BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2038


Chapter 2038 – Attacked

Zhao Hai traveled on the road once again. This time, he didn’t ride his mount and he was only wearing ordinary warrior clothing. He also stored his blade on his back. He looked like a wandering warrior.

Spatial equipment weren’t rare items in the True Spirit Realm. Even mortals would trade spatial items between themselves. However, there were still plenty of cultivators who liked to wear their weapons on their bodies. This way, they could feel their weapons and synchronize with it.

Because of this, it was not surprising to see a warrior of the True Spirit Realm carrying their weapons on their backs. However, no mortal would use this method to impersonate a cultivator. If a cultivator found out, the mortal won’t be able to live well.

Zhao Hai was maintaining a low profile this time. He went out without using his Demon Horse. His mount was an amazing steed that no ordinary cultivator would be able to get their hands on. If he rode his Demon Horse, people would see him as someone belonging to a Great Sect.

Zhao Hai was currently undergoing his trial, so he naturally wouldn’t go to Yalong City. If he went to Yalong City, he would certainly be spotted by Su Dingshan. When the time comes, he would immediately fail his trial.

This time, Zhao Hai’s goal was the central part of the True Spirit Realm. He wanted to see the scenery of the realm in the eyes of an ordinary warrior.

It was already the third day since Zhao Hai left the central region of the Tyrant Blade Sect. In the past three days, he has yet to leave the influence of the sect, so he didn’t meet any danger. Occasionally, he would meet sect disciples on the road. These people only gave Zhao Hai a strange look. When they saw Zhao Hai’s strength, they immediately understood what he was doing and gave him a friendly smile.

Zhao Hai traveled without rest for three days. He had almost left the influence of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s central region. It must be known that transmission formations were only limited. Transmission formation could only send people to the outskirts of the central territory of the sect. Beyond that, one would need to walk. Otherwise, it would have taken Zhao Hai more than ten days to half a month to reach his current location.

At this time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look back. He was about to leave the influence of the Tyrant Blade Sect. And this departure would take three years. Most importantly, in these three years, Laura and the others might not be able to see him.

Although Laura and the others could go to the Space to meet him, it wasn’t optimal for them to disappear knowing that the Yin Yang Elders were also in resident complex 52. In these three years, opportunities to see Laura and the others would be rare.

After sighing lightly, Zhao Hai turned his head and continued to move forward. Because he didn’t use any movement techniques, his progress wasn’t fast. When night came, Zhao Hai didn’t travel far. The surroundings were still quite safe so he took out a tent, built a fire, and made some food before resting.

But then, ten minutes past midnight, Zhao Hai suddenly opened his eyes and rolled his body. As he dodged, he withdrew his blade. Then a light covered Zhao Hai’s body which soon revealed eight bronze gates appearing around him.

Dang, dang! Just as the gates appeared, the sound of arrows hitting metal was heard. The arrows had quite the force behind them. The gates roared like gongs when the arrows hit them.

Before long, the arrows disappeared. Zhao Hai looked at the direction the arrows came from and coldly snorted as he said, “You rats! Don’t force me! Come out!”

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, he heard someone give out a cold snort. Then Zhao Hai discovered that he was surrounded by ten people. Moreover, from the aura the ten people gave out, they were at least in the Soul Fusion Stage. The strongest among them was even at the Earth Monarch Stage.

Seeing these people, Zhao Hai’s complexion changed, “Who are you? Why did you attack me?”

The Earth Monarch Cultivator sneered and said, “Truly worthy of being the disciple of the Yin Yang Elders. Even at this time, you’re quite calm.”

Hearing his status being pointed out, Zhao Hai’s face turned serious. Then he said, “Why did you stop me? I don’t know any of you.”

The Earth Monarch Cultivator looked even more arrogant as he replied, “Why? Hahaha. Until now, you’re still asking stupid questions. Do you think we’re idiots? We know who you are, Zhao Hai. You don’t have to pretend.”

Zhao Hai looked at the swords on the back of the attackers and snorted, “Sword Hegemon Sect, you really made a move. You’re quite brave to attack me here. Aren’t you afraid of being cleaned up by the Tyrant Blade Sect?”

“Hahahaha. Zhao Hai, there’s no need to scare us. We aren’t frightened. We’re well aware that you’re heading out for the trial and you don’t have the Tyrant Blade Sect’s token. To be honest, I didn’t expect that you would reach the Clone Stage in such a period of time. I have to commend you. No wonder you were able to kill several people from our Sword Hegemon Sect and the Imperial Beast Sect.”

“If you know of my identity, you should understand what would happen if something happens to me. My Masters will not let you go.”

“Nobody will know. Alright, let’s not waste time. We already laid out a formation in the surroundings. Even if we overturn the heavens, nobody will notice.”

“Very well. Let’s fight!” After saying that, Zhao Hai immediately attacked. Zhao Hai understood how eager these people were by the fact that they sent an Earth Monarch Cultivator to attack him. Any more talking was useless. It was better to fight it out, maybe he would have a way to preserve his life.

These people didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would attack first. Zhao Hai didn’t attack on his own. He also released his clone to attack the Earth Monarch Cultivator.

The Earth Monarch was also quite formidable. When Zhao Hai moved, he took his sword and attacked as well.

At this time, the other cultivators made their moves and attacked Zhao Hai and his clone. Unfortunately for them, Zhao Hai’s body was very strong. Despite them being stronger, it was impossible for them to do anything to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai spent most of his energy dealing with the Earth Monarch Cultivator. The Earth Monarch Stage was two levels higher than Zhao Hai’s current stage. It was undoubtedly much stronger than Zhao Hai’s level. Although Zhao Hai’s attack didn’t pose any threat, he kept attacking. He knew that if he lowered his guard for even a moment, that person would definitely take advantage. 

The sound of fighting continued on for some time. Surprisingly, the ten attackers couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai. This caused their expressions to turn ugly. They didn’t expect that they would still fail to deal with Zhao Hai despite their strength.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was waiting for an opportunity. As long as his chance came, he would deal a fatal blow to these people. 

The attackers discovered that Zhao Hai’s attacks were slowly weakening, especially the Earth Monarch Cultivator. Now, Zhao Hai could only parry attacks and could no longer hit back.

Seeing this, the attackers couldn’t help but be happy. They saw that their victory was close. They had already lost a lot of face due to their failure to deal with Zhao Hai in a short time. As long as they could kill Zhao Hai, their shame would be erased.

At this time, the Earth Monarch Cultivator suddenly pushed Zhao Hai’s clone back with his sword. Then he used his sword to attack Zhao Hai’s head.

Everyone was stunned by this development, especially Zhao Hai. He looked at the Earth Monarch Cultivator with a blank expression. At the same time, he perished.

Just as the attackers were about to cheer, Zhao Hai suddenly appeared behind the Earth Monarch Cultivator. Then he jabbed his blade towards the back of the Earth Monarch.

The Earth Monarch Cultivator still had a proud look on his face as he looked down on the blade coming out of his chest. Slowly, he turned his head to Zhao Hai who was sneering. Then Zhao Hai kicked the body of the Earth Monarch Cultivator to the side before charging towards the other attackers.

The other attackers were dumbfounded. They couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai suddenly appeared. At this time, Zhao Hai made his move and attacked them. They immediately took their swords to defend. However, their morale had already dropped a few points.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s mood didn’t change. The Earth Monarch only attacked a condensed dao avatar that had no soul. Because of this, it didn’t matter if it perished or not. Zhao Hai used this opportunity to surprise the Earth Monarch Cultivator and get rid of them.

The Earth Monarch’s attention was on the dao avatar. In reality, Zhao Hai substituted himself with the dao avatar, making people think that he has been killed. When they were distracted, Zhao Hai made his killing move. Naturally, his first target would be the biggest threat, which was the Earth Monarch Cultivator. 

Now, Zhao Hai changed his target to the rest of the attackers. He coordinated with his clone to attack them. However, Zhao Hai and his clone can only go so far in fighting nine Soul Fusion Cultivators. They could only defend against attacks. It was impossible for Zhao Hai to get rid of them.

The remaining attackers were no longer as shocked as earlier. Instead, they were all angry. They couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai managed to kill the Earth Monarch despite being under the attack of ten people. If outsiders were to know about this, then the face of the attackers would be completely lost.


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