BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1995


Chapter 1995 – Dangerous Space Breaker

The fifth stage was called Earth Monarch. To reach this level, the cultivator needs to thoroughly understand the methods of Soul Fusion and practice it to the highest level. When a cultivator reaches this stage, dust won’t even fall on their body. It was also at this stage that a cultivator could stop eating.

The sixth stage was called Teleportation. Just by looking at the name, one could immediately know what this stage was about. Reaching this stage, the cultivator would be able to make an instant movement over a short distance. It’s also at this stage that the cultivator would be able to fly.

The seventh stage is called Diamond Body. At this level, the body would undergo a transformation and become indestructible. Ordinary attacks would have no effect. As long as the body doesn’t suffer fatal injuries, it can recover almost immediately. Even internal damage would be cured. 

The eight stage is called Condensing Spirit. Condensing Spirit refers to the solidification of spiritual force. Once spiritual force becomes solid, the cultivator could condense their spiritual force to be as indestructible as diamond. At this stage, the cultivator would be able to achieve the state of mind beyond body. If a Condensing Spirit cultivator suffers an irrecoverable injury, they could separate their soul from their body to keep themselves alive.

The ninth stage was called the Space Breaker. Space Breaker cultivators can break open the void to ascend, but this can only be done at its peak. Ordinary ninth-stage cultivators could only break through the realm’s space. That was to say that if Zhao Hai uses his divergent ability, a Space Breaker cultivator would be able to tear open the space and catch Zhao Hai. Naturally, this was only when Zhao Hai used an ordinary spatial divergent ability. If Zhao Hai uses the Space itself, then it is still unknown if Space Breaker Cultivators would be able to break through it.

When Zhao Hai saw the description of the Space Breaker stage, his complexion couldn’t help but change. The True Spirit Realm has people who can break open the void. This might mean that they can reach the Space. If this was the case, how can Zhao Hai protect himself?

The Space was Zhao Hai’s biggest secret as well as his biggest advantage. If the Space was discovered, Zhao Hai’s final ace would be exposed. When the time comes, he wouldn’t have anywhere to hide.

Everything that Zhao Hai saw would naturally be seen by Cai’er. Seeing this, Cai’er immediately said, “Young Master, if there are really experts who can break through the void, then we would need to make preparations. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We must prepare. Cai’er, go look and see if the Space has any defensive measures. If there is, let’s see if it has been upgraded as well.”

Cai’er complied. Then she closed her eyes and recalled the Space’s capabilities after the upgrade. After some time, Cai’er’s expression lit up. She opened her eyes and looked at Zhao Hai, “Young Master, there’s actually a solution. Now that the Space has upgraded, it has reached the standard of the True Spirit Realm. Therefore, it cannot be detected by the cultivators of the realm. The Space’s defensive measures have also been upgraded. Even if someone breaks open the void, without your permission, they wouldn’t be able to get past the Five Elements Killing Formation and the Stellar Transformations Killing Formation.”

“They would also be trapped by the Vermillion Bird Stamp and the Black Tortoise Stamp. The two stamps have independent subspaces inside that have been developed by the Space. The subspaces also have their own Five Elements Killing Formation and Stellar Transformations Killing Formation.”

When he heard Cai’er, Zhao Hai nodded, “Activate the formations all the time. We can’t neglect this matter.” Cai’er complied and left to prepare.

Although Zhao Hai was lying on his bed, his heart couldn’t calm itself down for some time. Knowing that there were people who could break open the void in the True Spirit Realm gave him a true sense of crisis. 

Before long, Cai’er returned to update Zhao Hai about the activation of the formations. It was only then that Zhao Hai relaxed. With the Five Element Killing Formation and the Stellar Transformations Killing Formation, the Space would be safe. 

Zhao Hai has no intention to sleep, but he wasn’t looking at jade slips. Instead, he practiced his spiritual qi. He knew that no matter which realm, only strength could provide absolute safety. As long as he’s strong enough, it wouldn’t matter if the Space was revealed. Take the Great Realm of Cultivation, for example, even if Zhao Hai revealed that he has the Space, who would dare touch him? They won’t have the guts.

The night silently passed. The next morning, Qiu Tie got up early. He wasn’t like other kids who hated getting out of bed. Because he was trained since he was small, he knows that he has to wake up earlier than his Master.

Unfortunately for Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai didn’t need to sleep. Because of this, Zhao Hai was up much earlier than Qiu Tie. When Qiu Tie went to Zhao Hai’s room, he discovered that Zhao Hai wasn’t there. Qiu Tie panicked and hastily ran outside to see Zhao Hai practicing in the courtyard.

Upon knowing that techniques also have their own thinking, Zhao Hai decided to relearn all of his techniques so that he could communicate with them. Then he would practice the techniques to their pinnacle.

What Zhao Hai was practicing right now was one of the 18 Buddhist Techniques, the Crouching Tiger Fist Technique. The Crouching Tiger Fist was a very powerful set of movements. By communicating with the technique, Zhao Hai discovered that his prior mastery of it was merely surface-level. He hasn’t learned the essence of the technique.

After practicing for a while, Zhao Hai finally discovered Qiu Tie. Zhao Hai reigned in his fist qi and then turned his head. Qiu Tie was in front of the door looking anxiously at him.

Seeing Zhao Hai stop practicing, Qiu Tie immediately knelt down and said while weeping, “I’ve offended the Young Master. I got up late. Please punish me.”

Looking at Qiu Tie’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he immediately understood what was going on. He smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, Little Tie, get up. There’s so many robots in this place, so there’s no need for you to take care of everything. Also, unlike me, you don’t cultivate. I need less sleep than you. Naturally, it’s impossible for you to wake up earlier than me. And don’t kneel down all the time. Alright, go next door and ask Brother Dao and the others to come over and eat breakfast. Wash your face before you go, nobody wants to see a crying child.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie stood up and happily nodded. Then he ran to a nearby bathroom and quickly washed his face before leaving.

The courtyard block was arranged according to Zhao Hai’s preferences. In addition to the dining room, kitchen, and living room, there are also special bathrooms that conform to modern standards. It was very convenient to use.

Seeing Qiu Tie go over to the next door to call the Eccentrics over, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle. Then he cleaned himself up. Before long, Dao Shu and the others entered the courtyard along with Qiu Tie.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Dao Shu and the others and said, “Senior Brothers, you no longer have any servants. And unlike other mountains, Lower Earth Mountain doesn’t have its own dining hall. So if you want to eat, you can come over and have the robots cook you some food.”

When Dao Shu heard Zhao Hai, he knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t offended because of yesterday’s matter. His heart couldn’t help but relax. Then he quickly said, “Alright, we really hate preparing food. We’ll have to impose ourselves on Junior Brother in the future.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “You’re always welcome. Right, Senior Brother, your hair and beards are so long, do you plan on keeping them? If you want, the robots can trim your beard and hair for you. By the way, if you don’t mind, there are also clothes here that you can wear. If I may be blunt, the robes you’re wearing right now don’t look very comfortable.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that his impolite words would offend Dao Shu and the others. These eccentrics were too isolated that Zhao Hai might get misunderstood if he didn’t get to the point. 

Sure enough, when they heard Zhao Hai, Dao Shu and the others weren’t offended. Instead, Dao Shu happily replied, “That will be fantastic. We’ll have to trouble Junior Brother.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s no trouble. The robots are built for these things.” After he said that, Zhao Hai assigned 12 robots to the Eccentrics. He also took out chairs for the Eccentrics to sit on while the robots trimmed their hair and beard.

Dao Shu and the others sat on the chairs, but they were somewhat nervous as they looked at the robots. From time to time, scissors, razors, and other things popped out of the hands of the robots. They busied themselves on the faces of the Eccentrics for some time.

Zhao Hai was at the side looking at all of this. Once the robots finished trimming the hair of the eccentrics, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He didn’t expect the 12 Eccentrics to look so clean once their hair was trimmed.

The 12 Eccentrics were close to each other when it came to height. The lines of their faces were very clear, showing the face of fearless men. The robots trimmed their hair and beard to conform with the contour of their faces, making them look very fierce.

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod. Then he waved his hand, causing 12 clothes to appear in the hands of the robots. These clothes were made out of leather. Then he looked at Dao Shu and the others and said, “Senior Brothers, these are the clothes I have. Please try them on.”

Dao Shu and the others didn’t decline. They went to the bathroom one by one and changed. The 12 looked very satisfied when they wore their new clothes. They could feel the kindness and sincerity in Zhao Hai’s actions, which made them happy.


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