BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2059


Chapter 2059 – Winning Steward Gui Over

Zhao Hai looked at the Flower Den Cult cultivator and coldly snorted, then he said, “Playing tricks. Receive my blade!”

Steward Gui didn’t expect Zhao Hai to make a move. His complexion couldn’t help but change. At this moment, something landed on his hand. Following that, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Uncle Gui, this is a hundred year old lotus root. Let the young miss drink it.”

Steward Gui stared at the lotus root in his hand. But he could only trust Zhao Hai right now. Whether the other party was a person of the Tyrant Blade Sect or not, Zhao Hai already offended them. And Steward Gui was well aware that he would also be implicated, so he had no other choice.

When Zhao Hai drew his blade to attack, the other party also took their weapon out. But directly after clashing, the man retreated to the window and jumped out. Zhao Hai had long known that he would do this, so he jumped out after him.

Zhao Hai and the others were currently on the tenth floor of the hotel. But because of their movement techniques, the two were able to exchange moves as they were falling. However, the enemy’s face was currently irritated.

After exchanging a few moves, the two finally reached the ground. At this time, the people of the city also noticed the commotion. Mortals scattered in all directions. Then a voice was heard, “You rats, you dared take action in my Magnificent Dragon City?” Along with this voice was a powerful pressure. Zhao Hai felt that this pressure could only be from a Teleportation Stage cultivator.

The enemy’s expression paused and then his complexion turned ugly. Zhao Hai looked at the man and sneered, “Now take out your true weapon, otherwise you will die.”

At this time, a shadow appeared above them. Then Zhao Hai saw a middle-aged man descending from the sky. Then the man looked at Zhao Hai and the cultivator from the Flower Den Sect. His eyes were showing a confused expression.

Suddenly, the cultivator from the Flower Den Sect opened his mouth and said, “Martial Uncle, this one is from the Outer Sect. I’m currently out on a mission. I didn’t expect this rogue cultivator to poison someone in the city. I tried to treat the victim but he didn’t let me. He even attacked. Martial Uncle, he needs to be dealt with.”

The Flower Den Cult cultivator still has the appearance of a Tyrant Blade Sect disciple. Therefore, he wanted to muddle the truth and make a false charge.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind to fall back, he defended himself, “Honorable Sir, this one is a rogue cultivator hired by the Rong Clan to protect their young miss. This person is actually someone from the Flower Den Cult. He poisoned the Rong Clan’s young miss. I ask Sir to solve the matter.”

When the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple heard the testimony of the two, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he raised his brows and said, “No matter who you are, fighting inside the city is prohibited. I’ll need to detain the two of you first.” After he said that, he waved his hand to capture Zhao Hai and the Flower Den Cult disciple.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t doing well for him, the Flower Den Cult disciple’s complexion changed. It must be said that his disguise might be formidable, but if it were subjected to careful examination, then his true identity would be revealed. Thinking of this, the Flower Den Cult cultivator could no longer wait. He howled and then threw a hidden weapon towards the middle-aged cultivator. At the same time, his body moved like a snake to run away.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t move. He just stood in place, allowing the middle-aged cultivator to capture him. At the same time, he had an amused expression on his face as he looked at the escaping Flower Den Cult disciple. This fellow actually ran and exposed his identity. However, when was it easy for a Soul Fusion cultivator to escape from a Teleportation Stage expert?

Sure enough, seeing the Flower Den Cult disciple running away, the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator coldly snorted. He understood that the other person was pretending to be a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. He was infuriated. He gave up on capturing Zhao Hai and instead pursued. At this time, several disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect arrived beside Zhao Hai.

Seeing that these people were a bit unkind to him, Zhao Hai immediately received his blade. Then he cupped his fist and said, “I have seen the Honorable Sirs. I was hired by the Rong Clan to protect their young miss. Just now, that man poisoned the young miss and pretended to be a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. I have no choice but to fight him. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the third steward of the Rong Clan. He’s currently in Dragon Palace.”

The Tyrant Blade Sect disciples weren’t mindless drones, so one of them nodded and said, “If it’s the Rong Clan’s people, then it would be easier. Lead me to see the Steward.” Zhao Hai complied and led the group towards Dragon Palace.

Before they could enter the hotel, they saw Steward Gui walking out. Seeing the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple behind Zhao Hai, Steward Gui immediately understood what was going on. He quickly bowed and said, “Rong Clan’s Third Outer Steward Rong Gui has seen the Honorable Sirs. Here is my identity token.” As he said that, he took out a jade token and handed it over to the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples.

After receiving the token, a Tyrant Blade Sect disciple inspected it and then nodded, “So it is Steward Gui. May I ask if the young miss is still in danger?”

Steward Gui quickly replied, “We have worried sir. The young miss is now alright. This one is escorting the young miss to visit her relatives but we’ve been targeted by the disciple of the Flower Den Cult. He even pretended to be a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai’s discovery, we would have been in great danger.”

Steward Gui’s words were very common, but he wouldn’t expect that when the Tyrant Blade Sect disciple heard Zhao Hai’s name, he stared for a moment and then turned his head towards Zhao Hai. A glint of understanding appeared in his eyes before he nodded and said, “Alright. We’ll be heading back. You can come to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall if you need help. Your Rong Clan has a very deep relationship with the Tyrant Blade Sect, we will definitely do all we can to help.”

Zhao Hai was someone who had experienced a lot of things. So when he saw the look on the disciple’s eyes, he knew that his identity had been found out. But the disciple also thought about Zhao Hai’s sensitive status, so he didn’t say anything to Steward Gui.

Zhao Hai gave a slight nod to the disciple who also returned the greeting before turning around and leaving.

Seeing that the Tyrant Blade Sect disciples were leaving, Steward Gui quickly escorted them out of the hotel. Then he walked towards Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you alright?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m fine. I’m also prepared for a battle. As soon as I entered the room, I immediately knew that something was wrong. That person from the Flower Den Cult has a distinct smell on his body, so I was able to identify him. Right, Uncle Gui, how is the young miss?”

Steward Gui gave a nod, “She’s fine. Fortunately, the treatment was given on time.” At this time, Rong San and the maid returned. Before, Rong San returned to bring the disciple from the Flower Den Cult, then he left to look for more help. As for the maid, this was her first time returning. She looked depressed. It was clear that she didn’t find any lotus root.

The two didn’t actually know what happened. So when they saw Zhao Hai and Steward Gui on the first floor of the hotel, they immediately went over. Rong San quickly asked, “Uncle Gui, what happened? I heard on the street that a fight happened here.”

Steward Gui nodded, “The fellow you brought over was a fake, that was the disciple from the Flower Den Cult in disguise. Fortunately, Little Hai was able to see through him. The young miss is alright now. I reckon that disciple from the Flower Den Cult won’t be able to escape.”

Zhao Hai nodded. The disciple from the Flower Den Cult did indeed fail in his escape. In fact, he was currently being dragged towards the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall. He would be silently dealt with in the future.

Hearing Steward Gui, Rong San’s expression changed. Then a look of shame appeared on his face as he said, “I’ve failed Uncle Gui. It’s my mistake. I didn’t expect that person to be the disciple of the Flower Den Cult.”

Steward Gui waved his hand and said, “Alright, even I was fooled by him. Zizhu, go upstairs and take care of the young miss. Rong San, go outside and buy a few beasts. Water, have the kitchen cook some porridge. Little Hai, come with me.” The group complied and went their separate ways.

Steward Gui brought Zhao Hai back to his room. Upon entering, Steward Gui asked Zhao Hai to sit down, then he said, “Little Hai, I have no other words other than thank you. If it wasn’t for you, the young miss would have been gone. Little Hai, are you interested in joining the Rong Clan? If you are, I can give you the position of guest cultivator.”

Joining a clan was a rogue cultivator’s long awaited dream. But Zhao Hai, after hearing Steward Gui, he forced a smile then cupped his fist, “I’ll be unfair to Uncle Gui. Because of personal reasons, I cannot join the Rong Clan. I hope Uncle Gui can forgive me.”

Hearing this reply, Steward Gui couldn’t help but feel regretful. Then he sighed and said, “That is regrettable. But it doesn’t matter. If you encounter any trouble in the future, come look for me in the Rong Clan. As long as we can help, we won’t decline your request.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but secretly approve of the Rong Clan. Although the Rong Clan also have their own cultivators, they were particularly strong. Clans like these would oftentimes have guest seats for rogue cultivators. And even if they cannot recruit a rogue cultivator, they would still establish a friendly relationship with them. To the Rong Clan, this carried only advantages without any negatives.

Even if Zhao Hai wasn’t a rogue cultivator, his impression of the Rong Clan still improved. Thinking of this, Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Thank you, Uncle Gui. If I need your help in the future, then I won’t hesitate to approach the Rong Clan. Also, if the Rong Clan needs my help, Uncle Gui can just send me a message. Right, this is my means of contact.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out a piece of metal with a rough formation inscribed. Then he handed it over to Steward Gui.


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