BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2012


Chapter 2012 – Changes to Black Dragon Mountain

Zhao Hai was unaware of the Yin Yang Elders’ thoughts. He was currently immersed in the intent of the Rolling Rocks Blade. It’s true that the majority of earth-attribute techniques need to be used slowly to grasp their intent. However, the Rolling Rocks Blade was different. The Rolling Rocks Blade operated like its name. It was an earth-attributed offensive blade technique. When used to attack, the blade would embody a huge unstoppable boulder rolling down a mountain.

Because of this, the Rolling Rocks Blade couldn’t be performed slowly. Instead, it needed to be fast, extremely fast. Only then could the boulder gain enough momentum to crush everything in its path.

The Yin Yang Elders slowly discovered that something was different. They could hear rumbling from Zhao Hai’s blade light. As Zhao Hai’s blade became faster and faster, the blade light finally turned into an unstoppable force that could smash everything on its way to pieces.

This was the sound of blade qi. This happens when a blade technique has been practiced to a high level. It only appears if a cultivator has a deep comprehension of the technique. This meant that the technique was practiced properly. So Zhao Hai’s methods weren’t wrong.

The two Elders couldn’t help but be in a daze. At this moment, Zhao Hai’s blade light began to slowly disappear. This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai wasn’t slowing down. They could no longer see Zhao Hai as well as the blade light. Instead, there was a huge boulder in front of them. And this boulder seems to be rolling in the training ground with a terrifying momentum.

The Yin Yang Elders couldn’t be calm anymore. Zhao Hai’s portrayal of the Rolling Rocks Technique was the highest they had ever seen in their entire lives. Now they wanted to know how Zhao Hai was able to do it.

Zhao Hai’s blade movements have brought out the intent of the technique. This was the most powerful form of a technique. The Rolling Rocks Blade’s intent was destruction by pure strength. This was the highest form of the technique.

Don’t underestimate the realms of comprehension. It’s not just about looking great. Every improvement to comprehension would have a huge impact on a cultivator’s strength. If two cultivators of the same strength battled, it would be impossible for the one who has a lower level of comprehension to beat someone with a higher level. And a cultivator who reached the peak realm of comprehension would be unparalleled on their level. Anyone who practiced a technique to the Grand Dao Realm could easily defeat someone who only reached a Perfect Realm of a technique.

Zhao Hai was able to practice the Rolling Rocks Blade to the highest degree, which was the Grand Dao Realm. 

The Rolling Rocks Blade didn’t have a lot of movements, only 36. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai was finished with his movements. After winding his spirit down, Zhao Hai received his tang blade and then cupped his fist towards the Yin Yang Elders and said, “Masters, disciple is done. Please tell me what you think.”

The Yin Elder laughed and said, “Good, Little Hai. I didn’t expect you to reach this level with the Rolling Rocks Blade. You actually practiced it to the highest level. This old man has no guidance to provide you.”

The Yang Elder also nodded, “You practiced the Rolling Rocks Blade to the highest level. Now you can move on to another blade technique.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Yes, Master.”

The Yin Elder added, “It seems like you’ve gained a lot from this trial. But you must not be complacent. Black Dragon Mountain isn’t an easy place. WIth your current strength, you can’t enter deep into Black Dragon Mountain, understood?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, Master. I understand.”

The Yang Elder nodded, “If you’ve killed beasts from Black Dragon Mountain, you can exchange them for contribution points. You can’t go for long without any contribution points. Anything you need in the future will need contribution points. Getting contribution points is also a kind of trial for disciples.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. He knew what the Yin Yang Elders meant. When the Yin Yang Elders gave Zhao Hai a portable transmission formation, they used a lot of contribution points to exchange for it. Because of this, the Yin Yang Elders were afraid that Zhao Hai would always depend on them. Because of this, they gave Zhao Hai a reminder.

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “You can go. Make sure to practice diligently. The beasts of Black Dragon Mountain have been making sounds lately. 

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately understood. Black Dragon Mountain has always been under the surveillance of the Tyrant Blade Sect. After thinking about this, Zhao Hai was relieved. The Black Dragon Mountain stretched deep into the Tyrant Blade Sect’s territory. If the Black Dragon Mountain wasn’t monitored, it would pose a danger to the sect. Although not a lot of people went to Lower Earth Mountain, the Tyrant Blade Sect continued to monitor the beasts. Any changes that happened to Black Dragon Mountain were under the gaze of the Tyrant Blade Sect. But as long as the beasts don’t go too far, the sect wouldn’t take action.

The Yin Yang Elders saw Zhao Hai’s appearance and knew that he understood what they meant. They looked at each other and smiled. In fact, the Tyrant Blade Sect was already aware of what was happening in the Black Dragon Mountain. However, they didn’t disseminate the information to the disciples. Instead, they wanted to use this opportunity to train their disciples.

Recently, the elders and the management of the Tyrant Blade Sect have noticed that the disciples of the sect were becoming more arrogant. Moreover, they seem to lack ambition. Lower Earth Mountain remaining uncultivated for a long time was solid proof. If the disciples of the sect were motivated, how could they leave such a good land unused? If they had ambition, the lands would have been filled by people.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the disciples of the sect have turned rotten. In fact, the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect were very good. They were also driven cultivators. But this wasn’t enough. If the sect wants to progress, then its disciples need to be aggressively motivated. If they lost their will, then no matter how well the sect developed, it would deteriorate sooner or later.

The Black Dragon Mountain has been cleaned up a few times before. However, the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t take it too far. But this time, things were different. The beasts of Black Dragon Mountain seem to be on the move. With Zhao Hai planning to cultivate Lower Earth Mountain, his safety needs to be guaranteed. Therefore, the Tyrant Blade Sect would have to get serious in culling the beasts of the mountain.

The high-level members of the Tyrant Blade Sect were aware that Zhao Hai possessed the innate dao body. In this case, Zhao Hai naturally became a subject that the sect needed to protect.

But the sect was also aware that no matter Zhao Hai’s potential, if he doesn’t gain experience, he wouldn’t be able to progress. So the best way for him was to hide the fact that he has an Innate Dao Body while also giving him protection. Knowing that Zhao Hai was in Lower Earth Mountain, the Tyrant Blade Sect decided that Lower Earth Mountain needed to be used once more. Only then can they assure Zhao Hai’s security.

And to ensure Zhao Hai’s security, the disciples of the sect must become more ambitious. With all these reasons, this operation was formed.

The Yin Yang Elders didn’t mention the sect’s plan to Zhao Hai. They wanted to see what kind of response Zhao Hai would have. To be honest, although the Yin Yang Elders knew that Zhao Hai has Undead and beasts to help him fight, they didn’t want him to depend on them during battles.

It was best for a cultivator to not rely too much on external power. During a life-threatening situation, a cultivator should face it with their own strength. Only then could their potential be stimulated.

Although there are also beast-controlling sects as well as puppet sects in the True Spirit Realm, these sects have a specific characteristic. Compared to the Tyrant Blade Sect or the Sword Hegemon Sect that focus on self cultivation, these sects that rely on external aids have fewer peak-level experts. Because of this, the Yin Yang Elders don’t want Zhao Hai to rely too much on external methods.

At the same time, this was a test for Zhao Hai. If he keeps relying on his Undead or his beasts to defeat his enemies, then the Yin Yang Elders will have to talk to him.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about the thoughts of the Yin Yang Elders. After leaving Yin Yang Peak, he took Qiu Tie back to resident complex 52.

Upon returning to Lower Earth Mountain, Qiu Tie felt relaxed. Although he was accompanied by his grandfather in Yin Yang Peak, Qiu Tie felt uneasy with the Yin Yang Elders. So upon returning to resident complex 52, Qiu Tie was able to let out a huge sigh of relief.

Looking at Qiu Tie’s appearance, Zhao Hai immediately knew what he was thinking. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “It’s fine. Although the two Elders seem serious, they care about you. They’re also concerned about your cultivation. Right, you’ve practiced for half a month. Your body should have recovered. You should return to training in the fitness room every day. At the same time, I’ll prepare a few medicinal solutions. Use it when you take a bath. It will help you practice.”

Qiu Tie was grateful towards Zhao Hai, “Thank you very much, Young Master. This Qiu Tie will unconditionally follow you in the future.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he patted Qiu Tie’s head and said, “Little Tie, remember this, A cultivator cannot worship a person. Otherwise, your cultivation will be affected.”

But Qiu Tie actually shook his head, “No. Young Master will always be in Qiu Tie’s heart. I will worship you my entire life.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai laughed, “Forget it, you will understand this in the future. Go have a good rest. You can continue practicing tomorrow.”

Qiu Tie looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, can I start practicing now?”

Seeing Qiu Tie’s hopeful gaze, Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, but be careful. I’m going to visit Senior Brother Dao Shu and the others.” Qiu Tie happily nodded, then he ran towards the fitness room.

Zhao Hai rode his winged horse staring towards Dao Shu and the others’ Taiyuan Peak. The peak was quite calm today. Dao Shu and the others weren’t practicing on the training ground. Seeing this, Zhao Hai ordered the winged horse to land on the yard.

The moment Zhao Hai got down, Dao Shu and the others ran out of their rooms. Upon seeing Zhao Hai Dao Shu happily shouted, “Brother, you’re here. Come, let’s have a drink!”

Zhao Hai quickly stopped him, “Senior Brother, wait a minute. I didn’t come here only to drink. I have something to discuss with you.”

Hearing this, Dao Shu couldn’t help but stare, then he said, “Brother, if there’s something wrong, tell me. Even if you want our lives, we will give it to you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother, how could I ask for your lives? I received information that the beasts of Black Dragon Mountain are making moves. Taiyuan Peak is no longer safe. How about you move back to my peak? This way, if the beasts attack, we can deal with them together.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Dao Shu’s expression couldn’t help but solidify. Then he said, “Brother, is your information accurate?”

Zhao Hai replied, “It should be. My Master told me.” Hearing this, Dao Shu no longer had any suspicions. But he was still hesitant. Seeing this, Zhao Hai was confused, “Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

Dao Shu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, it’s fine with us, but will it delay your cultivation? If it will, then you don’t have to worry about us. We’re already used to fighting beasts. So whether we stay here or not, it won’t matter.”

Zhao Hai looked at Dao Shu and smiled, “Senior Brother, there’s no need to worry. You won’t affect my cultivation. Let’s go.” To be honest, when Zhao Hai heard Dao Shu, he was touched. Even in such a case where beasts were bound to attack, Dao Shu still considered Zhao Hai first. 

Hearing that Zhao Hai was fine with it, Dao Shu nodded and said, “Alright. Please wait a moment while I call everyone. Then we’ll leave.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then Dao Shu called everyone over and explained the situation.

Before long, Dao Niu and the others came out. They were carrying their blades on their back while their robots were following behind them. Dao Shu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, go back first. We’ll arrive soon after.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll walk with you.” Then he joined Dao Shu and the others as they walked back to Zhao Hai’s peak.

While on the road between the two peaks, Zhao Hai was talking with Dao Shu, “I have rebuilt resident complex 52. I reactivated the original formation that’s installed in it. Once the formation has been activated, we would be able to block the beasts. And if there are too many beasts, the sect will do something about them. So we’re safe no matter what.”

When he heard this, Dao Shu couldn’t help but ask, “You reinstalled the formation in resident complex 52? You also know how to set up formations?”


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