BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2066


Chapter 2066 – Crisis Descends

Mister Hua and the others have already been turned into Undead. Naturally, all of the questions would be answered. However, Zhao Hai didn’t get a lot of useful information besides Mister Hua’s name being Hua Long and his position as a Huo Clan spy in the Rong Clan. Because Mister Hua was a talented rogue cultivator, the Huo Clan nurtured him and made him into an Earth Monarch. Because of the Huo clan’s help, Mister Hua agreed to enter the Rong Clan as a spy. As for the Huo Clan’s secrets, Mister Hua didn’t know anything.

But all of these were expected by Zhao Hai. If the Huo Clan are really plotting behind the Tyrant Blade Sect, or were instructed by someone opposing the Tyrant Blade Sect, then it’s impossible for them to tell someone like Mister Hua.

Although he wasn’t able to obtain any useful information, Zhao Hai was able to obtain a lot of Undead, increasing his combat strength. As for the Huo Clan, he would leave it to Lin Ling and the others to deal with.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others departed. But this time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. This was because he was feeling restless. This wasn’t good. Every time Zhao Hai had this feeling, it meant that there was potential danger.

Zhao Hai thought about it. The danger might not be directed to Steward Gui and the others. This was because Steward Gui’s enemies were all working under the Tyrant Blade Sect. Now that the sect has come forward, these people shouldn’t dare make any action. Steward Gui and the others should be basically safe.

Moreover, Zhao Hai knows that the enemies of the Rong Clan wouldn’t give him this feeling. The enemy this time was clearing coming for him.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but change. It must be known that he has several enemies. There was the Sword Hegemon Sect, the Imperial Beast Sect, and the Matchless Sword School. These three sects could chase him down. Besides the Matchless Sword School, the Imperial Beast Sect and the Sword Hegemon Sect knew about his status and wanted him to die. These enemies were more powerful than the enemies of the Rong Clan.

Zhao Hai glanced at Steward Gui and Rong San who were sitting on the horse carriage. He knows that it’s time for them to separate. If he continued to travel with them, he would only put them in danger.

Since Zhao Hai’s demon horse was traveling right beside the carriage, Steward Gui noticed Zhao Hai’s complexion. He looked at Zhao Hai’s face and asked, “Mister? Is something wrong? Why do you have an ugly complexion?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Uncle Gui, I’m afraid that it’s time for us to separate. Now that the Tyrant Blade Sect has acted, you should be safe. I have some things I need to deal with.”

Steward Gui couldn’t help but stare, “Did something happen? Do you need our help?”

Zhao Hai replied, “It’s fine. It’s possible that I’ll meet a couple of enemies. You can’t help with this. I don’t want to implicate you. Otherwise, things would become more complicated. Uncle Gui, I’ll see you next time.” After he said that, Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Steward Gui and Rong San before urging his demon horse to travel towards the nearby mountain. Then he disappeared before long.

Rong San and Steward Gui were both stunned. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to leave. Rong San looked at Steward Gui in confusion and asked, “Uncle Gui, do you think Mister Zhao Hai has encountered some problems? Shall we go and help?”

Steward Gui smiled bitterly and said, “Going is useless. With our current strength, I’m afraid we won’t contribute anything. Moreover, the family’s matters can’t wait. Let’s just go. Like Mister Zhao Hai said, we’ll see each other in the future.”

Zhao Hai rode his demon horse to go directly up the mountain. Zhao Hai felt the sense of crisis becoming stronger and stronger. He reckoned that the people coming for him were quite powerful. He needs to be careful.

Fortunately, the demon horse could traverse water and climb mountains as easily as walking on land. Zhao Hai’s speed on the mountain wasn’t slow. However,  Zhao Hai knew that he wasn’t in Magnificent Dragon Mountain. The mountain he’s in was a branch of the Thunder God Mountains. Thunder God Mountains was very famous in the True Spirit Realm for its plenty of thunder domains.

These thunder domains weren’t forbidden areas, instead they were locations with very rich heavenly lightning. Even if it was a sunny day, there would be plenty of heavenly thunder hitting the domains. Even cultivators in the Teleportation Stage would have to be careful if they encounter such domains.

Most importantly, these thunder domains are home to special beasts. These lightning beasts were a special-type of beast. These beasts have powerful offensive strength. Because they have the lightning attribute, they can absorb thunder and lightning to cultivate. It can be said that lightning beasts were almost invincible inside the thunder domains.

This branch of the Thunder God Mountains wasn’t very big. Altogether, it only had 12 peaks and 16 thunder domains. Fortunately, these thunder domains weren’t large. The rest of the mountains weren’t different from other mountains.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know how his enemies discovered him. Zhao Hai was sure that his enemies could still sense his whereabouts and weren’t far from him.

The mountain became harder and harder to traverse even with the demon horse’s abilities. As he began to slow down, Zhao Hai jumped down from his demon horse and received it. Then he began to travel on foot.

Not long after Zhao Hai left on foot, a group of people arrived at the place he dismounted. There were seven people in this group and each one of them were carrying a longsword. Their swords weren’t anything special. The only unique thing about the sword was that their hand guards were in the shape of a star.

Among these people was someone with a particularly large nose. He sniffed for a moment and said, “He should have stopped here for a while. Because the terrain is becoming difficult, he took his horse away and traveled on foot.”

A man who looked to be in his thirties and had a beautiful beard turned to the big-nosed man and said, “Third junior brother, can you judge how long it has been?”

The big-nosed man replied, “It should have been half an hour ago. The scent is very new.” The middle-aged man nodded, “Good. Continue the pursuit. We need to kill him today. Otherwise, we won’t be able to answer to the sect.”

The others nodded. Under the big-nosed man’s leadership, they continued forward. The direction they walked to was the same direction Zhao Hai traveled. Obviously, the big-nosed man’s nose was very sensitive. He could easily track Zhao Hai using smell.

Zhao Hai felt the sense of crisis growing stronger and stronger. He no longer hesitated and flipped his hand, taking out a formation plate. With a wave of his hand, the formation plate disappeared into the ground. Zhao Hai took out more formation plates and threw them around. As soon as the formation plates hit the ground, they immediately disappeared. But Zhao Hai didn’t stay, he continued to move forward.

In a short period of time, a large formation was arranged. If formation masters were to witness this, they would immediately offer their sect to Zhao Hai. Even special formation cultivators couldn’t achieve this feat.

Not long after, the pursuing group arrived. As they were running forward, the middle-aged man suddenly stopped and said, “Everyone, stop!”

The others in the group stopped and looked at the middle aged man in confusion. The big nosed man asked, “First Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

The First Senior Brother looked around and said, “I noticed that the surrounding scenery is very strange. We might have entered a formation.”

Everyone looked around and couldn’t discover anything. The big-nosed man said, “It shouldn’t be. If there is a formation here, then we should be able to sense it. But there is nothing.”

The First Senior Brother shook his head and said, “Something isn’t right. There’s a formation here. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and give it a try.” Everyone took a step forward and immediately felt that something was wrong. However, the scenery around them didn’t change, it remained the same.

Everyone stopped, then they turned their head towards the First Senior Brother. The big-nosed man rubbed his nose and muttered, “There really is a formation. Even I’m unable to smell it. It’s quite powerful. This isn’t included in the information we received. First Senior Brother, do you think that brat is a formation expert?”

The First Senior Brother sighed and said, “This is fine. It’s impossible for the sect to know everything about Zhao Hai. The Tyrant Blade Sect is the hardest sect to plant spies in. You should be aware of this. It seems like Zhao Hai wouldn’t be easy to deal with. Fifth Brother, I’ll have to depend on you.”

A person who looked like a scholar nodded. Then he flipped his hand and took out a compass. Under the compass-like item was a small abacus. 

The scholarly man took his compass and it spun around a few times. At the same time, his hand was moving the pieces of the abacus. After a while, a smile appeared on his face, he turned to the First Senior Brother and said, “Senior Brother, I’ve made my calculations. It’s the eight-gate killing formations. First Senior Brother, move eight steps to the east and attack under your feet. There should be a formation plate underneath.”

The middle-aged man nodded. Then he walked eight steps to the east and stamped his foot. A broken sound was immediately heard underneath him. But the formation has yet to change.

“Second Brother, walk five steps to the west and attack. Third Brother, walk six steps to the north and attack underneath.” The big-nosed man and another black-wearing cultivator complied. They moved according to the scholarly man’s instructions.

Zhao Hai didn’t use a three-dimensional formation. The Tyrant Blade Sect has yet to get a full grasp of three-dimensional formations. Naturally, Zhao Hai won’t take it out. If other sects get some insights to the formations, then the Tyrant Blade Sect would suffer a loss. It was because of this that Zhao Hai didn’t use three-dimensional formations, and his formation was easily dealt with.

The First Senior Brother looked around him and said, “Try and look around.” The big-nosed man walked forward a few steps and surveyed the surroundings. Four formation plates have been destroyed. He turned his head to the First Senior Brother and said, “First Senior Brother, the formation is broken.”

The First Senior Brother nodded, “Continue leading the way.” The big-nosed man nodded and continued the pursuit.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was currently standing on a flat ground filled with scorched areas. Looking at the surroundings, Zhao Hai knew that he had entered a thunder domain.

To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of lightning inside the thunder domain. Because his body has acclimatized to lightning, even if he was struck, it wouldn’t do any damage. On the other hand, the lightning in the thunder domain would be very useful against the pursuers. Inside the thunder domain, Zhao Hai would be able to deal with them with half the effort. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately moved. He took out formation plates and spread them around the thunder domain. The scorched marks in the thunder domain immediately disappeared. It turned into a normal clearing.

Zhao Hai looked around and nodded with satisfaction. Then he waved his hand, taking his clone out. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t release one clone, but three. These three clones stood around Zhao Hai. Then Zhao Hai’s body disappeared.

As soon as Zhao Hai disappeared, the eyes of the clones suddenly opened. The three clones glanced at each other and smirked. Then they stood without moving.

Not long after, seven people appeared in the thunder domain. As they looked at the thunder domain, the seven couldn’t help but stare. At this moment, the three clones opened their mouths at the same time, “You’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for half a day.”

The First Senior Brother closed his eyes and sensed the surroundings with his spiritual force. He believed that one of the three must be the real one while the other two were either clones or projections from Zhao Hai’s formation.

But after his spiritual force entered the domain, he felt that the three were real flesh and blood beings. The First Senior Brother couldn’t help but stare. Then he opened his eyes and looked at the big-nosed cultivator.

The big-nosed man smiled bitterly and shook his head. The First Senior Brother turned towards the scholarly cultivator who had just taken his compass out to break the formation. The scholarly cultivator said, “There’s a formation here. But I don’t know what kind of formation it is. It’s impossible to make calculations.”

At this moment, the three Zhao Hais spoke at the same time, “You should be from a Great Sect, right? You’re pursuing me because you know my identity. How about you leave your names?”

Looking at the three Zhao Hais, the First Senior Brother coldly snorted and said, “You want to know our identity? Hahaha. What a pity, you made the wrong decision. You will never know who we are. You will die and become a confused ghost.”

The three Zhao Hai’s laughed at the same time, “A confused ghost? I think you will be the ones becoming confused ghosts. Do you really think that you can kill me? I, Zhao Hai, have experienced countless battles in my life. I have seen a lot of people, even those more ruthless than you. You’re really naive to think that you can deal with me.”

The First Senior Brother didn’t become angry. He only looked at Zhao Hai as he smiled faintly and said, “You’re really confident in your formation. Do you think they will keep you safe? The naive one is you. Zhao Hai, you will die today.” After he said that, he took out his longsword. The others also took their weapons out.


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