BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1983


Chapter 1983 – Sparring With Lin Ling

It wasn’t only the Yin Yang Elders who didn’t believe it, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying didn’t believe it either. Just like what the Yang Elder said, practicing the basic blade movements to the stage of perfection was a remarkable achievement. It was already good for someone to practice it to minor mastery. Major mastery for basic movements was very rare, not to mention the stage of completion. As for the stage of unity, that could only be reached by practicing more advanced blade techniques, not basic blade movements.

But after Zhao Hai demonstrated the basic blade movements, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying realized that the basic movements could be practiced to the level of unity. Zhao Hai’s blade seems to be alive. It was as if it had gained a soul. They weren’t only shocked, they were also delighted. This was because they had learned a lot from watching Zhao Hai’s actions. It was a great benefit to their cultivation.

After the Yang Elder finished speaking, the Yin Elder added, “Some kids back at the sect are too impatient to practice the basic movements. They think that the basics are useless. To them, only high-level techniques could defeat the enemy. However, they don’t know that when they learn high-level techniques, it would be more difficult to polish their basics. When they realize this, it’s already too late. They already formed bad habits from neglecting the basics. It’s very hard to change those habits. Under the same conditions, someone who is better at the basics would be stronger. Little Ling, go and spar with Little Hai. Remember, control your strength to be at the same level as Little Hai.”

Hearing the Yin Elder, Lin Ling wasn’t offended. Instead, he happily complied and followed Zhao Hai to the small yard. Most people on Lin Ling’s level might not be happy becoming Zhao Hai’s sparring partner, but Lin Ling wasn’t unhappy at all. On the contrary, he felt that this was a rare opportunity to fight someone who had reached the peak of the basic blade movements. He wanted to see what it would be like to fight such a person.

The two stood opposite each other on the yard. Lin Ling drew his blade while Zhao Hai took out his tang blade. The two looked at each other and then performed a blade-drawing movement, then they took their stances.

Lin Ling’s movements were very exquisite. He practiced a famous blade technique of the Tyrant Blade sect called the Five Mountain Blades. He pointed his blade at Zhao Hai as he collected momentum like an archer drawing his bow.

Zhao Hai could feel the imposing aura of Lin Ling’s blade. However, he wasn’t shaken. He raised his blade according to the basic blade movements. Naturally, Zhao Hai couldn’t use basic blade movements to attack the enemy. And since Zhao Hai hasn’t learned other blade techniques, he can only use his Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades.

As Zhao Hai’s understanding of the blade deepened, his understanding of his own Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades also increased. Although it has been some time since he used the blade technique, he didn’t feel awkward in using it at this time.

Lin Ling’s aura continued to increase. By this point, he looked like a solid mountain, standing firm in place and never changing. This wasn’t caused by his spiritual qi, but by his blade technique instead.

Everyone who cultivates the blade knows that blade techniques have their own soul. Those from the Tyrant Blade Sect were more aware of this. 

However, to bring a technique’s soul to life was actually difficult. From the Yin Elder’s description, unless the blade technique reaches the rebirth stage, it would not be alive. Only when it reaches perfection could a semblance of a soul be seen. Although it wasn’t as strong as a real soul, it can make the blade technique much more formidable. 

As for Lin Ling’s Five Mountains Blade, he already practiced it to the stage of minor perfection. Because of this, his stance made him look as firm as a mountain.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid despite seeing Lin Ling’s aura becoming stronger. He didn’t make a move, but his momentum was also getting stronger and stronger.

Zhao Hai’s Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades was different from Lin Ling’s Five Mountain Blade. The Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades was mainly used for slaughter. This set of techniques was very murderous and deadly. As the aura of the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades increased, Lin Ling felt bursts of killing intent appearing around Zhao Hai’s body. He could even see a dark red mist and smelled a bloody fragrance. Lin Ling felt that the person in front of him wasn’t Zhao Hai, but a demon that was standing on a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. He could even see a blood soaked blade on the demon’s hand.

Lin Ling was startled, then he immediately squashed the feeling of fear in his mind. He knew clearly that all of these things were hallucinations. He was affected by Zhao Hai’s murderous aura which caused him to see things.

Zhao Hai’s aura was already at its peak. He completely integrated his understanding of the basic blade movements into the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades. This would be his first battle after his long training and Lin Ling would be the best whetstone to sharpen his skills.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai no longer waited. He waved his blade as his mouth called out, “Kill!”. Then he slashed towards Lin Ling with his tang blade. The blade seemed to be just an ordinary downward slash, but Lin Ling didn’t feel the same. In Lin Ling’s eyes, Zhao Hai’s slash was very wonderful. Not only did the slash block all of his escape routes, it also blocked all avenues to counter-attack. It was an attack that was very difficult to predict.

The ordinary blade slash made Lin Ling feel helpless and unable to dodge. He felt like a mosquito that landed on a spider’s web and didn’t have a chance to struggle.

Fortunately, Lin Ling was a formidable cultivator. His heart was as strong as iron. He quickly raised his blade and used the Five Mountain Blades technique to receive Zhao Hai’s attack.

But at this moment, Lin Ling discovered that Zhao Hai’s blade movement suddenly changed. The blade in Zhao Hai’s hand changed from being a straight downward cut into a horizontal swipe that went straight to Lin Ling’s waist. Lin Ling knew that if strength was placed in this movement, then he would die.

Lin Ling grunted and his body leaned back. While Lin Ling dodged backwards, his knees and legs didn’t move. His entire body seems to have been broken into two as he snappily dodged backwards, causing Zhao Hai’s horizontal swipe to miss.

However, Zhao Hai was still fast to change his movements. Zhao Hai twisted his blade and attacked downwards. Lin Ling already thought about this possibility and immediately turned sidewards to dodge. It was just one move. Although Zhao Hai didn’t manage to injure him, Lin Ling was already put into a disadvantage.

The Yin Yang Elders as well as Xiang Ying were experienced people. Looking at Lin Ling’s appearance, they knew that at the same level, Lin Ling’s blade was far inferior compared to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and Lin Ling didn’t have too many thoughts in their minds as they continued their exchange. As the two were sparring, Xiang Ying was on the side fiercely absorbing everything he saw.

Zhao Hai’s Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades was powerful, but Lin Ling’s Five Mountain Blades couldn’t be underestimated either. After all, it was a famous blade technique in the Tyrant Blade Sect. Although this set of blade techniques was of the earth element, it was actually an extremely aggressive blade technique. It was one of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s signboard techniques.

The two clashed with each other time and time again. Both were using offensive moves against each other. This caused the battle to be very lively. As the battle continued on, the Yin Yang Elders and Xiang Ying could see that Zhao Hai was becoming more and more comfortable with his blade technique. 

Seeing this, the Yin Elder couldn’t help but laugh. Then he turned his head to the Yang Elder and said, “This kid’s killing aura is very heavy. I was afraid that he might lose himself during battle. I didn’t expect him to stay calm even at this point.”

The Yang Elder nodded, “It seems like his repeated ascent from lower realms has turned into an advantage. His heart is more solid compared to his peers. Senior Brother, it seems like Little Hai should be able to practice the Slaughter Dao Blade Technique.”

The Yin Elder replied, “Although Little Hai’s blade is compatible with the slaughter dao, I feel that it doesn’t match his personality. What do you think?”

Recalling Zhao Hai’s usual polite expression, the Yang Elder nodded. Then he sighed and said, “That’s true. Alright, let’s look for other techniques later.”

When the two finished talking, the battle between Zhao Hai and Lin Ling was almost over. Through his battle with Lin Ling, Zhao Hai was able to polish his Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades. This made his attacks more unforgiving. Lin Ling could no longer hold on and after ten moves he was finally showing signs of defeat.

Fortunately, the two weren’t focused on who won or lost. Zhao Hai reigned in his blade momentum and jumped out of the circle. Then he cupped his fist towards Lin Ling and said, “Senior Brother, thanks for letting me win.”

Lin Ling let out a long breath as he received his own blade. Then he cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “Junior Brother, your win is your own merit. I didn’t expect basic blade movements to be this formidable. If I knew this early on, I would have focused more on my basics.”

At this time, the Yin Elder waved them over and said, “Both of you, come over.” The two quickly went over. As the Ying Elder looked at the two, he said, “Both of you performed very well. Little Ling, have your eyes been opened to the importance of the basics? However, it’s already too late for you to change things now. But if you put more effort in practicing the blade in the future, you still might be able to understand the true meaning of the dao of the blade. Work hard.”

Lin Ling cupped his fist and said, “Elder, thank you for the guidance.”

The Yin Elder nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and smiled as he said, “Little Hai, you really brought us a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant surprise. Haha. Good, very good. In more than a year, you were able to bring your blade to this level. You were even able to polish your blade during the battle. This is very rare. Although the technique you used isn’t high-level, it is still a good set of blade techniques. But its killing aura is too heavy, I advise you to use it sparingly in the future. Otherwise, it would cause huge troubles in the realm.”


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