BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1991


Chapter 1991 – Choosing Manuals From The Blade Pavillion

Black Dragon Mountain was an unusual region in the Tyrant Blade Sect. This was because Black Dragon Mountain was a place that the sect couldn’t control.

The Tyrant Blade Sect was among the strongest sects in the True Spirit Realm, so why can’t they control a region in their territory? What makes Black Dragon Mountain special?

Actually, the reason was very simple. Black Dragon Mountain was too big. Black Dragon Mountain was one of the largest mountains in the True Spirit Realm. At the same time, it was a region infested with powerful beasts. There were even rumors that the strongest beasts in the mountain aren’t any weaker than the strongest cultivators in the realm.

Because of these powerful beasts, Black Dragon Mountain became a famous spot for trials in the True Spirit Realm. The mountain had an inexhaustible amount of beasts, herbs, and other resources. Cultivators in the True Spirit Realm were always seen swarming into the mountain.

The entire Black Dragon Mountain was nearly ten million kilometers long, passing through dozens of sects. The Tyrant Blade Sect contains the tail end of the Black Dragon Mountain. From time to time, the beasts from the mountain would come down and attack the cultivators of the Tyrant Blade Sect, which was a headache for the sect.

It must be said that it wouldn’t be impossible for the Tyrant Blade Sect to clean up the section of the Black Tiger Mountain that was inside their territory. The sect can send experts to completely wipe out the section, making the surroundings safer.

However, this action would also risk offending the powerful beasts in the Black Dragon Mountain. If the powerful beasts retaliated, the Tyrant Blade Sect would suffer huge losses. Because of this, the Tyrant Blade Sect left the mountain be.

Additionally, the surroundings of the mountain has become a trial ground for Tyrant Blade Sect disciples. So the sect allowed the beasts in the mountain to exist.

Meanwhile, it was unfortunate that Lower Earth Mountain happened to be the closest mountain to Black Dragon Mountain. It used to be the residence of the inner disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. But now, it has been slowly abandoned due to the increasing beasts of the Black Dragon Mountain. Now, only disciples who trained in Black Dragon Mountain settled down on Lower Earth Mountain.

Hearing Qiu Tie’s introduction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown as he said, “So there’s almost nobody in Lower Earth Mountain? I’m going to live there alone?”

Qiu Tie shook his head and said, “There are still people living in Lower Earth Mountain. In fact, they’re very famous. They’re called the 12 Lower Earth Eccentrics. I heard that they’re experts even among inner disciples. The reason they live in Lower Earth Mountain is because it is easier to enter Black Dragon Mountain from there. Young Master, with your current strength, it’s not suitable for you to live in Lower Earth Mountain. Do you want to tell the two Elders about this? They might be able to transfer you to another place.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and declined. He has a general awareness of his situation. He was even suspecting that this was an arrangement of the Yin Yang Elders for the purpose of testing him. So Zhao Hai didn’t bother.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was surprised by Qiu Tie. There’s no need to mention the kid’s basic knowledge of the Tyrant Blade Sect. And when Zhao Hai was about to understand the extent of Qiu Tie’s knowledge, he would find that the kid knew even more. This wasn’t something a five year old could achieve.

Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, how do you know these things?”

Qiu Tie proudly replied, “I read about these things in the clan. My grandfather said a long time ago that as a servant, everything we do must be done for our master. Everything has to be done in consideration of our master. And if there was any danger, we need to remind the master immediately. This is the responsibility of a servant.”

Zhao Hai was stunned, then he smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect the Qiu Clan’s education to be this strict. 

At this time, the two arrived before the winged horses. The person who was there before bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, are you leaving?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, how much do I need to pay?”

The servant replied, “You’ve been gone less than an hour. Mister only needs to pay one jade essence.” Zhao Hai nodded and then took out one jade essence and gave it to the servant. After placing Qiu Tie on one of the winged horses, Zhao Hai rode his own winged horse and then left the miscellaneous hall.

The winged horses flew towards the northeast side of the Miscellaneous Hall. Qiu Tie looked at Zhao Hai in confusion and asked, “Master, Lower Earth Mountain isn’t in this direction.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I know. But we’re not going to Lower Earth Mountain yet. I want to go to the Blade Pavilion and get my five secret manuals.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie nodded and no longer said anything. Now that Zhao Hai has obtained a map of the Tyrant Blade Sect, he naturally no longer needs to ask Qiu Tie for directions.

The Blade Pavilion was a very important place for the Tyrant Blade Sect. It was located on an extremely steep mountain. It was said that if one man blocks the path upwards the mountain, then nobody would be able to pass them.

The Blade Pavilion was the sole building on the mountain. It was nine floors high, six of which were open to the disciples. Serving disciples could only enter the first floor of the pavilion. Outer disciples can enter up to the second floor, inner disciples can enter the third floor. True disciples can enter the fourth floor and core disciples can enter the fifth and sixth floor. The top three floors couldn’t be accessed by disciples. 

Nobody knows how many people were guarding the Blade Pavilion. The only thing everyone knows was that the guards of the pavilion were powerful experts. The pavilion not only has experts, it also has a formidable defensive formation. It was said that it would be easier to attack the Tyrant Blade Sect’s main hall than its Blade Pavilion.

In front of the Blade Pavilion was a stretch of open area. Zhao Hai had his winged horses land on that area. Similar to the Miscellaneous Hall, a servant was present to collect parking fees.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile. It seems like you need to spend money everywhere in the Tyrant Blade Sect. If someone couldn’t make money, they would find it very hard to survive in the sect.

After parking the winged horses, Zhao Hai led Qiu Tie to the Blade Pavilion. The entrance to the pavilion wasn’t big and there weren’t many people inside. There was a counter near the entrance and a female disciple sitting on the other side. She was looking down as she was reading through a jade slip.

Zhao Hai arrived at a counter and cupped his fist as he said, “Senior Sister, I’m here to receive this year’s secret manuals.”

The female disciple looked up at Zhao Hai and nodded as she said, “Identity token.” Zhao took his identity token out and handed it over to the female disciple.

The female disciple inspected the identity token and nodded. Then she said, “You can select books on the lower three floors. Once you’ve chosen, bring them back to me so that I could record them to a blank jade slip. If you want more, you can use 100 jade essences to record manuals from the first floor. The second floor requires contribution points. Each manual on the second floor needs 10 contribution points to record. Third floor manuals need 50 contribution points.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he asked, “Senior Sister, are there handwritten books I could borrow?”

The female cultivator nodded, “The third floor has handwritten books. But they’re not included in the free allocation. If you want to borrow one, you need 100 contribution points and it’s only for ten days. If you don’t return it after ten days, 10 contribution points will be added to your balance every day.”

Zhao Hai paused for a moment. He didn’t think that the Tyrant Blade Sect would have this book-borrowing system. But he soon nodded and then walked into the building. He wasn’t in a hurry to go to the third floor. Instead, he browsed the manuals on the first floor. The first floor had plenty of shelves with jade slips on them. Looking around, Zhao Hai could estimate that there were no less than ten million jade slips inside. 

Fortunately, a classification was shown on the top of the shelves. There were shelves for cultivation methods, blade techniques, movement techniques, and so on. 

Zhao Hai gave an approving nod. The management of the Tyrant Blade Sect was very formal. As he walked through the first floor, Zhao Hai arrived on a shelf with ‘Cultivation Methods’ written on top of it. Zhao Hai took one jade slip and probed it with his spiritual force. A line immediately appeared in his mind, “Primordial Chaos Manual, foundational cultivation method. Suits earth element cultivators. After comprehending, the user’s qi would embody the beginning of the universe. The user’s defensive strength would also be increased. For more detailed content, please head to the entrance to unblock the restriction.”

Seeing this, Zhao Hai understood that the jade slips placed on the shelves only revealed an introductory part of the manual. Unless the restriction was lifted, the real contents wouldn’t be seen.

After thinking about it, Zhao Hai took the jade slip. Although the Primordial Chaos Manual was the lowest grade of cultivation method in the Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai wanted to go through this manual to see how it differed to the cultivation methods of the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Now that he has selected the Primordial Chaos Method, Zhao Hai went to the shelves for movement techniques. He took a jade slip and read its summary, “Windborn Movement Technique, intermediate movement technique. Suitable for wind element spirit roots. After comprehending, the user’s body would be as agile as a falling leaf. For more detailed content, please head to the entrance to unblock the restriction.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and took the jade slip. Then he went to the shelves for blade techniques. He took a jade slip and read its summary. It was a technique known as Rapid Blades, a foundational blade technique. It would cause the user’s blade techniques to be quick. Zhao Hai placed the jade slip back on the shelf. He wasn’t looking for these types of blade techniques. He wanted to look for a blade technique that has an attribute. Zhao Hai has no need for techniques like this one.

Before long, Zhao Hai took a jade slip and read that it was an earth element blade technique named the Sealing Blade. Although Zhao Hai already has the Eight Gates Golden Lock Technique as a defensive technique, he wants to see how the two techniques differed.

Zhao Hai looked around again and found that there were shelves that were for fist techniques, kicking techniques, and palm techniques. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be curious. He walked and took a jade slip for a fist technique. It was a foundation fist technique called the Beating Waves Fist Technique. Although it was a water element technique, Zhao Hai still took it. Then on the shelves for kicking techniques, Zhao Hai took a jade slip with a technique called the Crumbling Mountain Kicking Technique.

In this manner, Zhao Hai chose five jade slips, then he didn’t take more. He sent the jade slips to the Space and then led Qiu Tie upstairs. He didn’t stop on the second floor and went directly to the third floor. The third floor had significantly less shelves than the first floor. However, there were shelves that looked different than the rest. These shelves were filled with books instead of jade slips. Zhao Hai walked over and curiously picked a book and read it. The title of the book was “Thunder Rush Blade Insights ” followed by “Lei Zhu”.

Zhao Hai wanted to read further but he discovered that the pages were stuck. He knew that this should be the restriction on the book. He placed the book back on the shelf and looked at another one. He found that the books were mostly about insights. Zhao Hai turned his head and looked at the other shelves on the third floor.

The shelves on the third floor were divided into six categories: Cultivation Methods, Movement Techniques, Blade Techniques, Fist Techniques, Palm Techniques, and Kicking Techniques. Zhao Hai found that the Tyrant Blade Sect doesn’t have manuals for other weapons. All techniques were for the blade. It seems like this was intentional on the part of the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate and went to the shelves with blade techniques and picked up a jade slip. The jade slip was for a technique called the Rolling Rock Blade. It was an offensive earth element technique that was rated intermediate. Zhao Hai stored the blade technique and took other blade techniques. Zhao Hai chose a metal element blade technique called the Goldentip Blade, a wood element blade technique called the Fallen Leaves Blade, another wood element blade technique called the Wisteria Blade, and a water element technique called the Ice Cold Blade. All techniques were graded intermediate. After choosing these techniques, Zhao Hai took Qiu Tie back downstairs.

Upon arriving at the entrance, Zhao Hai took ten jade slips out and handed them over to the female cultivator while saying, “Senior Sister, I want to record these ten jade slips. The five jade slips from the third floor will be taken from my free manuals. I will pay for the other five.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the female cultivator couldn’t help but pause. Then she nodded and said, “Alright.” After that, she examined the ten jade slips and recorded their names. Then she took out ten blank jade slips and recorded the contents of the jade slips inside. After recording, she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Junior Brother, please have a look. The jade slips recorded are, Windborn Movement Technique, Primordial Chaos Manual, Sealing Blade, Beating Waves Fist Technique, Crumbling Mountain Kicking Technique, Rolling Rocks Blade, Goldentip Blade, Fallen Leaves Blade, Wisteria Blade, and Ice Cold Blade. If everything is correct, then I’ll ask Junior Brother to pay 500 jade essences.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Everything’s correct. Thank you very much, Senior Sister.” After he said that, he took out a spatial bag and handed it to the female disciple. Upon receiving the spatial bag and confirming the 500 jade essences, the female disciple nodded and said, “It’s the exact amount. Junior Brother can go now.” 

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and then received the jade slips before leaving. Looking at Zhao Hai’s back, the female disciple couldn’t help but have a look of confusion on her face.


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