BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2075


Chapter 2075 – No Stepping Back

The Divine Armament Sect was a special sect. They’re known for manufacturing mechanisms for hidden weapons. Their hidden weapons have been famous for their great power and great use.

However, there were some people who thought that the weapons of the Divine Armament Sect weren’t that much. This was because although the weapon of the sect was powerful, they were quite large. They couldn’t be made too small. This has always been the mindset of the Divine Armament Sect. But due to this, there were some people who said that the weapons of the Divine Armament Sect couldn’t be called hidden weapons. They were too large and can’t be concealed. They should just be called artifact weapons.

This idea became very popular in the True Spirit Realm. But the first people who spread this idea were the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect. It’s because of this that the relationship between the two sects wasn’t very good. The Divine Armament Sect would always find trouble with the Tyrant Blade sect.

The lightning palm that was used by the people of the Divine Armament Sect was a very special weapon. It’s a weapon made of formations that sealed in heavenly thunder. When thrown, the lightning palm would explode as soon as it touches anything. The heavenly lightning inside would be released and cause huge damage.

But the lightning palm has a weak point. If a lightning palm was hit in advance, then it would explode. 

Due to this, lightning palms weren’t used on their own. If a lightning palm was used on its own, cultivators like the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect would just use their blade qi. As long as their blade qi touches the lightning palm, they would explode in advance. This would limit the damage of lightning palms.

Lightning palms were used together with hidden weapons. Zhao Hai’s group was now seeing this in action. They had to deal with the crossbows, but they also had to deal with the lightning palms. This increases the effectivity of the lightning palm.

Although Zhao Hai reminded everyone, making them release blade qi towards the lightning palm, there were too many lightning palms released. They simply couldn’t block all of them. A lot of lightning palms exploded right next to their targets.

A dazzling light flashed. The Divine Armament Sect cultivators couldn’t help but close their eyes. When their eyes reopened, they saw the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect, besides Zhao Hai, lying on the ground.

The leader of the Divine Armament Sect group sneered at Zhao Hai, “Zhao Hai, you’re still resisting? Give up. You’re finished.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes were blood red as he roared at the Divine Armament Sect disciples, “Despicable bastard. Besides ambush, what else can you do? Fight me with real skill!” As he said this, a drop of blood slid down Zhao Hai’s mouth, as if showing that he was injured.

There were just too many Divine Armament Sect disciples present. People who were on the verge of death would often mouth the same words. Although Zhao Hai’s words were insults, to the Divine Armament Sect disciples, it sounded like praise.

The leader of the Divine Armament Sect disciples laughed at Zhao Hai, “Zhao Hai, you’re too naive. But I will accept your request. I’ll give you a fair fight. We won’t use hidden weapons. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Armament Sect disciple and angrily cursed, “Despicable. You will die like a dog!” The reason Zhao Hai scolded them was because the other party wasn’t really offering a fair fight. Although they won’t use hidden weapons, they didn’t mention that they wouldn’t gang up on Zhao Hai.

The Divine Armament Sect laughed and said, “I’ve given you the opportunity, and yet you scold me. But it doesn’t matter. Brothers, receive your hidden weapons. Let’s give him the fair fight he wants.”

The Divine Armament Sect disciples complied and received their hidden weapons. Then they took out their own personal weapons as they surrounded Zhao Hai. The weapon in their hands differed. This was also a characteristic of the Divine Armament Sect. They could choose what weapon they want. In any case, these weapons wouldn’t be their main method of attack.

Looking at the 40 enemies surrounding him, Zhao Hai’s complexion turned ugly. At the same time, he released his clone. Then he defended against his enemies along with his clone.

Zhao Hai’s struggling appearance caused the Divine Armament Sect disciples to be excited. In their minds, Zhao Hai was fighting on his final leg. As long as they continued attacking, Zhao Hai would fall. Therefore, they all excitedly attacked Zhao Hai. They failed to notice that the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples on the ground had already grabbed their blades.

The Divine Armament Sect disciples were initially guarded against Zhao Hai’s counter-attacks. But before long they discovered that Zhao Hai seemed to be spent. He didn’t use any defensive techniques and was even spitting out blood. They could see that he was heavily injured.

This excited the Divine Armament Sect disciples even more. They felt that they were cats playing with an old mouse. They could just play long enough, and the old mouse would die.

After attacking Zhao Hai for ten minutes, the Divine Armament Sect was still unable to pass through his defense. But in their minds, as long as they tried harder, they would break through. This was because Zhao Hai’s defence was getting weaker.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly shouted, “Begin!” Just as Zhao Hai shouted, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples suddenly jumped up and released their own auras. Then they attacked the Divine Armament Sect’s disciples.

The disciples of the Divine Armament Sect were unable to respond. Moreover, close-combat wasn’t their strong point. Their reaction was closer to ordinary cultivators. So before long, 30 people were killed, leaving only the people closest to Zhao Hai.

While the disciples of the Divine Armament Sect were being killed, Zhao Hai also attacked. He used his blade to get close to the enemies around him. Then he began cutting them down.

The Divine Armament Sect’s disciples were flustered. They were played by Zhao Hai. Those who remained couldn’t help but give Zhao Hai a resentful glare.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and laughed, “You guys think that you can plot against me? You’re still too tender. Do you know how much effort it took to act out this play? Now suffer.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai’s blade became faster. The Divine Armament Sect simply couldn’t take their hidden weapons out. Zhao Hai didn’t hold back and showed the might of his blade. He didn’t give the opponent an opportunity to retaliate.

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were standing on the side looking at all of this. By this point, they were completely convinced by Zhao Hai. The reason they were able to eliminate the enemy was due to Zhao Hai’s planning. He was aware that they were going to be attacked and came up with a plan. He made estimations of the situation to deal with it appropriately. Back when they were attacked by the arrows, he immediately knew what to do.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was prepared ahead of time and told everyone about what to do. So, by the time the enemy showed themselves, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples knew what reaction to make.

When the Divine Armament Sect disciples attacked, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples feigned panic and fear. Because of this, the enemy were convinced that their plan had succeeded. Then the Divine Armament Sect disciples focused on Zhao Hai, the only remaining person standing. This created a situation where the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were in the perfect position to sneak attack.

Now, the Divine Armament Sect disciples were in an inescapable situation. Zhao Hai’s blade techniques were extremely strong. This display also showed the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples the extent of Zhao Hai’s proficiency in the blade.

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were initially unaware of Zhao Hai’s strength. They only heard of his reputation. Zhao Hai was quite famous in the Tyrant Blade Sect, but the majority of the disciples hadn’t seen him make a move. Now, the disciples finally had the opportunity to see Zhao Hai’s blade.

Zhao Hai made the disciples aware of how terrifying he could be. Zhao Hai’s blade was domineering, far beyond their expectations. The disciples of the Diving Armament Sect weren’t bad, two of them had even reached the Soul Fusion Stage. But they can only defend against Zhao Hai’s onslaught. They couldn’t find any opportunity to attack.

As the battle continued, the state of the Divine Armament Sect’s disciples became more dire. After ten minutes, Zhao Hai exploited an opening in their formation and began cutting them one by one.

After dealing with his opponents, Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent all of the corpses to the Space. Then he looked at everyone and said, “Let’s leave immediately. This place isn’t safe. The beasts will locate the smell of blood. If we get entangled with them, it would be troublesome.” Then he waved his hand and released the demon horses. Everyone complied and quickly escaped the forest.

While they were escaping, Zhao Hai said, “Now that we’ve dealt with the people of the Divine Armament Sect, we will certainly face trouble when passing their territory. Everyone needs to be careful.”

Everyone nodded. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “The Divine Armament Sect didn’t follow the rules. They sent two Soul Fusion Stage cultivators. It seems like the rules could no longer be followed. You should all prepare, the path ahead wouldn’t be peaceful.”

A nearby disciple coldly snorted and said, “The Divine Armament Sect is becoming more and more arrogant. They might be thinking that we’re afraid of them. Hmph. If it weren’t for the Purity Origin Sect being in the middle, we would have cleaned them up a long time ago.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They won’t dare go too far. If they do, the Sect will deal with them. Do you really think that the sect couldn’t deal with them?”

The others coldly snorted. They also knew that Zhao Hai was telling the truth. Despite this, they felt aggrieved. They could only wait for the attackers to attack them. They have no other choice but to defend. To the aggressive blade users, this feeling was very uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai said, “We’re going to pass through five sect territories. The Divine Armament Sect and the Riverfront School don’t have a good relationship with the Tyrant Blade Sect. These two sects would certainly send people to deal with us. The sect has thought of this a long time ago. The reason they sent us on this route is for us to take this opportunity to sharpen ourselves.”

“As long as the Divine Armament Sect doesn’t cause too much trouble, the sect wouldn’t make a move. So, we must be careful. As long as the Divine Armament Sect doesn’t send a Teleportation Stage cultivator, the sect wouldn’t make a move. We can only depend on ourselves.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the complexion of everyone couldn’t help but change. They were only at the Clone Stage. If the enemy really sends a Soul Fusion Stage or an Earth Monarch, then they would be in danger.

Naturally, this danger didn’t include Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai has experience fighting against a Teleportation Stage Cultivator. As for the others, they were ordinary elites in the Clone Stage. Even if they were stronger than their peers, they would still suffer against Soul Fusion Stage cultivators. Not to mention Earth Monarchs.

Seeing everyone’s complexion, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “Brothers, who are we? We are cultivators. We cultivate to go against heaven’s will. If we don’t fight against the heavens, if we don’t have the courage to face hardship, then what’s the point of cultivation? To be honest, we can use my flying mount to reach Topfire Mountain in no time. But I didn’t do that. I’m using this trip as a trial. Only after such a trial can we grow as cultivators. Only then can we step further into the dao.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused the others to ponder. They thought about Zhao Hai’s path. He ascended from the lower realms. If an ascender like Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid, then what were they afraid of? Thinking of this, everyone’s vision of Zhao Hai couldn’t help but change.

In the True Spirit Realm, locals don’t look down on ascenders. Conversely, locals of the True Spirit Realm look up to lower realm ascenders. These people experienced numerous hardships to enter the True Spirit Realm. No matter their cultivation, all of these ascenders were worthy of respect.

Zhao Hai could feel the gaze of everyone. He smiled faintly and said, “Brothers, let’s continue forward. The great dao is in front of us. Let’s advance step by step. Take a step back, and you might lose your path. Only doom awaits us if we retreat. We’re cultivators, we always move forward!”

“Forward!” Everyone cheered along with Zhao Hai. Their hearts were pumping with Zhao Hai’s words.


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