BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2050


Chapter 2050 – Deep Cave Plum

Zhao Hai looked at the cave. Then he clenched his teeth as he decided that he would go in and take a look. Although cultivators should be careful in the process of cultivation, when it is time to take risks, they should go in without any hesitation. If a cultivator doesn’t want to take risks, then they should just stay home and stop cultivating.

Zhao Hai pulled his blade out and released his dao avatar clone. He had his dao avatar clone lead the way. He wants to see what was inside the cave.

As the dao avatar clone entered the cave, Zhao Hai closed his eyes to look through the eyes of the dao avatar clone. Suddenly, Zhao Hai became blinded by a bright light. Then he saw a plum blossom tree inside the tree.

The plum blossom tree looked very special. One couldn’t see any leaves on the tree besides pink plum blossoms on its iron black branches. Its color complemented the cave’s blue walls.

Although Zhao Hai saw the tree with his dao avatar, he was still stunned. There was no other color inside the cave beside the plum blossom. It was as if the tree sucked all other colors besides its own.

At this time, a snake head appeared in front of Zhao Hai. This awoke Zhao Hai immediately. He knows that the snake was attracted by the dao avatar clone. Moreover, the snake should be at the Earth Monarch Stage.

 Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but change. Then he moved forward and rushed with all his strength. Fortunately, he sent his dao avatar clone to explore first. It would have been dangerous if he went in blind.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived by the Plum Blossom Tree. He found that the snake was still glaring at the dao avatar clone. Its eyes were filled with venomous light.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the snake made a loud hissing sound. Then it aimed its head at Zhao Hai. The snake doesn’t look big, it was around two meters long. Its thickness was the width of a walnut. Its whole body was iron black, like the branches of the plum blossom tree.

Although the snake looked common, Zhao Hai didn’t dare treat it lightly. He knew that the snake was at least at the Earth Monarch Stage. If he wasn’t careful, he might lose his life.

Zhao Hai was holding his long blade as he continued his staredown with the snake. The head of the snake kept rocking back and forth, never keeping his eyes off Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai remembered a saying that snakes are afraid of moving in circles. He carefully moved his body to a position away from the snake before circling around it.

But the snake didn’t wait for Zhao Hai. It wasn’t timid like the little mouse. Seeing that Zhao Hai wasn’t strong, the snake immediately rushed towards him.

Zhao Hai waved his blade and smoothly used his Eight Gate Goldenlock Technique. But to Zhao Hai’s surprise, the Eight Gate Goldenlock Technique was unable to block the attack of the snake. The snake broke through the gate almost instantly. Its two fangs went straight towards Zhao Hai’s neck.

When Zhao Hai discovered this, he was stunned. But although he was surprised, he didn’t panic. He immediately used his blade to slice towards the neck of the snake.

Wen! Zhao Hai’s blade made a metallic sound when it hit the snake’s skin. His body was also pushed away as he clashed with the snake. It was at this time that Zhao Hai had a clear idea of the snake’s strength. It seems like his attack wouldn’t have any effect on the snake.

Sure enough, even if the snake was pushed aside by Zhao Hai’s blade attack, it wasn’t injured. Now it rocked its head once more as it glared at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the snake and suddenly shouted, “Kill!” After saying that, he attacked the snake. The snake also rushed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai soon discovered that it couldn’t defeat the snake on his own. The snake was much stronger than him. Moreover, Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that the snake wasn’t venomous. He quickly released his clone as well as several Undead, including the Earth Monarch undead. Then he continued to besiege the snake.

The snake was immediately put into a defensive formation. Although the snake wasn’t weak, it wasn’t strong enough to survive being besieged by so many enemies. In the end, the snake could only fall against Zhao Hai’s relentless attacks.

After putting the snake away, the little mouse who disappeared some time ago jumped back to Zhao Hai’s shoulder and squealed twice. Zhao Hai looked at the little mouse and flicked its forehead. It was too cowardly. When he fought against the snake, it jumped off and hid somewhere. It only appeared when everything was done.

As he looked at the mouse, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was bullying the weak but afraid of the strong. Fortunately, the mouse wasn’t aggressive.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about this too much. As the snake was sent to the Space, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Mouse-type beast detected. Partially subdued. Subjugation complete. Mouse-type beast has the ability to sense treasure. Its combat strength isn’t good.”

Zhao Hai stared, then as he looked at his shoulder, the mouse was gone. He quickly waved his hand and let the little mouse out. After coming out of the Space, the mouse immediately jumped back on Zhao Hai’s shoulder and rubbed its face on Zhao Hai. Its actions were more intimate.

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled. He didn’t know what to say. But this also means that the mouse would no longer leave him.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned his attention to the Plum Blossom Tree. The tree wasn’t tall, it was only around 2 meters tall. All throughout its two meter body were blooming flowers.

Zhao Hai saw this and immediately released a group of digging beasts from the Space. The beasts burrowed to the ground as soon as they were released. Before long, sounds of digging were heard throughout the cave. Then after a while, the beasts lined up in front of Zhao Hai.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, he waved his hand and sent the beasts as well as the plum blossom tree to the Space. The only thing left in the cave was a huge pit.

After the plum blossom tree was sent to the Space, a prompt was heard, “Plum blossom tree that can improve a person’s physique was detected. The tree can also increase the user’s spiritual force. The branch of the tree is edible. Eating it can increase a body’s strength.”

Upon hearing this prompt, Zhao Hai understood that the Plum Blossom Tree can improve one’s spiritual force and physique. Although these effects weren’t useful for Zhao Hai, it was a great benefit for Qiu Tie.

In the next few days, Zhao Hai continued to explore the underground labyrinth. However, he wasn’t able to discover something as valuable as the plum blossom tree. In the end, after a week of exploration, Zhao Hai decided to leave the underground labyrinth.

As he stood inside a cave in the labyrinth, Zhao Hai turned to the little mouse beside him and said, “Little thing, we’re leaving. This is not my place, nor is it yours. There is a larger world outside to explore.”

The little mouse didn’t have any comments about this, it just squeaked a few times towards Zhao Hai. This little mouse is too cute. It had become closer to Zhao Hai after it entered the Space. Zhao Hai also knew that ever since it was born, the mouse hasn’t been outside the labyrinth. The entire underground labyrinth has been its world. Now that Zhao Hai was taking him to the outside world, the mouse couldn’t help but be a bit afraid.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. The little mouse has the ability to hunt for treasures, so Zhao Hai wouldn’t give up on it. 

Zhao Hai took out the token that was given to him when he entered the labyrinth and crushed it. After a flash of white light, Zhao Hai vanished from the labyrinth.

In the next moment, Zhao Hai was in a place a hundred li outside Maze Town. He could see the city’s walls from a distance.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The sect is really thorough.” Thinking of this, Zhao Hai moved and rushed towards the town.

A hundred li was nothing to Zhao Hai. Before long, he arrived at Maze Town. He traveled through the road until he reached Pleasant Stay Inn. When the innkeeper saw Zhao Hai, he greeted him with warmth. He bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “I have seen Mister. How are you? I thought you left.” When Zhao Hai left last time, he had already settled his bill with the innkeeper. Therefore, he didn’t owe the inn anything. The innkeeper’s enthusiasm towards him was also due to sincerity.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Last time, I went to the underground labyrinth. I just came back. Prepare a room for me, I want to take a rest.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the innkeeper immediately complied, “Mister, don’t worry. I’ll make sure that you get the best room.” Then he led Zhao Hai into the inn.

Seeing the room that was given to him, Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod and said, “Good. Alright, I’ll take it. I’ll head out first to get something to eat.” The innkeeper nodded then escorted Zhao Hai to the exit.

Zhao Hai went to the shopping street after leaving the inn. Then he turned to the little mouse and said, “Little Thing, what do you want to eat?”

But to his surprise, the mouse just closed its eyes and lay down on Zhao Hai’s shoulder, it was as if it was going to sleep. Zhao Hai knew that the mouse was dissatisfied with the food in the town.

Zhao Hai stared, then he faintly smiled. He understood what the mouse wanted to say. It seems like it wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t from the Space. It was food from the Space that allowed Zhao Hai to lure the mouse in. This means that it wouldn’t eat anything if the food wasn’t from the Space. Because of this, Zhao Hai entered a nearby shop. Since the mouse wasn’t going to eat, Zhao Hai was free to choose what to eat.


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