. They were currently feeling empowered. They had been completely conquered by Zhao Hai.

The demon horses were very fast. After running for a hundred li, Zhao Hai stopped, then he turned to the others and said, “Alright, we’ll rest here. At dawn, we resume our travels.”

The others stared. One of them said, “Team leader, you want to rest here? Why don’t we continue on?”

Zhao Hai replied, “There’s no need. We don’t know what we’ll encounter along the way. We should maintain our peak state at all times. Otherwise, if something truly unexpected happens, we can deal with it. Now, dismount. Adjust your breathing.” Everyone complied and jumped down from their demon horses. Then they sat down and regulated their breathing. This time Zhao Hai didn’t take away the demon horses.

When dawn came, people opened their eyes one by one. They stabilized their breathing and regained their peak condition. Seeing that everyone was refreshed, he gathered them together. Then the group departed.

The day went along smoothly. However, compared to before, Zhao Hai and the others traveled at a faster speed. The reason for this was because Zhao Hai felt a dangerous aura behind them. It made him feel uncomfortable. Because of this, Zhao Hai unconsciously sped up. He wanted to get rid of this feeling.

However, it was clear that getting rid of this feeling isn’t easy. Zhao Hai felt that he was being followed by a ghost. It made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

After several days of this feeling, Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but turn ugly. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer any attacks. But Zhao Hai didn’t lower his guard. They had now entered the Divine Armament Sect’s territory. It was possible that the Divine Armament Sect would put pressure on them.

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciples noticed Zhao Hai’s complexion, they saw that his expression wasn’t very good. One of them couldn’t help but ask, “Team leader, what happened? We noticed that your complexion hasn’t been good. Is something wrong?”

Zhao Hai looked at the person and nodded, “There’s something. These days, I’ve been feeling that people are following behind us. Therefore, our speed has increased. Unfortunately, we still can’t get rid of them. This feeling has been annoying me. Brothers, do you believe me?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, everyone’s complexion changed. They were quiet for a while before one answered, “Team Leader, we believe you. You mean someone is following us? They want to deal with us?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s right. They’re following us because they want to get rid of our group. They didn’t attack us in the Purity Origin Sect because they knew that attacking us would attract the Purity Origin Sect’s attention. The relationship between the Tyrant Blade Sect and the Purity Origin Sect is very good, they will definitely save us.”

“But now, we’re in the Divine Armament Sect’s territory. As the matter stands, they have an opportunity. The Divine Armament Sect hates the Tyrant Blade Sect. Additionally, we killed 40 of their disciples. They definitely won’t help us. They might even block our way. No matter who is behind us, they would certainly attack in the Divine Armament Sect’s territory.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone frowned. After some time, a cultivator asked, “Team leader, what are your plans? Do we avoid the Divine Armament Sect?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “That won’t do. The Divine Armament Sect attacked us, this means that they know our location. Even if we hide, we won’t be able to. So, we can only move forward. Moreover, we won’t take the side roads. We’ll travel along the main road. If the Divine Armament Sect doesn’t plan on going into an all-out war against the Tyrant Blade Sect, they wouldn’t dare to deal with us in the open. This will save us a few troubles.”

The others nodded. They were already convinced by Zhao Hai’s skills, so nobody opposed his plan. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Alright. Don’t think about it too much. I want to see who wants to attack us. I just hope that they don’t push me too hard. Otherwise, I won’t care about the competition’s rules.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, their eyes couldn’t help but shite. They knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t just a simple Clone Stage cultivator. He was an expert that could go head-to-head against a Teleportation Stage cultivator.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Let’s go. Everyone, increase your speed. Let’s see if the one’s behind still intends to chase after us.” After he said that, he coldly snorted and began to pick up speed.

Before long, noon arrived. Zhao Hai and the others could spot a small town from afar. Seeing that it was quite late, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, let’s speed up. We’ll rest in the town up ahead.” Everyone complied and sped up with Zhao Hai.

Shortly after, the group arrived outside the town. When they got close to the town, the group couldn’t help but stare. This was because the gates of the small town were closed. Cultivators were standing on the town’s walls. All of them had crossbows in their hands and gave Zhao Hai’s group an ugly look.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows, “Senior Brothers of the Divine Armament Sect. My name is Zhao Hai. We’ve been sent by the Tyrant Blade Sect to participate in the competition. I ask Senior Brother to allow us to rest in your town.”

The town’s cultivators were still glaring at Zhao Hai. The expression on their faces weren’t good. After some time, one of them said, “Junior Brother, I’m very sorry. Our town has just been attacked by beasts and rogue cultivators. We’re currently under martial law. We have no way to let Junior Brother in. We can give Junior Brother some supplies in return. We’ll give them to you for free. I can only ask you to go rest in another town.”

As soon as they heard this, Zhao Hai and the others’ expressions turned ugly. The town has no signs of battle. It was clear that they hadn’t been attacked. This only meant that the town wasn’t giving them any face.

Zhao Hai looked at the disciples of the Divine Armament Sect. He didn’t think they would be so narrow minded. They even went so far as to block them from entering towns. Such a sect was unworthy of being the Tyrant Blade Sect’s enemy.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the cultivators in the town were beginning to lift their crossbows and aimed at them. There was a cold sparkle in their eyes. Zhao Hai knew that if their group made a drastic move, then these people wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that the Divine Armament Sect was plotting something. They want to enrage him using this method. As long as Zhao Hai was angered to take action, the Divine Armament Sect can use this as a reason to attack. Even if they killed Zhao Hai and the others, the Tyrant Blade Sect wouldn’t be able to reasonably settle the grudge.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai smiled, then he said, “I didn’t know that Senior Brothers are having difficulties. This Junior Brother is being insensitive. Then our group won’t bother you anymore. Senior Brothers, I wish you well.” After saying that, Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the wall and then led his group of Clone Stage Disciples away from the town.

Zhao Hai’s actions caused the cultivators in the town to be surprised. One of them said, “Senior Brother, didn’t you say that the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect are overbearing? You said they would certainly act, then we can use this opportunity to kill them off. Who do we do now?”


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