BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2071


Chapter 2071 – Alliance Competition

Zhao Hai was currently in the training ground supervising Qiu Tie who was training. Qiu Tie was currently holding a wooden blade. The wooden blade he used was made out of ironwood. This meant that the wooden blade was heavier than common wooden weapons but wasn’t as heavy as iron weapons. It was just right for Qiu Tie to use.

Zhao Hai didn’t allow Qiu Tie to use iron blades to practice because he was afraid that Qiu Tie’s body wouldn’t be able to bear it. Although Qiu Tie was walking the path of body cultivation, he was still less than ten years old. If he used iron blades to practice, it might stunt his growth and cause internal injuries. Therefore, Zhao Hai only allowed him to use wooden blades for now.

There was also another reason, and that was the blade that Qiu Tie uses. Qiu Tie doesn’t use ordinary blades like other people, instead he liked to use the glaive.

Back when Zhao Hai fought in the beast tide, his image of charging towards the beast tide using a large glaive had a huge influence on Qiu Tie. When Zhao Hai asked what weapon he liked to train, Qiu Tie didn’t hesitate and boldly declared that he would use the large glaive. In the end, Zhao Hai had no choice but to agree.

Naturally, Zhao Hai complied not only because he was fond of Qiu Tie. He agreed because Qiu Tie was suitable for using large glaives.

Large glaives belong to the heavy weapon category. It couldn’t be used by those with little bodily strength. Since Qiu Tie was pursuing the body cultivator route, his body would naturally be strong. Therefore, it was appropriate for him to use a large glaive.

But because Qiu Tie was still young, it was not good for him to train with large glaives made of metal. The human body was very strange, if any hidden wounds were left inside the body, it wouldn’t be easy to heal. Therefore, Qiu Tie couldn’t practice metal-made weapons while he was still in his growing stage.

For Qiu Tie to be familiar with the large glaive, Zhao Hai manufactured large glaives made of wood. He used ordinary wood first and progressively used heavier and heavier wood. A huge assortment of glaives with different weights were prepared for Qiu Tie.

Qiu Tie’s progress surprised Zhao Hai. He expected Qiu Tie to be able to use ironwood glaives when he reached 12 years old. But Qiu Tie was able to use ironwood glaives before he was ten.

Although Qiu Tie wasn’t using the heaviest glaives, his feat was still extraordinary. Zhao Hai was very satisfied with Qiu Tie’s progress.

As Zhao Hai was observing Qiu Tie’s training, he suddenly heard a voice, “Brother Hai, we have visitors.” Zhao Hai turned his head to see Laura.

In these three years, Laura and the others became more familiar with the Tyrant Blade Sect’s environment. There were even places where they knew more than Zhao Hai, especially matters regarding female cultivators.

Now, Laura and the others were in charge of the defensive formation of Zhao Hai’s peak. It can be said that they knew more about the peak’s matters than Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai constructed resident number 52, it was Laura and the others who installed the defensive formations around the entire peak. As for what these defenses were, even Zhao Hai doesn’t know what they were.

Upon hearing Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask, “Who is it?”

Laura replied, “It’s people from the sect. By their direction, they should be heading towards here. The sect might have something to tell you.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows. At this time, a voice was heard, “Little Hai, get ready. You might be heading out this time.”

Zhao Hai looked and saw the Yin Yang Elders. Zhao Hai and Laura immediately cupped their fists. Zhao Hai looked at the two elders and asked, “Master, what do you mean?”

The Yang Elder smiled and said, “The Alliance Competition that’s held every ten years is about to happen. This time, you have to participate on behalf of the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

Zhao Hai looked at the two elders in confusion and asked, “Masters, what’s the Alliance Competition?”

The Yin Elder replied, “As you know, the True Spirit Realm is divided into three huge powers, the righteous, the demonic, and the evil. Our Tyrant Blade Sect belongs to the righteous faction. Every ten years, the faction will hold an Alliance Competition which all sects in the Righteous Dao League would participate in. The sects will send their geniuses to compete against each other.” 

“The competition is divided into three divisions. The first division is the competition between Clone Stage cultivators. The second division will be between Soul Fusion Cultivators. And the third division is for Earth Monarchs. If you win in any of these divisions, the sect will give very rich rewards. The sect will also get a lot of benefits in the competition. This competition will promote the talent of the sect’s young disciples. Since it’s just a competition, killing is not allowed.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Does the sect want me to compete in the Clone Stage division and win first?” Zhao Hai’s words were very impolite. It was as if the first place was already in his hands.

But Zhao Hai’s words weren’t unwarranted. He dared to play around with a Teleportation Stage cultivator. How could Clone Stage cultivators contend against him?

The Yang Elder nodded and said, “Right, the sect wants you to compete in the Clone Stage division. Don’t expect that getting first place would be easy. In this competition, in addition to your weapon, no other artifacts are allowed. Even beasts couldn’t be summoned during the fight. Formation cultivators or artifact cultivators can bring no more than five artifacts with them. Since the Imperial Beast Sect mainly used beasts, they are only limited to three battle beasts.”

Zhao Hai raised his brows and said, “So we can only use our weapons and nothing else? Transportation artifacts and other supporting artifacts aren’t allowed?”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Correct. Before the competition, all participating parties must report what weapon they will use. If they use anything else during the competition, they would be disqualified immediately. This is also for the safety of the competitors.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I understand. Master can rest assured. I will get first place.”

The Yang Elder laughed, “With your strength, we’re not worried. But you need to be careful. It’s possible that the Ghost Cultivators, Demon Cultivators, and Evil Cultivators might attack during the competition.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask, “There’s such a thing? Don’t we use transmission formations to go to the competition?”

The Yang Elder shook his head, “The sects will send elders to spectate the battle. These elders can go to the competition using transmission formations. But for the participants, you will group up into small teams according to your divisions. Then you will travel to the competition’s venue. Along the way, you will be met with all kinds of attacks. But this will also act like a trial for you. Sects might not lose disciples in the arena, but they will definitely lose people to the attacks of the Ghost Cultivators, Demon Cultivators, and Evil Cultivators.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and asked, “Do the sects just allow this to happen? Their low-level disciples are being killed by the enemies.”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “Of course not. In fact, this is an agreement that the Righteous Dao League has reached with the Demonic Dao Alliance and the Devil Dao Coalition. We would send disciples to attend the competition while they would send disciples to attack. But they must also send disciples in the Clone Stage, Soul Fusion Stage, and Earth Monarch Stage.”

Zhao Hai quickly understood. He nodded and said, “So this is a trial for the disciples of the three factions.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Correct. This is a trial by the three factions. But sometimes, ghost cultivators would join. These ghost cultivators don’t follow the rules and would send high-level cultivators.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I understand. Master can rest assured. If the sect sends me, I will definitely try my best.”

The Yin Elder forced a smile, “With your present strength, we don’t have to worry. Don’t worry, the sect will definitely send you.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Just as the Yin Elder said, it would be strange if the sect didn’t send him to the competition. The Tyrant Blade Sect would definitely send him to participate and get good achievements. Not only would it elevate the sect’s prestige, the sect will also gain huge benefits.

At this time, an alarm sounded out. Then a voice was heard, “Brother Zhao, can we come in? We came to deliver the Sect Master’s orders.”

With the person’s voice, the alarm in resident complex 52 disappeared. Zhao Hai replied, “Senior Brother, please come in.” After that, a person appeared in mid-air and slowly fell to the training ground.

Zhao Hai looked at the person and saw that it was Li Hao. Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Li. I didn’t expect Senior Brother to deliver the Sect Master’s orders personally.”

Li Hao smiled faintly and said, “Junior Brother is too polite. I have seen the two Elders.” As he said that, he cupped his fist towards the Yin Yang Elders. With his status, he naturally had to be respectful towards the two elders.

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Is this about the alliance competition?”

Li Hao nodded, “The Sect Master wants Junior Brother Zhao to participate. What do the two elders think?”

The Yin Elder nodded, “He should. He’s always cultivating here, and he can use this opportunity to gain experience. Will Little Hai compete for the Clone Stage division? How many Clone Stage disciples will the sect send out?”

Li Hao replied, “Yes, Junior Brother Zhao will fight in the Clone Stage division. Excluding Junior Brother Zhao, there are 20 disciples that the sect would send out.”


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