BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1986


Chapter 1986 – Servant Clans

Spiritual root compatibility was somewhat related to a cultivator’s lifespan. If a cultivator was compatible with only one spiritual root, then they would not be able to live beyond 5 thousand years after reaching the immortal stage. If they’re compatible with two, then they might live to 6 thousand. Those compatible with five spiritual roots could live up to 10 thousand years. For seven spiritual roots, then they would live more than 10 thousand years upon reaching the immortal stage. Some were even able to reach 15 thousand years old.

Immortal Experts that could reach 15 thousand years were almost always those who have Heaven-grade spiritual roots. Only very few beasts could compare to the lifespan of a person with Heaven-grade spiritual roots.

However, there was a grade above the Heaven-grade spiritual roots. It was the dream of all cultivators and sects, and that was the Innate Dao Body.

The Innate Dao Body was a very unusual physique which was higher than Heaven-grade spiritual roots. People with this constitution could maintain innate qi. This spiritual qi was different from normal spiritual qi. Innate qi was a higher grade of spiritual qi. This was also the reason bodies who could maintain it were called Innate Dao Bodies.

Innate qi wouldn’t disappear through time. People with Innate Dao Bodies can practice whatever cultivation method they want. They were cultivators who were compatible with all spiritual roots. Moreover, cultivators with Innate Dao Bodies have no toxins in their bodies. This made cultivators with Innate Dao Bodies terrifying.

However, even if a person has an Innate Dao Body, this doesn’t mean that they could live forever if they don’t cultivate. At most, they could live longer than normal people and they wouldn’t suffer from diseases in their life.

Cultivators with Innate Dao Bodies were highly sought after by the sects. If an Innate Dao Body cultivator was found, a sect would do their best to hide them. This was because opposing sects would do their best to get rid of this person.

All lower realm cultivators who enter the True Spirit Realm would need to enter the Cleansing Pool. This was to remove any toxins they acquired in the lower realms. The fewer toxins they have, the greater their talent. But no matter what, toxins would still be drawn out of their bodies. If the Cleansing Pool was as big as a lake, then these toxins might not be seen. But in a smaller pool like the one inside the cave, the pool would be visibly darker.

Even if new water was added in the pool during the seven days, toxins should still be seen in the pool. However, the pool that Zhao Hai was in had no changes to it. This was the first time that the Yin Yang Elders saw this situation in their life.

The Cleansing Pool was very clean with no traces of black toxins. This only meant that Zhao Hai’s body had no toxins to begin with! Only people with Innate Dao Bodies have no toxins in their body. This was why the two Elders immediately thought of it when they saw Zhao Hai’s pool.

The two looked at each other but didn’t say anything. They didn’t want to spread this matter since it wouldn’t give any advantage to the Tyrant Blade Sect. They also didn’t want to inform Zhao Hai about it since it would only increase the pressure he would feel. The two could only show an ecstatic glint in their eyes that they couldn’t conceal.

After a while, the mood of the two returned to normal. Then the Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, good job. You can get out of the pool.” Zhao Hai complied and then got out of the pool before taking his clothes out of the Space and wearing them.

Once Zhao Hai finished clothing himself, the two Elders led him out of the cave and back inside the courtyard. When they entered, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. Back when he arrived, there was nobody inside the courtyard. But now there was a person cleaning it. It was an old man. What surprised Zhao Hai the most was that there were no spiritual qi fluctuations from the old man’s body. He seems to be an ordinary person who never cultivated.

Hearing footsteps, the old man immediately turned his head. Then he quickly kowtowed towards the Yin Yang Elders and said, “Qiu Zhen has seen the two Elders.”

The Yin Elder stopped, then he chuckled and said, “Little Qiu, get up. You have been with these two old men your whole life. We’ve seen you since you were a kid and now you’re an old man. There’s no need to be too polite. By the way, I heard that your grandson is now five years old. How is he? Have you checked his spiritual roots?”

The old man named Qiu Zhen got up and then cupped his fist before replying, “Replying to the Elder. That kid Qiu Tie is indeed five years old. I haven’t checked his spiritual roots yet, but from what I can see, he doesn’t have any talent. Even if he has compatible spiritual roots, it should only be one or two. So I don’t plan to have him cultivate.”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “If he could cultivate, then he should cultivate. At the very least his lifespan would be extended. How about you bring him over tomorrow. This is Zhao Hai, a disciple that Old Yang and I took in. We’ll have your grandson take care of him in the future.”

Hearing the Yin Elder, Qiu Zhen had a surprised look on his face before he immediately knelt down and said, “Thank you Elder. Thank you very much. I’ll bring Little Tie over tomorrow.” The Yin Elder waved his hand. Then he led Zhao Hai and the Yang Elder to the main room of the courtyard.

After the Elders sat down, the Yin Elder waved his hand, asking Zhao Hai to sit down as well. Zhao Hai said thanks and sat down. Then the Yin Elder looked at him and said, “Little Hai, you’re now an inner disciple of the sect. That’s why I asked Qiu Zhen’s grandson to serve you. The Qiu Clan has been a servant clan of the Tyrant Blade Sect for generations. Although there are people with compatible spiritual roots in their clan, they don’t have a lot of talented individuals. But because the Tyrant Blade Sect has always been good to its servant clans, the Qiu Clan also has members among the sect’s disciples.”

“The Qiu Clan has been serving the Tyrant Blade Sect for a very long time, so they’re very familiar with everything in the sect. Members of the Qiu Clan receive servant education when they reach 3 years old and can serve when they reach 5. It just so happens that Qiu Tie is five, so he’ll be your servant. If you have anything to ask about the sect, you can ask him. With an educated servant like him, you will save a lot of time in the future.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect clans who specialize in serving people to exist in the Tyrant Blade Sect. But since this is the Yin Elder’s arrangement, he couldn’t say anything. He just nodded and said, “I understand. Master, if Qiu Tie has compatible spiritual roots or other talents, can I teach him?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Elder smiled and said, “Of course you can. Despite being a servant clan, the Qiu Clan’s position in the Tyrant Blade Sect isn’t low. There’s no such thing as effort without merit. So despite having no talents, Qiu Clan juniors also cultivate in the sect. If you decide to teach cultivation to your servant, then nobody will stop you.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then the Yang Elder looked at him and said, “Because our killing aura is too heavy, we normally live here in seclusion. However, you can’t stay here. After Qiu Tie comes over tomorrow, you will descend the mountain with him to understand the situation of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Your accommodation has also been arranged. Get in touch with the sect’s disciples. Make sure to follow the sect’s rules. When you descend, someone will tell you to go to the blade pavilion and select a blade technique to practice. You can ask us if you have something you don’t understand. As for cultivation methods, you can select whatever you want. But if you prefer your lower realm cultivation method, that’s fine as well.”

Zhao Hai complied. He felt that the learning methods of the Tyrant Blade Sect were quite strange. Most sects would give priority to cultivation methods. Meanwhile, the Tyrant Blade Sect preferred its disciples to comprehend the blade first. As for cultivating spiritual qi, it was placed second.

Noticing that Zhao Hai was confused, the Yin Elder said, “What’s wrong? Are you confused? Hahaha. Spiritual qi is important, but for a cultivator, the amount of spiritual qi isn’t everything. As long as your insights into the dao are deep enough, no matter how low your cultivation is, you would still become strong. Alright, go select a room in the courtyard and take a rest.”

Zhao Hai complied and then left the room. Although the courtyard was big, it wasn’t enormous. There were plenty of empty rooms inside. Before long, Zhao Hai picked a room on the left side of the courtyard.

Just as he entered the room, Zhao Hai heard several knocks on the door. Zhao Hai quickly opened the room and saw Qiu Zhen outside. Qiu Zhen bowed and said, “I have seen the Young Master. Forgive this old man from disturbing your rest, but I have something to inquire about. I’ll be serving your three meals of the day. I want to ask if you have anything in particular you want to eat?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he waved his hand and said, “There’s no need. I still have some food on me. Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Zhen.”

Qiu Zhen immediately replied, “I won’t dare accept being called Uncle Zhen, Young Master. Just call me Old Qiu. Do you need anything for your room? If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle Zhen, there’s no need to trouble yourself. Master said that I’ll descend the mountain tomorrow. I won’t stay here for long, so there’s no need to prepare anything. If Uncle Zhen is finished, you can take a rest. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Qiu Zhen nodded and said, “Then this old man will ask to be excused. Tomorrow, this old man will bring his grandson over.” After saying that, Qiu Zhen bowed to Zhao Hai and then left.

Looking at Qiu Zhen, Zhao Hai sighed as he shook his head. He closed his door and sat down. Although he could no longer feel any pressure from the True Spirit Realm, he knew that he was still unable to fly. At the same time, the Space has been suppressed. The detection range of the Space has been reduced to less than a kilometer around him.

Fortunately, when Zhao Hai exited the pool, the Space also finished upgrading. Now, the density of spiritual qi inside the Space was similar to the True Spirit Realm. Moreover, due to the Cleansing Pool’s water, the things inside the Space could be taken out in the True Spirit Realm.


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