BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1987


Chapter 1987 – Qiu Zhen’s Review

The night quietly passed by. The next morning, Zhao Hai got up early and walked out of his room. Although his spiritual force has been compressed, his practice hasn’t changed. He continued to practice like he always did. Like a tree, he absorbed the spiritual qi through his pores and then expelling it. In the process, he increased the spiritual qi in his body.

Also, Zhao Hai discovered that even if he sat down and practiced, his cultivation speed wouldn’t become faster than his current method. Therefore, Zhao Hai no longer deliberately practiced. What he needed to do now was to practice his blade skills.

Speaking of which, Zhao Hai no longer has any idea what level his Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art has reached. He has been practicing it since he was in the lower realms. But until now, he could still use this cultivation method. The method seems to be able to upgrade itself. Even if Zhao Hai obtains higher level cultivation methods, the Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art would absorb them. In the end, the spiritual qi inside Zhao Hai would still be from the Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art.

Zhao Hai hasn’t heard of this kind of cultivation before. Whether it was the Great Realm of Cultivation or the True Spirit Realm, it seems to be unique to him. 

Also, Zhao Hai knew that he had no need for a new cultivation method. There was no need to upgrade the Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art. His body was now a natural spiritual qi sponge. He doesn’t need to use a cultivation method.

However, he still wants to take a look at the cultivation methods of the True Spirit Realm. The reason for this was because he wanted to know how the cultivators of the True Spirit Realm practiced.

Currently, Zhao Hai’s main focus was on practicing the blade. He’s a layman with regards to the dao of the blade. The Tyrant Blade Sect relied on the blade to become one of the top sects in the True Spirit Realm. It can be seen how powerful its dao of the blade is. Zhao Hai still couldn’t fly in the True Spirit Realm, so he belonged to the lowest group of cultivators. His only path right now was to study the dao of the blade.

Zhao Hai stood in the yard. He pulled his blade and gave it a gentle stroke. His two eyes had the look of clarity. Then he moved his body with the blade, performing the Nine Linked Blade Movements.

The Nine Linked Blade Movements was used to test one’s mastery of the nine basic blade movements. It wasn’t a very powerful technique, but it could deepen one’s understanding of the basic blade movements.

Zhao Hai’s consciousness has already completely integrated with the thinking of the nine basic blade movements. Zhao Hai discovered that the combination movements have their own bigger consciousness. If Zhao Hai can perform the movements perfectly, then he would be able to get first contact with this consciousness. And once he completely communicates with it, he would attain the highest level of enlightenment regarding the technique. The technique would become instinct to him and he would be able to change movements without delay. Moreover, the strength he could exert with the technique would increase by a lot.

However, Zhao Hai has yet to reach perfection with the Nine Linked Blade Movements. He was currently at the boundary to perfection. But when he was about to combine nine blades into one, he suddenly hit a wall. Whenever he tried to combine the nine blades, he found that it wasn’t perfect.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was working hard to practice the Nine Linked Blade Movements. The Nine Linked Blade Movements was also called the Nine Test Blades in the Tyrant Blade Sect. Almost all sect disciples can perform these nine combined movements. However, not many people have practiced it to the point that Zhao Hai did.

Zhao Hai was completely immersed in his practice. He completely forgot about everything else as he felt the sensation of the blade. Because of this, he didn’t notice the Yin Yang Elders entering the yard. The two looked at Zhao Hai’s practice with a smile on their face.

At this time, two figures, one big and one small, came in from outside the courtyard. When they saw that someone was practicing, they immediately turned around and went out. At this moment, Zhao Hai received his blade and then exhaled. He turned to the Yin Yang Elders and said, “Masters, did disciple disturb you?”

The Yin Yang Elders shook their heads. Then the Yang Elder said, “Not at all. Little Hai, you’re doing very well. Remember this, cultivation is like sailing against the current. If you don’t strive to move forward, you will inevitably lag behind. Being able to practice early in the day makes us happy. Little Qiu, you can come in too.” Qiu Zhen outside the door responded and then led a child in.

In the Tyrant Blade Sect, servants like Qiu Zhen couldn’t peek at people practicing unless they were given permission. They might be punished if they were found out. Therefore, when Qiu Zhen saw Zhao Hai practicing, he immediately turned around and left.

Qiu Zhen was still dressed as a servant. The child he had with him dressed the same. The child looked about six or seven years old. His body looked strong. He had short hair and big round eyes. 

Zhao Hai knew that this child was Qiu Tie. Instead of being six or seven years old, he was actually five. It was only because he was tall that he could be mistaken for a six or seven year old child.

After Qiu Zhen entered the courtyard, he kneeled down to pay respects to the Yin Yang Elders. But before he could fully kneel, the Yin Elder waved his hand and stopped him with his spiritual force. Then he said, “Alright, Little Qiu, you’re not young anymore, so stop kneeling. This little kid is your grandson right?”

Seeing that he’s unable to kneel, Qiu Zhen didn’t force it. He quickly replied, “Two Elders, Young Master, this is this old man’s grandson, Qiu Tie. Little Tie, kneel down and pay respects.”

Qiu Tie obediently knelt down and kowtowed towards the Yin Yang Elders and Zhao Hai. Then he said, “Qiu Tie has seen the Yin Elder, Qiu Tie has seen the Yang Elder, Qiu Tie has seen the Young Master.”

The Yin Elder waved his hand, then he smiled and said, “Good little fellow. Get up. Little Hai, from now on Little Tie will be with you. Take good care of him.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He looked at Qiu Tie who already stood up and looked at him. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your name is Qiu Tie, right? You’re going to follow me from now on. Just call me Young Master.”

Qiu Tie complied, “Yes, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to the Yin Elder and said, “Master, I’ll head down to see the sect. When I settle down, I’ll come over to ask for advice.”

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Alright, you can go. You don’t have to come over every day, we also like the quiet. Just remember to keep practicing. There’s a training ground below where other disciples practice. Get in touch with them and make friends. Our Tyrant Blade Sect is very united, don’t isolate yourself.”

Hearing the Yin Elder, Zhao Hai immediately understood. The Tyrant Blade Sect was famous for its unity. If Zhao Hai doesn’t get in touch with the other disciples, then he would find it very hard to get along with them in the future. If he gets isolated, then his future would be troublesome. Therefore, the Yin Elder urged Zhao Hai to integrate with the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Yes, this disciple understands. Masters can rest assured.” Then he led Qiu Tie out of the courtyard.

Seeing Zhao Hai leave, the Yin Elder looked at Qiu Zhen and said, “Little Qiu, what do you think about our disciple?”

His entire life, Qiu Zhen has been taking care of the Yin Yang Elders. This caused him to be deeply trusted by the two. The relationship between them was more like friends than masters and servant. But since Qiu Zhen has always been a servant, courtesy was ingrained in his bones. This was the reason why he always kneeled whenever he saw the Yin Yang Elders. But when the Yin Yang Elders have something, they would always ask Qiu Zhen about his opinion. 

The Yin Yang Elders have always been regarded as a pair of geniuses in the Tyrant Blade Sect. The things they get in contact with were different to the majority of people. Their battles were also always resolved with force. So when it came to life experience, Qiu Zhen wasn’t far off from them.

The Qiu Clan wasn’t the only servant family in the Tyrant Blade Sect. And these servant clans would also fight among each other for the spot of serving a powerful person. Because they weren’t cultivators, these servants fought in the dark, using all kinds of insidious tricks to achieve their goal. So in terms of reading people, Qiu Zhen might even be better than the two elders.

Hearing the Yin Yang Elders, Qiu Zhen bowed and said, “Replying to the Elders. This old man hasn’t observed the Young Master for a long time, but I can see that the Young Master is a righteous person. Moreover, the Young Master is talented and hardworking. He will definitely reach very far in the future.”

The Yin Elder looked at Qiu Zhen and asked, “Little Qiu, it’s been a short time, but you already have a high evaluation of Little Hai. You even say that he’s righteous and hard working. Why is that?”

Qiu Zhen smiled faintly and said, “Replying to the two Elders. This old servant exchanged a few words with Young Master Zhao Hai yesterday. He called me ‘Uncle Qiu’. This shows that he’s a person who knows how to show respect. Such a person wouldn’t be bad. Today, when he was practicing his blade, we interrupted him. But he didn’t get angry at all. Instead, he asked if he disturbed you. This shows that he respects you very much.”

“This old man has served you for many years and has seen many geniuses of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Throughout my years, I have gained some understanding of the blade. This is the first time this old servant has seen someone using the Nine Linked Blade Movements to such a high level. And despite reaching a high level of mastery, the Young Master continued to practice. This means that he’s not only talented, he’s also hard working. So this old man thinks that the Young Master will attain a very high level in the future.”


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