BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1993


Chapter 1993 – Name Your Master

Looking at Qiu Tie’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, you should drink slowly. There’s still a lot of juice. Come, eat these snacks.” Then he took out a plate of snacks. The snack was beautifully made, it looked like a flower on a plate.

Qiu Tie couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. He followed Zhao Hai for half a day and he was now famished. Seeing the snack, he couldn’t help but feel hungry. But upon recalling the words of his Grandfather, he didn’t dare take some.

Seeing Qiu Tie hesitate, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Come and eat, this is an order.” Qiu Tie expressed his gratitude towards Zhao Hai and then took a small piece of the snack and ate it carefully.

At this moment, Zhao Hai noticed that the 12 Eccentrics next door were using their spiritual force to observe the robots. And like Qiu Tie, the 12 Eccentrics were surprised upon seeing Zhao Hai’s robots. They didn’t think Zhao Hai would have puppets that specialize in housework.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them and continued to look at the robots’ work. Although the courtyard was big, Zhao Hai took out 30 robots. Moreover, these were robots specifically made to do house chores. It didn’t take long before the entire courtyard was showing signs of becoming clean.

Then Zhao Hai had the robots move the furniture into the room. After that, he received the table and chairs that he temporarily took out and brought Qiu Tie inside the residence.

Zhao Hai chose a main room for himself as well as a separate bedroom and quiet room. There was also a room for servants outside the bedroom. Everything has been cleaned up and furnished. Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie can now live in it.

Zhao Hai sized up his room and gave a satisfied nod. Then he took Qiu Tie to the servant’s room and said, “Little Tie, you’ll live here from now on. You can command the robots to clean and prepare food. They can do all the housework, there’s no need for you to worry about this.”

Qiu Tie complied. He was now beginning to feel how lucky he was to be Zhao Hai’s servant. He doesn’t have to do any hands-on chores and could even command a large group of puppets, which was very fun for a kid.

Seeing that his room was set up properly, Zhao Hai nodded. Then he looked at the courtyard and the 30 robots were still in the process of reorganizing and cleaning the courtyard. The moss on the walls were being scraped clean. The paint was also being reapplied.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, stay here and look after them. I’ll go look at the land I’m going to farm.” Qiu Tie nodded. Then Zhao Hai rode his winged horse and shot up to the sky, flying towards the foot of Lower Earth Mountain.

The piece of land assigned to Zhao Hai was clearly marked in the jade slip. It was in an open space facing the Tyrant Blade Sect at the foot of Lower Earth Mountain. The area was quite large, at about 10 mu.

As he rode his winged horse, Zhao Hai flew over the flat land and observed. He discovered that there was no less than a hundred thousand mu of arable land. Moreover, these lands should have been farmed before judging by the empty villages dotted throughout the land. Naturally, all of these lands were left uncultivated for some time.

Seeing such a huge piece of land waste like this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a bit of grief. After looking around, Zhao Hai found the area that was assigned to him.

The piece of land was very good and wasn’t very far from Lower Earth Mountain. But because it hasn’t been cultivated for a long time, it already looked barren. If Zhao Hai wants to farm it, he would need to do a lot. At least the weeds should be removed and the land fertilized. Otherwise, nothing would grow on this land.

Zhao Hai thought for a while and then waved his hand, releasing farming robots to work the land. With only ten mu of land assigned to him, Zhao Hai didn’t release too many robots, only two robots and several machines. The machines that Zhao Hai took out were high-tech products. The robots only need to press a few buttons to operate them.

After the robots and machines were released, work immediately began. Firstly, the land needs to be deeply plowed. All weeds were also broken up and turned into fertilizer. Then the land was leveled.

For those with machines, 10 mu wasn’t a large piece of land. In less than three hours, the entire plot was ready for planting. Looking at the land, Zhao Hai nodded. Then he took out a bag of bamboo rice seeds and had the robot plant it. At the same time, he took out a sprinkler machine and filled it with water from the Space. After commanding the robot to water the ground, his work was almost done.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t water the plants too much. If Zhao Hai planted the seeds today and they grew tomorrow, then people might grow suspicious. So even if he fertilized the land, he couldn’t make his plants grow too fast.

While Zhao Hai was farming, the 12 Eccentrics went to his courtyard. At this moment, Qiu Tie was commanding the robots to clean the courtyard. Even though Qiu Tie was young, the training he received allowed him to flawlessly command the robots.

As soon as he saw the 12 Eccentrics, Qiu Tie immediately greeted them with a bow and said, “I’ve seen Seniors. May I know why you came here?”

The 12 Eccentrics couldn’t help but be amused when they saw Qiu Tie. One of them said, “Kid, let me ask you, is your Master a disciple of an Elder?”

Hearing this, Qiu Tie quickly replied, “I’ll have to apologize to Misters. Without the Young Master’s permission, I cannot disclose any of his information. Please excuse me.”

As soon as they heard Qiu Tie, the Eccentrics couldn’t help but frown. They also knew that this wasn’t Qiu Tie talking nonsense, it was true. Servants like Qiu Tie couldn’t easily disclose their Master’s status. Otherwise they would be punished. And if their Master’s temperament wasn’t good, the servants might even get killed. 

Qiu Tie was still a child, and they weren’t cruel enough to embarrass him. So the person who talked before said, “When will your Master return?”

Qiu Tie shook his head and said, “This one doesn’t know. The sect has given ten mu of land to my Master to farm for three years. Master went to see the land. As for when he’ll come back, I can’t say.”

When the lead Eccentric heard this, he couldn’t help but get stunned. Then he said, “Your Master is going to farm for three years? Isn’t that something that people from the Soaring Dragon Realm did? Is your Master from the Soaring Dragon Realm?”

Qiu Tie has no need to hide this matter, so he nodded and said, “Right, my Master just arrived from the Soaring Dragon Realm.”

The Eccentric’s expression changed as he said, “Nonsense, if your Master arrived from the Soaring Dragon Realm, how could he be assigned to Lower Earth Mountain? This place is only for inner disciples.”

Qiu Tie wasn’t shaken by the Eccentric’s outburst. He calmly replied, “Replying to Senior, my Master is truly from the Soaring Dragon Realm. But he’s also an inner disciple. He already registered in the Miscellaneous Hall. If you want, you can go there and check.”

Hearing Qiu Tie, the 12 Eccentrics were stunned. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. This was the first time they heard of this situation. They weren’t sure if it was true or false.

At this time, the flapping of wings were heard. Everyone looked up and saw Zhao Hai riding his winged horse. He was currently descending to the ground.

Before long, the winged horse landed on the ground. Zhao Hai quickly jumped down and cupped his fist as he said, “Senior Brothers, do you need something from this Junior Brother?”

The lead Eccentric looked at Zhao Hai with an electric gaze and said, “I heard that Junior Brother came from the Soaring Dragon Realm, but you’re already an inner disciple. Is this true?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s true. Otherwise, this Junior Brother wouldn’t be assigned here. Senior Brothers, now that we’re neighbors, how about sharing a few cups with me?”

The lead Eccentric looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Junior Brother, if you don’t mind, can I see your identity token?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t mind.” Then he turned his hand and took out his identity token before handing it over.

The lead Eccentric looked at Zhao Hai’s identity token and looked at it carefully. Then he nodded as he gave it back to Zhao Hai, “I have offended Junior Brother. Please forgive me. This is the first time we’ve seen this situation, so we’re very curious.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s really nothing. Back in the Soaring Dragon Realm, I was able to make a small contribution to the sect, so I was directly promoted to the inner sect.”

The lead Eccentric nodded, “May I know which Elder Junior Brother follows?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not really a secret. But I hope that Senior Brothers don’t spread it around. Otherwise, I don’t know what to say to my Master.”

The Eccentrics nodded. They have a feeling that Zhao Hai’s status wasn’t as simple as they thought. Looking at the Eccentrics, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This Junior Brother follows two masters. As to what my Masters’ real names are, I don’t know. However, people in the sect call them the Yin Yang Elders.”


Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Eccentrics couldn’t help but gasp. They knew too clearly what position the Yin Yang Elders held in the Tyrant Blade Sect. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to take the two Elders as his Masters. The two Elders haven’t accepted a disciple all these years. Everyone thought that the two Elders wouldn’t take in a disciple. Now, without any fanfare, a disciple of the two suddenly appeared!


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