BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2068


Chapter 2068 – Switching Positions 

Zhao Hai’s figure was rushing through the mountainous forest. Every action he made was carefully considered. He couldn’t afford to be careless. He was now being chased down by the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords.

After the First Brother of the Peculiar Swords broke through, he discovered that all of his brothers had been killed. He was the only one left. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and his clones have disappeared.

This caused the First Brother to be enraged. He didn’t expect his brothers to be killed. Because of this, he swore to hunt Zhao Hai down and kill him.

After advancing, the First Brother of the Seven-star Swords used the most violent method to break out of Zhao Hai’s formation. He left the thunder domain at the quickest speed and began to scour the entire mountain for Zhao Hai’s traces.

Zhao Hai was currently underground. He didn’t dare show his head. After three days of searching, the First Brother was still unable to find Zhao Hai. Only then did Zhao Hai get out of the ground. He didn’t dare move a lot in these three days. Be knew clearly how sensitive cultivators were once they reached the Teleportation Stage. If Zhao Hai made a lot of noise, he would definitely be noticed.

What Zhao Hai didn’t expect was that he would be fooled this time. Just as he came out of the ground, the First Brother of the Seven-star Swords suddenly charged in. Seeing the First Brother coming towards him, Zhao Hai immediately retreated back underground.

This time, Zhao Hai miscalculated. The First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords has a more powerful spiritual force after his promotion. Even if Zhao Hai drilled underground, the First Brother could still feel Zhao Hai’s position. Sword qi after sword qi began shooting down towards Zhao Hai. 

The ten-thousand mile chase began. Zhao Hai was chased everywhere by the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords. If not for Zhao Hai’s quick speed as well as his divergent abilities, he would have been forced to hide inside the Space.

Despite being chased down by a Teleportation Stage cultivator, Zhao Hai never thought of entering the Space. He used his wits and skills to deal with the pursuit. He also used his clones multiple times and almost escaped. But in the end he didn’t succeed.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords also has his own special ability. He can lock on to his enemy. Back in the thunder domain, the only reason he couldn’t find the true Zhao Hai was because of the special environment of the thunder domain as well as Zhao Hai’s formation. Since Zhao Hai left the thunder domain, it was almost impossible for Zhao Hai to escape the First Brother’s senses.

For this reason, Zhao Hai was unable to use his clones to shake off the pursuit of the First Brother. One fled and one chased for several days. The so-called ten thousand mile chase has become a metaphor. They already traversed a distance far more than ten thousand miles.

Zhao Hai no longer knew where they were. But he was certain that they had long left the area of Lightning God Mountain. 

Zhao Hai’s only consolation was the presence of the nearby forest. He was able to use his wood-element divergent ability to shuttle between trees, occasionally hiding his aura from the First Brother. 

Not far behind Zhao Hai, the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords was working hard. Because he couldn’t find Zhao Hai’s specific location, he began clearing out large swathes of forest using his sword qi.

The First Brother’s appearance has become messy. His beard was no longer as orderly as before. His eyes were blood red. He looked like a madman.

And he has indeed turned into a madman. He never could have imagined that a mission they took on the side would wipe out his brothers. His last two brothers even died while he was breaking through. The two brothers died defending him. Because of this, he wants to kill Zhao Hai. He wanted to avenge his brothers.

Fortunately, the two were in a barren region. Otherwise, their chase would be seen by a lot of people. Then Zhao Hai would become famous.

Actually, the pursuit has been seen by some rogue cultivators. Barren mountains never lacked rogue cultivators looking for hidden opportunities. But seeing the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords, these rogue cultivators immediately ran away. They didn’t dare linger around.

This was also a rule of survival for rogue cultivators. In the True Spirit Realm, nothing is more important than the size of one’s fists. If they meet a cultivator above the Teleportation Stage and they were chasing or killing someone, what a rogue cultivator needs to do isn’t to watch, help, or block the way. What rogue cultivators need to do is to run away as far as they can, as fast as they can. Otherwise, if the Teleportation Stage cultivator was in a bad mood and started killing others, then rogue cultivators would die in vain, and nobody would avenge them.

Although Zhao Hai was traversing the forest, his speed was very fast. Despite his speed, he was still unable to shake off the chase of the First Brother. Seeing the pursuer getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt his vision becoming empty. He looked ahead and found that he had reached the end of a cliff. He turned his head and saw the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords getting closer and closer to him.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and directly jumped off the cliff. While in mid-air, he waved his hand and released the Nine-winged Cloud Centipede. Zhao Hai jumped on the centipede’s back as the centipede’s nine pairs of wings unraveled. Then they flew away from the cliff in just one flap.

The First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords seemed to have sensed something as he flew towards the edge of the cliff. As he looked in the distance, he saw Zhao Hai flying on the back of the Nine-winged Cloud Centipede.

The First Brother’s expression changed. He quickly chased after the centipede. It didn’t take long before they ran out of the valley. 

Seeing that the First Brother was still chasing after him, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and flipped his hand, taking a long gun out. This gun was made in the form of a sniper rifle. After being upgraded to the standards of the True Spirit Realm, the strength of the rifle increased. One shot from the rifle was equivalent to an all-out attack of a Clone-stage cultivator.

Zhao Hai didn’t intend to use the rifle, but he had no other choice. He doesn’t want to expose the Space. There are only a few items inside the Space that he could use. The other party wanted his life, and it was clear that Zhao Hai couldn’t fight in close range. Therefore, Zhao Hai took the sniper rifle out.

Zhao Hai didn’t only take the rifle out, he also released his four clones. Then he released more Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes for the clones to ride on. Each clone had their own rifle. Five people carrying sniper rifles rode on their own Nine-winged Cloud Centipede. At the same time, they aimed their rifles at the First Brother and fired. 

The First Senior Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords felt very unhappy. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai would use such moves to get rid of him. The Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes weren’t slow. Although he could now fly after breaking through, he has yet to stabilize his cultivation. His speed wasn’t that fast, and it was impossible for him to catch up to the centipedes. In this case, he couldn’t catch up to Zhao Hai.

The First Brother has his own artifact. But he couldn’t use his artifact at this time. This was because his distance from Zhao Hai was too far.

Right, the distance between Zhao Hai and the First Brother was quite big. Zhao Hai was at least ten kilometers away. At this distance, it was impossible for any artifact to pose a threat to Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai’s sniper rifle had a range of more than 10 kilometers. In other words, Zhao Hai could hit back while the First Brother could not. 

The battle between the two shifted from the ground to the sky. But this time, the positions between the defender and the aggressor changed. Although Zhao Hai looked as if he was fleeing, he was now the one attacking. Meanwhile, while the First Senior Brother was chasing, he was also defending against Zhao Hai’s attacks.

This battle was seen by countless people. Now, several sects in the True Spirit Realm knew that there was a Teleportation Stage cultivator chasing down another cultivator. And the two were fighting in the air.

A day passed and the two were still fighting in the air. Their battle attracted a lot of people. Now, sects began sending inner disciples to watch the battle. Among these people were disciples from the Tyrant Blade Sect. However, the disciples from the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t make a move.

The appearance of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s disciples made the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords aware that it was impossible for him to kill Zhao Hai. Although the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t take action, this doesn’t mean that they would leave Zhao Hai to die. The Tyrant Blade Sect was famous for their unity. Zhao Hai’s identity might be hidden, but if he really encountered fatal danger, the disciples of the sect would immediately make a move.

But there was an issue. The decision to stop the battle was no longer in the hands of the First Brother, but in the hands of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and his clones were now pestering the First Brother using the rifle. Even if he wanted to leave, then he would have to see if Zhao Hai would agree.

Dogfight, an endless dogfight entangled the First Brother of the Peculiar Seven-star Swords. This made the First Brother crazy and helpless. He began to regret chasing Zhao Hai down. Now he had fallen to this point. He was a Teleportation Stage cultivator that would be humiliated by Zhao Hai. It was too shameful.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was also not feeling good. This was because too many people were watching the fight. All of them were experts in their own right. He felt that he was like a monkey playing tricks in front of an audience. This made him unhappy.


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