BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2033


Chapter 2033 – Lin Ling Returns

When they heard Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but look at each other. They felt that Zhao Hai’s tastes were too broad. How could he have wives from different races, and even a Demon Beast? He’s too capable.

The Yin Yang Elders couldn’t be blamed for this. In the True Spirit Realm, although there were humanoid Demon Beasts, Humans rarely connected to them through marriage. If a Human married a Demon Beast, they would be looked down on. The same was true if the situation was flipped. The Demon Beast who married a Human would also be isolated. So as soon as the Elders heard that Zhao Hai has wives from different races, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

After some time, the Yin Elder sighed and said, “Alright. Did you have your residence cleaned up?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s been cleaned up. Master, you should live with me in resident complex 52. Laura and the others can be filial to you. You can also help them with their cultivation. In any case, besides the Cleansing Pond, Yin Yang Mountain doesn’t have anything else. What do you think?”

The Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but stare. To be honest, they haven’t really thought about it but they were indeed getting old. Although they were still very healthy, they actually wanted to have juniors accompanying them. Therefore, when they heard Zhao Hai, they were immediately moved.

But after thinking about it, the Yang Elder shook his head and said, “Forget it, you don’t know about our situation. Although we can control our murderous aura, the amount of killing intent we have is too heavy. Laura and the others won’t be able to stand it. It won’t be good for us to have too much contact.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “Master, you’re worrying too much. Laura and the others have fought with me all throughout my journey from the Lower Realms. They have killed quite a number of people as well. They won’t be afraid of your killing aura. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders went silent for some time. Then the Yin Elder nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll move to resident complex 52 later. It just so happens that the sect needs to pay attention to Black Dragon Mountain.”

Seeing that the two elders have agreed, Zhao Hai smiled, “That’s good. Your room has already been prepared. Do you want to move now or later?”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “Let’s wait for Laura and the others to come out first.” Seeing the expression of the Elders, Zhao Hai knew that he could only follow their words. However, Zhao Hai sent Qiu Zhen in advance. Since the Yin Yang Elders were going to move to resident complex 52, Qiu Zhen will naturally follow them. Only two robots were left on Yin Yang Peak to perform the cleaning.

Seven days passed in a blink of an eye. Laura and the others finally came out of the Cleansing Pond. Although their physical qualities were inferior to Zhao Hai, they were still quite gifted compared to ordinary people. The Cleansing Pond didn’t darken as much.

As soon as Laura and the others came out, the group immediately left for resident complex 52. Currently, the residence only has Qiu Zhen and Qiu Tie along with a few robots. Now that everyone has arrived, the residence immediately became lively.

Zhao Hai also invited Dao Shu and the others to meet his wives. Dao Shu and the others were quite surprised, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have so many wives. But they didn’t think about it too much. Because the Yin Yang Elders were present, the brothers were very reserved. After drinking a few cups of wine, they returned to their own residence.

News about the Yin Yang Elders moving to resident complex 52 as well as Zhao Hai’s wives quickly spread throughout the Tyrant Blade Sect. The disciples were shocked. They didn’t expect the Yin Yang Elders to move. At the same time, they didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s wives would catch up to him after only a short few years.

Laura and the others were now in the True Spirit Realm. In order to properly settle in, they naturally need to learn some cultivation methods. Fortunately, with the Yin Yang Elders present, they have a few blade techniques to learn from. This would be enough for them to study for a while. They don’t have Zhao Hai’s monstrous learning ability, so they could only practice their blade bit by bit.

It must be said that the most happy person in the residence was Qiu Tie. The kid was already lovable. This made him very popular with Laura and the others. This also made Zhao Hai happy.

Despite being spoiled by Laura and the others, Qiu Tie didn’t slack off on his cultivation. This was also the first time the Yin Yang Elders witnessed Qiu Tie’s body cultivation process. Seeing Zhao Hai’s training method, the two elders couldn’t help but nod. They didn’t even comment on the medicinal bath that Zhao Hai gave. It should be the most suitable bath for Qiu Tie’s training.

With Laura and the others present, resident complex 52 became livelier. The times smiles appeared on the Yin Yang Elders faces became more frequent. Meg took over in preparing food. Meg’s skill was much better compared to the robots. The Yin Yang Elders became fond of Meg because of the food she cooked. And every evening, the elders would share a few cups with Zhao Hai. The elders were feeling the joy of life.

Since they were young, the two elders were either practicing or fighting for the Tyrant Blade Sect. Being able to enjoy the happiness of a family, the two elders were smiling almost all the time.

Zhao Hai also didn’t stop practicing. He continued to practice his blade, his martial arts, as well as the other weapons. Hearing that Zhao Hai was practicing multiple areas, the Yin Yang Elders were shocked at first. But they had to agree with Zhao Hai’s choice. This method was indeed good for honing the Dao of the Blade.

Laura and the others were not stupid, so they were able to properly study the blade. However, it must be said that Julie was the best blade user among them. Julie was from the Bug Race. The Bug Race was a race that was fitted for slaughter. This gave Julie the advantage in studying the murderous nature of the blade. Moreover, Julie’s weapons were the dual scimitars. And with her transforming hair, she was extremely powerful in battle.

Laura and the rest were worse compared to Julie. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t counting on them to kill people. Although they have also practiced, their main focus was on other fields. Meg liked doing housework. Meanwhile, Laura and the others were on the computer researching formations and other things.

When the Yin Yang Elders saw Laura and the others using the computer to research formations, they quickly understood why Zhao Hao was so good at formations. Computers were simply the ultimate weapons in research, especially computers fitted to be compatible with cultivation. Laura and the others were using the computers to simulate all kinds of scenarios.

Upon seeing the power of the computer, the Yin Yang Elders immediately called Elder Zhen over. When he saw the potential of the computer, Elder Zhen didn’t hesitate to take one and returned to his laboratory.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind this. Even if the computers were stolen, it was not a big deal. Even if they can imitate it, there would still be no problem. This was because computers were divided into software and hardware. One couldn’t exist without the other. A software with no hardware was useless. Similarly, a computer with no software was nothing more than a heap of iron.

The True Spirit Realm continued its calm as nothing major happened. Ghost Cultivators were still out of sight. The various sects continued to operate like they used to.

Six months after the Yin Yang Elders moved to resident complex 52, Zhao Hai heard of another good news. Lin Ling and Xiang Yin have returned from the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying should have returned much earlier. However, an accident in the Soaring Dragon Realm delayed them. A few people were found plotting against the Tyrant Blade Sect. This caused the sect to keep Lin Ling and Xiang Ying in Hengdao City for an additional year.

The two had just returned, so Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them. The two should have plenty of matters to process upon returning.

A week after the two returned, Zhao Hai rode his winged horse towards Fast Earth Mountain. Lin Ling and Xiang Ying were disciples of Fast Earth Mountain, which explains why Gu Yueyu called them Senior Brother.

Zhao Hai hasn’t visited Fast Earth Mountain before. In the past, Ge Yueyu was the one who went to Lower Earth Mountain.

Fast Earth Mountain was quite a distance away from Lower Earth Mountain. Zhao Hai’s winged horse took three hours to arrive. Fast Earth Mountain’s area was also bigger than Lower Earth mountain. The entire mountain had 36 peaks. Each peak had one or two residences for disciples to live in.

Zhao Hai already knew that Lin Ling lived in resident complex 23 of Fast Earth Mountain. Therefore, he planned his route towards it.

Although resident complex 23 also had its own training ground, Zhao Hai didn’t land his winged horse there. Instead, he landed his horse outside the residence.

Resident complex 23 was different from resident complex 52. There were two guards at the entrance of the residence. These guards were also inner disciples from the residence. In resident complex 23, people were arranged to do chores every month. Gatekeepers were also rotated every month.

Seeing someone descending with a winged horse, the guards were curious. After getting down from his horse, Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the two guards and said, “Lower Earth Mountain’s Zhao Hai has seen the two Senior Brothers. I heard that Senior Brother Lin Ling and Senior Brother Xiang Ying have returned from the Soaring Dragon Realm. I want to pay them a visit.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the two guards stared. Then they immediately thought about a rumor they heard. The rumor said that the person who found Zhao Hai for the Tyrant Blade Sect was Lin Ling. Hearing that Zhao Hai was looking for Lin Ling and Xiang Ying, the two immediately confirmed the rumor. The two cupped their fist and said, “We have seen Junior Brother Zhao Hai. Senior Brother Lin Ling and Senior Brother Xiang Ying are in the training ground. Junior Brother can find them there.” After Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude, he received his winged horse and walked in.

After entering resident complex 23, Zhao Hai was met with curious looks from the inhabitants. However, they didn’t do anything. After all, Zhao Hai came in from the front entrance. This meant that there was no problem with him. It would be rude if they went and interrogated him. 

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the looks directed towards him. Before long, he arrived at the training grounds. There were plenty of disciples practicing on the grounds. Lin Ling and Xiang Ying were among these people. They had just returned from the Soaring Dragon Realm, so they needed to readjust their bodies. They were currently in the training ground to condition their muscles.

From what Zhao Hai saw, Lin Ling’s blade was fierce and vicious. It was full of killing intent. On the other hand, Xiang Ying’s blade was soft and serene. However, it hid a sense of fatal danger.

Zhao Hai was no longer ignorant to the Dao of the Blade. Because of this, he could see that although Lin Ling and Xiang Ying’s blades were good, they should be at least at the Minor Mastery Stage. 

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying were sensitive to their surroundings. Sensing that someone was staring at them, they turned their heads to see Zhao Hai. Their expressions immediately lightened up. They received their blades and walked over. Zhao Hai smiled as well as he cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brother Lin, Senior Brother Xiang, you’re back.”

Lin Ling laughed and said, “We’re a bit late. But we already know what you’ve been doing in the sect. You did quite well in just two years. We wanted to visit you in two days, but you came first. Come, let’s go to my courtyard.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Senior Brother Lin, I actually want to invite you over to my place. I already prepared everything. What do you think?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying stared. Then Lin Ling laughed and said, “Alright, let’s go. I heard that the two elders are also staying with you. We cannot make them wait.”’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, the Masters are now living with me. I had Meg prepare the food and wine. Let’s share a few cups.” After he said that, the group was covered by a white light before they vanished from resident complex 23.

When the group disappeared, the people in the training ground gathered together. Then one of them said, “Was that Zhao Hai? I just heard him say that his Masters are living with him. So that should be Zhao Hai. It seems like the rumors are true. Zhao Hai was really found by Senior Brother Lin Ling.”

Another person nodded and said, “It should be true. I also heard him mention Meg. I know that one of Zhao Hai’s wives is named Meg. Say, where do you think Zhao Hai’s wives came from? When I went to Black Dragon Mountain some time ago, I met them at the foot of Lower Earth Mountain. They’re really beautiful.”

A nearby cultivator whispered, “I heard that Zhao Hai’s wives came from the Lower Realms. Because his wives haven’t reached the Rebirth Stage, they didn’t come with Zhao Hai. Now that they advanced, they ascended to meet him. Zhao Hai is quite sentimental.”

“You might not have noticed, Zhao Hai has reached the Condensed Avatar Stage. He only did it in two years, he’s very fierce.”

“Right, he’s really fierce!”


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