BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2008


Chapter 2008 – Trial

Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry to go to Dao Shu and the others. He first went to his land under Lower Earth Mountain to deal with the problem of the antidotes. He also built a small hut for the robots to stay in.

Naturally, the robots that he placed weren’t humanoid. Instead, they were more like vending machines. When someone wants an antidote, they only need to press a button and the antidote would be dispensed. Moreover, only one antidote would be given per person.

This wasn’t a complicated matter. After setting the robots up and installing the program, Zhao Hai left and went to the peak adjacent to his.

This peak was known as Taiyuan Peak. Dao Shu and the others were currently living in a similar courtyard block on the mountain. It has been a month since they moved in. For more than a month, Dao Shu and the others didn’t visit Zhao Hai, which surprised Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai rode his winged horse directly to Taiyuan Peak. The residence that Dao Shu and the others were living in looked neater than the one they lived in before. Zhao Hai knew that this must be because of the robots taking care of the housework.

Upon arriving at the residence, Zhao Hai immediately saw Dao Shu and the others. They were currently on the training ground of the residence.

They looked the same way as the moment they left. They wore leather clothing and had short hair. Each one of them had a blade in their hand and sparred with each other.

The group also sensed the movement in the sky. It must be known that Dao Shu and the others fought against the beasts of the Black Dragon Mountain quite frequently. Therefore, they were very sensitive to any sounds coming from the air.

Dao Shu and the others looked up and then saw Zhao Hai riding his winged horse. Their faces lit up and shouted towards Zhao Hai, beckoning him over. Zhao Hai also commanded his winged horse towards the training ground.

As soon as Zhao Hai jumped off his winged horse, Dao Shu and the others rushed towards him. Dao Shu laughed and said, “I was waiting for you to visit us. We always wanted to visit, but your place looks like it’s always busy. And thinking about the two elders, we didn’t dare go there. Come, let’s head inside and have a few drinks.”

After saying that, he pulled Zhao Hai towards the residence. And before Zhao Hai could say anything, he was dragged towards the living room. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai was already drinking from a liquor cup in his hand. 

Downing the cup of wine in his hand, Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then he turned to Dao Shu and the others and said, “Brothers, you finally let me speak. I  haven’t even said a word and you’re already drowning me in liquor.”

When they heard this, Dao Shu and the others laughed out loud. They were also amused. They found it funny that Zhao Hai was downing cups of liquor before he could even speak.

After some time, the group finished drinking. Then Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “I have nothing else to do today, so I came to visit you. My courtyard is already done with its reconstruction. If brothers have a chance in the future, you should visit.”

Dao Shu and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai said, “Senior Brothers, besides coming to see you, I also have something to give you. Here.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out several small disks.

Zhao Hai continued, “These discs are all the same. They’re called detoxification plates. Always keep them on your bodies to prevent all kinds of poisons. I also added an anti-poison material in this disk. So if you were bitten by a poisonous beast or ate something poisonous, hold the plate in your mouth and it will suck the poison out. Make sure you don’t forget to bring this in the future.”

Then Zhao Hai gave Dao Shu and the others a detoxification plate each. He also told them about the poisonous flowers and trees on the farmland below. So if they wanted to pass through, then they would need to use the detoxification plates.

What Zhao Hai didn’t mention was that the detoxification plates also acted as identification tokens. Without these tokens, Dao Shu and the others wouldn’t be able to enter Zhao Hai’s residence. Not only that, they would be attacked by the sky reaching vines. Naturally, the sky reaching vines had yet to germinate. It would take some time before the vines mature.

And when the sky reaching vines matured, Zhao Hai would send identification tokens to the sect. Otherwise, people from the Tyrant Blade Sect would be plucked out of the air whenever they pass through.

Zhao Hai spent the entire day with Dao Shu and the others before returning. Then he resumed his practice. What he said to the Yin Yang Elders wasn’t a joke. He was indeed planning to spend a short time in the Black Dragon Mountains.

Zhao Hai’s resident complex 52 has been very peaceful in the past month. Although there were some movements of beasts under Lower Earth Mountain, they didn’t attack. This caused Zhao Hai to be both glad and confused. He didn’t know why the beasts had suddenly behaved themselves.

But whether the beasts were behaving or not, Zhao Hai still has to enter Black Dragon Mountain. He needs to temper his blade techniques.

Naturally, with Zhao Hai’s present strength, he could only wander around the outskirts of Black Dragon Mountain. Going deeper into the mountain would be dangerous. 

The next morning, Zhao Hai continued to practice his blade. Then after an hour of practice, Zhao Hai called Qiu Tie over and ate breakfast. After eating, Zhao Hai didn’t make Qiu Tie train. He looked at Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, don’t train today. You’re coming with me to Master’s place. You’ll stay with your grandfather for a few days.”

Qiu Tie had a puzzled expression on his face and asked, “Why? Young Master, are you going out? I can stay and look after the residence.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m going to Black Dragon Mountain for a short time, so I won’t be able to take care of you. And staying here on your own isn’t safe. The beasts of Black Dragon Mountain have been acting abnormally recently. If they launch an attack, the courtyard might not be able to protect you. It’s better for you to stay in Yin Yang Peak for a while. But you must never give up on practicing. There’s no longer any reason for you to train as hard as before. Just practice the fist techniques that I taught you. Your body needs to rest and adjust. You’re still young, there’s no need to practice too hard.”

Qiu Tie nodded. Then Zhao Hai added, “Although you’re only compatible with the earth attribute, this doesn’t mean that you can’t practice the other elements. Having  a balance between the different attributes will bring you great help in the future.”

Qiu Tie gave a nod. He couldn’t completely understand Zhao Hai’s words, but he knew that Zhao Hai wanted him to be strong. So Zhao Hai should be right.

After giving pointers to Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai used the portable transmission formation and appeared in Yin-Yang Peak. Like always, Qiu Zhen was there. This time, he went back to his usual routine of being busy while also commanding the robot.

Seeing Zhao Hai bringing Qiu Tie over, Qiu Zhen immediately gave his greetings, “I have seen the Young Master.”

Qiu Tie also gave a salute to Qiu Zhen. Then Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Zhen, I’ll leave Little Tie to you for a few days. I will be going to Black Dragon Mountain for a short trial. I’m worried for Little Tie’s safety, so I brought him over to stay here.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Zhen immediately replied, “We’ve troubled you, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand, saying that it’s nothing. Then as he was about to go to the living room, Qiu Zhen said, “Young Master, the Elders aren’t here. They went to the headquarters. You can wait for them until they return.”

Hearing Qiu Zhen, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head as he said, “It’s fine. I only want to tell them that I’m going to train. Since they’re not here, please help me relay the message.” After he said that, Zhao Hai used his portable transmission formation and left.

Zhao Hai didn’t use his winged horse when he returned to his residence. Nor did he release his nine-winged cloud centipede. Instead, he went down Lower Earth Mountain and walked towards Black Dragon Mountain.

Lower Earth Mountain was a few hundred kilometers away from Black Dragon Mountain. For a cultivator, this distance wasn’t far. However, the road towards the mountain wasn’t good for walking. This wasn’t an issue for Zhao Hai. Although he couldn’t fly, he can use movement techniques. This also serves as training for his movement. It would take some time before Zhao Hai could fly, so he could only use movement techniques to travel.

Zhao Hai didn’t use his flying beasts because he knew that his beasts weren’t strong compared to the flying beasts of the True Spirit Realm. Moreover, Zhao Hai was still quite weak. If he went out of the sect, someone would definitely covet his flying beast.

Zhao Hai was well aware that the True Spirit Realm had the same laws of the jungle as the Great Realm of Cultivation. Cultivators don’t care which sect you belong to if you have something they want. They would steal from you no matter what. And when you’re killed, nobody would know who did it.

It is a crime for a peasant to hold a treasure jade. These words resonated no matter where you are. This was also the reason Zhao Hai did his best to hide the existence of the Space.

Using the Windborn Movement Technique, Zhao Hai traveled towards Black Dragon Mountain. He looked natural when he used his movement technique. He might look like he was running normally, but his speed was very quick.

There weren’t a lot of people on Lower Earth Mountain, so Zhao Hai didn’t meet anyone along his journey. Dao Shu and the others didn’t have any friends in the Tyrant Blade Sect. The same was true for Zhao Hai. So it was natural that nobody would come visit them. Although Zhao Hai’s field was beginning to flourish, Lower Earth Mountain was still desolate.


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