BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1998


Chapter 1998 – Beast Attack

Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie sat on a winged horse and flew back to Lower Earth Mountain. Zhao Hai discovered that Qiu Tie wasn’t as excited to ride the winged horse as before. He had a rare look of reluctance on his face. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. He knew that Qiu Tie was feeling homesick. In the end, Qiu Tie was still five years old. If this was back on earth, kids of this age would be the darlings of their parents. They would never allow their kid to serve someone. But in the True Spirit Realm, kids like Qiu Tie were already at the age to work. It can even be said that he has become a pawn for the development of his clan.

Zhao Hai was well aware that although his status in the Tyrant Blade Sect wasn’t high at this time, he would definitely become one of the more famous people in the sect due to the identity of the Yin Yang Elders. He might even get some influence in the sect.

With Qiu Tie being placed at his side by Qiu Zhen, Qiu Tie’s influence in the sect would also increase in the future. When the water rises, the boat rises with it, and this was the goal that the Qiu Clan was aiming for.

So seeing Qie Tie’s reluctance to go, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He also couldn’t send Qiu Tie back to the Qiu Clan. If he did that, he would be bringing harm to the kid.

But Zhao Hai doesn’t know how to comfort Qiu Tie. He has zero experience in dealing with children. As he was thinking of solutions, Zhao Hai’s expression suddenly changed. Then he looked down at Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, continue riding the winged horse slowly towards Lower Earth Mountain. Lower Earth Mountain is under attack by beasts. I’ll go ahead to take a look.”

Hearing this, Qiu Tie said, “Young Master, let’s go back together.”

Zhao Hai admonished him, “Little Tie, don’t be stubborn. You can’t do anything even if you came with me. I’ll go first to help the Senior Brothers. You fly slowly behind. Be sure that you don’t fall down.”

Before Qiu Tie was about to say anything, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a Nine-winged Cloud Centipede. Then he jumped on the back of the centipede and rocketed towards Lower Earth Mountain.

The nine-winged cloud centipede was very quick. Moreover, it was a battle beast. The nine-winged cloud centipede flew straight towards Lower Earth Mountain. While it was flying, the centipede let out a couple of screeches, causing the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivators below to look up. There was still some distance from Lower Earth Mountain, so these people didn’t know that something happened. They were just curious about the beast that was screeching above.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these things right now. He continued to hurry back to Lower Earth Mountain. Although he knew from Cai’er that only 30 beasts were attacking, he was afraid that they would destroy the field he had planted. If that happens, then he would have to replant all of his seeds.

Of the 30 beasts that were attacking, 20 were running on the ground. They looked like wolves. For the other 10, they were beasts that looked like vultures. And these 10 vultures were the most threatening beasts for Lower Earth Mountain.

The beasts weren’t very strong, but their coordination was very good. Dao Shu and the others haven’t reached the Teleportation Stage yet, so they couldn’t fly. Because of this, they had to deal with the wolves and the vultures at the same time. It would be hard for this battle to end soon.

But generally speaking, Dao Shu and the others were stronger than the beasts. So they could hold on for quite some time.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of Dao Shu and the others falling, he was afraid that his field would be destroyed. 

As he stood on the nine-winged cloud centipede, Zhao Hai held a huge 5-meter long blade in his hand. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on getting down to help Dao Shu and the others. His target were the vultures.

In less than half an hour, Zhao Hai could see Lower Earth Mountain. The vultures that were circling around the mountain were also able to see Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a large amount of double-sting bees. Then he ordered the nine-winged cloud centipede to charge towards the vultures.

The vultures were naturally able to sense the aggressiveness of Zhao Hai, but they didn’t put him in their eyes. They were actually patient!

Zhao Hai saw five vultures flying towards him. The other five continued to fly around the first peak. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the beasts in the True Spirit Realm to be this intelligent. They could even divide their forces.

However, this was Zhao Hai’s intention. He waved his long blade and roared, “Kill!” The nine-winged cloud centipede sped up and charged towards the vultures.

Each vulture was 10 meters long and had a wingspan of around 30 meters. They had silvery white feathers and a huge hooked beak. Their claws also looked very sharp. One could see how damaging they could be. Hearing Zhao Hai’s roar, the vulture closest to him squawked and threw itself towards Zhao Hai.

The nine-winged cloud centipede also screeched and met the vulture’s charge with a cloud of black smoke. When the smoke surrounded the vulture, it couldn’t help but scream as its body shook. Then it began to fall downward with its body turned totally black.

Zhao Hai didn’t let go of this opportunity. He waved his huge blade and cut towards the vulture’s neck. Zhao Hai heard a puffing sound confirming his hit on the target. But before long, he noticed that he only cut the front of the vulture’s neck. Although the vulture wouldn’t be able to survive this level of damage, the result still surprised Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai used his full power in sending the attack, but it only cut off the throat of the vulture. He failed to cut the entire head off. This showed the defensive strength of the beast. It must be known that the vulture has already been poisoned by the nine-winged cloud centipede. With how weakened it was, it was still able to have very strong defenses. 

However, Zhao Hai also knew that this wasn’t the time to study the vulture. He waved his hand and sent the dead vulture to the Space. Then he commanded his double-sting bees to launch an attack towards the four remaining vultures.

Double-sting bees were famous for the sharpness of their stingers. Most defenses wouldn’t be able to do anything against their piercing power. Additionally, after entering the Space, the genes of the double-sting bees and the nine-winged cloud centipedes have been improved. This made the poison of the nine-winged cloud centipede to be more potent and the stingers of the double-sting bees to be sharper.

The vultures of the True Spirit Realm have not seen double-sting bees before. Both the double-sting bees and the nine-winged cloud centipede came from the Soaring Dragon Realm. The beasts of the Soaring Dragon Realm were different from the ones in the True Spirit Realm. Because of this, the vultures were unaware of the strength of the double-sting bees. Just as they were about to attack the double-sting bees, the vultures were already peppered by stingers.

The vultures wanted to avoid the stingers but they failed. The vultures were very huge birds that were charging in a straight line. They would need a large turning radius if they wanted to dodge. They weren’t agile enough to make a swift turn. Before long, the four vultures were turned into pincushions.

Although the vultures have powerful defenses and didn’t die immediately, the damage and the poison in the stingers immobilized them. Before long, the vultures began to fall down.

And like before, Zhao Hai made his move. He began attacking the vultures but left them barely alive. Then he sent them all to the Space. He didn’t turn them into Undead. They would be treated and be added to the number of species inside the Space.

After dealing with the five vultures, Zhao Hai immediately threw himself towards the other five. The five vultures didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to deal with the others in a short time. They screeched and then turned around to escape. These beasts weren’t fearless warriors who would die on the battlefield. They would only turn into mindless beasts during beast tides. On normal times, they turn into cowards once they know that the odds were against them. 

When the vultures ran away, Dao Shu and the others were finally able to deal with the wolves. As Dao Shu and the others were slaughtering the wolves, those who survived howled and ran away as well.

Despite seeing this, Dao Shu and the others didn’t pursue. Although they didn’t know how to get along with people, they had very rich experience when it came to fighting the beasts. One time, they chased the running wolves which caused them to fall into an ambush. Since then, whenever they saw the wolves retreating, they would no longer chase them. 

Dao Shu and the others also saw Zhao Hai’s battle against the vultures. Although they weren’t able to fly, their eyesight was very good. And with the battle between Zhao Hai and the vultures happening very close to the ground, they were able to see the events of the battle very clearly. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to command so many beasts.

Seeing that the beasts have retreated, Zhao Hai received the double-sting bees. Then he commanded the nine-wing cloud centipede to descend. After jumping down from the centipede, Zhao Hai sent it back to the Space. Then he went towards Dao Shu and the others who were also heading towards him.

When the two sides got close, Dao Shu laughed and said, “Little Hai, I didn’t expect you to be this formidable. Hahaha. Very fierce!”


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