BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2002


Chapter 2002 – The Finished Courtyard

Zhao Hai sat on the back of the winged horse as he looked at the lands below. The farmable area was very huge. Seeing it full of weeds, Zhao Hai felt a bit heartbroken.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t do anything. He just flew around the land and then asked, “Laura, what do you think is good for this land?”

Laura thought for a moment and said, “We can plant defensive plants surrounding the land. Then plant medicinal herbs in the middle. We can also plant Sky Reaching Vines. With these, even if the beasts come, nothing would happen.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and nodded, “We can do that. How about you make a plan? See which plants in the Space can be used for attack and defense. We don’t only need to plant defensive plants on the surroundings, we’ll also plant them all throughout the land.”

Laura and the others nodded as they got busy. Then Zhao Hai steered his winged horse back to his courtyard. The land below was very big, over a million square kilometers. Moreover, the land was very arable. If it was utilized well, it would bring a huge income to the Tyrant Blade Sect.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t intentionally abandon the field below Lower Earth Mountain. To say that the Tyrant Blade Sect was afraid of Black Dragon Mountain would be incorrect. There were even beasts in the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect, so the beasts in Black Dragon Mountain weren’t that special.

The reason the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t farm the land was because they lacked manpower. The Black Dragon Mountain was too dangerous for Serving Disciples. If they met an attack, they could only wait for death. And if they send high-level disciples, nobody would be willing. Strong disciples wanted to progress in their cultivation. They don’t have time to farm. They want to do missions and cultivate.

Because of this, the lands of Lower Earth Mountain became desolate. In the end, they have to create a mission with rich benefits for it. But even after a long time, nobody took the task. Those who could take this task weren’t strong enough and those who were strong disdained it. 

Now that Zhao Hai accepted the mission, whether or not he could farm it all, the Tyrant Blade Sect would be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Zhao Hai returned to his own courtyard. When he arrived, he saw the robot already laying the underground formation. The underground formation would be made out of metal with high-energy conductivity. The core position of the formation was also laid vacant for the Elven Tree.

This defensive formation was three-dimensional. Even if the top layer was destroyed, it wouldn’t affect the strength of the formation.

Qiu Tie was currently sitting outside the courtyard and supervised the robot. But judging by his vacant gaze, it was clear that his thoughts were in another place.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about Qiu Tie’s absent-mindedness. He knew that Qiu Tie should be thinking about the Demon Subjugating Technique. Judging by his appearance, Qiu Tie was about to finish memorizing the technique.

Zhao Hai went inside and began to think about the techniques and cultivation methods he learned in the past. Upon confirming that cultivation methods have their own consciousness, it’s natural that he would want to revisit them.

When lunch time came, Zhao Hai ordered the robots to make food and then called Qiu Tie over who had been in a daze. Qiu Tie was somewhat embarrassed. He was a servant, but now his tasks have been taken by Zhao Hai. Qiu Tie was scared that Zhao Hai would scold him. But seeing that Zhao Hai wasn’t angry at all, he felt relieved.

Zhao Hai practiced his previous techniques for the next few days. Meanwhile, resident complex 52 has been changing every day. After seven days, besides the courtyard block that Zhao Hai was in, the other courtyard blocks have been rebuilt. Zhao Hai brought Qiu Tie to another courtyard block so that the robots could continue to work. After the final courtyard block was knocked down and rebuilt with the formation, the reconstruction of resident complex 52 was done.

And during these seven days, Zhao Hai also comprehended everything he practiced before. Zhao Hai even comprehended his use of formations once again. What Zhao Hai didn’t expect was that his method to control formations also has its own consciousness. Moreover, its consciousness was very strong.

Just right after Zhao Hai moved out of his original courtyard, Laura and the others began drawing designs for the land below the mountain. They produced several drawings but weren’t satisfied. And now they sent over another drawing.

Upon seeing the plan, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. The plan was very beautiful. The outermost edges of the land were planted with a sea of flowers. Naturally, these weren’t ordinary flowers. Instead, these flowers were the ones that caused hallucinations without the target knowing. The flowers were now more potent upon being improved. Even an immortal expert wouldn’t be spared by its pollen.

Moreover, this field of flowers also contain various small insects and snakes that contain poison. The sea of flowers would act as a natural defensive net that would protect the lands in the middle.

Planted on the side close to Lower Earth Mountain would be a forest of sky reaching vines. These vines will prevent flying beasts from attacking.

Inside the sea of flowers would be a forest. But the forest wouldn’t consist of fruit-bearing trees like bread trees, but instead they would be man-eating trees. There were plenty of such forests inside Zhao Hai’s Space. These trees can not only absorb nutrients from the ground but they can also eat meat. The roots and branches of these trees would attack enemies. They even emit a fragrance that contains poison.

After his forest of man-eating trees would be the real fruit trees. There would also be bread trees among the fruit trees. Naturally, on certain intervals, there would be trees that would attack intruders.

Beyond the fruit trees would be a field of bamboo rice. The bamboo rice would stretch until it reached the very center of the field where some vegetables and other grain varieties would be planted. Then the innermost part of the field would be a large medicinal field.

Looking at the ring-like design for the field, Zhao Hai nodded and gave his approval. As he flew around the field, he released robots and machines to begin plowing the land.

After that, Zhao Hai no longer cared about the robots working below. He returned to his courtyard and waited for another two days. The original courtyard that he lived in has been renovated. The reconstruction of resident complex 52 was just missing the last step, which was the transplantation of the Elven Tree.

Transplanting the Elven Tree wasn’t difficult, but it was crucial. Once the Elven Tree were placed, the defensive system of the resident complex would automatically activate.

The location for the Elven Tree was already reserved. Fortunately, the tree wasn’t tall. It looked like an ornamental tree that would go very well with the yard.

After transplanting the Elven Tree, Zhao Hai went to see how the land below was going. Zhao Hai released quite a lot of robots so the land was being plowed very quickly. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t wait until all of the land was plowed before planting his crops. He first plowed the periphery and then planted the flower fields. Even if the flowers don’t use the Space’s water to increase their growth, they still grow very fast. With the flowers present, the fields inside would be safer.

Zhao Hai also inserted memory chips to the robots detailing how the land was going to be farmed. Therefore, there was no need to supervise them all the time. He only needs to look from time to time to see if there were any errors. Seeing that there wasn’t anything wrong, Zhao Hai was relieved.

After surveying the work on the field, Zhao Hai rode his winged horse towards Yin-Yang Peak. Zhao Hai didn’t take Qiu Tie with him because he had something more important to do. Qiu Tie was currently studying the Demon Subjugation Technique. 

The Demon Subjugation Technique was a Buddhist Technique. From exercising one’s body to exercising one’s will, everything needs to be done step by step. Qiu Tie was currently exercising his body. Zhao Hai set up a fitness room in the training ground that has a lot of equipment. Qiu Tie was now spending most of his time there.

Zhao Hai didn’t give Qiu Tie a lot of pointers, nor did he observe him every day. He just told Qiu Tie what to watch out for and no longer bothered him.

The road of cultivation was lonely and painful. Without great mental power, it would be impossible for a person to embark on it. Zhao Hai trained Qiu Tie according to this philosophy. He didn’t only exercise Qiu Tie’s physical strength, but also his mental strength. Only in this way can Qiu Tie reach far in the future. Otherwise, it would be very hard for him to reach a high-level with his Mortal-grade spiritual roots.

Zhao Hai originally thought that Qiu Tie wouldn’t be able to hold on after a few days. But he didn’t expect Qiu Tie to continue training every day. He would even exceed the training volume that Zhao Hai gave him.

Zhao Hai seems to have underestimated the willpower of the people from the True Spirit Realm. Although Qiu Tie was still a young child, he has been told early on that cultivators were the strongest and most powerful. Because of this, the desire to cultivate was deeply rooted in his bones. So even if he was faced with difficulty, it wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai was very glad to see Qiu Tie train earnestly. As long as Qiu Tie continued his current pace, and with Zhao Hai’s support, he would definitely become a formidable cultivator in the future.


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  1. “Zhao Hai seems to have underestimated the willpower of the people from the True Spirit Realm”. Maybe. Or maybe people from the Qiu family have exceptional willpower due to their status, genetically inherited talents that are considered low by the standards of True Spirit Realm’s society, and how they were raised to be diligent.
    Perhaps they would make decent cultivators despite their low affinity/talent due to their diligence stemming from appreciating given opportunity like our little servant boy here.

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