BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1997


Chapter 1997 – Going Beyond Expectations

When Zhao Hai entered the room, he saw the Yin Yang Elders already sitting inside. He cupped his fist towards the two elders and said, “I have seen Masters.”

The Yin Yang Elders nodded. Then the Yin Elder said, “Little Hai, have you settled well?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m doing well. Master can rest assured. I came here today to give a report. I took up the task to farm all the lands under Lower Earth Mountain.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but stare. But their expression didn’t show any trace of anger. Instead, the Yin Elder nodded and said, “Tell me why.”

Zhao Hai answered, “Yes. This disciple is thinking that since I’m settled in Lower Earth Mountain, then I should take responsibility for it. There aren’t a lot of people on the mountain right now, which gives the beasts a lot of opportunities to cause trouble. So I was thinking that if we can plant crops on the land under the mountain, then people might get attracted to live in it. Once this happens, the security around Lower Earth Mountain would gradually increase. This disciple wants to focus on cultivation. If the beasts keep causing trouble, then I won’t be able to get any time of peace. So whether it’s for me or the sect, this matter needs to be taken care of.”

The more they listened to Zhao Hai the brighter the Yin Yang Elders’ eyes became. In the end, the Yin Elder nodded and said, “Good, that’s a good plan. But Little Hai, haven’t you thought about moving to another place?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and replied, “I have no intentions of moving. From the beginning, a cultivator practices in order to change their fate. A small matter such as the beasts of Black Dragon Mountain isn’t something I have to be afraid of. If I’m scared of every danger I face, a seed of doubt will grow in my heart. When it sprouts, my future will be cut off.”

“Good! Well said!” The Yang Elder exclaimed as he stood up, “Little Hai, you might have already guessed, but we arranged for you to go to Lower Earth Mountain. We want to see how you’ll handle it. Very good, you exceeded our expectations.”

Zhao Hai cupped his fist but didn’t say anything. The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, about your cultivation, what plans do you have?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I found that I have good comprehension regarding blade techniques, so I went to the Blade Pavillion and selected five blade techniques from the third floor. The techniques are the Rolling Rocks Blade, Goldentip Blade, Ice Cold Blade, Fallen Leaves Blade, and the Wisteria Blade.”

“This disciple also used 500 jade essences to exchange for other manuals from the first floor. The manuals are the Primal Chaos Method, Windborn Movement Technique, Sealing Blade, Beating Waves Fist, and Crumbling Mountain Kicking Technique.”

“I chose these basic techniques to see the standards of the True Spirit Realm’s cultivation methods, fist techniques, movement techniques, and kicking techniques. If these basic techniques are better than those in the Great Realm of Cultivation, then disciple might consider switching. And the reason why I chose different attributes for my blade techniques is because I want to see if I can practice them. If so, I’ll be able to practice other blade techniques if I don’t like what I chose. I also found that I could understand the blade more if I used this method.”

Zhao Hai’s words were half real and half fake. He has long known that he could practice all attributes of the blade. However, he didn’t mention it to the Yin Yang Elders. He just said that he would try.

The Yang Elder already sat back down. Hearing Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but turn his head at the Yin Elder who was also looking at him. Both of them had a look of approval on their eyes. They guessed that Zhao Hai had an Innate Dao Body. Those with Innate Dao Bodies could practice any technique. Zhao Hai might be a nobody in the True Spirit Realm, but he was a peak expert before he ascended. Experts like him have their own understanding regarding cultivation. Because of this, when they ascended to the True Spirit Realm, they weren’t taught using methods used for True Spirit Realm natives. Sometimes, it would be easy for these ascendants to comprehend on their own.

Zhao Hai naturally has his own understanding regarding cultivation. For the Yin Yang Elders, this was a good thing. They only need to ensure Zhao Hai’s safety. There was no need for them to micromanage him.

At the same time, the two elders were surprised at Zhao Hai’s ability. From accepting Zhao Hai as a disciple to the present, the two didn’t teach Zhao Hai a lot. However, Zhao Hai was able to rely on his own analysis to find a suitable method for him to practice. The two Elders were more convinced that taking Zhao Hai as a disciple wasn’t in vain.

The Yin Elder nodded and said, “Very good. You’re doing quite well. Actually, Little Hai, we have something we haven’t told you. We think that you have an Innate Dao Body.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Yin Elder with a puzzled look. Then the Yin Elder explained what an Innate Dao Body was as well as its importance. In the end, he added, “We haven’t told you this because we’re afraid of accidentally spreading this matter. You should be aware that if this information goes out, other sects would do their best to get rid of you. So don’t tell anyone else about this in the future. Also, whenever you fight, don’t use more than five types of blade techniques. Do you understand?”

Actually, when the Yin Elder explained to Zhao Hai what an Innate Dao Body was, Zhao Hai was stunned. He felt that the Yin Yang Elders might have misunderstood but at the same time he felt that they had not. His body was the same as the Innate Dao Body but it was different. Innate Dao Bodies were born, but Zhao Hai’s Dao Body wasn’t. He can use these different attribute techniques because of his different divergent abilities. At the same time, the toxins in Zhao Hai’s body had been removed when he communicated with all kinds of things. It can be said that Zhao Hai’s Innate Dao Body was created not born.

Zhao Hai hasn’t seen the real Innate Dao Body, but he could truly practice all cultivation methods and blade techniques. He also has the Space, making his situation very special. He couldn’t explain to the Yin Yang Elders why his body was special. But since the two Elders already identified him as someone with an Innate Dao Body, then this would make it more convenient for Zhao Hai’s future cultivation.

At the same time, he could understand the efforts of the two Elders. His body was fairly the same as an Innate Dao Body. If someone found out about his situation, then they would definitely do their best to eliminate him. Zhao Hai doesn’t want to constantly worry about being assassinated. So he would definitely let this information stop with him.

Seeing Zhao Hai nod, the Yin Yang Elders relaxed. Then the Yin Elder said, “You said that you took the Lower Earth Mountain task and claimed a peak for yourself? I’ll have people go over and clear out that peak. It will be yours from now on. By the way, wanting such a huge piece of land, can you farm all of it? Remember, your main focus should be practicing. Don’t delay your cultivation for miscellaneous things.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Master can rest assured, it won’t delay my cultivation.”

The Yin Yang Elders nodded. Then the Yang Elder said, “I heard that you’re living with Lower Earth Mountain’s 12 Eccentrics. How are they? Is your relationship with them good?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “They’ve been very good. They’re not really that eccentric. They just don’t know how to get along with other people. But I have been able to befriend them.”

The Yang Elder was surprised by this. But he moved on and asked, “What about the puppets that Little Tie is talking about? Where did you get so many puppets?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Replying to Master. Those aren’t actually puppets, they’re robots I brought from the lower realm. These robots cannot fight. And even if they did, they’re extremely weak. In the True Spirit Realm, the only thing they could do is basic chores like farming and housework. These robots are the reason why I’m confident that I could farm the lands under Lower Earth Mountain. I also have construction robots that could help build.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Elder’s eyes lit up, “This, is it possible to leave one of your robots behind?”

ZHao Hai didn’t even hesitate as he agreed, “Yes, I think Uncle Zhen has been working too hard. I’ll leave behind houseworking robots so that Uncle Zhen won’t tire himself too much. He can command those robots to do housework. One robot would be enough to help him. As for the rest, I’ll leave them to you to manage.” As he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out five robots and placed them inside a spatial bag before handing it over to the Yin Elder.

The Yin Elder looked at the five robots with a bright look in his eyes. He received the spatial bag that Zhao Hai handed over and nodded, “Alright, if there’s nothing else, you can go. By the way, if you have time, take care of that kid Qiu Tie. And if it’s possible, teach him how to cultivate.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Master doesn’t have to worry. I was planning to teach him. After heading back, I will test his spiritual roots and then teach him how to cultivate.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Right, take out your blade token and place it on your body. At this moment, you aren’t very strong. If you encounter a powerful beast and the blade token is inside a spatial item, it wouldn’t be able to protect you. Take it outside to keep yourself safe.”

Zhao Hai complied and took out his blade token and tied it to his waist. In fact, plenty of Tyrant Blade Sect disciples have blade qi in their tokens to protect their lives .

Seeing that Zhao Hai had prepared well, the Yin Elder nodded and said, “You can go. Pay attention to yourself. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to come over. At the same time, look for more jade slips regarding the True Spirit Realm to learn more.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then he cupped his fist towards the two elders before leaving.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s departure, the Yin Elder let out a sigh and said, “This kid is too talented. It seems like in the future his achievements will surpass ours.”

The Yang Elder laughed and said, “Isn’t that a good thing? Right, brother, why do you care about Little Hai’s robots? Do you want to hand them over to the Puppet Hall? Although the robots can do delicate work, they are too weak.”

The Yin Elder replied, “Our Puppet Hall isn’t that developed. The sect doesn’t really care about puppets. Also, information about puppets couldn’t be easily found. Although these puppets aren’t very strong, their production method is very unique. Have the Puppet Hall take them apart and study. Maybe they can learn something.”

The Yang Elder nodded, then his eyes suddenly lit up as he said, “Brother, do you think we should arrange Little Hai to stay in that place for a while? I remember that kid Lin Ling saying that Little Hai isn’t only strong, but he also knows about refining artifacts and pills.”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “No, at least not now. Little Hai needs to get stronger. Although the sect places great importance to pills and artifacts, all of these can’t compare to personal strength. If Little Hai becomes stronger, then we might consider it. But now, we can’t afford to delay him.”

The Yang Elder thought that it was correct, so he no longer dwelled on it. Then he asked, “Brother, Lower Earth Mountain is very dangerous. Little Hai might not be able to withstand it. Do we have any way to help him?”

The Yin Elder thought about it for a moment before he said, “Let’s pay attention to Lower Earth Mountain for now. Let’s have Little Qiu go to the Miscellaneous Hall and ask for two portable transmission formations. Let’s also build an alarm system at Lower Earth Mountain. So if too many beasts attack, we can give support immediately. What do you think?”

The Yang Elder nodded, “Alright, I’ll take care of it. We should at least guarantee some of his safety. Little Qiu, come in.”

Qiu Zhen complied and walked in. Then the Yang Elder said, “Little Qiu, go to the sect later and ask for two portable transmission formations. I will order them to bring it to you. You only need to receive them.”

Qiu Zhen nodded, then he turned around and left. At the same time, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. He knew that the reason why the Yin Yang Elders asked for portable transmission formations was because of Zhao Hai. This was to ensure that Zhao Hai was safe. And if Zhao Hai was safe, then Qiu Tie would be safe as well.


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