BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2069


Chapter 2069 – Returning to the Sect

Zhao Hai and the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords fought in the air for three days. The battle between the two has attracted the attention of hundreds of people. Among these were cultivators from the Sword Hegemon Sect and the Matchless Sword School.

Seeing the people from the Matchless Sword School arriving, Zhao Hai knew that his battle with the First Brother could no longer bear results. It was no longer the Tyrant Blade Sect preventing Zhao Hai from being dealt with, there was now the Matchless Sword School ensuring the survival of the First Brother. This was no longer a fight for life and death.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai waved his hand, receiving his clones as well as the Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes. He gave the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords a cold look as he said, “You, listen. You came out to hunt me down. It is my right to kill you. We’ve already performed for everyone for three days. I don’t want to be a monkey anymore. We’ll settle this grudge in the future.”

Seeing Zhao Hai stop, the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords let out a long breath. But upon hearing Zhao Hai’s words, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, then I’ll wait. When that time comes, I’ll tear you to shreds.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “You want to tear me to shreds? I already heard that a lot of times, you won’t be the one who’ll succeed.” After saying that, Zhao Hai patted his Nine-winged Cloud Centipede and then flew away. He no longer cared about the enemy.

The First Brother looked at Zhao Hai’s back with clenched teeth. But he couldn’t do anything. It was just like Zhao Hai said. If the Matchless Sword School didn’t arrive, he would have suffered even more. He had been fighting Zhao Hai for three straight days. He was flying in the air on his own throughout the fight while Zhao Hai was riding on his mount. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s weapon didn’t use spiritual qi. This was Zhao Hai’s advantage. In this case, Zhao Hai was able to drag the fight for a long time.

Zhao Hai didn’t fly far before he met several people flying in the air. All of these people were at the Teleportation Stage. But from their appearance, they should be from the Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai also met some of these people. One of them was an inner disciple of the sect surnamed Li, his full name was Li Hao.

Since he saw someone he knew, Zhao Hai didn’t attack them. He allowed them to get close to him.

Once the group was near, Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Li Hao and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Li.”

Li Hao also cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai. Then he laughed and said, “Brother, you’re really something. Hahaha. You’re able to play around with a Teleportation Stage cultivator while in the Clone Stage. Moreover, you almost dealt with him. Too grand, too grand! However, you really made a lot of noise this time. The Sect Master ordered an end to your trial. You can go back to the sect. You have to return to the sect within three days.”

Hearing Li Hao, Zhao Hai stared. Then he asked, “Three days? Why? I still want to take a look at other places.”

Looking at Zhao Hai’s expression, Li Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “This is the Sect Master’s order. Let’s go back.”

Zhao Hai complied. Then he looked at the others and said, “Senior Brothers, come ride my beast. You flew by yourselves. The sect is still some distance away.”

Zhao Hai didn’t speak wrongly. Their location was indeed quite far from the Tyrant Blade Sect. And they have penetrated into the territory of the Butterfly Sect. This was also because Zhao Hai was controlling his path, turning in circles. Otherwise, in these three days, he and the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords would have flown far away.

Li Hao and the others didn’t reject Zhao Hai’s invitation. To be honest, even for a Teleportation Stage cultivator, flying in the air for a long time was very exhausting. If the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords continued to attack Zhao Hai, he would have become exhausted eventually.

Although there were small conflicts between the Tyrant Blade Sect and the Butterfly Sect in the border, all of those were minor conflicts. The two sides seem to treat the border as a training area. They would send disciples from both sides to conduct trials at the border. The two sects would never go into a large-scale conflict.

Because of this, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t encounter any danger when returning to the Tyrant Blade Sect. It must be known that there were more than a dozen disciples who came to pick Zhao Hai up. All of them were at least at the Teleportation Stage. Even mortal enemies of the Tyrant Blade Sect like the Sword Hegemon Sect and the Imperial Beast Sect wouldn’t dare make a move on them. If they took action and failed, then it would cause a huge conflict. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s return went very smoothly.

When Zhao Hai returned to the sect, he didn’t immediately go to Lower Earth Mountain. Instead, he went to Heaven Slashing Peak to see the Sect Master. This was Zhao Hai’s first time going to Heaven Slashing Palace. 

Zhao Hai followed Li Hao into Heaven Slashing Peak. When he reached the door, Li Hao cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brothers, please help me to report. Li Hao has brought Zhao Hai to see the Sect Master.”

One of the two cultivators nodded and said, “Junior Brother, please wait.” After that, he pushed the door open and walked inside. After a while, he walked out and said, “Junior Brothers, you can go in.” After the two gave a salute to the cultivator, they entered Heaven Slashing Palace.

Once inside, the two immediately cupped their fists and bowed, “Li Hao (Zhao Hai), has seen the Sect Master.”

The Sect Master nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, you’ve caused quite a bit of trouble outside. And this is only your first time going out. Will you get restless if you don’t cause trouble?”

Zhao Hai stared at the Sect Master, he didn’t know what to say. Seeing this, the Sect Master laughed and said, “You don’t have to be nervous. You did quite a good job. And you didn’t lose face for the Tyrant Blade Sect. But now the sects outside are looking at you with red eyes. They want to kill you. You shouldn’t leave the sect for a long time. Behave and cultivate well.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Yes. I have received the Sect Master’s order.”

The Sect Master nodded, then he looked at Li Hao and said, “Li Hao, how is the trip back? Did someone bother you?”

Li Hai replied, “Replying to the Sect Master, the return was very smooth. Nobody dared to cause any trouble.”

The Sect Master nodded, “Alright. You can return.” The two nodded and then gave the Sect Master a salute before turning around and leaving. Zhao Hai didn’t understand why the Sect Master called him. Is it just to speak a few words?

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Sect Master called him over because he just wanted to see him. Even since arriving at the sect, Zhao Hai had done a lot of great things. And yet, the Sect Master hasn’t seen him until now. This caused the Sect Master to be curious. He wanted to see what kind of person Zhao Hai is.

 Although Zhao Hai was confused, he didn’t think too deeply into it. He also didn’t mind staying in the sect for a long time. Zhao Hai used his portable transmission formation and directly returned to his residence in Lower Earth Mountain.

When Zhao Hai returned to his courtyard in Lower Earth Mountain, he saw Laura and the others in the training ground looking at Qiu Tie practicing martial arts. Qiu Tie was now practicing his punches. To be honest, Qiu Tie’s punches have been practiced very well. Unlike Zhao Hai who could directly communicate with his techniques, Qiu Tie can only practice his punches to this extent; which was already very good. Not to mention he was only a few years old.

Zhao Hai made a rough calculation. Qiu Tie’s boxing should have reached major mastery. If he was placed in a sect, he would have been labeled as a heavenly genius. Naturally, this was only referring to his punching technique. As for his cultivation, he wasn’t a genius.

Qiu Tie’s innate talent was ordinary. Zhao Hai already used plenty of precious medicine for Qiu Tie to reach his current stage. If other talents used these medicines, they would have already reached the Clone Stage.

Despite this, Zhao Hai was very satisfied with Qiu Tie’s performance. Qiu Tie wasn’t a cultivation genius, but he’s very diligent. If not for his hard work, he wouldn’t have reached his current stage. This was also Zhao Hai’s proudest part of Qiu Tie.

At this time, Laura and the others noticed Zhao Hai. They immediately surrounded him. Qiu Tie also stopped and ran towards Zhao Hai. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, we heard the news. We thought you would return a few days ago.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It hasn’t been easy. That guy from the Matchless Sword School isn’t easy to deal with. Haha. Unfortunately, people from his sect arrived, so I can’t deal with him. I’m just afraid he will bring me more trouble in the future.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Since he failed to deal with you, he won’t have another chance in the future. Brother Hai, go meet the old masters.” Zhao Hai nodded. He patted Qiu Tie’s head and said, “Little Tie’s punches are already very good. I think it’s time to move to the next step of the training. Haha. Little Tie, you’ll be learning advanced-level fist techniques.”

Unexpectedly, Qiu Tie shook his head and said, “Young Master, I don’t want to learn fist techniques. The two elders told me that you learned blade techniques and reached the highest level. I want to be like the Young Master.”

Hearing Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Then he said, “Alright, then return to practicing. You should know that if you do this, it will delay your cultivation speed. You’re still laying down foundations. It won’t be good if you’re late.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie nodded although he couldn’t understand. He doesn’t know that not everyone can be like Zhao Hai. It’s almost impossible for someone to reach the highest level in their techniques. If Qiu Tie pursued perfection, then he would only delay his cultivation.

At this time, the Yin Elder’s voice was heard, “Little Hai, you’re back.”

Zhao Hai quickly turned his head to look and saw the Yin-Yang Elders walking in. He immediately cupped his fist and bowed, “Disciple Zhao Hai has seen Masters.”

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Alright, get up. Let’s go inside and talk. You really caused quite a bit of trouble this time. I want to hear what happened.” Zhao Hai nodded and invited the two elders inside the living room. After Meg brought tea, Zhao Hai described his adventure to the Yin-Yang Elders.

As they listened, a gloomy expression appeared on the Yin Elder’s face. Then he said, “So you were targeted by the Imperial Beast Sect and the Sword Hegemon Sect? And in our territory?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Matchless Sword School appeared later. But six of them have been dealt with by me. There’s another one who broke through to the Teleportation Stage.”

The Yin Elder coldly snorted and said, “They’re getting more and more rampant. They really think that we’re dried fish. It seems like if we don’t give them a tough shake, they’ll forget what kind of sect we are. Don’t worry, we won’t let them off.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Master, don’t worry about this. I’ll deal with this matter. When the time comes, I won’t let them off. I’ll clean them all up.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Elder stared, then he couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, you’re truly a disciple of the Yin Yang Fiends of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Since your heart is settled, we’ll leave them to you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Thank you very much, Master.”

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Now that you’re back, focus on your cultivation. Your present strength is too low. If you meet an expert, you will be in danger.”

“This time, you went up against the Seven-star Swords of the Matchless Sword School. All of them are Earth Monarchs. The one who broke through is called Lu Sheng, nicknamed Heaven Seeing Sword. He’s particularly hard to deal with and is known to be ruthless. The seven brothers were caught off-guard because of the thunder domain. Additionally, they don’t know much about your abilities. As for Lu Sheng, he just broke through to the Teleportation Stage. He has yet to stabilize his cultivation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been troubled by your artifact.”

“You survived due to luck. So you need to enhance your strength as soon as you can.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I understand. Master can rest assured.”

The Yin Elder added, “Little Hai, your strength isn’t bad. Moreover, your cloning technique is very good. With your clones helping you, you would be able to cultivate fast. However, don’t rush. You need to consolidate your strength.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “Master can rest assured. I’ll stabilize my cultivation.” To be honest, listening to the Yin Elder, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. His cloning technique was truly amazing. It was far beyond what he expected.

The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re a genius of the blade. Your current skill is enough for you to use. Don’t be too greedy. Fuse your current blade techniques. At the very least, fuse one element of blade techniques. You want to have no hesitation when attacking or defending. This will be your goal for now.”


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