BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2041


Chapter 2041 – Each With Their Own Tricks

As soon as the tiger came out, its eyes were fixated on Zhao Hai. The tiger roared and leapt towards Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai’s Eight Gates weren’t easy to deal with. The tiger’s attack had no effect. But at the same time, the tiger’s defenses were very strong. Zhao Hai’s blade also couldn’t do anything to it.

When the other people from the Imperial Beast Sect saw their leader release the tiger, they were no longer polite and released their own beasts. These beasts came in all forms. Some of them even released two beasts. All in all, the seven attackers released ten demon beasts.

Seven opponents suddenly turned into seventeen. Beasts from the Imperial Beast Sect were formidable. They weren’t any weaker compared to cultivators. In this case, Zhao Hai’s defenses experienced more difficulties.

At this time, Zhao Hai also released his own Undead. However, he didn’t release a lot of Undead. He only showed the four Undead from the Sword Hegemon Sect. Although their strength has been greatly demoted, they were still able to reduce the pressure on Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai paid attention to the people from the Imperial Beast Sect. He discovered that although they were catching their breaths, their eyes were very calm. It can be seen that they haven’t gone all out. So Zhao Hai didn’t make any drastic moves. He’s waiting to see what other cards they have.

Zhao Hai already had experience fighting against people from the Imperial Beast Sect. The same was true for the Sword Hegemon Sect. 

Disciples of the Sword Hegemon Sect were similar to the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. While the Tyrant Blade Sect focused heavily on the blade, the Sword Hegemon Sect were sword purists. Longsword, short sword, double handed broadsword, rapiers, the sect was filled with sword masters.

As for the Imperial Beast Sect, they were different from the Sword Hegemon Sect. The attacks of the disciples of the Imperial Beast Sect have the essences of the beasts, the same was true for their movement techniques and their cultivation methods. Their imitation of the demon beasts could be easily seen. Similar to how Zhao Hai developed his Hundred Beasts Fist, it seems like the people of the Imperial Beast Sect also took inspiration from demon beasts.

As they fought, Zhao Hai was observing the attacks of the Imperial Beast Sect. Their offense was very formidable. However, Zhao Hai was certain that this wasn’t their full strength.

Although he didn’t know why the Imperial Beast Sect did this, he didn’t take them lightly. He defended against the attacks with all his strength. At the same time, he was preparing for any emergencies.

Zhao Hai released Undead to help him, but because he intentionally limited their strength, his situation wasn’t too good. Zhao Hai and his clone used the Eight Gate Goldenlock Technique to defend. However, this meant that only their defenses were strong. Their attacks were lacking.

Even so, the people from the Imperial Beast Sect discovered that they couldn’t break through Zhao Hai’s defenses. Even the two Earth Monarchs were having a hard time. This wasn’t because Zhao Hai’s cultivation was strong, but it was completely because of Zhao Hai’s skill with the blade.

Zhao Hai’s blade techniques were formidable. He had practiced them to the highest level. Although his blade techniques have yet to be integrated with each other, Zhao Hai was still a threat when he used a blade technique on its own.

Techniques that were practiced to a high degree couldn’t be underestimated. The higher one’s achievement on a technique, the more layers it added to the technique’s effectiveness. A high enough achievement could even double a technique’s effects. Since Zhao Hai already practiced the Eight Gates Goldenlock Technique to the highest level, its defenses were more than double of its original. It was precisely because of this increase that the people from the Imperial Beast Sect were having a hard time breaking through Zhao Hai’s defense.

The man who lured Zhao Hai out couldn’t help but frown when he saw this situation. Then with a serious tone, he commanded, “Go all out and deal with him as soon as possible. We don’t want to be discovered by the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

As soon as the others heard this, they immediately reached out to their waists and released their demon beasts. Then they all attacked Zhao Hai at the same time.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that the attackers were now getting serious. However, he didn’t follow along and revealed his cards. He continued defending with his full strength.

The attackers were getting anxious. Although it was said that Maze Town’s branch of the Tyrant Blade Sect was turning a blind eye to the violence happening outside the town, it still depended on who was fighting.

The Imperial Beast Sect was aware that Zhao Hai was going out for his trial. Moreover, it was the special trial of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Even in the Tyrant Blade Sect, only a few people knew that Zhao Hai had broken through to the Clone Stage. Therefore, the branch hall in Maze Town shouldn’t be aware that it was Zhao Hai who was fighting.

However, one shouldn’t forget the status of Zhao Hai’s attackers. Even if they didn’t know Zhao Hai, the attackers were still from the Imperial Beast Sect. The Tyrant Blade Sect’s relationship with the Imperial Beast Sect was quite bad. If the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect see that the Imperial Beast Sect were outside Maze Town and were causing trouble, they would no doubt insert their foot. Because of this, the leader of the attackers were beginning to worry. If they cannot deal with Zhao Hai in a short time and the Tyrant Blade Sect decides to get involved, then they would be in trouble.

The Imperial Beast Sect’s attacks became more fierce, but they were also beginning to become impatient. Their focus was fully on their attack, they completely ignored defending against Zhao Hai.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s eyes turned bright as he saw an opportunity. His dao avatar clone suddenly appeared behind an Imperial Beast Sect cultivator and stabbed him in the heart. As his heart was crushed, the cultivator let out a pitiful cry. He wanted to take a look at his attacker, but he didn’t see them.

The yell of the cultivator alarmed the rest of the Imperial Beast Sect Cultivators. They looked over and saw that one of them had already fallen down. The mouth of their fallen comrade was frothing with blood. It was clear that he wouldn’t be able to last long.

As soon as this person died, the demon beasts they controlled were released and quickly lost control. They all jumped towards Zhao Hai like crazy. This caused the other beasts to retreat.

At this moment, another cultivator let out a roar. The others looked at him and saw that he was despairing over a rhinoceros demon beast. His face was very pale.

The cultivators from the Imperial Beast Sect knew that the rhinoceros was his demon beast. It must be known that cultivators from the Imperial Beast Sect hold a special connection with their demon beasts. They don’t treat their demon beasts like slaves. Instead, they were treated as brothers, as relatives. 

Cultivators will even attach a fragment of their soul into their beasts. So if something happens to their beast, the master would also be injured.

Naturally, not all beasts have souls attached to them. Each Imperial Beast Sect Cultivator would have their own natal beast. Only the natal beast would have a soul attached to them. The rhinoceros was an example of a natal beast. Now that it was killed, the effect on its cultivator was big.

What made the cultivator the most angry was that he doesn’t know what killed his natal beast. This caused him to turn crazy.

The Imperial Beast Sect cultivator gave out a furious roar as he attacked Zhao Hai. Even blind people would know that the death of his natal beast has something to do with Zhao Hai. It meant that Zhao Hai killed his brother. How could the cultivator stay calm? Moreover, now that his natal beast has died, his cultivation would be deeply affected. His soul was also damaged. Later on, it would be difficult for him to cultivate.

In this case, it was no wonder that the cultivator was going all out against Zhao Hai. The other attackers couldn’t help but change their expressions. Then they began to pay attention to their surroundings.

But because of this distraction, their attacks were affected. This doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai was more relaxed. The cultivator who lost his natal beast as well as the beast whose master was killed were attacking Zhao Hai with all they have. Instead of being relaxed, Zhao Hai was even more pressured.

At this time, the beast and the cultivator who was killed suddenly stood up and attacked. The sudden attack caused the crazed beast and cultivator to be caught off-guard. The beast that turned crazy was immediately killed by its previous owner. While the cultivator who lost his natal beast was severely injured.

Seeing this, the attackers’ expression changed and turned uglier. They managed to save the cultivator, but the demon beast that had been killed was immediately turned into Undead.

Zhao Hai’s side originally had three Undead. But now, he has an additional Undead cultivator and two Undead Beasts. At the same time, he managed to injure another cultivator. This meant that the side from the Imperial Beast Sect had lost 4.

This realization caused the people from the Imperial Beast Sect to be annoyed. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so powerful. Before this, they were confident that they could kill Zhao Hai. But now, it is becoming more and more impossible.

The man who led Zhao Hai out of the town had a look of resentment as he looked at Zhao Hai who was being besieged by beasts. But he has no other way. They had exhausted almost all of their options, yet they still couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai. In this case, wanting to keep Zhao Hai here for longer would be difficult.

As the man looked at the two Undead Beasts as well as the Imperial Beast Sect Cultivator, his expression turned even uglier.

At this moment, a change happened in the surroundings. Several Zhao Hais appeared next to the beasts. Their blades attacked the moment they appeared.

The man’s complexion changed as he roared, “Be careful!”

There was no need for him to shout for others to notice. They had already been sneak attacked multiple times. They weren’t stupid. Therefore, the moment the Zhao Hai clones appeared, they quickly responded and retaliated. But when they managed to defend, the Zhao Hai clone just disappeared.


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