BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2065


Chapter 2065 – Mister Zhao Hai

Zhao Hai clearly knew the value of the little mouse. It was much more useful compared to other beasts. The mouse could lead Zhao Hai to find many treasures. 

Because of this, Zhao Hai instead released undead beasts to attack Mister Hua’s group. He doesn’t plan to let the little mouse fight.

The little mouse might be timid, but after entering the Space, its genes have been improved. Additionally, Zhao Hai paid great attention to it. If Zhao Hai let it participate in the fight, it would certainly show great results. But Zhao Hai doesn’t intend to expose the little mouse’s strength. When the battle began, Zhao Hai quickly sent it to the Space.

With the Undead joining the fight, the pressure that Zhao Hai felt immediately decreased. It must be known that there were two Earth Monarchs among these Undead.

After the two sides exchanged more than ten rounds, a shout was suddenly heard, “You thief! You dare!” Along with this voice was a blade qi. Then a pitiful yell was heard in the courtyard. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw a person at the entrance with a blade in his hand.

This person’s cultivation is at the Earth Monarch Stage. Moreover, his control over his blade qi has reached its peak. The blade qi has killed several cultivators with low strength. Additionally, those who were attacking Zhao Hai and Rong San were affected while the two were completely unaffected.

Naturally, Mister Hua heard the man’s shout. Hearing this, Mister Hua’s complexion changed. He quickly moved and climbed over the wall to escape. He knew that he wasn’t a match against the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, so he was preparing to escape.

The other cultivators who were attacking Zhao Hai immediately scattered like birds and rats. They didn’t stay and save the others because they knew that it was useless. The other party would not let them go.

The disciple from the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t chase. Instead, he looked at the undead beasts in the courtyard. Zhao Hai waved his hand and received the beasts. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink. Then he jumped down from the wall and cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai, “Are you Mister Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai returned the salute and said, “I’m Zhao Hai.” At this time, the door of the room opened and Steward Gui walked out. As soon as he came out, he immediately cupped his fist, “Rong Clan’s Third Steward Rong Gui has seen Mister.”

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciple waved his hand and said, “What’s happened? Why did they attack you? And from what I’ve seen, some of the attackers are wearing the clothes of the Rong Clan. What’s going on?”

Steward Gui smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve made Mister laugh. Our clan has been unfortunate lately. Traitors have entered.”

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciple no longer asked. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “If Mister has time, you can come visit our branch hall. We’ll make sure to give you a warm welcome.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Mister is too polite. I’ll certainly visit.”

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciple smiled. Then he turned to Steward Gui and said, “With Mister Zhao Hai here, you don’t need to worry about safety. I’m leaving.” After he said that, he cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai once again and then disappeared in a flash.

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciple was gone, but his words surprised Steward Gui. Steward Gui turned his head to Zhao Hai, his expression completely changed. It must be known that Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were all arrogant. They wouldn’t be polite to anyone. It was clear that the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple was very polite towards Zhao Hai. It even looked like his evaluation of Zhao Hai was very high.

Feeling Steward Gui’s gaze, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Gui doesn’t need to think too much. Actually, I have some contact with the Tyrant Blade Sect. My refining skills are very good.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Steward Gui knew that it wouldn’t be good to pursue the matter. He doesn’t believe anything Zhao Hai said. If Zhao Hai were a refining master, then the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple wouldn’t have been too polite to him. Moreover, would the Tyrant Blade Sect’s refining hall allow an outsider to refine their artifacts? Even if his artifacts were good, the Tyrant Blade Sect wouldn’t trust him too much.

Although he knew that Zhao Hai was lying Steward Gui was able to determine at least one thing, Zhao Hai wasn’t someone without status. The Tyrant Blade Sec trusts him, so he shouldn’t bring harm to the Rong Clan.

Steward Gui nodded and said, “Alright. Thank you for saving us Mister Zhao Hai. I’ll have to trouble you for the rest of the journey.”

Hearing Steward Gui, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Uncle Gui, don’t call me that. Just address me as before. I’m fine with Little Hai.”

The three cleaned the courtyard. Then Zhao Hai and Rong San remained to guard the young miss while Steward Gui went out to look for the village elder. Among the people who attacked him was the shop’s waiter. It was obvious that the attack was planned out earlier.

After inquiring all afternoon, Rong Gui returned with an ugly expression. Zhao Hai and Rong San gathered around him. Steward Gui sighed and said, “Two days ago, someone bought the courtyard along with the shop in front of it. The original owner of the shop has a new house in the village. After the shop and the courtyard was bought, a lot of people came. And they all waited for two days.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I guessed that was the case. No matter which family wants to deal with you, they won’t dare do anything to the village. If they killed people in the village, they would face the wrath of the Tyrant Blade Sect. No clan is willing to take the risk.”

Steward Gui nodded, then he sighed and said, “Those guys are really hateful. Unfortunately, we don’t know who the attackers are. If I did, the Rong Clan definitely wouldn’t let them off.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s not that we don’t have a clue. We still have Mister Hua. He should leave behind some clues. But after this matter, he would definitely be on the run. The Rong Clan can only start at his origins. If you check carefully, you will certainly find something.”

Steward Gui nodded. His eyes flashed a cold light as he said, “Once we know which family is targeting us, we definitely won’t let them go. Mister, if you’re really close with the Tyrant Blade Sect, I have to ask you to send a reminder. I found that the families that are competing with us had experienced rapid progress in a very short time. It was as if they had been given some help. Although they have members in the Tyrant Blade Sect, they weren’t as intertwined with the sect as the Rong Clan. If you know someone in the sect, it’s best if you let them look into this matter.”

Hearing Steward Gui, Zhao Hai paused, then his eyes flashed a cold light as he nodded and said, “I have some friendship with people in the Tyrant Blade Sect. I will tell them about this matter.”

Steward Gui nodded. Then he sighed and said, “The reason the Rong Clan didn’t report this matter is because we don’t have evidence. If we have any clues, we would have reported it a long time ago.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he didn’t speak. Instead, he was relaying the information to Cai’er. Then Cai’er would inform Lin Ling and the others.

Although Lin Ling was only an inner disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect, the resources he could mobilize was still quite a lot. He was the perfect candidate to investigate this case. If the other clans did indeed have any problems, Lin Ling should be able to find out.

In the evening, Steward Gui didn’t dare find someone in the village to cook. Fortunately, Zhao Hai knew how to make food. He made a few dishes for Steward Gui to serve the young miss. Then he made more for them to eat.

This caused Steward Gui to doubt his guesses about Zhao Hai’s identity. He suspected that Zhao Hai was a Tyrant Blade Sect disciple undergoing their clone stage trial.

But upon seeing Zhao Hai preparing food, Steward Gui couldn’t help but hesitate. In his opinion, Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were god’s favored beings. How could they know how to cook food? Moreover, Zhao Hai’s food was very good. Cooking was a skill that rogue cultivators had. 

Zhao Hai didn’t care about Steward Gui’s thoughts. After having dinner, Zhao Hai found a room to rest in. Now there was nobody inside the room. They have a lot of rooms to choose from. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t squeeze in a room with Rong San. In fact, Steward Gui wouldn’t let Rong San share a room with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was someone addressed as Mister by a Tyrant Blade Sect disciple. Neither Rong San nor Steward Gui dared to share a room with him.

Zhao Hai also wanted his own room not only for cultivation, but also for interrogation. During the day, Mister Hua and his people have been secretly chased down by the Space’s Undead. Zhao Hai wanted to see which family they served.


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