BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2034


Chapter 2034 – Unusual Trial

After a flash of white light, Zhao Hai, Lin Ling, and Xiang Ying appeared on resident complex 52’s training ground. At this time, Qiu Tie was practicing his punches. When he saw the three, he immediately stopped and greeted Zhao Hai, “I have seen the Young Master and the two Misters.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Lin Lin and said, “Senior Brother, this is Qiu Tie. He’s the servant that the sect provided me. I’m currently teaching him martial arts. This kid is quite good. He’ll soon reach the intermediate level of the Rebirth Stage.”

Then Zhao Hai turned to Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, this is your Uncle Lin and Uncle Xiang. Remember their names. Alright, you can stop practicing. Let’s head in to eat.”

However, Qiu Tie shook his head, “Young Master, it’s not mealtime yet. I’ll stay here for a while longer. You can go inside and eat.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai didn’t stop him. Qiu Tie was attacking the intermediate level of the Rebirth Stage. Therefore, he was even more eager to practice recently.

Zhao Hai led Lin Ling and Xiang Ying to the dining room that Meg already prepared. After asking the two to sit down, Zhao Hai turned his head to Meg and said, “How about the two Elders?”

Meg smiled and said, “The two Masters said that you can’t drink comfortably if they are present. Therefore, they didn’t come. Right, I already called Senior Brother Dao Shu and the others. They should arrive soon.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. Then we’ll drink while waiting for them.” Meg nodded and then walked out. Before long, she returned with two jugs of liquor. She poured three cups before leaving.

After Lin Ling and Xiang Ying sat down, they analyzed the surrounding situation and gave a nod. Zhao Hai’s interior decoration was very good. Although it was magnificent, it wasn’t too high-profile. 

At this time, a voice was heard outside, “Brother Zhao, I heard that you’re asking us to drink!” Then before long Dao Shu and the others entered the room.

Once everyone was introduced to each other, they immediately took their cups and shared a drink. Lin Ling and Xiang Ying have heard of the Dao Brothers in the past, but their image wasn’t very good.

Back then, the 12 Eccentrics of Lower Earth Mountain didn’t have a good reputation in the sect. But now, they were envied by people. This was because they were able to own their own peak.

Although Lin Ling and Xiang Ying stayed in the Soaring Dragon Realm, they were able to learn news about the Tyrant Blade Sect. They paid special attention to news about Zhao Hai. Therefore, they knew about the matters of Lower Earth Mountain.

Other people might think that Zhao Hai’s rewards were excessive, but Lin Ling and Xiang Ying didn’t think so. When Zhao Hai destroyed the Osmanthus Crystal Realm, it was a huge contribution towards the Tyrant Blade Sect. Giving him such a reward wasn’t excessive.

The group drank a lot of liquor. They managed to empty 34 jugs of liquor. Nobody used their spiritual qi to block the alcohol, so everyone was soon lying on the ground drunk.

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying only returned to their peak three days later. All this time, they drank happily.

After drinking with Lin Ling and the others, Zhao Hai’s carefree life was restored. But this time, he was preparing to attack the Clone Stage.

The Clone stage involved sending one’s soul to their dao avatar, making it one’s incarnation. This way, the dao avatar will be you and you will be the dao avatar.

Naturally, doing this wasn’t easy. Failing in doing so would result in damaging the soul. And this damage was permanent. It would cause quite a lot of trouble to the cultivator.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this. When he met Hu Wei, Hu Wei’s soul was teetering on being extinguished. But in the end, he was rescued by the Space. Moreover, the soul was the specialty of Dark Mages.

Zhao Hai’s dao avatar has already condensed to a point where it was similar to his main body. If his dao avatar stood in front of Zhao Hai, bystanders wouldn’t see any difference between the two.

After a month of preparation, Zhao Hai was finally ready to break through to the Clone Stage. Actually, there was no need for Zhao Hai to prepare for a month. However, he couldn’t look too relaxed. Otherwise, people might find something strange.

In Zhao Hai’s month of preparation,Qiu Tie also attacked the intermediate level of the Rebirth Stage and succeeded. Qiu Tie was now a mid-level Rebirth Stage Cultivator. For someone less than seven years old, he was a formidable presence.

On this day, after practicing his blade for a while and adjusting his condition, Zhao Hai went to the courtyard of the Yin Yang Elders. The courtyard of the Yin Yang Elders wasn’t the biggest in resident complex 52. Instead, it was at the opposite side of everyone’s courtyard. It was quite peaceful.

Although the courtyard was small, the things inside were the absolute best. Compared to their past courtyard, their current courtyard was multiple levels higher. Moreover, with Zhao Hai and the others paying respects to them every day, the life of the two old elders were quite enjoyable.

Actually, the reason why the two elders chose an isolated courtyard wasn’t only because they wanted peace. They also didn’t want to affect Qiu Tie and Qiu Zhen with their killing intent.

Zhao Hai and his wives weren’t affected by the murderous aura of the two elders. However, the same couldn’t be said for Qiu Zhen and Qiu Tie. The reason the two Elders often head out to cultivate their minds was to suppress their aura. If they didn’t head out, their murderous aura would eventually kill Qiu Zhen.

Also, back on Yin Yang Peak, the reason the two elders always stayed inside was because their house has a special formation that could isolate their killing intent. This allowed Qiu Zhen to be unaffected.

If there were no such methods, Qiu Zhen might not have survived to old age. It must be known that a mortal’s lifespan would be rapidly exhausted if they were under the effects of a strong killing aura. And when their lifespan runs out, they would naturally die.

Although Qiu Tie was now cultivating, the killing aura of the two elders would still affect his practice. The two elders tried having disciples in the past, but all of them were turned insane by the murderous aura of the two elders. Only Zhao Hai could withstand their killing aura. Zhao Hai had killed far more people than the two Elders, which allowed his killing aura to be completely hidden in his body. Since the two Elders had yet to condense their aura inside their bodies, they chose a courtyard that was far away.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the courtyard of the two elders, he discovered that they weren’t inside their rooms. Initially, when they moved to resident complex 52, the two elders kept staying inside. They would go out for walks but only for a short time. But it didn’t take long before Zhao Hai informed them that their courtyard could suppress their killing intent. Therefore, the two elders could no longer worry about their killing intent leaking out to other courtyards.

The formation on resident complex 52 isn’t only used for defense. It could also attack. Moreover, the formation could absorb killing auras of people to save it for use later.

When a killing formation was filled with killing aura, its might would increase several folds. Although the Yin Yang Elders didn’t believe it fully, they no longer stayed inside all the time. They were now in the yard chatting and drinking tea.

The Yin Yang Elders were now chatting on the yard while drinking tea. Naturally, their tea was provided by Zhao Hai. It was tea that the two Elders especially liked.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Little Hai, are you planning to attack the Clone Stage?”

After giving the two elders a salute, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “As Master knows, I can attack the Clone Stage at any time. I’m prepared to do it today.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “You’ve already accumulated enough. Moreover, your mind has been tempered by the Lower Realms. If we didn’t suppress your cultivation, you would have broken through a long time ago. Do you know why we stopped you from progressing?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “To temper my mind.”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “That’s not entirely true. In the Tyrant Blade Sect, all cultivators who reach the Clone Stage will need to go out for a trial. This trial is different from average missions. In this trial, you can’t bring your identity token. In other words, you will go out carrying the identity of an ordinary cultivator. You also couldn’t reveal your identity as a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

“Most importantly, your trial grounds will not be within the sect’s territory. Instead, you will be going to the territory of another sect. In this trial, it’s possible for you to be attacked by the disciples of another Great Sect. You have just been in the True Spirit Realm for two years, and we were always worried about you. So I asked you to cultivate slowly. But thinking about it, it seems like my worries were a bit unnecessary.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the Yin Elder and asked, “Master, is there any requirement for this trial?”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “There isn’t any requirement. Nor is there anything you need to do. You just have to go out and gain experience. If you encounter any injustice, you will take care of it on your own. If you meet people who need help, you can lend them a hand. Even if you meet an evil group, the sect will not save you.”

“You need to stay outside for three years before you’re allowed to return. Otherwise, your mission will be considered a failure. During these three years, the sect will not offer any help nor will it have contact. Everything will depend on yourself.”

Zhao Hai stared. This was the first time he heard of such an unusual trial.


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