BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2070


Chapter 2070 – Three Years

Demon Blade Zhao Hai!

This was a nickname that Zhao Hai obtained. After the battle between Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng, Zhao Hai’s achievements were dug up by the Great Sects of the True Spirit Realm. Even Zhao Hai’s actions in the Soaring Dragon Realm were becoming known. People became aware that Zhao Hai was the one who destroyed the Osmanthus Crystal Realm.

Zhao Hai has been in the True Spirit Realm for a short time, yet he already caused a sensation. He even caused friction with several Great Sects. The people from the True Spirit Realm could still vividly recall the battle. They thought that it was a core disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. But in fact it was Zhao Hai.

Now, the Great Sects of the True Spirit Realm understood why the Yin-Yang Elders received Zhao Hai as their disciple. The killing aura of the two elders was very thick, but Zhao Hai should be thicker. It was no problem for Zhao Hai to get close to the two elders. 

This realization was more prominent in the Tyrant Blade Sect. In the past, people in the sect never understood why Zhao Hai was so favored by the sect. Not only did he become the disciple of the Yin-Yang Elders, he also obtained his own peak in the Lower Earth Mountains. Now everyone understood, Zhao Hai was the ruthless person who eliminated an entire realm back in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

To be honest, when they heard this information, Dao Shu and the others didn’t believe it. Unlike others, Dao Shu and the others were familiar with Zhao Hai. In the minds of the Dao Brothers, Zhao Hai was a very gentle person. Although he might be a cultivation madman, he didn’t look like a person who would kill a lot of people. They were confused about the news for quite some time.

The only people who weren’t surprised were Lin Ling and Xiang Ying. This was because they were already aware of Zhao Hai’s deeds.

Plenty of people in the sect also went to the two to ask for more information. They wanted to confirm if Zhao Hai really did it. Because this matter was already known to everyone, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying no longer hid the information. They also confirmed that the Osmanthus Crystal Realm has been destroyed by Zhao Hai.

A strange thing happened when the news was confirmed. Around Zhao Hai’s peak, the number of cultivators that can be seen has drastically decreased. Cultivators who would pass the peak would take the long way and wouldn’t dare fly over it.

This doesn’t mean that the disciples of the sect were afraid of Zhao Hai. The disciples of the sect didn’t care if Zhao Hai killed a lot of people or not. With his current strength, as well as the fact that he was on the side of the Tyrant Blade Sect, there was no reason for the other disciples to be afraid of him.

The reason the disciples took the long way around Zhao Hai’s peak was because they were afraid of being influenced by Zhao Hai’s killing aura. The same matter was the reason why the Yin Yang Elders stayed in a small isolated mountain. Their killing aura was too strong and would affect other people.

Inner and Outer Disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect took the long way around Zhao Hai’s peak. But those who were familiar with Zhao Hai didn’t avoid the mountain. They knew that nothing would happen if they got close to Zhao Hai. Moreover, if they were lucky, they might even meet the Yin Yang Elders. Getting the guidance of the two elders was beneficial to any disciple.

In the following period, Zhao Hai’s face rarely appeared to the outside world. He didn’t go out of the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Because of this, nobody got any news about him.

These days, Zhao Hai spent his time closing up to cultivate. Zhao Hai wanted to increase his cultivation as soon as possible.

Three years passed. All this time, Zhao Hai closed up on his own peak. Naturally, these three years weren’t entirely spent on cultivation. But in these three years, Zhao Hai didn’t leave his peak.

Zhao Hai spent these three years doing nothing else other than making clones. Naturally, the Yin Yang Elders were completely unaware of this matter. They thought that Zhao Hai was busy consolidating his cultivation.

Zhao Hai also found that his cloning technique wasn’t without limit. He spent a year creating clones which in turn produced their own clones. But after a thousand clones were created, he could no longer make more. This meant that he could only have at most a thousand clones.

Although his cloning technique turned out to have a limit, Zhao Hai wasn’t disappointed. Having a thousand clones was already an amazing feat. If he can successfully combine all thousand clones, it is equivalent to having a thousand Zhao Hais cultivating together. The total cultivation progress would be astonishing.

But doing this wasn’t easy. After all, when the clone was created, they would be at the Rebirth Stage. It was necessary for the clones to reach the Clone Stage as well.

Once the clone reaches the Clone Stage, a piece of soul would need to be separated from the main body to condense the clone. Then the clone would merge with the main soul. This was very difficult, even more difficult than tearing off a piece of soul.

Zhao Hai used another two years of time to tear off bits from his soul to insert into his clones. He has yet to make his clones fuse back to his main body.

And in these three years, in addition to cultivating, Zhao Hai also worked on fusing all of his blade techniques. His progress went very smoothly. By the end of the three years, he was able to flawlessly use blade techniques of the same attribute to use in offense and defense.

This wasn’t an easy thing for Zhao Hai to do. Because his proficiency with his blade techniques was higher than other people, it took longer to integrate blade techniques with each other.

Even with Zhao Hai’s monstrous perception, he was still unable to fuse blade techniques of differing attributes. 

Also, the matter wasn’t as simple as Zhao Hai being unable to fully fuse his blade techniques. The Yin Yang Elders also didn’t want Zhao Hai to succeed. This was because once Zhao Hai fused different attributes together, other people would immediately know that Zhao Hai had an Innate Dao Body. When the time comes, other sects would do their best to kill him.

Zhao Hai destroying the Osmanthus Crystal Realm could be ignored. After all, the Osmanthus Crystal Realm wouldn’t affect the True Spirit Realm. Even the Sword Hegemon Sect wouldn’t bother sending people to kill Zhao Hai to avenge the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. The realm was merely a subordinate realm of the sect. And now that the realm has been destroyed, it had long lost its usefulness.

But if the sects know that Zhao Hai had an Innate Dao Body. They wouldn’t hesitate to send all of their strength to get rid of him. The threat of an Innate Dao Body was too big for the Great Sects. It was a physique that could change the entire dynamic of the True Spirit Realm.

This was also the reason why Zhao Hai paid attention to the blade techniques he used when he was outside. Mostly, he used earth and metal element techniques. He barely used techniques from the other attributes.

Three years wasn’t a long time in the True Spirit Realm. For cultivators in the realm, a seclusion period of three years was quite short.

Because cultivators of the True Spirit Realm ate food, low-level cultivators wouldn’t go into seclusion for a long time. But as long as they reached the Earth Monarch Stage, their seclusion time would begin to increase.

Earth Monarchs weren’t different compared to ordinary cultivators. However, the period they needed to eat has widened. They can eat once every month or so. Also, Earth Monarchs would bring fasting pills with them during their seclusion.

Fasting pills in the True Spirit Realm weren’t just medicine to stave off hunger. Fasting pills were refined using medicinal pills. Not only could the pills remove the feeling of hunger, it also provided nutrition that the body needs. Most fasting pills could provide a month’s worth of nutrition.

Naturally, not everyone can eat fasting pills. Although the effects of the pill were very good, it wasn’t cheap. Sects won’t provide fasting pills to their disciples. They can only buy it for themselves.

If a weaker cultivator closes up and doesn’t have resources to buy fasting pills, they would hire servants to help them cook food. These servants would serve food once or three times a day.

Despite this, the expenses were still huge. Because of this, weaker cultivators of the True Spirit Realm didn’t seclude for a long time. They would instead seclude in a way where they don’t see outsiders and won’t have contact with the outside world.

Zhao Hai’s seclusion was the second type. He would eat his daily meals but wouldn’t go outside. Neither did he do his duties. He stayed inside to cultivate.

In these three years, what shocked the Tyrant Blade Sect’s disciples wasn’t Zhao Hai, but the field that he planted. During this period, the entire field became fully functional. The hallucination flowers, man-eating forests as well as the Sky-reaching vines have grown up. Now, before getting the antidote that Zhao Hai provides, even Teleportation Stage cultivators couldn’t easily cross Zhao Hai’s field. It doesn’t matter if they entered by ground or by air.

It wasn’t only the field’s defenses that matured. The bread trees, bamboo rice, and the various vegetables have reached their peak growth. These plants became Zhao Hai’s main source of income. The low-level medicinal plants alone yielded Zhao Hai plenty of spirit stones. By this point, Zhao Hai could be considered as the wealthiest inner disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Such an income would make people’s eyes red, but they couldn’t make a move. This was because the field was a barren land that Zhao Hai took responsibility for. It was a place nobody wanted. Zhao Hai worked hard to develop it to what it became. These people could only stare at the profitable field with envious gazes.


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