BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1976


Chapter 1976 – Offenders Will Be Executed

There was a mountain, a mountain composed of corpses. There were bursts of rancid smelling air around the mountain. On each corpse was a blade. The blade’s quality wasn’t very good, cultivators wouldn’t even consider using it. If someone used this blade, then they won’t be able to damage cultivators.

However, to the cultivators present, these ordinary blades are more than ordinary. Each blade let out a heavy killing intent.

Around the mountain of corpses were cultivators. Some of them were from the lower realms while some were from the True Spirit Realm. All of them had ugly expressions as they looked at the titanic pile of corpses. They were also seen glancing at the blades stabbed on each dead body.

The blades differed in style, but each one of them had the character of ‘Tyrant’ engraved on them.

The character for tyrant(霸) wasn’t anything special. However, if the character was engraved on a blade, then cultivators of the Soaring Dragon Realm would immediately think of one sect, the Tyrant Blade Sect!

Majority of cultivators in the Tyrant Blade Sect use the blade. Although the blades of the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivators don’t have the tyrant character on it, seeing so many blades engraved with the character stabbed on several bodies, people couldn’t help but think about the Tyrant Blade Sect.

There was a flash of white light before two figures appeared next to the mountain of corpses. One of the two was dressed like a warrior and had a single blade on his back. The other was dressed like a scholar and looked gentle. When the surrounding cultivators saw the two, they immediately made way. Everyone recognized that the two cultivators were from the Tyrant Blade Sect.

The two who arrived were Lin Ling and Xiang Ying. Upon hearing Dongfang Yu’s report, they immediately left Hengdao City and went to Sword Hegemon Sect’s Lijian City(Vertical Sword City). Then they obtained Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s camp coordinates before rushing over.

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying didn’t care about the people around them. The two looked at the mountain of corpses in front of them. The mountain was three thousand meters high and was completely made out of corpses. The sight alone was terrifying. What’s even more terrifying was the fact that nobody could figure out how many corpses were used to make the mountain.

After looking at the mountain, their gazes shifted towards the blades on the corpses. Lin Ling couldn’t help but look at Xiang Ying who was also looking at him. The two saw a flash of enlightenment in their eyes. Then they immediately used their portable transmission formations to disappear.

While this was happening, the doors to Zhao Hai’s quiet courtyard finally opened. Zhao Hai walked out of his residence and went to the second floor of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall.

The two Elders were currently sitting behind the counter on the second floor, their eyes closed as if they were sleeping. It seemed like they didn’t notice Zhao Hai’s appearance. Zhao Hai walked to the counter, cupped his fist, and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Elders. I’m here to hand in the task.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders finally opened their eyes. The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “The task hasn’t been completed, what are you handing in?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Replying to the Elder. The task you’ve given me is finished.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elder couldn’t help but stare. Then they looked at each other. The Yin Elder turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, what do you mean the task is finished?”

Zhao Hai answered, “Replying to the Elder, the task that you gave me has been completed. From now now, there’s no longer an Osmanthus Crystal Realm.”

The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai, then with a sullen expression he said, “The Osmanthus Crystal Realm is no more? You mean you wiped out everyone in the Osmanthus Crystal Realm? Let me ask you, have you left your residences in the past two months?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I haven’t. This one hasn’t left his residence.”

The Yin Elder coldly snorted and said, “You haven’t left your residence, and yet to dare say that the Osmanthus Crystal Realm has been eliminated? You dare deceive us?”

Zhao Hai calmly replied, “I won’t dare deceive the Elders. I didn’t deal with the Osmanthus Crystal Realm personally. I released a small Undead and used the transmission formation to go to Lijian City. Then from Lijian City, I found a cultivator from the Osmanthus Crystal Realm and followed them back to their camp. After obtaining the coordinates of the realm, I immediately sent my Undead down there to clean it up. I just finished dealing with everyone yesterday. I used the Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s transmission formation to deliver all of the corpses of the experts of the Osmanthus Crystal Realm to the Soaring Dragon Realm. To let others know who did it, I stabbed a blade on each corpse. Each blade is engraved with the tyrant(霸) character.”

Hearing this, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but be shocked. From Zhao Hai’s tone, he seems to be telling the truth. Moreover, they believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare deceive them.

But if Zhao Hai wasn’t lying, then what was happening? When they thought of this, the two elders were stunned. The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You mean all of the Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s cultivators have been killed by you? All of them?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right. All of them. But to be accurate, there’s no longer any living being left in the entire realm. Even the beasts have been cleared out.”

Not even a chicken or dog was left! When they heard Zhao Hai, this was the sentence that entered the two elders’ minds. According to Zhao Hai, not even a dog or a chicken was left in the Osmanthus Crystal Realm!

While the two Elders were stunned, a voice was heard from outside, “Lin Ling(Xiang Ying) is asking to see the Elders.”

The Yin Elder recovered, then he answered, “Come in.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying proceeded to walk in. When they saw Zhao Hai, their expressions couldn’t help but turn strange. It was a mix of excitement, shock, and dread.

However, the two quickly turned away from Zhao Hai as they cupped their fists and said, “Lin Ling has seen the Elders.”

The Yin Elder nodded and said, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Ling glanced at Zhao Hai before answering, “Replying to the Elder. Something happened in the Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s camp. A huge mountain of corpses suddenly appeared. And on each corpse was a blade engraved with the character for tyrant. We just went there to confirm. I was about to ask Little Hai what happened, and it turns out that he’s here.” Lin Ling now changed how he addressed Zhao Hai. In the past, he called him by his full name, but now he shifted to a more familiar tone. This meant that he already regarded Zhao Hai as someone on his own side.

As soon as the Yin Yang Elders heard this, they couldn’t help but stare. Then they turned their heads towards Zhao Hai in shock. They now fully believed Zhao Hai’s words. At the same time, they were startled by Zhao Hai’s strength.

Destroying an entire realm wasn’t impossible for the two elders. They can do that, as well as Lin Ling and Xiang Ying. However, Zhao Hai managed to do it in just two months. Moreover, he was able to send their corpses to the Soaring Dragon Realm. He even inserted a blade into each dead body.

Eradicating a whole realm wasn’t easy, and it was even more difficult to make so many blades with the tyrant character engraved in it. In their minds, Zhao Hai has more strength than he shows.

After some time, the Yin Elder recovered and then stood up. He looked at Lin Ling and said, “Lead me there to take a look.” The Yang Elder also stood up. Lin Ling didn’t say anything and immediately started the transmission formation. In a flash of white light, the group vanished from the building. The next moment, they were already beside the mountain of corpses.

The people around the mountain didn’t decrease, it even increased. However, when these people saw the people from the Tyrant Blade Sect, they unconsciously made way for them. This was especially true for the people from the Sword Hegemon Sect. When they saw the Yin Yang Elders, their complexion immediately changed. Although the two elders have withdrawn for many years, their reputation was still intact. Every sect in the True Spirit Realm listed them as people they shouldn’t provoke.

After looking at the mountain of corpses, the Yin Elder gave a nod. At this moment, a flash of white light appeared next to the mountain. This flash of white light didn’t appear out of nothing. Instead, it came from the ground just next to the mountain of corpses. Upon looking at these people, one could immediately tell that they’re from the True Spirit Realm. Their auras were stronger than average immortal experts.

As these cultivators appeared on top of the transmission formation, their complexions weren’t good. It was as if they saw something dreadful.

At this time, a man near the transmission formation asked, “Everyone, did you just go to the Osmanthus Crystal Realm? How is the situation there?”

The cultivators who just appeared looked at the man, clearly familiar with him. Then one of them nodded and said, “Yes, we just went to the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. The Osmanthus Crystal Realm is over, all of the people there are gone, even the beasts were killed. Not a single living being was left. It’s safe to say that the Osmanthus Crystal Realm has no life left!”

Upon hearing this, the surroundings went into an uproar. This kind of elimination almost never happened in the Soaring Dragon Realm. It was understandable that everyone was startled. Some of the more insightful people turned their heads towards the people from the Tyrant Blade Sect. Their faces were filled with dread. It was as if they were looking at gods of killing.

It wasn’t only the other cultivators who were shocked, even the Yin Yang Elders were greatly surprised by what they heard. Zhao Hai told them that the Osmanthus Crystal Realm was fully destroyed, but they couldn’t believe it. Upon hearing the proof, the Yin Yang Elder couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect that Zhao Hai actually did it. 

At this time, the man who reported turned to the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect and said, “Also, we saw a huge blade in the realm. It’s about a hundred meters tall. It’s erected over another pile of corpses on the Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s biggest sect. The blade also has the character of ‘tyrant’ engraved on it. And below that was a statement that read ‘Those who offend my tyrannical blade will be executed!’”

Hearing this, all cultivators around the corpse mountain looked towards the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Even idiots would be able to connect the dots. Those who were still suspicious were now convinced.

Those who offend my tyrannical blade will be executed! It was an aggressive sentence filled with heavy killing intent. Although nobody knew how the Osmanthus Crystal Realm offended the Tyrant Blade Sect, the Tyrant Blade Sect made sure to show everyone their resolution. The goal of frightening everyone has been clearly achieved. The gazes of those who looked at the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivators were now mixed with fear and dread.

As he saw the reactions everyone was giving him, the Yin Elder coldly snorted. The sound he made wasn’t loud, but it reverberated in everyone’s mind. Some weaker cultivators were even stunned by it. Everyone looked at the Yin Elder in amazement. Then they quickly drew back as far away as possible.

The Yin Elder didn’t care about these people. He turned to Lin Ling and said, “Let’s head back.” Lin Ling complied and then used his portable transmission formation. After a flash of white light, the group disappeared from the area. The next moment, they were back in the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall.

When they returned to the branch hall, the Yin Yang Elders closed their eyes and didn’t move. Lin Ling, Xiang Ying, and Zhao Hai remained quiet to not disturb the elders. They also knew that this matter wasn’t small. Lower realms were still very valuable to those in the True Spirit Realm. This matter would truly have a great influence on the Tyrant Blade Sect.

After some time, the Yin Elder opened his eyes and said, “We need to report this matter back to the sect as soon as possible. The sect needs to be prepared. I reckon the Sword Hegemon Sect would not let this opportunity go. They would use this opportunity to lash out on us.”

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying nodded. They also think that the sect needed to prepare. Otherwise, they would be caught off-guard. At this time, the Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, I wanted you to show everyone the resolution of the sect, but isn’t this showing too big? Even I’m frightened. I’m sure those in the True Spirit Realm would also be shaken by this.”

The Yin Elder coldly snorted and said, “Who cares if they’re shaken. This will inform everyone what happens if they dared to extend their claws towards the Tyrant Blade Sect. Hmph!”

The Yang Elder chuckled and said, “Those who offend my tyrannical blade will be executed! Good words. It really makes my blood boil. Little Hai, you head back and take a rest first. In a couple of days, your assignment as an inner disciple will arrive. Once you receive your status, we two old guys will lead you back to the sect so that we can officially take you in as our disciple!”

Zhao Hai gave a deep bow towards the elders and said, “Yes, Masters. Disciple asks to be excused.”

Seeing this, the Yin Elder laughed and said, “You really catch on quick. Good. There’s nothing wrong with addressing us in advance. Now go and rest. You’ll be very busy in the following months.”

Zhao Hai complied. He cupped his fist towards the two elders and then to Lin Ling and Xiang Ying before leaving.


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