BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2001


Chapter 2001 – Primal Chaos Manual

It was already late when Zhao Hai returned to resident complex 52. Qiu Tie was currently commanding the robots to collect stones and not memorizing the jade slip. He didn’t know how many stones he needed. He thought that the more stones the better.

Looking at Qiu Tie’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle. This was the first time he saw a child looking so serious.

When he saw that Zhao Hai was back, Qiu Tie immediately ran over and bowed as he greeted, “Young Master, you’re back.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he patted Qiu Tie’s head and said, “Alright, make the robots stop. We have enough stones. Order them to make food so that we can eat. Then after eating, you can take care of your cultivation.”

Qiu Tie happily complied and then turned around and ran. He ordered the robots who were still quarrying stones to stop and then had them prepare food.

Before long, the food was prepared and then Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie ate their meal. Zhao Hai sent Qiu Tie away to memorize the jade slip. Then he had the robots begin renovations according to the resident complex’s initial design. As for the jade slip containing the formations of the True Spirit Realm, he already sent it to the Space for Cai’er and the others to study.

It has to be said that formations in the True Spirit Realm were much more complex compared to formations in the Great Realm of Cultivation. These formations were also stronger and needed more resources to power. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about powering the formation. He was planning to plant an Elven Tree in the core of the residence complex to provide power. When all of this is finished, the residence would be impregnable.

After ordering the robots to work, Zhao Hai returned to his room. Since the robots were very loud, Zhao Hai had to set up a silencing formation so that he could concentrate.

Zhao Hai was currently reading the cultivation method that he obtained from the Blade Pavilion, the Primordial Chaos Manual. It was a low-level cultivation method that was used by basic disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai wanted to read this method to see the difference between the True Spirit Realm and the Great Realm of Cultivation’s methods.

The Primordial Chaos Manual was an earth attribute cultivation method. It was the one of the most basic manuals of the True Spirit Realm, something you can buy in an alley. It might even be considered as a supplementary manual. However, Zhao Hai still felt that there was something unique with the method.

In the lower realm, cultivation only involved absorbing spiritual qi from the heavens and earth. But in the True Spirit Realm, you don’t only need to absorb spiritual qi and circulate it according to the cultivation method, you also need to comprehend the cultivation method’s intent. This intent was the difference between cultivation methods of the Great Realm of Cultivation and the True Spirit Realm.

In the Great Realm of Cultivation, things like intent were only comprehended by Immortal Experts. But in the True Spirit Realm, cultivation methods would allow the cultivator to comprehend intent. It can be seen from this point how the cultivation methods of the True Spirit Realm were better.

Although the Primal Chaos Manual wasn’t complex, Zhao Hai gave his earnest effort to research it. He wanted to see what enlightenments he could gain from the Primal Chaos Manual.

The Primal Chaos Manual only has a bit more than 2000 characters. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai was done researching it. After storing the jade slip, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and felt the characteristics of the Primal Chaos Manual. Then he operated his spiritual qi according to the Primal Chaos Manual’s instructions.

At the same time, Zhao Hai adjusted his spiritual force to pay attention to the effects of the Primal Chaos Manual. He wanted to see if the manual had its own consciousness.

Zhao Hai was inspired by his other practices. When he was practicing his blade, he used his spiritual force to feel the consciousness of those techniques. Then he would communicate with it to learn more.

To Zhao Hai, since blade techniques have their own consciousness , then there’s no reason for cultivation methods like the Primal Chaos Manual to not have any. Therefore, Zhao Hai probed the manual’s process to see if he could find its consciousness . Zhao Hai’s current thinking speed was very fast. So when he was looking for the Primal Chaos Manuals’ consciousness, he slowed his thinking speed down.

Before long, Zhao Hai felt the consciousness of the Primal Chaos Manual. This caused Zhao Hai to be happy. His theory has been confirmed. Although the consciousness of the Primal Chaos Manual was very weak, at least Zhao Hai proved that cultivation methods also have their own consciousness.

As long as he proves that cultivation methods have consciousness, everything would be easy. Zhao Hai could study the cultivation methods he learned before and use his own consciousness to communicate with them, especially the Stellar Transformations Yin-yang Art. Zhao Hai practiced this cultivation method ever since he was in the Divine Realm. And after reaching the True Spirit Realm, he discovered that this cultivation method could still be cultivated. This was enough to prove how extraordinary it was. 

After seeing the consciousness of the Primal Chaos Manual, Zhao Hai immediately used his own consciousness to communicate with it. Then he sensed its thinking process.

The thoughts of the Primal Chaos Manual were quite special. Zhao Hai could feel that the Primal Chaos Manual was very close to the earth. 

It took a while before Zhao Hai withdrew his consciousness from the Primal Chaos Manual. After stopping, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. To be honest, the Primal Chaos Manual was a good cultivation method. The Primal Chaos Manual had a very strong earth intent. But because it was too simple, people in the True Spirit Realm looked down on it and didn’t study it in depth. Because of this, the Primal Chaos Manual was placed at the bottom of the rankings.

In Zhao Hai’s opinion, if the Primal Chaos Method was cultivated well and its intent was fully comprehended, then it might become one of the top methods in the True Spirit Realm.

Sometimes people were like this. They would regard pearl and jade as stone, and ginseng as grass. The Primal Chaos Manual was despised because its cultivation requirements were low. This was where the misunderstanding came about. They thought that the difficulty in cultivating equates to a higher level method. 

The people of the True Spirit Realm also knew that the simplest wasn’t necessarily the best. However, the best was also the simplest truth, this was the definition of the Grand Dao. There was a type of boundary between the two.

Zhao Hai lied on his bed as he felt the intent of the Primal Chaos Manual. He made a decision. When Qiu Tie reaches a higher level, he would make him practice the Primal Chaos Manual.

The night passed without any interruptions. The next morning, Zhao Hai got up early and practiced his blade for a while. Then he commanded the robots to cook breakfast as he walked out of his courtyard. When he walked out, Zhao Hai was stunned. Besides his own courtyard in resident complex 52, the other courtyard blocks have disappeared. Then the stones used to make those residences were neatly stacked. The slabs on the floor were also stored properly.

This was also what Zhao Hai intended to do. He wanted to arrange a formation, and it had to be placed underground. So the slabs of the resident complex needed to be lifted up.

Since the robots had completed their tasks, they were already in hibernation. This was an energy-efficient mode for the robots. But as long as a command was made, these robots would immediately turn on.

Zhao Hai looked at the scene and gave a satisfied nod. Then he called Cai’er, “Cai’er, how is the formation design going?” Although the formations of the True Spirit Realm were more complex, the Space has too many formations to refer to. It can be said that for one formation, the Space would have a thousand formations as a reference. With so many formations as a basis, studying the formations of the True Spirit Realm wasn’t so difficult.

Cai’er nodded and said, “It’s done. Also, the materials for arranging the formation have been prepared. Young master, how about building the other courtyards first, then finally rebuilding the courtyard you’re living in. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then when he turned his hand, he was already holding a few blueprints as well as a memory chip. At the same time, materials appeared on the ground.

Zhao Hai looked through the blueprints and gave a satisfied nod. Then he inserted the memory chip into one of the robots. The robot started up immediately and began to attach the other robots to its body. It already knew everything about the task.

Now that it has received its instructions, the robot began construction. By this point, the robot no longer looked humanoid. It was more like an automated machine that could only do construction-related work.

The robot’s actions were very fast. There was no need for Zhao Hai to order it. Seeing that the job was working fine, he no longer paid attention to it as he returned to his courtyard. At this point, Qiu Tie had already woken up and the robots had prepared breakfast.

After their meal, Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, after this, go outside and supervise the construction robot. I’ll take care of other matters. If there aren’t enough materials, immediately tell me. I have to take a look at the situation below.”

Hearing this, Qiu Tie nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai patted Qiu Tie’s head and then left.


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