BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2051


Chapter 2051 – Matchless Sword School

Zhao Hai arrived in front of a store and was immediately welcomed by the shop assistant. Seeing the mouse on Zhao Hai’s shoulder, the shop assistant knew that Zhao Hai was someone with status, so he immediately bowed and said, “Sir, please come inside. May I ask if you have any friends coming? You can sit and wait in the lobby.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “A position by the window will be fine.” The shop assistant immediately led Zhao Hai upstairs and sat him on a table beside a window.

After pouring tea for Zhao Hai, the shop assistant waited anxiously for him. Seeing this, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your tea is good, get me four four side dishes as well as a jar of wine. Right, roast this meat for me. Bring the side dishes up first.”

Although the shop assistant was confused by Zhao Hai’s latter instruction, he still followed Zhao Hai’s words and took the meat away. Before long, four side dishes were served. Then at this time, the people in the restaurant suddenly smelled a strong fragrance. Zhao Hai knew that the meat he gave was being cooked, so he wasn’t surprised. He continued to drink his wine and ate the side dishes.

The Space has plenty of delicious food, but since Zhao Hai was going out to experience the True Spirit Realm, then he would need to partake in the local customs and conditions. This included eating the food that they eat.

Zhao Hai knew well that people liked to indulge themselves in pleasure. And one of these pleasures is the pursuit of tasty food. Back on Earth, even if nations and cultures were eradicated, their food would no doubt exist in one way or another. This shows how attached humans were to eating.

Because of this, Zhao Hai would always eat local specialties whenever he visited a place. This is also part of Zhao Hai’s method to understand a city.

Before long, the shop assistant carried a plate of meat to Zhao Hai’s table before bowing and leaving. All diners on the second floor of the restaurant turned their heads to the plate of meat on Zhao Hai’s table. Now they know where the fragrant smell from before came from.

Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t move. Instead, the mouse on his shoulder jumped down beside the plate and began eating the meat.

Nobody blamed the other people in the restaurant for being unhappy. Because the little mouse has restrained its aura, the other people couldn’t see its strength. They only thought that it was an ordinary pet mouse.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the reactions of these people. He continued to eat the side dishes that were served to him. After drinking through his pot of wine, he prepared to leave.

At this time, a person nearby stood up. This person was wearing sky blue clothing and his hair seemed to go with the wind. He had phoenix eyebrows that belonged to a hot-blooded young hero.

The person’s eyes were clear and transparent. There was also a hint of pride in his expression. But this arrogance wasn’t disgusting at all. On the contrary, his arrogant look complemented his face very well.

On his waist was a longsword. The scabbard of the sword doesn’t look magnificent. Although it had inlaid gemstones, it gave out a very simple feeling.

This strange cultivator walked to Zhao Hai’s table and then cupped his fist as he said, “Mister, I am Liu Yingjie from the Matchless Sword School. I have seen Mister.”

Although Zhao Hai didn’t understand what this person wanted, he still stood up and cupped his fist, “I have seen Mister, my name is Zhao Hai, a simple rogue cultivator.”

Liu Lingjie looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I can see that the meat you took out is high grade. I’d like to know where you bought it from. THis one wants to have a taste of it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Sir Liu, I’ll have to apologize. When I obtained the meat, I reached an agreement with the seller to not disclose the source. I hope Sir Liu can forgive me.”

As soon as Liu Yingjie heard Zhao Hai, his complexion couldn’t help but sink. He looked at Zhao Hai with a fierce glare as he said, “Mister, you might not have heard of the Matchless Sword School. But if our school asks something, nobody would dare not answer.”

Originally, Zhao Hai’s impression of Liu Yingjie was good. After all, he was handsome and good to look at. Besides those with sick tastes, Liu Yingjie would get a good first impression.

But upon hearing Liu Yingjie’s words, the image inside Zhao Hai’s mind shattered. He raised his brow and said, “Oh, by Mister’s words, I have no choice but to talk? If I don’t, then will you use forceful methods? Sir, don’t forget that this is Maze Town, the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect. This isn’t the territory of the Matchless Sword School.”

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai, Liu Yingjie laughed, “You must be joking. Although this is the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect, I don’t believe that they will become the enemy of the Matchless Sword School just for you. Kid, if you don’t tell me where you got the meat, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Zhao Hai looked at Liu Yingjie and couldn’t help but be confused. He didn’t understand why Liu Yingjie was so fixated with the meat. It was just food, he shouldn’t be this forceful. The Matchless Sword School was also a Great Sect. How could its disciples be desperate for meat?

What Zhao Hai doesn’t know is that besides their powerful Sword Techniques, the Matchless Sword School was also the owner of the biggest restaurant chain in the entire True Spirit Realm. Not only could the restaurants provide them with huge profits, it also functions as the sect’s information gathering branch.

Because of this, people from the Matchless Sword Sect were very sensitive when it came to the restaurant business, especially matters pertaining to food.

To be honest, a small place like Maze Town wasn’t qualified enough to have a branch store of the Matchless Sword School. The only reason Liu Yingjie and the others were here was because the town was along their path. The food in the shop was nothing special to Liu Yingjie. The moment he tasted the food, he immediately knew the level of the cook.

The moment the shop assistant brought out the cooked meat, Liu Yingjie knew that the reason it was fragrant wasn’t because of the cook’s skills. Instead, it was because the quality of the meat was very good.

Good ingredients make good food. And the better the food, the better the business, And the better the business, the more profits to the Matchless Sword School . At the same time, the sect would also obtain more information.

Additionally, the Matchless Sword School has a rule that says that if a disciple discovered high-grade ingredients and brought the source channel to the sect, then that disciple would be richly rewarded. The sect could even make them a key training subject. Because of this, Liu Yingjie was taking the matter of the meat seriously.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know this reason, he wouldn’t lower his head to Liu Yingjie. Just as he was about to reply, someone spoke before him.

“Really? You’re not a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect, so how do you know that the Tyrant Blade Sect won’t deal with this matter? You even talked with certainty?” Along with this voice, the sound of footsteps was heard. Then two people walked from downstairs.

Zhao Hai turned his head and found that it was two disciples from the Tyrant Blade Sect. Both of them carried a blade on their backs and wore black warrior clothing. They both looked at Liu Yingjie with a cold gaze.

The first disciple looked around 30 years old and his face was somewhat feminine. Behind him was a person around 27 to 28 years old. He had a dark face with a full beard. He was tall, making him look like a giant.

After going upstairs, the white-faced disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect cupped his fist towards Liu Yingjie and said, “Tyrant Blade Sect’s Supple Water Blade Liu Shui and Ground Shaking Blade Ai Lei has seen Brother Liu of the Matchless Sword School.”

Although his speech was polite, the tone of his words wasn’t respectful. Liu Yingjie’s complexion turned ugly, but he still returned the salute, “Liu Yingjie has seen the two Brothers. What does Brother mean by your previous words?”

Liu Shui replied, “Senior Brother Liu should know that Maze Town doesn’t condone violence. If Senior Brother Liu wants to take action, then we suggest that you do it outside the city. I hope that Senior Brother Liu will give me face in this town. What does Brother Liu think?”

Liu Yingjie’s complexion changed. Liu Shui’s words were already giving him face. If Liu Yingjie kept his stance, then he wouldn’t be giving face to the Tyrant Blade Sect. When the time comes, it would become a huge matter.

After measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the situation, Liu Yingjie calmed down. He cupped his fist and said, “Since Brother Liu says so, then I would naturally give you face.” Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, you better not leave Maze Town.”

Zhao Hai laughed at Liu Yingjie and said, “Not leaving Maze Town? What a joke. I can leave whenever I want. Let’s see how to deal with me.”

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai, Liu Yingjie’s complexion paled. But considering that Liu Shui was close by, he coldly snorted and no longer spoke. He turned to his companions and said, “Let’s go.” The other three stood up and gave Zhao Hai a cold glare before leaving.

When the disciples of the Matchless Sword School left, Liu Shui turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, I can only guarantee your safety inside the town. You shouldn’t have offended that person. I can only wish you luck.” Then he took Ai Lei and left.

Zhao Hai looked at the two disciples and couldn’t help but get a good impression of them. He already finished eating, so naturally it was time for him to leave. He left his payment and went out of the restaurant. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai discovered that someone was paying attention to him. It was Liu Yingjie’s Junior Brother. But he didn’t care. He returned to the Pleasant Stay Inn and took a rest.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about leaving Maze Town. He taunted Liu Yingjie just to make fun of him. He just couldn’t bear Liu Yingjie’s prideful face.

After resting in Pleasant Stay Inn for two days, Zhao Hai restored his condition to its peak. It was time for him to leave the town. Over the two days, he kept feeling that people were monitoring him. He also knew who it was, but he didn’t care.

Although Liu Yingjie and the others were from the Matchless Sword School, they weren’t very strong. The strongest among them were in the Soul Fusion Stage while the rest were at the Clone Stage. The only reason they were able to be rampant in the town was because they were from the Matchless Sword School. The Matchless Sword School was also a big sect in the True Spirit Realm. They were even larger than the Sword Hegemon Sect. Ordinary rogue cultivators wouldn’t dare provoke them.

Also, disciples of the Matchless Sword School had outstanding sword techniques. The name Matchless Sword School wasn’t taken out of empty air. It can be said that the Matchless Sword Sect was the best sect in the True Spirit Realm when it comes to sword techniques. The sect’s requirements for its disciple’s sword techniques were also very strict. Therefore, not a lot of people wanted to fight against disciples from the Matchless Sword School. By using their sword techniques, disciples of the Matchless Sword School could overpower people on the same level.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Matchless Sword Sect. Disciples of the 80 Great Sects in the True Spirit Realm, as long as they don’t hide their identity, would almost always walk without anyone daring to offend them. The 80 Great Sects were very powerful, which reflects on the capabilities of its disciples. No rogue cultivator would be stupid enough to offend their disciples.

However, despite Liu Yingjie’s formidable sword techniques, he doesn’t have any advantage against Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai came from the Tyrant Blade Sect, so his foundation wasn’t any lower compared to the Matchless Sword Sect. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of Liu Yingjie and the others. But he has no plans of killing them. After all, Liu Yingjie and the others were disciples of a Great Sect. The Matchless Sword School might not have a good relationship with the Tyrant Blade Sect, but the two weren’t enemies. Zhao Hai doesn’t hope to make his conflict with Liu Yingjie and the others into a catalyst for the two sects becoming enemies.

The conflict between Zhao Hai and Liu Yingjie was nothing big, so there was no point in teaching them a lesson. Although Great Sects cared about their image, it wouldn’t turn the world over just because two disciples had a conflict regarding meat. This wasn’t in the best interest of a Great Sect.

But if Zhao Hai killed Liu Yingjie, then things might become different. Even if he didn’t reveal his status, he was still a member of the Tyrant Blade Sect in the end. If the Matchless Sword School were to know about what happened, then they would definitely make a move. And things might escalate to an unfavorable state.

Zhao Hai has joined the Tyrant Blade Sect, so he also needs to consider the affairs of the sect. His conflict with Liu Yingjie shouldn’t affect the sect. Not only would it damage the Tyrant Blade Sect’s reputation, it would also cause unnecessary troubles to the sect.

After recovering to his peak condition, Zhao Hai left Maze Town. He didn’t hide his actions and just left.


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