BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2011


Chapter 2011 – Rolling Rocks Blade Technique

Looking at Zhao Hai’s back, Ge Yueyu smiled faintly and said, “That person has great potential. He just arrived from the Soaring Dragon Realm but he dared to train in the Black Dragon Mountain. He’s very courageous. It would be good to be friends with him.”

The thin person turned to Ge Yueyu and said, “Senior Brother, he doesn’t look special. His cultivation seems to have just reached the Rebirth Stage. Why do you regard him so highly?”

Ge Yueyu shook his head and said, “Let’s not look at his strength. Being able to fight his way up from the Soaring Dragon Realm already tells us that he’s not a simple person. Everyone from the Soaring Dragon Realm carries a very heavy killing aura. I also heard news that Zhao Hai had a lot of contact with the Yin Yang Elders back in the Soaring Dragon Realm. He might have been accepted as a disciple by the two elders. Imagine what kind of disciple those two elders would accept? How can Zhao Hai be simple?”

The thin cultivator was startled, “He’s a disciple of the Yin Yang Elders? How is that possible? The two elders haven’t received a disciple for so many years.”

Ge Yueyu shook his head and said, “I’m still not completely sure. I have exchanged messages with Senior Brother Lin Ling. And his words towards Zhao Hai were always vague. But I can see that he has high regards for Zhao Hai. So there’s nothing wrong with making friends with him.”

The thin cultivator replied, “So Senior Brother Lin knows him. Then we should make friends with Zhao Hai. Right, Senior Brother, why didn’t you invite him to join our group?”

Ge Yueyu replied, “This isn’t the right time. Although our Tyrant Blade Sect is famous for our unity, he just arrived from the Soaring Dragon Realm. Those from the Soaring Dragon Realm aren’t very trusting. We have a lot of people here, and we are stronger than him. If we rashly give our invitation, he might suspect that we’re plotting something. I’ll consider it next time.”

The thin cultivator nodded, “Alright. So what do we do now?”

Ge Yueyu replied, “We’re going as planned. If we meet Zhao Hai and he needs help, do your best to help him. It might improve our relationship.” The others nodded.

What Ge Yueyu didn’t know was that Zhao Hai heard every word he said. Although Zhao Hai has left, the place Ge Yueyu and the others were in has been mapped by the Space. Therefore, he was able to listen to Ge Yueyu’s words.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect people to guess about his discipleship. However, he didn’t care. Whether or not his discipleship to the Yin Yang Elders was revealed, it doesn’t matter. Even if Ge Yueyu and the others were able to confirm it, it wasn’t a big deal.

Zhao Hai could see that Ge Yueyu had no evil intentions towards him. So he no longer cared about their group. He was now very close to Black Dragon Mountain. He was also more careful. He knew that with his current strength, he could only walk around the periphery of the Black Dragon Mountain. 

In the next few days, Zhao Hai practiced on the outskirts of Black Dragon Mountain. From time to time, he would pick medicinal plants. But the majority of his time was spent fighting beasts. During these battles, Zhao Hai didn’t only use his blade techniques. He also reviewed the various techniques he has learned before.

Practicing on his own and practicing in battles were two completely different matters. Only through battle could a cultivator reach true comprehension.

Techniques were used for battle. Those who only focus on strengthening their bodies were fools. There were plenty of methods to strengthen the body and yet they weren’t suitable for battle. These could no longer be called fighting techniques. They might as well be called ‘dancing techniques’.

Because of this, Zhao Hai’s harvests in the past few days have been quite rich. However, Zhao Hai didn’t intend on turning the beasts he killed into Undead. He intends to give the corpses of the beasts to the sect in exchange for contribution points. It was even better if he captured a live beast, then the Space could raise them. In this manner, the species in the Space continued to increase.

Zhao Hai spent seven days practicing in Black Dragon Mountain. Seven days later, he returned to resident complex 52. Because of the robots, the place was very clean. Zhao Hai didn’t immediately retrieve Qiu Tie upon returning. Instead, he entered his quiet room and then entered the Space to take a soak in the hot springs. Then he planned to retreat for some time.

Zhao Hai used his consciousness to comprehend a lot of manuals, and some of these manuals were quite strong. However, Zhao Hai only comprehended them and hasn’t used them in actual combat. But after his trip to Black Dragon Mountain, Zhao Hai was able to take a deeper dive into these manuals.  Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to close up and digest these manuals.

Zhao Hai didn’t spend a long time closed up. After five days, Zhao Hai emerged. Being able to digest all of his experiences, Zhao Hai became very relaxed.

After his short seclusion, Zhao Hai spent another two days with Laura and the others. Then he went out of the Space and returned to resident complex 52.

Upon returning, Zhao Hai immediately went to Yin Yang Peak using his portable transmission formation. He was going to pick Qiu Tie up. When he arrived at Yin Yang Peak, Qiu Tie was currently practicing fist techniques in the training yard. Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod.

Some people say that fist techniques couldn’t be practiced just by following a set pattern. But these people forget that fist techniques were a product of countless years of effort by the ancestors. The routine that they produced was the most suitable pattern for an attack. If a routine was practiced well, its effects would manifest during actual battle. And that would be the time when a passive routine becomes a living fist technique.

Zhao Hai had very high requirements for Qiu Tie regarding practicing the fist. In order to let Qiu Tie remember how to punch properly, Zhao Hai even made a dummy for him to punch.

Qiu Zhen was at the side, spectating Qiu Tie who was boxing. On his face was a satisfied smile. Seeing Zhao Hai appear, Qiu Zhen quickly stood up. Only Qiu Tie remained since he was so focused on practicing his punches.

Zhao Hai waved his hand at Qiu Zhen, and then he looked at Qiu Tie who was practicing his punches. Qiu Tie was currently practicing a fire-attribute fist technique that Zhao Hai acquired from the Great Realm of Cultivation. Fire-attribute techniques were mostly leaning towards offense. There was a saying in the art of war, ‘Be fierce like fire’ which describes the characteristics of fire. But there were also some fire-attribute techniques that were used for defense. Fire-attribute fist techniques are one of these. The reason Zhao Hai taught fist techniques to Qiu Tie was because fist techniques have powerful defensive capabilities. 

After some time, Qiu Tie stopped practicing. Only after he reigned in his consciousness did Qiu Tie notice Zhao Hai standing on the side. He hasn’t seen Zhao Hai for more than 10 days. So upon seeing him, Qiu Tie immediately ran over. With a smile on his face, he cupped his fist and said, “Young master, you’re back!”

Zhao Hai patted Qiu Tie’s head and said, “Very good. It seems like you haven’t been lazy. Your punches are looking very good.”

“Then let us see your progress as well.” The Yin Elder’s voice was suddenly heard.

Zhao Hai turned his head and saw the Yin Yang Elders coming out of the living room. He immediately cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Master. Disciple has returned.”

The Yin Elder nodded and said, “I really didn’t expect that you could teach so well. We can see that Little Tie has been trained properly. Now show us a few blade techniques. We want to see how your training has turned out.”

Zhao Hai complied. Then he waved his hand and took out a tang blade. He stood still in place for a moment. Before long, he looked straight in front and began moving. The tang blade in his hand began releasing blade light.

The Yin Yang Elders were powerful experts of the blade. So they were very knowledgeable about the blade techniques of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Even if they haven’t practiced the technique, they saw others in the sect practicing techniques. So upon seeing Zhao Hai’s movements, they immediately knew that he was using the Rolling Rocks Blade Technique.

The Rolling Rocks Blade was an earth-attribute blade technique. Plenty of people in the Tyrant Blade Sect practice this technique, especially those compatible with the earth-attribute. Many would learn this technique after becoming inner disciples. After all, it was one of the rare offensive techniques with the earth attribute.

Unlike the fire-attribute, the earth-attribute gave priority to defense. Although it has offensive movements, aggressive earth-attribute attacks similar to fire-attribute attacks were very rare. And the Rolling Rocks Blade was one of these rare offensive techniques.

The Yin Yang Elders also studied this technique in the past. When a cultivator reaches a certain degree of strength, their spiritual root compatibility would begin to limit their progress. However, the two elders only practiced the technique as research. They didn’t reach a point of focusing on the technique. 

But with the strength of the two Elders, even if they practiced something casually, they would still reach a higher level of comprehension compared to general cultivators. So upon seeing Zhao Hai’s movements, they quickly recalled their understanding of the technique.

As Zhao Hai made his moves, the two Elders frowned. This was because they felt that Zhao Hai’s blade movements were too quick.

For other cultivation methods, moving quickly might be correct. But this wasn’t the case for earth-attribute techniques. The earth-attribute needed patience to obtain the intent of the earth. However, Zhao Hai was using the Rolling Rocks Blade very quickly. It was fast to the point where blade light was surrounding him. This caused the Yin Yang Elders to knit their brows.


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