BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2021


Chapter 2021 – Trading For Contribution Points

Ten days after Dao Shu and the others’ residence was completed, all other residences in Lower Earth Mountain were repaired. Zhao Hai was stingy and added daily necessities to the courtyards. Even if they weren’t as good as his, it wasn’t that bad. Naturally, defensive formations were added. But this time, Zhao Hai didn’t tell everyone that it was him who arranged it. Instead, he had Elder Zhen come over.

Elder Zhen knew that Zhao Hai couldn’t reveal himself when it came to this matter. Or else Zhao Hai would attract people’s attention. The sect sent the inner disciples to Lower Earth Mountain precisely because they didn’t want people to pay attention to Zhao Hai. 

With the residences being complete, the cultivators who lived in Zhao Hai and Dao Brothers’ residences moved out to their own courtyards. Before long, the inner disciples discovered that living in Lower Earth Mountain wasn’t as miserable as they thought. This was because the places they lived in were bigger than what they usually had.

Due to the large number of people living in the inner sect’s peaks, each disciple could only be allocated a room each. Although the room wasn’t small, it wasn’t big either. They didn’t find anything wrong with it before, but now it was different. Because the population of Lower Earth Mountain was small, each disciple could live in their own courtyard. 

Lower Earth Mountain has 21 peaks altogether. Two peaks were already occupied by Zhao Hai and the Dao Brothers. This left 19 peaks for the other inner disciples. Courtyards on the resident complexes vary in size. The courtyards that Zhao Hai and the Dao Brothers occupy could be considered small. There were larger courtyards that could accommodate 20 people. This means that courtyards could house at least ten to twenty people. If resident complex 52 was completely filled, it would be enough to house a couple hundred people. The same was true for resident complex 53.

On the other 19 peaks, there are three residences with 50 courtyards each. There are six peaks with 40 courtyards inside, and then 10 residences with 30 courtyards. In this way, the more than 600 inner disciples who moved in could have a courtyard for themselves.

The fact that they have a courtyard of their own already made the inner disciples happy. Naturally, they didn’t expect the place they lived in to be as good as Zhao Hai’s. They knew that this wasn’t possible. However, they were already more than satisfied with their living state.

With more than 600 people coming to Lower Earth Mountain, the mountain became more lively. However, the disciples were either training or doing tasks, so they rarely had the opportunity to visit others.

At this time, Zhao Hai discovered an issue. The inner disciples were rushing over to Black Dragon Mountain. Even Dao Shu and the others went to Black Dragon Mountain to perform a task. And they returned with a rich amount of beasts.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but remember what the Yin Yang Elders said. It seems like the sect was doing a cleansing of Black Dragon Mountain.

Upon knowing that everyone was getting rich off of their loot from Black Dragon Mountain, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but move. He has a lot of Black Dragon Mountain beasts inside the Space. He had fought against the beasts two times, the first one being his trial to the periphery of Black Dragon Mountain. However, he didn’t sell his loot to the sect. And in his fight against the beast horde, he was able to obtain a few low-level beast corpses. Because the beasts he killed were only cannon fodder, he didn’t treat their corpses that seriously. Now it seems like he could use this opportunity to exchange them for contribution points.

This time, the sect spent a lot of resources to let the inner disciples deal with the beasts on Black Dragon Mountain. The contribution points they could obtain were much higher compared to normal. Zhao Hai could take this opportunity to make a lot of contribution points. After all, if one didn’t have any contribution points, they wouldn’t be able to move a lot in the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately made his move. He went to the Miscellaneous Hall by using his transmission formation. Then he went to the first floor of the building and sold all of his beast corpses. This caused quite a stir. But when they heard that Zhao Hai was from Lower Earth Mountain, everyone calmed down.

A lot of people in the sect have heard of Zhao Hai’s name by now. They knew that Zhao Hai fought a good battle against the beast horde attacking Lower Earth Mountain. It was because of this that he was able to receive benefits that almost reached the level of core disciples.

Elder Tian Yuanhai’s announcement would naturally reach every corner of the sect. So a lot of people have heard of Zhao Hai’s name. Seeing that it was Zhao Hai who brought a lot of beast corpses to the Miscellaneous Hall, everyone thought that it was normal.

Zhao Hai’s contribution points reached nearly ten thousand after this transaction. This was because most of the beasts he exchanged were low-level beasts. If there were high-level beasts among them, then there might be more points.

After trading for contribution points, Zhao Hai immediately appeared in resident complex 53. As soon as he entered the courtyard, Zhao Hai immediately heard, “Who!” Then he saw Dao Hu running out of the room with a blade in his hand.

Looking at Dao Hu, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Senior Brother Hu, what are you doing? I’m just here to share a few cups of wine. There’s no need to fight.”

Seeing Zhao Hai, Dao Hu chuckled and said, “Little Hai, it’s you. I thought someone snuck into the courtyard. You’re really getting lazy. You used your transmission formation to appear directly inside our courtyard. Can’t you walk a few steps?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he said, “I just returned from the Miscellaneous Hall. Where’s the others? I have something to talk to them about.”

Dao Hu stared ,then he nodded and said, “They’re currently training. Let me call them.” Then he went outside to call everyone over.

Although Dao Hu and the others have been living together inside a single courtyard, that was before their living conditions improved. Now that they were living better lives, they naturally wouldn’t treat themselves badly. Each of them lived inside their own courtyards.

Before long, Dao Hu came back along with Dao Shu and the others. Seeing Zhao Hai, Dao Shu laughed and said, “Little Hai, why did you appear in Little Hu’s courtyard? Come, let’s head inside and drink.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no rush. I brought something good for you today.”

Dao Shu and the others were stunned for a moment. As they looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, Zhao Hai took out a jade card with a lot of numbers on it. Dao Shu and the others stared at the card that Zhao Hai took out. In the Tyrant Blade Sect, this jade card was equivalent to a bank card where one could see their contribution points. The card that Zhao Hai took out was an anonymous card. This meant that if other people refined it, it would belong to them. 

Dao Shu and the others have their own cards, so they were not strangers to it. They were just confused why Zhao Hai took this card out. They didn’t know what Zhao Hai was planning to do with it.

Zhao Hai looked at Dao Shu and the others and said, “Senior Brothers, I exchanged the corpses of the beasts we killed last time and got contribution points. I won’t dare take all of these contribution points for myself. So take out all your cards so that I can transfer the contribution points to you.”

If the owner of the card is willing, he could transfer contribution points to other people at any time. He just needed to touch the two cards together, which was very convenient.

Just as Zhao Hai said that, Dao Shu’s expression changed as he said, “Little Hai, what are you talking about? If you hadn’t reminded us last time, we would have died to the beasts. Moreover, you contributed the most during the battle. Why would you send us contribution points? Are you looking down on us?”

Looking at Dao Shu’s expression, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Then he received his contribution card and said, “I’m also reluctant to give away my contribution points. Since you say so, then I’ll happily accept it all.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Dao Shu laughed as well, “Good kid, now you dare to lie to us. Alright, let’s have a drink. Let’s see who lasts the longest.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I just happen to like bleeding today. I exchanged a few points for a lot of good wine. Let’s drink!”

When Dao Shu and the others heard what Zhao Hai said, they understood what was going on. Zhao Hai must have already bought wine after exchanging the beasts for contribution points, then he came looking for them to celebrate. He wanted to give them a portion of the contribution points, but when they got angry, Zhao Hai just took out the wine to drink.

Dao Shu and the others won’t blame Zhao Hai. They already owe Zhao Hai too much. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t take the contribution points out, they wouldn’t say anything. They also believed that Zhao Hai was sincere in wanting to give contribution points. Zhao Hai could gain a lot of contribution points whenever he wants. And Zhao Hai also wasn’t the type of person who would brag.

Dao Shu and the others had been in contact with Zhao Hai for quite some time, so they knew that even if Zhao Hai wasn’t able to give them the contribution points, Zhao Hai will remember it in his heart. In the future, Zhao Hai would certainly find a way to compensate them. This was the kind of person Zhao Hai was.

Although Dao Shu and the others wouldn’t ask Zhao Hai for compensation, they would also remember Zhao Hai’s sentiment. Although today’s incident was a trivial matter, Dao Shu and the others already thought of Zhao Hai as a true good friend.

After drinking liquor with Dao Shu and the others, Zhao Hai returned to his own courtyard. He drank a few cups of spatial liquor to remove the alcohol in his body, then he went to the training ground to practice his blade.

Zhao Hai already finished practicing all blade techniques he got from the Blade Pavilion. He also communicated with them all. He was now trying to integrate these blade techniques.

While it was relatively easy for Zhao Hai to practice blade techniques, integrating them to his current combat method was difficult. The blade techniques have different attributes and it was practically impossible to connect them with each other. It was as difficult as creating a new technique. Fortunately, Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry. He could use the relationship between the five elements to tie all of the techniques together. When he’s finished, his combat strength would increase.

Zhao Hai’s life became calm. Although he has a lot of contribution points, he hasn’t spent them. This was because he doesn’t need anything right now. He has the Space to provide him with food and materials. He also has no missions to do. He was just practicing his blade, so he doesn’t require any other artifacts. He also has no immediate plans to get new manuals from the Blade Pavilion. So in this period, Zhao Hai has no need for contribution points.

Moreover, Zhao Hai was very clear that what he needed to do right now was to promote his strength as soon as possible. Other things weren’t important. He still wants to venture into Black Dragon Mountain and he also wants to see what Ghost Cultivators look like.

Days passed as more and more people went to Black Dragon Mountain. Every day, the people that passed through Zhao Hai’s farmland increased. All of these cultivators were from the Tyrant Blade Sect. By this point, these disciples no longer disregarded the hallucinating flowers. All of them stopped by the antidote station. Zhao Hai no longer needed to send robots to rescue anyone. 

Zhao Hai’s farmland has also become very famous in the Tyrant Blade Sect. This was especially true for the hallucinating flowers. Their toxicity caused pill masters of the sect to be startled. Groups of pill masters visited Zhao Hai to ask for some flowers to study. Zhao Hai didn’t decline and gave them a lot.

Because of the disciples flooding into Black Dragon Mountain, the situation on Lower Earth Mountain gradually improved. Beasts no longer lingered around the mountain. Even flying beasts no longer came over. If the beasts made trouble, they would be repelled by the inner disciples on Lower Earth Mountain. A lot of inner disciples have flying beasts as mounts, so it wouldn’t be a problem for them to deal with the flying beasts.

Zhao Hai was doing quite well these days. From time to time, he would go to the miscellaneous hall to browse through the available tasks. He wants to see if there were any Ghost Cultivator missions that he could take. But in the end, he was disappointed. There were plenty of Ghost Cultivator missions, but Zhao Hai couldn’t accept them. All these missions required a certain level of strength. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to meet them. Even if he wanted to take the tasks, he wouldn’t be allowed.

Zhao Hai also knew that the reason why these missions require a level of strength was because Ghost Cultivators weren’t easy to deal with. If he carelessly takes the missions, he would be in danger. He wasn’t stupid enough to take missions that he couldn’t do.


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