BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2049


Chapter 2049 – Dilemma

Wang Hu excitedly received Zhao Hai’s jade token. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, thank you very much.” Although Wang Hu was unaware of Zhao Hai’s true status, he knows that Zhao Hai wasn’t an ordinary person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to say such words. With this in mind, the jade token that was given by Zhao Hai shouldn’t be ordinary. This jade token became an important possession for Wang Hu,

Seeing Wang Hu’s reaction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly. He can understand Wang Hu’s mood. Wang Hu was an ordinary Rogue Cultivator. To form a relationship with Zhao Hai, it was normal for Wang Hu to be excited.

Rogue Cultivators like Wang Hu dreamt of forming a relationship with a disciple from a Great Sect. This would allow them more opportunities to get in contact with the sect. This was an advantage that all Rogue Cultivators dream of.

Even if the Rogue Cultivator couldn’t form a connection with the Great Sect, how about their descendants? If a genius happens to appear within their bloodline, they can use this opportunity to let them enter a Great Sect. If that happens, their clan’s status would soar overnight.

Zhao Hai patted Wang Hu’s shoulder and said, “If I have an opportunity in the future, I will tell Brother Wang about my status. I can’t do it at this time. I went out to experience the world, so I cannot use my status. And since I’m on a trial, I can’t be with Brother Wang and the others for long. I’ll be leaving soon.”

Wang Hu knew that Clans and Sects have this custom for their disciples. Therefore, he didn’t feel that Zhao Hai’s words were strange. Conversely, he envied Zhao Hai. He nodded and said, “Brother, rest assured, I understand.

Zhao Hai nodded, “Brother Wang, I’ll leave first. We’ll meet later if fate wills it.” Wang Hu nodded. Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Wang Hu before leaving.

After leaving the cavern, Zhao Hai went through multiple passages and caves. This time, he made sure to avoid any caves with the skeleton symbol. With his present strength, he wasn’t qualified enough to explore these places.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a hot-blooded youth who thinks themselves as invincible. He knew very well that in the path of cultivation, if you aren’t careful, then you won’t live long. One shouldn’t always hunt for fortuitous encounters. If you fail to find a fortuitous encounter and instead find something else, then what would be the consequence? In these types of encounters, one’s strength was still the most important.

Zhao Hai believed that he was given a cheat by the heavens, which was the Space. However, he doesn’t believe that the heavens will keep giving him benefits. Even if he has the Space, he still needs to increase his strength. Otherwise, the Heavens will take everything away.

After leaving Wang Hu, Zhao Hai looked for a quiet cave. Then he spread his beastskin on the ground and then took his grilling tools and some meat from the Space. He roasted the meat on a moderate flame. Actually, Zhao Hai has no need to do these things. The only reason he cooked meat at this time was to see if he could still meet that little mouse.

Although the little mouse only appeared because of the food and ran away after, Zhao Hai still wanted to see if he could meet it again. 

At the same time, Zhao Hai knew that there was only a small chance that he would meet the mouse. After all, he was far from the previous cave he cooked in. It’s impossible for the mouse to follow him all the way.

To Zhao Hai’s surprise, before the meat was finished roasting, the sound of raking was heard underground. Zhao Hai turned his head just as the little mouse’s head pushed out of the ground. The mouse appeared quite close by. It was standing up with its eyes on the meat that was in Zhao Hai’s hand.

Seeing how cute the little mouse was, Zhao Hai’s heart melted. He couldn’t help but laugh. Then he took out the same plate that he used to feed the mouse and placed the roasted beef on top of it. He then pushed the plate towards the little mouse. Although the mouse still flinched when Zhao Hai pushed the plate towards it, this time it didn’t retreat, which was a good progress for Zhao Hai.

After the mouse ate several portions of meat, it didn’t run away immediately. Instead, it sat down and looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knew that the mouse was already full, so he didn’t mind it and ate on his own.

Once he was done eating, Zhao Hai laid down on the beastskin and closed his eyes. Seeing that Zhao Hai was sleeping, the mouse twitched its nose before jumping down its hole and disappearing.

After a satisfying sleep, Zhao Hai got up to see that the little mouse was gone. He didn’t mind it and received all of his items before leaving.

Zhao Hai continued to stroll around the labyrinth for several days. He would sometimes meet people who wanted to rob him, but these people suffered pitiful fates. All of them were turned into Undead in the end. He also encountered demon beasts, which were also sent to the Space.

Zhao Hai has no plans to sell these beasts outside. He doesn’t need to earn more income. The Space has an abundant supply of jade essence and jade marrow. He might as well keep these demon beast corpses as part of his Undead army.

In between battles, Zhao Hai enjoyed pleasurable meals. He also continued to tease the little mouse. The mouse was truly formidable. Wherever Zhao Hai was, as long as he roasted meat, the mouse would punctually appear. By this point, Zhao Hai and the little mouse were very familiar with each other.

Beasts of the True Spirit Realm were very intelligent. Their wisdom isn’t any lower than humans. Otherwise, they would have been wiped out from the True Spirit Realm. It wasn’t only the humans who benefited from the environment of the True Spirit Realm, the beasts were also living well.

The little mouse was far more powerful than Zhao Hai. However, the mouse had extraordinarily small courage. When facing Zhao Hai, it would immediately run away once it got what it wanted. It didn’t attack Zhao Hai.

The actions of the mouse were very strange. Zhao Hai couldn’t understand what was going on. How could such a cowardly beast survive up to this point. How did it manage to survive without attacking prey?

Zhao Hai stayed in the underground labyrinth for nearly a month. In this month, he explored a lot of caves, met many people, and saw plenty of beasts. Naturally, he also obtained a lot of medicinal herbs. Before, Zhao Hai thought that the labyrinth only had medicinal moss. Now, it seems like this was a mistake. The labyrinth contained a lot of other herbs. But most of these herbs grew in dangerous places.

Naturally, this wasn’t Zhao Hai’s greatest harvest. In fact, Zhao Hai’s greatest gain was the little mouse. By this point, the little mouse never left Zhao Hai’s side. It even reached a point where the mouse would run up to Zhao Hai’s shoulder. It looked like Zhao Hai’s pet.

However, the mouse wasn’t Zhao Hai’s pet, nor was it subdued by the Space. Zhao Hai also didn’t sign a contract with the mouse. It’s not that Zhao Hai has no intentions, but he thinks that it wasn’t the right time.

Zhao Hai stood in a cave and looked around. It was a small cave. According to his past experience, caves like this wouldn’t be dangerous. He plans to take a good rest in this place.

Zhao Hai said, “Little thing, do you want to take a rest here?”

Naturally, Zhao Hai was talking to the little mouse. The mouse was currently sitting on Zhao Hai’s shoulder. Zhao Hai discovered that besides the mouse’s cowardly nature, it was very intelligent. It could understand human words.

Zhao Hai was expecting the mouse to agree. But this time, the mouse shook its head. Then it squeaked and pointed its claw towards the front.

Zhao Hai stared, he couldn’t help but ask, “Little thing, you mean there’s something up ahead? Should we move?” The mouse nodded and pointed at the front.

Although Zhao Hai couldn’t fully understand the thought of the mouse, he still knew that it had no intentions of harming him, so he smiled and said, “Alright, since you insisted, let’s go have a look. But this means that you’ll have to eat meat later than we planned.” While saying that, Zhao Hai walked forward.

After walking for about ten minutes, Zhao Hai was suddenly stunned. This was because he could smell something. It had a very cooling smell. He could feel his head becoming clearer. So he immediately sped up.

The stronger the fragrance became, the faster Zhao Hai was. Suddenly, the little mouse on his shoulder squeaked. Zhao Hai heard this and knew that something was wrong. He quickly turned his head and found that the mouse was shouting in panic. It was as if there was a terrifying being in front.

Zhao Hai quickly slowed down. After spending a few days with the mouse, he knew it very well. It might be cowardly, but there aren’t a lot of things that can make it panic. It seems like what’s in front of them was truly terrifying. Zhao Hai could guess that it should be at least the Earth Monarch Stage.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stop. Then he frowned. To be honest, he didn’t want to annoy these powerful beasts. However, the intense fragrance only means one thing. There should be a heavenly treasure up ahead. These treasures could only be met with luck. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be in a dilemma.


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