BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2031


Chapter 2031 – Wind Stopped and Rain Disappeared

Zhao Hai didn’t dislike his nickname. There was nothing wrong with being called a farmer. Perhaps in the eyes of the Cultivators, farmers were inferior. But Zhao Hai knew clearly that without farmers, huge sects like the Tyrant Blade Sect wouldn’t have anything to eat. Without farmers, low-level cultivators won’t be able to continue cultivating.

After Zhao Hai returned to resident complex 52, he continued to practice every day. In addition to guiding Qiu Tie’s practice, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to information regarding Ghost Cultivators.

But surprisingly, in the next two months, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to get any news about Ghost Cultivators. It wasn’t only Zhao Hai, nobody could get any information regarding Ghost Cultivators. This wasn’t only strange for Zhao Hai. The high-level members of the sects were also feeling strange.

In the past, Ghost Cultivators were an ominous existence in the True Spirit Realm. Every day, battles between Cultivators and Ghost Cultivators would erupt somewhere. 

But two months passed by without any news about Ghost Cultivators. They seemed to have vanished completely. It was as if they never existed. This caused the sects of the True Spirit Realm to be confused.

Is this peace, or is it just the calm before the storm? This was an issue of concern for the higher-ups of the True Spirit Realm. Three months passed and there was still no action from the Ghost Cultivators. Sects began to slowly relax. It seems like there wasn’t going to be a major war between the Ghost Sect and the Great Sects of the  True Spirit Realm.

With this idea in mind, the entire True Spirit Realm loosened. Lower Earth Mountain returned to its past tranquility. Disciples had been very nervous before. Inner disciples would think of doing missions every day to exchange for materials to improve their strength. Only Zhao Hai kept his leisurely life.

Whenever an Inner Disciple sees Zhao Hai, their faces would have a strange expression. They don’t understand why Zhao Hai was like this. In their opinion, Zhao Hai can promote his strength in a short time. However, he didn’t do that.

It wasn’t strange for Inner Disciples to think about this. It must be known that Zhao Hai’s Masters weren’t average Elders. They were Elders with high positions within the sect. They would certainly have a lot of good items in their hands. Moreover, everyone knew how much importance the Yin Yang Elders attached to Zhao Hai. In this case, if Zhao Hai wanted to enhance his strength as much as possible, the Yin Yang Elders could certainly help him achieve this goal.

Even without the help of the Yin Yang Elders, Zhao Hai has sold a lot of goods to the sect, which brought him a lot of contribution points. As long as he has enough contribution points, Zhao Hai could exchange for pills and other items to help him cultivate. It wouldn’t be hard for him to improve his strength in a short period of time.

However, Zhao Hai doesn’t seem to be worried. He continued to practice every day in his residence and he also taught his servant. Once in a while, he would go to his field to look and then he would sell grain and vegetables to the sect. He looked very carefree. The Inner Disciples couldn’t help but be curious. But there were others who disdained Zhao Hai. In their opinion, Zhao Hai was wasting his time. He had advantages that he didn’t make use of. Instead, he did useless chores every day. He doesn’t look like a cultivator at all. They couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai could ascend from the Lower Realms.

But these people could never know what was inside Zhao Hai’s mind. In the past few months, Zhao Hai hasn’t been idle. His Dao Avatar has solidified and became as big as his own body. This meant that he had arrived at the Peak of the Condensed Avatar Stage.

His cultivation was very fast, beyond anyone’s expectations. Even the Yin Yang Elders were a bit worried. Recently, they instructed Zhao Hai to relax and hold off on his cultivation to stabilize his mind.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He knew his own situation. He also didn’t want to practice too fast and attract attention. Therefore, he deliberately put himself to the peak of the Condensed Avatar Stage and then practiced his blade techniques.

A few months ago, Zhao Hai chose 15 manuals from the Blade Pavilion. These books should be enough for him for two years. It was these books that he studied.

Because of his strong mental strength, Zhao Hai’s speed of practicing the blade was very fast. It wouldn’t take him a long time to master a blade technique. The problem lies in being able to freely use these blade techniques in a real-life situation.

Zhao Hai’s goal in practicing the blade was reaching the Grand Dao. He cultivates the purest blade there is. But this also became a hindrance in merging his blade techniques.

Most Cultivators won’t practice their blade technique to the highest stage. Most would at most pursue the blade up to Major Mastery. However, Zhao Hai practices his blade techniques up to the Grand Dao Stage. It was much higher than what average people practice to.

There are also benefits in not perfecting the blade. If a blade wasn’t practiced to its peak, the user could easily combine it with other blade techniques. Although its power won’t be great, it would be enough to be effective in a fight.

But Zhao Hai was different. Every blade technique he practiced has reached the stage of the Grand Dao. That was to say that each blade technique has formed its own soul. It wouldn’t be easy for Zhao Hai to combine all of these different souls.

For other Cultivators, combining blade techniques might be as easy as stacking bricks. But to Zhao Hai, it was akin to combining two people into one. The difference between the two couldn’t be compared.

Therefore, although Zhao Hai could practice his blade techniques to the peak in the shortest time, merging these blade techniques slowed him down.

Zhao Hai also discovered that blade techniques with the same attributes were easier to combine compared to techniques with different attributes. 

Zhao Hai was now spending most of his days practicing the blade. Naturally, he didn’t use all of his time practicing the blade, that would be insanity.

After more than a year of practice, Qiu Tie has already reached the Rebirth stage. Zhao Hai could roughly see that Qiu Tie’s strength was equivalent to a Cultivator at the early parts of the Rebirth Stage. Moreover, the Demon Subjugation Technique gave Qiu Tie a huge increase in strength and defense. Average early stage Rebirth Cultivators wouldn’t be able to fight against Qiu Tie. If other people knew about this, they would no doubt be surprised.

In the True Spirit Realm, children would be tested for spiritual root compatibility when they reach five years old. Those with Heaven-grade roots would be admitted to the sect and be taught for three to five years. These disciples would generally reach the Rebirth Stage when they reach ten years old. They would be considered geniuses if they reach the Rebirth Stage at eight years old. On the other hand, Qiu Tie reached Rebirth Stage-level strength when he was six. If this was made known, these geniuses would die of envy.

The reason geniuses needed three years to reach the Rebirth Stage was because they couldn’t just grow out from nothing. They need to accumulate before embarking onto the road of cultivation. Moreover, the first step would always be the most difficult. If they cannot take this step, then they would never be able to cultivate.

Also, even if these Heaven-grade talents were taken to the sect, it was impossible for the sect to pour all of their resources on them. They would always divide the resources with the other geniuses.

Qiu Tie was different. From the beginning, Qiu Tie walked the road of a Body Cultivator. Zhao Hai trained him with the most efficient methods and also provided him with regular medicinal baths. The materials for these baths were the most advanced herbs of the Space. Even if it was placed in the Tyrant Blade Sect, these herbs would be treated as valuable goods. If the sect knew that Zhao Hai was using these precious herbs for Qiu Tie’s bath, they would grieve to death.

Because of Zhao Hai’s full support, Qiu Tie was able to increase his strength in a rapid manner, eventually reaching the Rebirth Stage.

Surprisingly, Zhao Hai noticed that Qiu Tie was quite perceptive when it came to fist techniques. The kid was a pure martial arts addict. Every day, he would practice for 16 hours. He would only sleep when he feels tired. Now, Qiu Tie’s foundation on fist techniques was extremely solid. Although he practiced the Demon Subjugation Technique, his fists were soft and flexible, he has almost touched the state of the Grand Dao of the fist.

Zhao Hai was now at the peak of the Condensed Avatar Stage and could attack the Clone Stage at any time. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious to advance. He continued practicing his blade and teaching Qiu Tie. 

Although Zhao Hai gave priority to his blade, he didn’t give up on his martial arts. Zhao Hai’s comprehension far exceeded average people. This allowed him to comprehend other things while perfecting his blade.

All daos were linked. Zhao Hai wanted to use this method to mature his Dao of the Blade. Now, he not only practiced his blade and his fists, he also studied all 18 weapons. However, he didn’t spend as much time on them as he did with the blade. The blade would remain as his main dao while the others would be supplementary.

Without him noticing, Zhao Hai already spent another year and a half in the True Spirit Realm. In this time, he spent most of his time practicing and rarely entered the Space. But recently the Space sent good news, making Zhao Hai happy.

The good news was that Laura and the others have reached the Immortal Stage, which was the Rebirth Stage in the True Spirit Realm. They were finally qualified to step foot on the True Spirit Realm. 

The environment of the True Spirit Realm wasn’t any worse than the Space. Moreover, the food he grew in his field were the same as the food in the Space. Since Zhao Hai doesn’t want Laura and the others to spend all of their time inside the Space, he began preparations to make them live on resident complex 52.


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