BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2064


Chapter 2064 – Startling Change In the Small Village

Naturally, Mister Hua’s movements were very subtle. It wasn’t obvious if nobody paid attention. If it weren’t for Steward Gui and Zhao Hai paying attention to him, they wouldn’t have discovered his emotions.

However, this was enough for Steward Gui to recall and confirm Zhao Hai’s words. This Mister Hua might be someone sent by other clans to deal with the Rong Clan.

This discovery caused Steward Gui to panic a little. It must be known that Mister Hua was a cultivator in the Earth Monarch Stage. His cultivation was higher than himself and Zhao Hai. And the people who came with Mister Hua were all his people, which made Steward Gui nervous.

By noon, Steward Gui increased his speed. This was because he found that if he kept going at his current speed, then they wouldn’t be able to rest in the city when night comes. They might stay inside a village. If it was before, Steward Gui wouldn’t have thought of anything. But now it was different, Steward Gui felt that something was wrong.

If they rested in a village outside, they would have no way to ask the Tyrant Blade Sect for help. And if danger really came, they couldn’t fly to the heavens nor dig down to the earth. Thinking about this, Steward Gui immediately accelerated. He was planning to reach the city when night came.

During lunch, Steward Gui also looked for Zhao Hai to ask him to pay attention to Mister Hua’s group. He wanted to ensure their safety.

Although Mister Hua doesn’t know Zhao Hai’s true strength, he knows that he could at least fight against Mister Hua. Being able to fight for so long against Mister Hua was enough to prove his strength. So this time, Steward Gui asked Zhao Hai to watch their backs for him.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t decline. Although he has no friendship with the Rong Clan, he has quite a good impression of Steward Gui and Rong San. These two people treated him well. He can’t just look the other way knowing that they were in danger.

In the afternoon, Mister Hua’s expression changed when he noticed that Steward Gui was speeding up. Although he strongly objected to the increase in speed, Steward Gui no longer trusted him. The afternoon’s travel went faster than normal.

When evening came, the group were able to rush to a small town called Wave Orchid City. Although the city wasn’t large, it was near the river, giving it a potential for water travel. There’s also a branch of the Tyrant Blade Sect present. When they arrived, Steward Gui arranged for the young miss to stay in a good hotel and then left. Zhao Hai and Rong San remained to guard.

Although Mister Hua wanted to send people to follow Steward Gui, he was rejected. After Steward Gui left, his first destination was the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall. He initially didn’t want to ask the Tyrant Blade Sect for help, but the young miss’ meeting this time was very important for the Rong Clan. He wanted to ask the disciples in the branch hall for a way to communicate with them. This way, if they were in danger, they could ask the branch hall for help.

Face needed to be given. Everyone in the Tyrant Blade Sect knows the relationship between the Rong Clan and the Tyrant Blade Sect. Steward Gui also said that the young miss was going to meet an inner disciple of the sect. So the branch hall didn’t decline Steward Gui. They agreed to his request and gave him a small communication token.

After coming out of the branch hall, Steward Gui also used a special method to get in touch with the Rong Clan. He told the clan about his suspicions and asked them to send support.

Originally, Steward Gui planned to stay in the city for two days before leaving. But because of the previous delays, they were already behind schedule. Steward Gui didn’t dare wait any longer and set out the next morning.

The carriage proceeded forward, but Steward Gui’s expression became heavier and heavier. Even if their speed would allow them to reach Flycloud City in time, the reinforcements would find it difficult to catch up to them. If they took more than two days, then things would be troublesome.

Nothing happened in the morning. Although there weren’t a lot of people passing by, there were quite a few. And every time, Steward Gui would be nervous.

Time passed and it was already noon. They needed to find a place to rest in. It wouldn’t be a problem for them to rest while traveling. However, the young miss needs to get a proper rest.

Steward Gui looked around and chose a good location. Then he turned to Rong San and said, “Little San, go a bit faster. There’s a small village ahead. Let’s eat our lunch there.”

Rong San complied and then shook the reins. The carriage quickly sped up. Meanwhile, Mister Hua’s eyes flashed a cold light as he followed behind.

Sure enough, just like what Steward Gui said, there was a village half an hour away. From a distance, they saw a small building with a wine flag out front. It was clear that it was the village’s tavern.

Before long, the horse carriage stopped in front of the tavern. Steward Gui couldn’t help but frown. There were people inside the tavern. And there were quite a few of them. Multiple carriages were parked in front of the shop while there were also carriages pulling goods. There were also merchants who hired village people to repair the carriages. The whole tavern was crowded. The waiter was busily taking care of the orders.

Seeing this situation, Steward Gui hesitated. The shop was almost full. Moreover, there were certainly a few bad people inside. Steward Gui and the others might be fine in such an establishment, but the young miss couldn’t go.

After looking at the tavern for a while, Steward Gui got down from the carriage. The shop waiter welcomed him and bowed, “I have seen Sir. Do you want to rest in the shop?”

Steward Gui nodded, he looked at the people in the shop and said, “Water, do you have a private area? We have a female with us. Don’t worry about money.”

Hearing Steward Gui, the water stared, then he quickly nodded, “We have a courtyard at the back. It belongs to our boss. If Sir is fine with it, you can stay there.”

Steward Gui nodded and said, “That’s good. Brother, please arrange it for us.” After saying that, he took out a spirit stone and gave it to the waiter. The waiter’s face lit up as he received the spirit stone. He quickly led Steward Gui to the courtyard.

The back courtyard wasn’t small, it was also very clean. There were some mortal items inside. There was even a cow-type beast chewing grass. Fortunately, the courtyard didn’t smell like dung.

Naturally, Steward Gui wouldn’t leave the young miss along for a long time. He quickly returned and brought Zhao Hai and the others into the courtyard. Then he took the young miss and set up two tables for their meal.

The water moved quickly. Before long, the group sat down and the food was prepared. The dishes were first offered to the young lady. Then the rest were given to Steward Gui and the others.

As Steward Gui was offering food to the young miss’ room, Zhao Hai’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He lowered his head towards Rong San and whispered, “Brother San, prepare your axe. We might take action soon.”

Rong San’s complexion changed. He couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai replied, “The dishes sent to the young miss are poisoned. These people don’t know that Uncle Gui would test the dishes before serving. Moreover, I could see rogue cultivators among the people outside. I’m afraid that a group was sent to deal with us. We can’t rely on Mister Hua and the others. Prepare to fight with all you have.”

Rong San nodded quietly and stabilized his emotions. He prepared to take out his weapon at any time. At this moment, an exclamation was heard from the young miss’ room. Mister Hua stood up and then took his soft sword out before he shouted, “Begin!” After he said that, he proceeded to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also swiftly retaliated along with Rong San. The two quickly defended the door to the young miss’ room. Zhao Hai also said, “Uncle Gui, remain inside the room.” Steward Gui didn’t make a noise. But Zhao Hai knew that Steward Gui understood.

At this moment, a large crowd entered from outside. This group were the merchants and the rogue cultivators in the tavern. The moment these people appeared, they immediately rushed towards Zhao Hai and Rong San along with Mister Hua.

Zhao Hai released his clone and used his blade technique to disperse the attackers. At the same time, Mister Hua led the other attackers.

One of the rogue cultivators had an idea and jumped to the roof. But at this time, he was stopped by Zhao Hai’s clone.

At this time, Steward Gui was inside the room asking for the Tyrant Blade Sect’s help. He also took his weapon out to protect himself and the young miss. On the floor of the room was a dead rabbit. It was clear that it had been poisoned.

Zhao Hai’s defense was formidable. But the enemy he faced right now was too many. Moreover, their strengths were on par or greater than him. Because of this, the pressure he experienced was quite large. He looked as if he would be unable to hold on for long. However, he didn’t dare call his clone back to help him. Otherwise, nobody would be guarding the roof.

As the battle went on, Rong San became injured. Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but clench his teeth. Then he coldly snorted and then waved his hand. A large number of Undead appeared on his side. The undead that Zhao Hai released weren’t humanoid. Instead, they were all beast-shaped.

Once the beast-shaped Undead appeared, the situation turned different. It must be known that the beasts that Zhao Hai released were all from the underground labyrinth. These beasts were very powerful. And with the beasts becoming Undead, they were all unafraid of death. Their offensive strength was higher compared to when they were alive.

Actually, Zhao Hai doesn’t have to use this move. He has the little mouse on his shoulder. But right now, the mouse was no longer on Zhao Hai’s shoulder. This meant that Zhao Hai wasn’t ready to use it. This was because the little mouse wasn’t for battle, it was a treasure-hunting beast.


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