BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2006


Chapter 2006 – Waiting

Elder Zhen’s expression turned serious. He frequently played around with basic formations. He knew that if a defensive formation like the Five Elements Lock was made huge, then its defensive strength would be greatly increased. But what Zhao Hai arranged was a small version of the Five Elements Lock, and its defensive strength was twice that of a two-dimensional Five Elements Lock formation. If it was made into a large formation, then its improvement would definitely more than double.

Moreover, this simple formation could still function despite having one of its cores being destroyed. This immediately caused Elder Zhen to attach great importance to Zhao Hai’s three-dimensional formations.

Elder Zhen also wanted to see the limit of the formation. He wanted to test if Zhao Hai’s words were true, that the formation would still function even if half of its cores were destroyed.

Another formation core was destroyed, the formation was still operating. Then one core after another was destroyed, and the formation kept standing. Although the strength of the formation had decreased, there was no doubt that it was still in operation. This caused Elder Zhen to become more excited. He already destroyed five formation cores, but the formation was still functioning normally. 

Only after the seventh core was destroyed did the formation stop. The runes floating in the air fell down. Although the strength of the formation dropped after the third core was destroyed, the destruction of the seventh core was where it stopped completely. A formation stopping only after more than half of its cores was destroyed was nothing short of a miracle.

It wasn’t only Elder Zhen, the Yin Yang Elders also stood on the side holding their breath. They had great experience with formations, and this was the first time they saw a formation like Zhao Hai’s.

After the formation stopped, the Yin Yang Elders as well as Elder Zhen let out a long breath. Then right after that, Elder Zhen’s head turned quickly towards Zhao Hai. Seeing the burning gaze towards him, Zhao Hai felt that he was being gazed at by an old pervert who hadn’t seen beautiful women for many years.

Zhao Hai became scared. At this time, the Yin Yang Elders stood up and pulled Zhao Hai behind them. Elder Zhen’s vision was suddenly changed from Zhao Hai’s face to the face of two old men.

Elder Zhen recovered, then he immediately said, “You old goats have been unfair. Ignore what I said before, Little Hai has to join our Formation Hall. Such a person will be wasted in your hands. You can’t do that to him.”

The Yin Elder smiled at Elder Zhen and said, “You old fogey, I know you’ll say that. But we can’t give you Little Hai, you can stop dreaming.”

Elder Zhen wouldn’t accept and retorted, “No, if you don’t give him to us, then who will you give him to? He needs to join the Formation Hall.”

The Yin Elder replied, “If I saw no, then no. Little Hai needs to cultivate. How could he possibly sink his head studying formations? Absolutely impossible.”

The Elder Zhen bounced back, “No. I’ll go look for the Sect Master. If such a talent doesn’t research formations, it would be a big loss for our sect. He needs to stay in the Formation Hall.”

Seeing that the Yin Elder still wants to goad Elder Zhen, the Yang Elder stopped him. Then he walked over to Elder Zhen and said, “Old Zhen, let’s talk over here.”

Elder Zhen looked at the Yang Elder and snorted. Then he was pulled to the side by the Yang Elder. As the Yang Elder talked, the expression of shock began to appear on Elder Zhen’s face. Seeing Elder Zhen about to shout, the Yang Elder covered his mouth. After some time, he let go and said, “Now, you should understand why Little Hai can’t join you in the Formation Hall.”

Elder Zhen smiled bitterly and said, “With you saying this, how could I force him now? Don’t worry, I won’t snatch your disciple from you. But Little Hai needs to register with our Formation Hall, and he has to give me some notes about three-dimensional formations. Rest assured, I will keep his secrets.”

The Yang Elder turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s not a problem. I already have it prepared.” Then he took out a jade slip and handed it over to Elder Zhen before saying, “Actually, arranging three-dimensional formations is very simple. You only need to calculate the location of the cores and runes into three-dimensions. This jade slip has the formula.”

Elder Zhen received the jade slip and immediately scanned it with his spiritual force. It didn’t take long before he blanked out once again. The Yin Elder called him several times but he didn’t respond.

The Yin Elder turned his head to the Yang Elder and said, “The old goat has completely blanked out. Let’s go. We don’t know when he’ll recover.” After saying that, the three left the laboratory and went out of the Formation Hall. Then they used a portable transmission formation to return to resident complex 52.

When they appeared in resident complex 52, the group didn’t see Qiu Tie. Zhao Hai knew that Qiu Tie went into the fitness room again. So he led the Yin Yang Elders to the living room. After the robot served tea, Zhao Hai sat down as well.

The Yin Elder smiled bitterly at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you’ll have to be careful later on. That old bastard will come over frequently. Don’t let him disturb you. You should focus on cultivation.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Master doesn’t have to worry. But Master, my cultivation method is different from other people. My spiritual qi is ten times purer than other people. This slows down my cultivation speed by a lot. So please don’t worry if I haven’t progressed for some time.”

The Yin Elder raised his brow and said, “What? When you arrived in the True Spirit Realm, your spiritual qi has been compressed. And you’re saying that your spiritual qi’s properties have been preserved?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, my spiritual qi has been compressed by the cleansing pool. I believe my current spiritual qi density has surpassed cultivators on the same level as me.”

The Yang Elder nodded and said, “Give me your hand.” Zhao Hai complied and extended his arm over. The Yang Elder gripped Zhao Hai’s wrist and sent a strand of spiritual qi inside. After one revolution, the strand disappeared.

The Yang Elder let go of Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “Little Hai, what cultivation method do you practice? Your spiritual qi is indeed ten times purer compared to cultivators in the True Spirit Realm.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m learning a cultivation method called the Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art. I learned it in the lower realms. But this manual is very special. Up until now, I haven’t felt the need to replace it.”

The Yin Elder stared, then he muttered, “Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art? I haven’t heard about this cultivation method before. Old Yang, have you heard of this?”

The Yang Elder shook his head and said, “I haven’t heard of it. Maybe Little Hai acquired the inheritance of an ancient power. I heard that a lot of ancient sects fell a very long time ago.”

The Yin Elder nodded and said, “It’s possible. That’s good. Little Hai, continue practicing this manual. Since it is something you acquired, this means that you were destined to have it.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then the Yin Elder moved on, “I saw the robots below cultivating the land. What things are you planning to plant?”

Hearing the Yin Elder, Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised. Then he smiled faintly and took out a blueprint then spread it on the table. He looked at the Yin Yang Elders and said, “Masters, take a look. This is what I plan to do.” Then Zhao Hai explained the layers of plants that he would farm. He also described the defensive capabilities of the plants.

The Yin Yang Elders calmly listened to Zhao Hai’s words. They had seen too many strange things coming from Zhao Hai, so they had gotten used to it now. But when they heard Zhao Hai talking about the sky reaching vines, they couldn’t keep calm.

After Zhao Hai finished talking, the Yang Elder said, “Little Hai, you’re planning to plant sky reaching vines on a large scale?”

Zhao Hai was somewhat confused by this, he answered, “Yes, with the amount of spiritual qi present, they can be planted everywhere in the Tyrant Blade Sect. And because they aren’t that strong, I can only rely on numbers. However, they should be enough to stop the beasts from attacking. With them present, we can defend with twice the result and half the effort.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Do you have seeds of the sky reaching vines?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “I have plenty. Back in the lower realms, I have the habit of collecting various seeds. I even collected the seeds of weeds that people find useless.”

The Yang Elder nodded, then he pointed towards the flower fields on the map and said, “I can understand these things. But I don’t know what bread trees and bamboo rice are. What are they?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Bread trees and bamboo rise are both types of food. Bread trees bear bread fruit that can be eaten directly. Bamboo rice is grain that has a very high yield. If they don’t get destroyed by the beasts, there should be enough food for the entire Tyrant Blade Sect to eat. However, I still don’t know if the food grown by these two contain any toxins. I still need to do some tests.”

The Yin Elder asked, “You also got these things from the lower realm?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “All of it is collected in the lower realms. My seeds come from several realms. By the way, Master, I also have special seeds. Although their medicinal strength is mild, their effects are special. Pills refined from them can maintain a cultivator’s appearance. It would make cultivators look younger.”

The Yin Yang Elders were confused. Zhao Hai looked at the two and then smiled faintly as he explained, “I relied on these pills to make money in the lower realms. Although male cultivators don’t care about their appearance, the pills sold well to female cultivators. Even if we increase the price, the pills are still sold out.”

Although they couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai was saying, the Yin Elder said, “That’s good. I’ll relay this information to the sect. Make sure that you practice properly and not get delayed with these things.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He also found that his Masters were indeed cultivation addicts. Besides cultivation, they don’t care much about other things.

The Yin Yang Elders asked Zhao Hai about his cultivation progress. Zhao Hai told them that he was revisiting the techniques he learned in the past. When they heard this, the Yin Yang Elders didn’t scold Zhao Hai. Conversely, they approved of his methods. Sometimes, when one revisits their past knowledge, they might encounter an unexpected discovery. Therefore, the Yin Yang Elders didn’t stop Zhao Hai.

After understanding Zhao Hai’s progress, the Yin Yang Elders used their portable transmission formation to return to their residence. Once they were back, the Yang Elder looked at the Yin Elder and said, “Little Hai is really talented. He doesn’t need our protection. But I’m afraid that old goat Zhen would become restless. We have to guard against him, otherwise he will rob Little Hai from us.”

The Yang Elder shook his head and said, “I already told him that Little Hai has an Innate Dao Body. Old Zhen isn’t a blind fool. On the contrary, I’m worried about Little Hai. His interests are too broad. I’m afraid he will be distracted.”

The Yin Elder shook his head, “Haven’t you seen it? This kid has been like this since the lower realms. He repeatedly ascended and has reached the True Spirit Realm. If he can do that, then he should have no problem going forward. It won’t do him any good if we disrupt the path that he has made for himself.”

The Yang Elder nodded, “Now that I think about it, I think he knows how to take care of himself. Brother, how about sending Little Qiu over to give Little Hai a portable transmission formation? We can’t afford to have him suffer an accident.”

The Yin Elder thought about it and said, “We might as well. But he probably won’t get into trouble. That kid should still have some cards he’s hiding. To be honest, I want to see what other things he has in his hand. In any case, I already arranged an alarm formation. If he gets into a very dangerous situation, I will know.”

Hearing this, the Yang Elder stared, then he laughed and said, “So Big Brother is more worried than me. Alright, let him be for a while. I really want to see what kind of tricks he would play.”

The Yin Elder smiled faintly and said, “That kid isn’t simple. As long as he trains well, he would bring great benefits to the Tyrant Blade Sect. Right, we forgot to ask about Little Tie’s attribute and why he’s currently training his body. But from what I can see, Little Hai seems to have a goal.”

The Yang Elder nodded. He also has big expectations for Zhao Hai. He wanted to see how Zhao Hai would grow in the future.


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