BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2007


Chapter 2007 – Flowers Bloom

Zhao Hai stood on the training ground with a calm expression on his face. He had his tang blade in his hand. He was currently practicing one of the five blade techniques that he obtained from the Blade Pavilion.

It has already been a month since the reconstruction of resident complex 52 was finished. Zhao Hao also finished sowing all of the seeds during this month. He left behind a few robots for maintenance so that he would no longer need to worry. He also revisited the techniques that he learned in the past. Fortunately, he could use his consciousness to communicate with those techniques and master them quickly. With all of these things finished, Zhao Hai could now formally study the blade.

The blade technique that Zhao Hai was currently practicing was the Rolling Rocks Blade. It was an earth attribute blade technique. When used, the blade would become as unstoppable as a rolling rock.

Zhao Hai was now very familiar with using his consciousness to communicate with his blade techniques. This allowed him to better understand the true intent of the technique.

At this time, Qiu Tie was in the fitness room training. Qiu Tie’s daily training volume has been arranged by Zhao Hai. Even his meals have been strictly programmed. All of this was analyzed by the Space. Zhao Hai had a training program made specifically for Qiu Tie.

Fortunately, the beasts from Black Dragon Mountain didn’t attack this month. Otherwise, Zhao Hai’s training would have been cut short.

The Yin Yang Elders didn’t visit in this period. Only Elder Zhen came over multiple times. But now that he received a few more notes from Zhao Hai, he became so busy studying three-dimensional formations.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that Dao Shu and the others didn’t visit at all. 

After practicing for a while in the training ground, Zhao Hai was stopped the Rolling Rocks Blade. Then he rode his winged horse and flew down the mountain. Now that the field has been planted, the flower fields on the outermost parts have grown and began to bloom. The trees further in have also begun to sprout. Their germination rate was very high.

Zhao Hai was worried about the plants. Fortunately, nothing went wrong. More and more flowers began to bloom. But in this case, an issue came up. It would be impossible for Zhao Hai to completely cut the field off from the entire Tyrant Blade Sect. But as long as the flowers were in full bloom, the cultivators of the Tyrant Blade Sect would be poisoned when they arrived.

Although Zhao Hai left a path in the field, the poison of the flowers weren’t weak. The passage was only ten meters wide. Once all the flowers bloom, their pollen could completely cover the entire path. If a cultivator comes over to Lower Earth Mountain without knowing anything, then they would be in trouble.

As he saw the blooming flowers, Zhao Hai knew that he needed to do something. He rode his winged horse back to the residence and then used a portable transmission formation to go to Yin Yang Peak.

This portable transmission formation was given to him by the Yin Yang Elders. It must be known that creating portable transmission formations for the True Spirit Realm was very difficult. Unlike the Soaring Dragon Realm, the laws of the True Spirit Realm were more restrictive. Therefore, more materials were needed for a portable transmission formation. Even if Zhao Hai has an unlimited amount of jade essences, he wouldn’t be able to purchase a portable transmission formation without contribution points. 

Although the Yin Yang Elders wanted Zhao Hai to cultivate, they also didn’t want Zhao Hai to get into trouble. Losing a talent like Zhao Hai would be a huge loss to the Tyrant Blade Sect.

A flash of white light appeared on Yin Yang Peak. This time, when Zhao Hai appeared, Qiu Zhen wasn’t commanding the robot. Instead, he was peacefully sitting down in the yard. Qiu Zhen was an 80 year old man. For a person who didn’t cultivate, he was quite old. But because of the rich spiritual qi in the True Spirit Realm, Qiu Zhen should still have dozens of years left in his lifespan.

Because Qiu Zhen has been with the Yin Yang Elders since he was a child, and the Yin Yang Elders were already old at that time, the two elders took extremely great care of Qiu Zhen, like how a father would treat their son. It was because of this that Qiu Zhen’s position in the hearts of the Yin Yang Elders was quite high. If he had no chores left to do, Qiu Zhen was free to walk around the residence. He could even choose to leave the mountain.

But since Qiu Zhen followed the Yin Yang Elders for dozens of years, he was used to serving them. Therefore, he rarely left the courtyard. Especially when the Yin Yang Elders were present, he practically never left.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Qiu Zhen immediately gave a salute, “Young Master, you’ve come.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Zhen isn’t busy today? That’s rare. Every time I come over, you’re always doing something. Haha, it’s good that you can take a rest. Right, are my Masters here? I have something to tell them.”

Qiu Zhen gave an affirmative nod, then he sat back down on his chair. He dared to act like this because he knew that Zhao Hai preferred him to be informal. Moreover, being an elder, Qiu Zhen has enough qualifications to require respect.

Zhao Hai also didn’t care. Instead, he went over to the living room and said, “Master, disciple is here.”

And like usual, the Yin Elder replied, “Come in.” Then Zhao Hai opened the door and went inside.

The Yin Yang Elders were in the living room as usual. Normally, they would be in the quiet room cultivating. They would only go to the living room if Zhao Hai came over.

Upon entering the living room, Zhao Hai cupped his fist to greet the two elders. The Yin Elder waved his hand and gestured to Zhao Hai to sit down. Then he said, “Are you finished revisiting the techniques you learned in the past?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “I’m done. Today, I practiced the Rolling Rocks Blade Technique. After a few more days, I should be able to completely comprehend the technique.”

The Yang Elder nodded, “The Rolling Rocks Blade is a mid-grade blade technique. It’s normal for you to comprehend it so quickly with your comprehension. But you have to improve your foundation more. You should comprehend low-grade techniques, then move onto mid-grade techniques. This will be beneficial when you learn more advanced techniques in the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, Master. I’ve been taking it slow. But I plan to go to Black Dragon Mountain in the near future. I wouldn’t be able to digest my learning if I stayed inside. I also want to take a look at the mountain.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “That’s a good plan. Did you come over to tell us this?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s not. Master, it’s like this. The hallucinogenic flowers I planted on the outskirts of my land have bloomed. These flowers are poisonous. There are quite a few cultivators from the sect who will pass through Lower Earth Mountain for their trials. It would be bad if they were poisoned by the flowers. So I’m planning to provide an antidote for the sect so that our people don’t get affected.”

The Yin Elder knit his brows and said, “That is a troublesome matter. And you cannot hand over an antidote whenever someone passes through the land.”

Zhao Hai also knit his brows. He knows that it would be a tiring matter if he were to give an antidote every time someone wishes to pass Lower Earth Mountain. After thinking for a while, Zhao Hai said, “Master, why don’t I leave two robots outside Lower Earth Mountain. Then whenever someone wishes to pass, they could get the antidote there.”

The Yin Elder thought about it, then he nodded, “That’s the best method right now. I’ll have the sect announce to anyone who wants to pass through Lower Earth Mountain to take an antidote from the robots first.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then I’ll take care of it after I return. Master, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll be going.”

The Yin Elder said, “You can go. Right, did Old Zhen bother you recently? That old goat is getting annoying.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “He hasn’t. I just answered some of Elder Zhen’s questions. He should be very busy researching right now.”

The Yin Elder smiled faintly and said, “He’s certainly busy. You might not know this, but your three-dimensional formations are quite important to the Tyrant Blade Sect. We research formations not for creating formation flags or formation disks, but to create artifacts as well as to reinforce the defenses of the sect. Now, Old Zhen is thinking about how to use three-dimensional formations on puppets. By the way, the robots you gave us brought a lot of inspiration to the Puppet Hall. I believe the sect will be able to create a strong battle puppet before long.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s good news. Master, I’ll head back first. I can’t leave Little Tie alone for long.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Go. Take good care of Little Tie.” Zhao Hai nodded and gave the two elders a salute. After exiting the living room, he gave his goodbyes to Qiu Zhen before using his portable transmission formation to return to resident complex 52.

Qiu Tie has finished the first stage of his training. He was now relaxing in the training ground. However, his way of relaxing wasn’t sitting down and doing nothing. Instead, he was shadow boxing according to a fist technique. Surprisingly, this fist technique was from the water-attribute.

Zhao Hai knew that even if Qiu Tie has the highest compatibility with the earth-attribute, he couldn’t completely cut the other attributes off. Otherwise, he would suffer an imbalance of the five elements. Therefore, Zhao Hai taught Qiu Tie fist techniques of the other attributes. He told Qiu Tie to practice these fist techniques during his free time. This way, he wouldn’t suffer an imbalance.

Seeing Zhao Hai return, Qiu Tie immediately stopped. Then he walked over and bowed, “Young Master, did you go out?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I went out to see my Masters. Continue to practice. I want to head over to Senior Brother Dao Shu’s place. I haven’t seen them for quite some time.”

Qiu Tie complied and resumed practicing his fist techniques. Qiu Tie has been infatuated with practicing recently. The feeling of progress made him intoxicated. Zhao Hai also discovered this, so he gave Qiu Tie more time to exercise. However, he gave a strict restriction over the intensity of Qiu Tie’s exercise.

Qiu Tie was still a small kid. If he trained too hard, then his growth might suffer. Therefore, Zhao Hai made sure to control how much he practiced.


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