BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2044


Chapter 2044 – Natural Divine Strength

Seeing a corpse wasn’t anything strange. What’s strange was the fact that the sword was still present. No matter who looks at it, the sword looks special. Anyone who killed the cultivator should have taken it. It was strange that the sword remained.

Zhao Hai looked around him, then he waved his hand. The ground fluctuated before the corpse and the sword were buried. Just as Zhao Hai was about to leave, he heard a loud voice, “Kid, stop. You ruined this uncle’s setup, and now you want to leave?”

Zhao Hai looked over and saw a cultivator appearing. Zhao Hai thought that the man who called him over would be a huge man. But looking at it now, this doesn’t seem to be the case. The cultivator was skinny and small, only about 1.5 meters tall. He wore black warrior clothing with his blade on his back. Besides his face, his whole body was wrapped with cloth.

This person’s face surprised Zhao Hai. He was thin, but he had a beard that grew to his waist. He looked funny.

Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t react, the person looked at him with an ugly expression. The man knew that he didn’t look good. But it was precisely because of this that he was very concerned about how people looked at him. As long as someone gives him a strange look, he would immediately take their lives.

The man coldly snorted and said, “Kid, this uncle is fishing for prey. But you actually buried my bait. But this is also good, you have taken the bait. It will only take me a moment to dig it out.”

Zhao Hai looked at the cultivator, the corners of his mouth lifted up as he replied, “You’re really confident. Do you really think that you can deal with me?”

The man laughed, “A trivial Clone Stage cultivator dared to talk back to me? Kid, I don’t know if I should commend your courage, or your foolishness.”

Zhao Hai looked at the cultivator. To be honest, the cultivator also wasn’t very strong. He was just at the Soul Fusion Stage. Naturally, Soul Fusion Cultivators were stronger than Clone Stage Cultivators. Although clones could cultivate and help during fights, it was still a separate entity from the main body. And they can’t pass their cultivation to the main body.

On the other hand, cultivators in the Soul Fusion Stage have divided souls. Once combined, the soul of the main body and the clone could work together. This would allow the cultivator to use two people’s worth of cultivation.

Therefore, it was very hard for a Clone Stage Cultivator to defend against a Soul Fusion Cultivator. Both in terms of cultivation and soul power, Clone Stage Cultivators couldn’t compare to Soul Fusion Cultivators.

But for a Soul Fusion Cultivator to deal with Zhao Hai, it would be quite hard. Soul Fusion Cultivators might have more spiritual qi, but Zhao Hai’s blade technique could make up for this gap. As for the recovery speed, Soul Fusion Cultivators might not be as fast as Zhao Hai. If the two sides were at a stalemate, the Soul Fusion Cultivator would run out of energy first.

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t treat the Soul Fusion Cultivator seriously. Naturally, the cultivator noticed Zhao Hai’s nonchalant expression. It seems like Zhao Hai didn’t put him in his eyes. This greatly offended the cultivator. He couldn’t help but roar, “Kid, you’re no more than a Clone Stage cultivator, but you dare to look down on me? Die!” As he said that, the cultivator took his blade and slashed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also took his blade out and clashed with the enemy. When the two weapons connected, Zhao Hai felt a powerful force going against him. He couldn’t help but take seven to eight steps back.

The result of the clash shocked Zhao Hai. Although he wasn’t using his full power, he knew that his strength was greater than average cultivators. And yet, he was driven back by the thin-looking man. Moreover, he was driven back using pure strength. 

Zhao Hai looked blankly at the cultivator. Since he doesn’t want to expose his strength, he wouldn’t go all out whenever he fought against normal cultivators. He would only use his special techniques against cultivators he deemed a threat. He didn’t expect the skinny man to have natural divine strength. His blade actually made Zhao Hai’s hand numb.

After attacking once, the man didn’t continue attacking. Instead, he stood triumphantly as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, how does it feel? Hahaha. Now you know how powerful this uncle is. You better kill yourself. At least your body will be left intact. Otherwise, this uncle will cut off your head!”

Looking at the skinny cultivator, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “It has been a long time since I’ve faced a strong cultivator. It seems like I’ll have fun this time!” After saying that, Zhao Hai stood still. Then his body changed as he grew taller to more than two meters tall. The muscles of his whole body became more accentuated. His whole body also began to shine with a bronze light.

This was the Demon Subjugation Method’s strongest state, Vajra Transformation. This transforms the user’s body into a powerful Vajra that could subdue and eliminate demons.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s body transform, the skinny cultivator’s complexion changed. He was born with divine strength. Although he was skinny and small, he had the strength of a dragon. The blade in his hand might not be long, but it was made out of a special heavy metal. Whenever he fought against people, he would almost always win by force. Even if he faced people with higher cultivation, it would be impossible for them to defeat him with strength.

Zhao Hai’s transformation gave the skinny cultivator huge pressure. Because in addition to those with innate gifts like him, people who were muscular were generally confident in their physical strength. As soon as he saw Zhao Hai transform into a muscular giant, the skinny man knew that Zhao Hai used a technique to increase his strength.

Besides his body, Zhao Hai’s weapon also changed. His long blade changed into a ghost-head broadsword. The handle of ghost-head broadsword wasn’t long, but its length of half a meter was just enough for Zhao Hai to use with his two hands.

Zhao Hai held the ghost-head broadsword sideways right next to his eyes. He looked at the skinny cultivator and said, “Since you are born with divine strength, let’s see who is stronger, you or me.” After he said that, Zhao Hai roared and attacked.

The complexion of the skinny cultivator changed. He also lifted his blade to defend. When the two weapons connected, a huge sound was heard. The entire cave shook and some dust began to rain down.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop with just one attack. The two continuously exchanged blows. One huge and one small, the sound of their battle was extremely loud.

This was a competition of pure strength. Zhao Hai and the skinny man have completely disregarded any techniques. They were only concerned about their weapons overwhelming the other party.

The two fought for an unknown period of time. The skinny cultivator was beginning to feel the effects of Zhao Hai’s strength. Although he had innate divine strength, he never fought against someone like Zhao Hai. With Zhao Hai’s transformed body, his reach has become longer and his lungs could hold more air. This allowed him to gain a physical advantage against a Soul Fusion Cultivator. Despite fighting for more than 200 rounds, the skinny cultivator couldn’t get any advantages. Instead, he was being pushed back by Zhao Hai.

To be honest, the skinny cultivator was beginning to feel regret. He really regretted provoking Zhao Hai. He didn’t think Zhao Hai would be this hard to deal with. Even if he used his full strength he still wasn’t able to do anything to Zhao Hai. If he knew about this before, he would have left Zhao Hai alone.

Zhao Hai also saw that the skinny cultivator was about to run out of energy. Zhao Hai was using a Buddhist Technique. Buddhist Techniques focus on endurance more than anything. All Buddhist Cultivators had long breaths and powerful veins, their cultivation methods were the same. Because of this, Zhao Hai’s resilience was at a high level. He would never lose against anyone in a protracted battle. And now, the skinny cultivator was about to lose to Zhao Hai’s endurance.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a saint, especially to his enemies. Seeing that the skinny cultivator was getting to the end of his strength, he would definitely capitalize on the opportunity. Instead of slowing down his attacks, Zhao Hai sped it up instead.

The skinny cultivator was now experiencing a tragedy. He didn’t expect that he would meet an anomaly like Zhao Hai. He was now gasping for air. He felt the blade in his hand becoming heavier and heavier. He was using all he had to block each of Zhao Hai’s attacks.

Despite this, the skinny cultivator had no trace of desperation in his eyes. Zhao Hai also noticed this. Instead of panic, the skinny cultivator’s eyes had the look of ruthlessness. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pay more attention. At the same time, he was beginning to crystallize his skin.

Sure enough, when the skinny cultivator was unable to block Zhao Hai’s attack, he turned his hand and took out a glossy bead. The bead wasn’t large. It was the size of a dragon’s eye. However, Zhao Hai’s expression changed when he saw the bead.

Zhao Hai hasn’t seen this bead before nor did he know what it was. However, he was certain that the bead wasn’t good for him. This was because he could feel a huge amount of energy trapped inside the bead. Once this energy was released, the result would be disastrous.

At this moment, the skinny cultivator saw the change in Zhao Hai’s complexion. He laughed and said, “What? Afraid? I spent a large amount of money to obtain this Heavenly Lighting Bead. Today, you’ll know how powerful this is. We’ll die together~”

But in the middle of the skinny man’s monologue, Zhao Hai interjected, “You talk too much!”


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