BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2045


Chapter 2045 – Eating Meat and Meeting Mice

The skinny cultivator looked down at the blade that was coming out of his chest. Just as he retrieved the Heavenly Lightning Bead, the tip of a blade suddenly appeared. Most importantly, the moment the blade appeared, the skinny man’s strength disappeared. He couldn’t even use a trace of energy to activate the Heavenly Lightning Bead.

The skinny man couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai didn’t give him a chance to finish his words. Isn’t that basic courtesy? Before fighting, both sides would exchange a few words to show their heroism. Why shouldn’t it happen now?

The man had a confused expression on his face before he fell down. Zhao Hai received the Heavenly Lightning Bead and carefully looked at it. The Heavenly Lightning Bead seems to be made out of glass and contains a green gas within. The green gas rotated inside the container, looking very unstable.

After inspecting the bead, Zhao Hai sent it to the Space. Then he used the Universal Processing Machine to deconstruct it to see what it was made out of.

Once the bead entered the processing machine, a prompt was heard, “Medium grade crystal detected. Contains high-level Heavenly Lightning. Extracting Heavenly Lightning and integrating it with the Space.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect that the Heavenly Lightning Bead would actually contain heavenly lightning. Moreover, it was high-level heavenly lightning. Later on, the Space would be able to mass-produce Heavenly Lightning Beads. This would be another ace in his hand.

After that, Zhao Hai received the skinny cultivator’s corpse and sent it to the Space to be turned into Undead. Surprisingly, when the corpse was sent to the Space, a prompt was heard, “High-level divergent ability detected. Extracting divergent ability. Upgrading the host’s current divergent abilities. Update completed. The host’s innate strength has now reached a high level.”

This was a pleasant surprise. Although Zhao Hai already had a strength-type divergent ability, it wasn’t to the standards of the True Spirit Realm. After all, the physique of the people in the True Spirit Realm was a level higher. Innate divine strength from the lower realms wouldn’t be anything special here.

Upgrades to his divergent abilities were very important for Zhao Hai. Divergent abilities were very hard to upgrade. Because they were innate, there was no method to cultivate it. So if Zhao Hai wants to upgrade his divergent abilities, he would have to keep using it. But this method was impossible for Zhao Hai. He doesn’t have the time to practice his divergent abilities.

This was especially true for strength-type abilities. To upgrade it, the user would need to train nonstop. And Zhao Hai has no time for strength training.

Also, Zhao Hai has the Demon Subjugation Technique. He doesn’t really require strength-type divergent abilities. But now that his innate strength has been upgraded, he could clearly feel that his strength was equal to the skinny cultivator even without using the Demon Subjugation Technique. And once he uses the technique, he would become even stronger. If it comes to strength, he would certainly gain an advantage against his enemies.

The Demon Subjugation Technique was unlike most cultivation methods. After the technique is used, it would provide an improvement proportional to the user’s original strength. Because of this, the stronger a cultivator was, the more benefits the technique would provide. Zhao Hai’s strength-type divergent abilities and the Demon Subjugation Technique could work on top of each other, causing Zhao Hai’s strength to soar even more.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he waved his hand. In his hand was the sword that was with the corpse. This sword was not an ordinary item. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t just bury it in the ground. The reason Zhao Hai buried it along with the corpse was to stimulate the skinny cultivator into acting.

The more he looked at the sword, the more valuable it became in Zhao Hai’s eyes. The sword body was as malleable as water. When he flicked it with his hand, the body of the sword lightly trembled, emitting a buzzing sound. 

Zhao Hai sent the sword to the Space to be deconstructed. The Space now has several special ores as well as other types of refining materials. Once the Space analyzes the sword and deconstructs it, Zhao Hai would have another item to be used as a gift to others in the future. The sword’s appearance should allow him to gain a few more friends.

As he moved forward, Zhao Hai no longer met anyone on the road. This isn’t surprising. After all, the labyrinth was quite large. It wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t meet anyone for half a day. It was like a huge city that only housed a thousand people or a glass of water inside a huge pond. 

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the silence. He came to the labyrinth to fight. At the same time, he wanted to see if there were other special materials in the cave. 

After walking for an additional two hours without finding anyone, Zhao Hai was beginning to get tired. Naturally, this wasn’t exhaustion in a physical sense. He could walk for days without being tired. It was exhaustion from boredom. So Zhao Hai found a small cave and built a fire. Then he took out some meat and roasted it. He also took out a bottle of wine and drank.

When Zhao Hai was about halfway through his bottle, he suddenly heard the sound of raking through the earth. Zhao Hai turned his head and found a small rodent appearing not far from him. The rodent was white throughout besides its two black beady eyes. The mouse had just emerged from the ground. It was currently pointing its nose up in the air. It looked very cute.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t underestimate it just because it was cute. He could feel that the mouse was a demon beast. As for its strength, Zhao Hai couldn’t quite sense it. This meant that the mouse should be at least at the Earth Monarch Stage or higher. 

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. At the same time, the muscles in his body tightened. He stared at the rodent without moving his eyes. The mouse wasn’t very big. Even counting its tail, it was 30 centimeters long. Its tail was hairy, just like a squirrel. But Zhao Hai knew that it was not.

The mouse gave Zhao Hai a lot of pressure. It raised its head as it looked at Zhao Hai, showing a pacified look in his eyes. It seems to be afraid of Zhao Hai. It stayed in place, looking at the roasted meat in Zhao Hai’s hand. Its nose was constantly moving.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he immediately understood what the mouse wanted. He placed the meat on the ground before retreating two steps.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, the mouse also retreated two steps back. It continued to look at Zhao Hai. It had a doubtful look in his eyes, seemingly thinking about Zhao Hai’s actions.

Zhao Hai looked at the mouse and just smiled. Then he retreated a few more steps before sitting down. Then he took out his wine and resumed drinking.

The little mouse turned his attention to the piece of meat on the ground. Finally, it could no longer resist and stepped forward, nibbling a bit of the cooked meat. Then after tasting the food, it began to bite bigger pieces.

Seeing the actions of the mouse, Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t do anything. Although he wanted the mouse for the Space, he didn’t act. This was because he understood that he wasn’t a match against this rodent. If the mouse was intent on attacking, then Zhao Hai would no doubt be in trouble.

The reason Zhao Hai thought of this was because he couldn’t estimate the mouse’s strength. Not only was Zhao Hai unable to get an accurate gauge of its strength, he could also see that the claws of the mouse were very powerful. Although the walls of the cave looked like dirt, its hardness was no weaker compared to stones. Despite this, the mouse was able to go through the cave like it was tofu. And because of this, Zhao Hai abandoned all plans of doing anything to it.

Before long, the mouse managed to eat all of the meat. It licked its paw while showing an unsatisfied expression. Its two bean-like eyes turned towards Zhao Hai once more.

Zhao Hai looked at the little mouse and smiled. Then he took out another piece of meat and then roasted it by the fire. After a while, a burst of fragrance wafted out, causing the mouse’s nose to twitch. As it followed the scent upwards, the mouse eventually stood on two legs.

Once the meat was roasted, Zhao Hai took out a plate and then placed the meat on top of it. Then he pushed it towards the mouse. Although it took a few steps back, the mouse didn’t retreat too far. Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t go any further, the mouse walked to the plate and began to eat.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and continued to drink. He didn’t know how the mouse survived in this place nor did he know how it appeared. However, Zhao Hai could sense that it had no malice towards him.

After eating a full tray of meat, the mouse seems to be full. He looked up at Zhao Hai and then jumped back to the hole it appeared from. It no longer appeared again.

Looking at the empty plate, Zhao Hai smiled faintly. He waved his hand and washed it clean with water before receiving it. Then he extinguished the fire and spread out a roll of beastskin on the ground. He plans to rest well before resuming his exploration of the labyrinth.

Just as Zhao Hai laid down, he heard a conversation, “Everyone, hurry up. Little ugly can smell it. It’s just right in front of us.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he got up and received the beastskin. He wanted to leave. From what he heard, there was more than one person coming over along with a beast. Zhao Hai has no plans to provoke this group of people. But even if Zhao Hai wanted peace, it seems like the other party has no plans to do so. Zhao Hai heard a voice, “Kid, stay for this uncle. My little ugly already has your smell. You won’t be able to escape.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He doesn’t want any trouble right now. This doesn’t mean that he was afraid. He doesn’t know the other party and the other party doesn’t know him. Despite this, the other party was impolite from the beginning. How could Zhao Hai just endure this? He coldly snorted and stopped.

Before long, several people appeared inside the cave Zhao Hai was in. Zhao Hai counted five people and one beast in front. The beast was in the form of a dog. The dog was tall and slender. It was a demon beast in the shape of a greyhound.

The five cultivators were wearing gray warrior clothing. They didn’t look anything special. Every one of them had blades in their hands. As they stood there, they were glaring at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was confused by their conduct. He doesn’t understand how he offended them. Why do they look very angry? It was bizarre.

Zhao Hai looked at these people with a confused expression on his face. Then he said, “Senior Brothers, did I offend you?”

The cultivator who was holding the dog coldly snorted and said, “Kid, why did you run off just now? Are you hiding something?”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression turned cold. These people don’t know him, but their speech was very impolite. Before, they shouted at him to stop, and now they were asking him if he did something wrong. It was clear that they were finding fault with him.

 Zhao Hai looked at the five people and said, “Whether I hid something or not, it’s none of your business. Are you here to be a hero, or show how brave you are? Looking at your appearance, you don’t fit the image.” Zhao Hai wasn’t wrong. These people were all in the Clone Stage. Although they were in a group, they wouldn’t dare be arrogant in front of a Soul Fusion cultivator. They were only impolite towards Zhao Hai because he was also in the Clone Stage.

When the leader of the group heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Acting like a hero? What’s that? We are the Five Tigers of Quiet Mountain. We never do heroic or righteous acts. We only take from weaklings. Kid, obediently hand over your things. You’re lucky, this uncle is in a good mood. We’ll let you off. But if you resist, this cave will be your burial ground.”

Looking at the leader, Zhao Hai sneered, “Five Tigers of Quiet Mountain? I see that you really like to talk nonsense. If you die, the world will be a bit quieter. I’ll do the world a favor and remove the Five Tigers. This way, the world will be saved from your nonsense.”

The leader couldn’t help but stare, his face turned into anger as he said, “Good, kid. You don’t know what’s good for you. Brothers, get rid of him!” After saying that, he took his blade out and then attacked Zhao Hai.


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