BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2000


Chapter 2000 – Cannot See Through

Qiu Tie anxiously looked at Zhao Hai. He didn’t know what cultivation method Zhao Hai would make him practice. However, deep inside, he was happy thinking that he could finally cultivate.

There is nobody in the True Spirit Realm that doesn’t want to cultivate. However, most people were like Qiu Tie who was only compatible with a single spiritual root. Most sects would never accept such people as disciples. Although these people could cultivate, it would be impossible for them to reach a high level.

It would be a huge loss for a sect to spend resources on someone who would never reach far. Therefore, those with Mortal-level spiritual roots won’t have anyone to teach them to cultivate.

Qiu Tie was from the True Spirit Realm, so he was clearly aware of this matter. Originally, he thought that he would have no chances of cultivation. But now, upon hearing that Zhao Hai would teach him, he was naturally ecstatic.

As Qiu Tie was feeling uneasy, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “Little Tie, you are most compatible with the earth attribute. I have a cultivation method that I obtained in the lower realms. But I don’t know how high this method could be practiced. Are you willing to study it?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie didn’t even hesitate as he replied, “I want, I want to study. Young Master, please teach me.”

Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie and then smiled faintly as he said, “That’s good. Then starting today, I will teach you to cultivate. Take this jade slip first. The cultivation method is inside. After memorizing the contents, I will guide you how to cultivate.” While talking, Zhao Hai took out a jade slip and handed it to Qiu Tie.

Qiu Tie joyfully received the jade slip and said, “Yes, Young Master can rest assured. I will memorize it as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Now go. There’s no need to worry about me, I’ll be practicing by myself.” Qiu Tie nodded and then went to his room.

Seeing Qiu Tie’s appearance, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This kid, Haha. Let’s see how far he can go.” Then he stood up and walked out.

Looking at resident complex 52, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. This huge area was his own. Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out a winged horse. Then he jumped on the horse and flew around resident complex 52. Before long, the entire area was mapped by the Space.

Altogether, resident complex 52 has 12 courtyard blocks. Each courtyard block could house 10 to 12 people. Moreover, the facilities were very complete. It has its own cafeteria and training grounds. Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that there was a formation around the resident complex. However, it seems like the formation was not in use. Zhao Hai immediately asked Cai’er, “Cai’er, look at the entire complex and see what it originally looked like. If it’s built well, we won’t need to redesign it. If it’s not, then we’ll redesign.”

Cai’er complied and immediately worked with Laura and the others. Seeing how busy they became, Zhao Hai smiled and couldn’t help but think about when the courtyard complex would be completed. When the time comes, he will take them out. They rarely appeared in front of people. With the Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise Stamps having their own independent spaces, Zhao Hai could say that he used the stamps to bring Laura and the others over.

Although the Vermillion Bird Stamp and the Black Tortoise Stamp were treasures that people would covet, Zhao Hai now has two formidable masters. The Yin Yang Elders weren’t people who could be easily bullied. If they knew that someone had intentions of stealing from Zhao Hai, they certainly wouldn’t let them off.

However, another problem was the fact that Laura and the others haven’t reached the immortal stage. Although the cleansing water could adjust their bodies so that they could live in the True Spirit Realm, it wouldn’t be good if people come to know that they were able to violate the laws of the realm. If that happens, there would be a huge disturbance. At that time, the Yin Yang Elders wouldn’t be able to defend them.

Currently, the spiritual qi density of the Space has reached the same level as the True Spirit Realm. Laura and the others would be able to progress in their cultivation much faster compared to before. They would only need some time before they could reach the standards of the True Spirit Realm. When that time comes, Zhao Hai would have no worries releasing them outside.

As for resident complex 52, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about it. Although the walls were destroyed, the complex wasn’t completely ruined. With the help of the Universal Scanner, Cai’er was able to remake the original design of resident complex 52.

Seeing the original plans of resident complex 52, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect the resident complex to look like this. The 12 courtyard blocks of the complex surrounded a huge training ground. Then not far from the training ground was a cafeteria. These two places were the public facilities of the complex. Each courtyard block also has their own training ground. However, they didn’t have cafeterias. 

Although the layout looked ordinary, Zhao Hai could see that the courtyard blocks were made in accordance with the Four-State Great Formation.

The training ground in the middle was the core of the entire great formation. When the enemy attacks, people can gather in the training ground and use their techniques to control the formation.

The design of the resident complex was very practical. It might as well be called a military compound. Once the Four-State Great Formation was repaired, as long as there’s enough manpower, capturing residence number 52 would not be easy.

The resident complex wasn’t designed to look like a graceful beauty. Instead, it was built like a rigid, iron blooded maiden. Combined with the situation of the mountain, it gave the feeling of being neither lacking nor excessive.

After some time, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “What do you guys think? This will be our home for a long time. After the complex is repaired and you reach the immortal stage, you’ll also come out and live here with me. Tell me if we need to add anything”

Laura smiled and said, “There’s no need to change anything. However, the defensive formation of the residence needs to be upgraded. At the very least, the formation needs to be three-dimensional. Brother Hai, see if you can go to your Master’s place and request some formations. Although there’s no need to change everything, we’ll have to decorate the inside according to our taste.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. Get everything ready along with the robots. Leave the rest to me. You should practice when you have nothing to do. Reach the immortal stage as soon as possible so that we can meet outside.”

Laura and the others complied. They didn’t care about anything other than being beside Zhao Hai. In the past, they didn’t care too much about cultivation. But now that they have a reason, they naturally would do their best.

Laura and the others got busy designing for the interior of resident complex 52. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai started to reorganize the complex.

Zhao Hai commanded the robots to get stones to fix the buildings. Then he left the job to Qiu Tie as he rode his winged horse and soared towards Yin-Yang Mountain.

After several hours of flying, Zhao Hai arrived at Yin-Yang Mountain. Like before, he stopped at the bottom of the mountain and walked up on foot. He arrived at the residence by afternoon.

Upon arriving at the residence, Zhao Hai pushed the gate open and went in. Qiu Zhen already retrieved the portable transmission formations that the Yin-Yang Elders asked for. Now that he’s back, he would naturally stay in the two elders’ residence.

But unlike last time, Qiu Zhen didn’t look busy. He was currently commanding the robot to do the housework. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, he quickly greeted him with a smile, “I have seen the Young Master.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Zhen, you’re too polite. How are you? Is the robot to your liking?”

Qiu Zhen smiled and said, “It’s very easy to use. I’ll have to thank the Young Master. With the robot, I’m now more relaxed. But I couldn’t help but worry about these robots. I’m afraid that they would replace me soon.”

Hearing Qiu Zhen, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Uncle Zhen, you’re thinking too much. It’s impossible for robots to completely replace people. You don’t have to worry about this. Even if they’re effective, robots still need someone to order them, do they not?”

Qiu Zhen nodded with a smile and said, “Young Master is correct. Right, are you looking for the Old Masters? They’re both present.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he went to the living room and said, “Masters, this disciple is asking for an audience.”

The Yin Elder’s voice was heard, “Come in.” Zhao Hai pushed the door open and cupped his fist towards the two elders. The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You came back quickly, is there something wrong?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “Master, this disciple has taken over resident complex 52. I want to restore it to its original state. However, there seems to be something wrong with the formation there. Disciple wants to ask Master if there are any jade slips about formations in the sect. And if there are, can I take a look?”

Hearing this, the Yin Elder couldn’t help but ask, “You also know about formations?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I understand it a bit. I studied a movement technique in the past that involved formations. So upon seeing that resident complex 52 has a defensive formation, I want to modify it.”

The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you confident? This formation can’t be completed in a day or two. Your main focus right now should be cultivation. You shouldn’t do anything that would delay you. We can have formation masters of the sect come over and help you fix the formation.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Master, there’s no need to worry. It won’t delay my cultivation. Formations are easy to understand. As long as you get the basics, it actually isn’t that hard. Also, my comprehension of formations is different compared to other people. My formations can’t be laid out by other people. So they can’t help even if they want to.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Elder nodded and said, “You look confident. Alright, I’ll leave the formation to you. I want to see what kind of formation you can arrange.” After he said that, his body flashed with white light before he disappeared.

The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “After some time, the two of us will go to your place to take a look. If we see that you’ve fallen behind, then don’t blame us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Master can rest assured. Disciple will not disappoint you.” As he said that, there was a flash of white light and the Yin Elder reappeared. He handed a jade slip to Zhao Hai and said, “Take this. These are common formations used by the sect. If you understand them all, then the majority of formations in the True Spirit Realm would not be able to stop you.”

Zhao Hai received the jade slip and then cupped his fist towards the Yin Elder, “Thank you very much, Master. Can I take this jade slip back? If I can’t, I can record it right now.”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “There’s no need. This jade slip is a duplicate I recorded. You can take it back to study. But remember, you cannot delay your cultivation. Otherwise, you can’t blame us for punishing you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then this disciple asks to be excused. In a few days, Masters can come over to take a look. If you’re not satisfied, then you can punish me.”

The Yin Elder waved his hand and Zhao Hai turned around to leave. Once Zhao Hai was gone, the Yin Elder looked at the Yang Elder and said, “Junior Brother, Little Hai really looks confident in his formations. What do you think?”

The Yang Elder smiled bitterly and said, “I really can’t say. At this point, I can’t read that kid. We only spent a very short time with him, so we still don’t understand him. I really don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that we have a disciple like him.”

The Yin Elder sighed and said, “We already took him in as a disciple. From what I can see, even if he doesn’t become a powerful expert, he can still be a refining master or an alchemy master. He might even be a formation master. No matter what, he can be useful to the sect.”

The Yang Elder nodded.


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