BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2053


Chapter 2053 – Affected Villages

The people from the Matchless Sword School can guess Zhao Hai’s identity all they want, but Zhao Hai wouldn’t care about them. He also wouldn’t care if they figured anything out. He was currently hurrying along on the road.

The battle was already three days ago and it has been more than a month since he left the sect. He didn’t expect so many things to happen in just a month.

Although Zhao Hai was hurrying along, he might as well be walking. This was because he didn’t have any worries in his mind. He moved at a speed that was comfortable to him. When he went out before, he would use his Hell King’s Ship, winged horse, or his demon horse; he doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to walk on his feet. This gave Zhao Hai an opportunity for a rare experience.

As he walked forward, Zhao Hai said, “Little Thing, do you think that there’s other problems with those guys? They seem to care so much about the meat. After I head back, I’ll ask the Masters about this.” The little mouse responded with a squeak. His face had an expression of longing.

Looking at the mouse’s reaction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “Little Thing, you really can recognize good things. What a pity, Laura and the others aren’t inside the Space. If they were, they would shower you with delicious food. Right, it’s been a month since I left. Nobody should care if Laura and the others entered the Space. I wonder how that kid Qiu Tie is doing right now.”

The little mouse squeaked twice. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and took out a communicator connected to Laura. This communicator included a three-dimensional projector that showed the caller’s body. Before long, Laura’s figure appeared on the communicator.

Actually, the two talked often before, so they don’t miss each other too much. Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “You seem to have lost weight. Is something going on?”

Laura shook her head and said, “There’s nothing. You don’t have to worry. Everything is fine here. How about you?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m doing well. By the way, this is something I acquired along the way. Little Thing, come, greet your Master’s wife.” The small mouse stood up on Zhao Hai’s shoulder and then waved towards Laura. Its lovable appearance caused Laura to smile.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “How are the two Masters?”

Laura smiled and said, “They’re doing well. They rarely go out. I think they’re worried that their killing aura would affect Qiu Tie. Little Tie is still seriously training. But he’s getting less and less talkative. His training seems to be getting more intense. I’m afraid he won’t be able to bear it.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “He can endure the hardship, only then will he become a top powerhouse. Right, it’s been some time since I went out. I think you can return to the Space to take a look. A couple of days ago, I managed to obtain a Plum Blossom tree from an underground labyrinth. You can boil its branches and bathe in it to increase your body’s defense. Give some to Qiu Tie as well. He’s walking the path of a body cultivator, it’s better for him to have a stronger body.” Laura nodded.

Zhao Hai replied, “If you have time, go and ask the two Masters why the Matchless Sword School values ingredients so much. For the sake of a meat from the Space, they fought against me. I want to know what’s going on.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura couldn’t help but ask, “Matchless Sword School? Isn’t that another great sect? Are you fine?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m alright. However, I don’t know if they will send people after me. But that doesn’t matter, there are already plenty of people who want to kill me, having more wouldn’t change anything.”

Laura replied with worry, “Brother Hai, you need to be careful. If you count in the Matchless Sword School, there are three great sects coming after you. And your identity isn’t a secret. It can be said that everyone in the Sword Hegemon Sect knows your name. The Matchless Sword School will likely know about your identity soon. If they do, they will chase you down. And if they work with the Sword Hegemon Sect, you will be in more trouble.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I know this. But I must know why the Matchless Sword School is so attracted to meat. I think if not for the meat, they wouldn’t have chased me.”

Laura nodded, “I’ll ask the two Masters about this as soon as possible. Be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he ended the call.

The little mouse who stood on Zhao Hai’s shoulder pointed towards the phone in Zhao Hai’s hand and squealed. Zhao Hai turned his head and then tossed the communication device over. The mouse tossed the device over and over, clearly very curious about it.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the little mouse. He continued to move forward and walked slowly for two hours more. Originally, he planned to find a good location to rest. However, he saw a small village just right ahead. So he changed his mind and decided to stay in the village.

The village wasn’t big. The entire village should only have around 50 families in it. When Zhao Hai entered the village, he couldn’t help but stare. This was because the image in his mind of a village was vastly different compared to the scene in front of him. The small village has people, but all of them have ashen complexions. Moreover, some children were barely clothed. The village looked more like a refugee camp.

Zhao Hai was confused. How could such a thing happen to a village like this? He looked around and found that when the villagers saw him, they unconsciously shrunk their heads. It was as if he was a mountain tiger that would attack at any time.

He didn’t know why, but Zhao Hai felt that the people in the village didn’t have the feeling of awe upon seeing a cultivator. On the contrary, he could see fear.

Zhao Hai also saw a small inn in the village. He quickly walked over. Inside the inn were two people, an old man and an old woman.

One could see that it was a small inn. This inn didn’t have anyone inside. There was only the old man sitting on the counter while the old woman was cleaning the tables.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the old man immediately stood up. He walked forward and then bowed, “Respectable Sir, welcome. If you’re here to eat, I’ll have to apologize. Our small shop doesn’t have any food. We also don’t have any liquor. If you have food, we can help you cook it.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the old man and asked, “Senior, why is the village like this? I could see that the village’s location is good. How can you have no food? Also, the people in the village look very bad. What happened?”

The old man looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “Mister’s observation is correct. The village is in a good location. In the past, everyone lived good lives. But this year is different. A huge insect plague arrived and ate everything. Although the Tyrant Blade Sect managed to suppress the insects, nothing was left for the village to harvest. Now everyone has problems finding food. A lot of people ate grain seeds. I don’t know if we can survive until next year.”

Zhao Hai was stunned, then his expression couldn’t help but change. He knew farming too well. If it weren’t for a famine, farmers wouldn’t eat their grain seeds. Seeds represented hope for farmers. Without seeds, they wouldn’t have anything to plant in the next season. Then they would have no food.

 While frowning, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask, “The Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t do anything? You’re hit by a disaster, the sect should be offering help.”

The old man looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Sir, are you joking? How can the Tyrant Blade Sect worry about these things? We’re hit by a disaster, what does that have to do with the Tyrant Blade Sect?”

Zhao Hai felt his mind shake. He quickly understood the issue. The Tyrant Blade Sect helped the farmers destroy the insect plague, but that was it. In the True Spirit Realm, cultivators held the dominant position. Most cultivators think that they are different compared to average people. In their minds, mortals were there to serve them. They can offer their protection to the mortals, but the mortals would have to pay them back. Therefore, even if they help mortals during disasters, helping them recover from a disaster wasn’t included.

This was the biggest difference between the True Spirit Realm and Earth. In the True Spirit Realm, cultivators don’t think too much about average people. In the eyes of cultivators, mortals were like ants. They weren’t worth their care.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s complexion change, the old man didn’t know what he was thinking about. He didn’t dare disturb Zhao Hai either. He was afraid of offending Zhao Hai.

The old man has seen a lot of things in his life. After their village was hit by the disaster, they thought about asking cultivators for help. Even if they begged on their knees, cultivators wouldn’t even look them in their eyes. They would be disappointed again and again. Sometimes, cultivators would even punch the cultivators who begged them. Fortunately, cultivators wouldn’t dare kill the villagers because they were under the protection of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Even so, it was enough for the villagers to be afraid of cultivators. This was the reason why everyone was so afraid of Zhao Hai when he entered the village.

Zhao Hai recovered, then he looked at the old man before turning his head outside. He felt that he should do something for them.

He took his communication device out and sent a message to Laura. Before long, Laura’s projection appeared. Looking at Zhao Hai’s ugly expression, she couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Hai? What’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai told Laura about the situation of the village. Hearing this, Laura’s expression also turned serious. When Zhao Hai finished talking, Laura sighed and said, “This is the difference between the True Spirit Realm and the Lower Realms. What do you plan to do?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Inform the two Masters. I’ll tell you the coordinates of the village. Have the two Masters help the surrounding region. The quicker the better.”


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  1. Thank you for the chapters!

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    1. I mean, wouldn’t it be better to change the people’s mentality? Comparing it to another story, if you feed the cat a fish, you feed it for a day but if the cat learns how to fish, you feed it for a lifetime. If they learn to help the ordinary ppl they will help even after zhao hai is gone. He has the status to change and is “the unfettered farmer” i think?

      1. As much as I agree with that, I feel as though this isn’t yet the right time for it. His masters are both prominent cultivators of high level and status who grew up their entire lives through their current old age with the “cultivators associate less with non cultivators” mentality, and while he is now their one and only valued disciple, that doesn’t mean that every aspect of his mentality should easily rub off onto them, or anyone else close to Zhao Hai, for that matter. The change should be gradual, and lead by the MCs own actions that produce an actual impact later on. It could have started with the masters seeing his actions and deeming them to be strange or eccentric, and the non cultivators having endless gratitude and loyalty towards Zhao Hai for his understanding and benevolence, different from the general respect towards power. It could appear pointless at first, and then come up later as a potential minor plot point.

        At this point, the masters should only have a reaction of either acting in order to humor Zhao Hai’s sense of values as an ascender, or being dismissive of the affair. Anything other than those two reactions would be rather out of character as natives of this realm who benefit from such as an established common sense of their developed world/society.

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    Zhao Hai has already begun to remember them the interest of not be so selfish.

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