BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2056


Chapter 2056 – A Handsome Attacker

At this time, the carriage driver saw Zhao Hai looking around and couldn’t help but be curious. So he went over and whispered, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai looked at the driver for a moment before looking around once more, then he replied, “I feel a malicious gaze in our direction. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

The driver replied, “Brother, you are that sensitive? However, River Town is in the Tyrant Blade Sect’s domain. If someone has any ideas towards the Rong Clan, the sect will slice them up.”

Zhao Hai continued to frown as he replied, “They might be in the city to monitor our movements. Brother, you have to believe me. I’ve been in multiple life and death situations, so my senses are very sensitive. This sensitivity has saved my life time and time again. If you have an opportunity, inform Steward Gui about this.”

When he heard this, the driver’s expression turned serious. He nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll tell Steward Gui. Now let’s go in. We’ll sit together during lunch.” Zhao Hai looked over and found that the Rong Clan’s young lady along with her maid had followed the steward into the tavern. So he and the driver followed in as well.

Just like the driver said, the steward brought the young lady to the upstairs private dining room along with the maid while the driver would be downstairs to eat. The food was already laid out on the table along with three sets of bowls and chopsticks.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that the steward would also come down to eat in a while. And since Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry to eat, after sitting down he took a piece of meat and handed it to the waiter for the chef to roast.

The driver was puzzled by Zhao Hai’s actions. At this time, the little mouse came out and sat down on Zhao Hai’s shoulder. The driver looked at the mouse and said, “Brother, my name is Rong San. Is this little mouse your pet? It looks like a demon beast.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It is a demon beast, but it’s not very strong. It’s quite a smart one. Moreover, it only eats the meat that I have. It won’t eat other things.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Rong San nodded and said, “What an interesting mouse. Brother, come, let’s eat.”

Zhao Hai stared at Rong San and said, “We’re going to eat? We won’t wait for Steward Gui?”

Rong San shook his head and said, “There’s no need. We don’t know when Steward Gui will come down. It’s better to eat first.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and no longer held back. He took his chopsticks and began to eat. To be honest, although the food was good, it wasn’t stellar. Zhao Hai only ate a bowl before he stopped.

Just as Zhao Hai put his tableware down, Steward Gui returned. Zhao Hai and the driver both had discretion, so they didn’t move any of the dishes close to Steward Gui’s spot. Steward Gui also didn’t hold back and ate his meal leisurely. After wiping his mouth and rinsing his palate with tea, Steward Gui turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, I hope that you can pay special attention to the young lady’s safety. As long as the mission is completed, I will make sure that you are treated well.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Steward Gui is too polite. You can rest assured.”

At this time, Rong San said, “Uncle Gui, Mister Zhao Hai told me that he felt a malicious gaze towards us when we arrived at the shop. He wants us to be careful.”

Hearing Rong San, the steward couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression turned serious as he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Is Mister certain?” Naturally, he was placing great importance on Zhao Hai’s report.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Although my cultivation isn’t high, I have completed plenty of missions. My senses are very sensitive. I can feel that someone with evil intentions is observing us. Their gaze towards the young lady is the most intense.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, the steward’s complexion turned ugly. He nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll make sure to pay attention.” Zhao Hai nodded and no longer spoke.

They didn’t spend a long time eating lunch. After eating, the carriage quickly left River Town. Naturally, Zhao Hai was still on the side of the carriage acting as a guard.

After crossing River Town, the path became livelier. They would often meet other Merchants along the way. Some merchants don’t possess spatial bags and could only carry their goods on horse-drawn carriages.

Zhao Hai knew that although spatial equipment were popular in the True Spirit Realm, that popularity only referred to cultivators. As for ordinary people, spatial equipment were rare items. Ordinary merchants would find it hard to obtain spatial equipment.

Seeing so many people, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relieved. He doesn’t believe that, in such a populated road inside the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect, someone would have huge enough courage to attack them. If such a thing happens, the Tyrant Blade Sect would never let them off.

The afternoon was very boring, but Zhao Hai was used to it. Night came and they couldn’t reach another town, so the carriage could only stop at a small village.

Under the management of the steward, they were accommodated inside a separate house that had three rooms. The young lady and her maid would stay in one room while Zhao Hai, Rong San, and Steward Gui would stay in the other room. The third room was the kitchen, so it couldn’t be occupied by anyone.

Zhao Hai was very relaxed in the evening. Rong San also wasn’t very busy. After he fed the horses, he no longer had anything to do. Steward Gui was the busy one. He ran back and forth as he dealt with various tasks.

Around 9 o’clock, Steward Gui finally entered their room. Originally, the room only had one bed. Now it had two additional beds.

When Steward Gui entered the room, he saw Zhao Hai practicing on top of his bed. Steward Gui couldn’t help but nod. Although Zhao Hai’s cultivation wasn’t high, he had the drive to cultivate. Such a hardworking person would always leave a favorable impression.

Rong San was already asleep. When Zhao Hai felt that Steward Gui entered, he opened his eyes and gave him a nod. Steward Gui looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, are you still feeling the gaze you noticed earlier this morning?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It’s still there. I’m certain that the other party has arrived in this village. Perhaps they will take action tonight.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Steward Gui couldn’t help but frown, “We need someone to act as a sentry tonight. I’ll defend until midnight while you cover the other half. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “There’s no need, I can keep watch for the entire night. You can go and rest.” After he said that, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and no longer spoke.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s appearance, Steward Gui couldn’t help but raise his brows. However, he still laid down on his bed to sleep. He lied down with his usual clothes, ready to take action at any time.

Midnight arrived and nothing happened. But Zhao Hai still felt that the other party was getting ready to act. This was because his instincts were getting stronger and stronger.

Around 2 o’clock, Zhao Hai noticed that the other party had begun to move. Zhao Hai could feel the intense aura of malice coming from this person. The other party was quickly approaching Zhao Hai’s location. Zhao Hai also took his blade out as he exited their room. Then he calmly stood in front of the young lady’s room.

There was no moon outside and the only light source was the stars. Zhao Hai already wore dark clothes and he turned his blade into black. Therefore, he perfectly melded into the darkness of the night.

As Zhao Hai stood guard, a shadow from outside the residence sneaked in. He could feel that the other party was at the Soul Fusion Stage. No wonder they dared to come, since Steward Gui was also at the Soul Fusion Stage. 

Surprisingly, the movement technique that the person used was very special. He moved like a snake as he advanced. Moreover, he was very quiet. But at the same time, Zhao Hai has completely withdrawn his aura and also used his earth-element ability to meld into the surroundings. It was almost impossible for the enemy to notice his presence.

Zhao Hai continued to observe the intruder. What’s unique about the attacker was that although they were wearing black clothing, they wore scholarly robes. They also had a black fan in their hand.

However, these things were relevant right now. Zhao Hai was currently paying attention to the other party’s face. This was because they didn’t bother covering their face. It revealed a handsome face. If he appeared on the street during the day, he would definitely attract the attention of all the women.

Zhao Hai has seen plenty of handsome men before, but this is the first time that he saw a handsome person attacking with their face uncovered. Zhao Hai continued to observe, he wanted to see what they wanted to do next.

After infiltrating the residence, the handsome man made a satisfied nod. Then he walked towards the room that Zhao Hai and the others were staying in. This caused Zhao Hai to stare. He didn’t know why this fellow was going to his room. Perhaps this person was planning to deal with the three of them before taking the young lady.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that the person would find that there was one person missing inside the room. This was because there was still someone sitting on Zhao Hai’s bed, but that person was Zhao Hai’s clone. 

What’s special about this person was that their steps didn’t make any sounds at all. Moreover, their aura was completely restrained. If not for Zhao Hai feeling their hostility, he would not have noticed them. Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that such a person would be a mere assassin in the True Spirit Realm.

When the man walked to Zhao Hai’s room, he turned his hand over and took out a small pipe. Then he stretched the pipe into the room. When he saw this, a black line couldn’t help but appear on Zhao Hai’s forehead. He thought of the many ways this guy could deal with them, but he didn’t expect that they would resort to such old fashioned methods.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but cough as he said, “I just have to say, don’t you have other methods? This one is too embarrassing.”

As soon as the person heard Zhao Hai’s voice, they couldn’t help but stare. Then their complexion changed as they quickly retreated. Their eyes were completely fixated on Zhao Hai.


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