BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2067


Chapter 2067 – Breakthrough

As the group took their swords out, a pressure emitted from their bodies and covered the entire domain. The faces of the three Zhao Hais changed slightly. This change was naturally noticed by the seven attackers. They thought that the Zhao Hais on the domain were an illusion caused by the formation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have such a reaction.

Zhao Hai was wary of the seven attackers because they were all at the Earth Monarch Stage. Most importantly, the middle-aged man was half-step towards the Teleportation Stage. Even after so many preparations, Zhao Hai still couldn’t guarantee that he could deal with them.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai was able to come upon the thunder domain. These seven had yet to notice that they were inside a dangerous area. As long as they step in, it would be difficult to leave.

As soon as the First Brother saw the change in the Zhao Hais inside the domain, he became more convinced of his thoughts. He turned to the scholarly cultivator and said, “Fifth Brother, after you make an opening, the rest of us will rush in first. You make sure that the formation doesn’t function. We don’t want any unnecessary trouble.”

The scholarly cultivator nodded and said, “First Brother, you can rest assured. That kid isn’t very strong. I should be able to break his formations easily. Let me break the formation first, then you’ll go deal with him.”

The First Brother chuckled, “Alright. This time, if you manage to break the formation, I’ll give you a good artifact. If you can’t, hmph, let’s see how I deal with you.”

When he heard this, the Fifth Brother couldn’t help but exclaim, “Good. Then it’s settled. Senior Brother, just wait. I’ll deal with the formation.”

The others chuckled as well. It was clear that they didn’t take Zhao Hai seriously. Actually, their main mission wasn’t to chase and kill Zhao Hai. They took another mission and accepted the mission to assassinate Zhao Hai because it was along the way. In their minds, it was overkill that the seven of them were going to deal with Zhao Hai.

These seven people weren’t simple. They were famous among the younger generation of the Matchless Sword School. The seven of them were brothers under the same master. They also practiced a combination technique called the Seven-star Sword Formation. They were also known as the Seven Peculiar  Swords.

They were called Seven Peculiar  Swords because each one of them had a special ability. Take the big-nosed man, for example. His nose was very sensitive and worked much like the nose of a beast.

As for the Fifth Brother who has a compass, in addition to his sword talent, he was also a madman when it came to formations. He spent a lot of time researching formations. Naturally, he wasn’t only good at breaking formations, he’s also good at setting them up.

These seven brothers acted together, completed missions together, and won fights together. They would always be with each other. So if one was provoked, it was equal to provoking the seven of them. 

The First Brother looked at everyone and said, “Alright, let’s complete our mission first. The earlier we finish, the earlier we return.” Then he moved and headed towards the domain. Soon, the six entered the thunder domain and surrounded the three Zhao Hais. Meanwhile, the Fifth Brother fiddled with his compass and abacus.

Zhao Hai saw the Fifth Brother and saw what he was doing. However, he wasn’t worried. This was a battlefield that he carefully arranged. It wasn’t easy to break.

The First Brother and the others surrounded the three Zhao Hais. The three Zhao Hais also took a step and stood back to back.

Seeing this, the First Brother couldn’t help but change. He knew that if two of the three were illusions, then this position would put Zhao Hai in a disadvantageous position.

However, time didn’t allow him to think too much. The First Brother roared and led the others to attack Zhao Hai. The three Zhao Hais also moved at the same time, using defensive techniques to defend.

Wen, Wen, Wen, Wen! A series of violent clashes was heard as Zhao Hai defended against the attacks of six people. But as they fought, the First Brother was stunned. He was confused. Why do the three Zhao Hais seem real?

It wasn’t only the First Brother. The others shared the same feelings. They couldn’t understand how this happened. They also couldn’t find out which Zhao Hai was real. This was the reason why they attacked the three Zhao Hais simultaneously. Under their attacks, the true Zhao Hai should reveal himself. But the outcome of their attack was different. The three Zhao Hais were able to defend.

Although they were surprised, it didn’t stop them from continuing their attack. But it didn’t take long for them to discover that the six of them couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai. There were six of them, and all of them were Earth Monarchs. What was going on?

While they were in a daze, they suddenly heard a pitiful yell. The six stared then turned their heads towards their Fifth Brother who had fallen in a pool of blood.

Standing on the side of the Fifth Brother were two Zhao Hais. This discovery caught them off-guard. They didn’t know what happened. How did two Zhao Hais appear?

At this moment, the sound of a thunderclap was heard. The big-nosed Third Brother’s body suddenly convulsed. Then his body seems to have turned charcoal. He fell down before long, no longer alive.

When the First Brother saw this, his complexion couldn’t help but change. He exclaimed, “Thunder domain! This is Lightning God Mountain’s thunder domain!”

Hearing the First Brother, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Correct, this is a thunder domain in Lightning God Mountain. Enjoy the surprise I prepared for you. Just because I concealed my identity as a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fight back. You’re too naive.”

After saying this, the blade in Zhao Hai’s hand moved as he rushed towards the First Brother. Just as the First Brother was focused on Zhao Hai, two clouds of black mist enveloped the bodies of the Fifth Brother and the big-nosed Third Brother.

Zhao Hai now has three clones as well as one avatar clone. With Zhao Hai’s original body included, there were now five Zhao Hais. And the five of them were real to a certain degree.

After some time creating clones, Zhao Hai became used to it. Whether it was creating clones or avatar clones, Zhao Hai’s speed was much faster. And with his ability, he could cultivate inside the Space. Other Clone Stage cultivators wouldn’t be able to cultivate with their clones because they would absorb them back into their bodies, but Zhao Hai doesn’t need to do this. This was Zhao Hai’s advantage.

The five Zhao Hais fought against the five remaining Peculiar Seven-star Swords. Zhao Hai was able to interchange his blade techniques. Other clones would attack while the others defended. There were no issues of cooperation between the five Zhao Hais.

The situation with the five Peculiar Seven-star Swords was the same. They were able to coordinate despite only having five people. This was due to their long years of experience. However, the situation still made them worried.

At this time, two figures joined the fight, breaking the balance of the battle. These two figures were the Third Brother and the Fifth Brother who had just been killed.

The two have been turned into Undead. The reason Zhao Hai didn’t let them join immediately was because he wanted to experience the sword techniques of the Matchless Sword School. Now that he had some understanding of it, it’s time to end the battle soon.

There are multiple ways to end a battle. One was to crush them mentally, and the other was to wither them down. Now, the Peculiar Seven-star Swords have been reduced to five people. And when their two brothers fought against them, their minds were shaken.

Although cultivators strive to become immortals, they were still human in the end. They also have feelings. Seeing their dead brothers suddenly fighting against them, the remaining five brothers couldn’t help but be stunned.

The remaining Seven-star Swords changed from five people to three people, two more had been killed. At the same time, Zhao Hai’s action caused the remaining three to be enraged. Among those who remained was the First Brother. His imposing aura became stronger and stronger. At the same time, his aura fluctuated.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but change. He knows that this was the sign of a breakthrough. Zhao Hai frowned. He knew that if the enemy broke through, they would be in the Teleportation Stage. Zhao Hai wasn’t confident in facing a Teleportation Stage cultivator.

Therefore, Zhao Hai quickly moved underground. Meanwhile, his three clones as well as the Undead continued attacking the remaining three. While the First Brother was breaking through, the two people protected him with all their strength. Their only hope to survive was their First Brother’s breakthrough.

Before long, the First Brother’s aura reached its peak and then it stopped. However, his aura didn’t weaken and remained at its peak. He was like a volcano that was accumulating energy, waiting to erupt.

Boom! A loud sound was heard as the thunder domain shook. The First Brother’s imposing aura rose into another level. At this moment, the two brothers who guarded their First Brother were elated by the First Brother’s breakthrough. They couldn’t help but relax for a split second. 

Just as they relaxed, two blade tips went through their chests. They turned their heads to see that they had been stabbed by their Third and Fifth Brothers.

The two brothers’ vision shifted towards Zhao Hai’s clones, then to their Undead brothers, and lastly to their First Brother before everything turned black. At this moment, the First Brother finally opened his eyes.

“Zhao Hai, I will tear you to shreds!” A shrill mourning roar can be heard from the thunder domain.


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